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Guys, to all of you who mainly post about

- FC Bayern
- FC Barcelona
- Thiago Alcantara
- Rafinha Alcantara
- Neymar
- German NT
- …

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• why would you call up neymar when he has mumps and suspended from WC qualifiers, shouldn’t you learn how to win without him and let the boy live, you know something bad always happens to him in nt games??
• why the fuckkkk did you not call up the leader, the best defender of the group; Thiago Silva, honestly what have you got against Thiago? first you call him “too emotional” and praise Neymar while Neymar was the one crying in the floor, then you take his armband away and give it to 23 years old kid, you don’t put him in games, even though he’s your best defender and nOW you don’t call him to the nt at all?? what the fuck is with you and the cinnamon roll who is Thiago Silva??
• also you don’t call Coutinho but you call Hulk???? where is the logic? have you seen how Coutinho has been doing lately? so you want this selecao to succeed at all?? how the fuck are you a manager tbh???????