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Peter Capaldi being an absolute cinnamon roll and thanking each individual person involved with his happy birthday video! (x)

Thank you to everybody in the world who was kind enough to think about me and send me best wishes on my birthday! Unfortunately,  I can’t get around everybody, and say thank you personally because otherwise there’d be no time left to make Doctor Who, which is what we’re in the middle of doing at the moment. But in the meantime…

im 100% certain y'all don’t give as much of a fuck abt the very real predatory relationships occurring to REAL people but that’s none of my business.

pan culture is also having a crush on Every Cute Person Ever™

MDM: !!
  • mare: i want you-
  • maven: !! *freezes*
  • maven: *breathes heavily*
  • maven: *almost faints*
  • mare: -to shut tHE FUCK UP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Having a Youtube Channel with Barry Allen Would Include...

  • you starting a vlog bc you think it would be fun
  • and you’re making your little videos
  • and start to get a little bit of a fanbase
  • just a few hundred, nothing major
  • then one day barry comes in as you’re recording
  • and you’re so embarrassed bc you haven’t told anyone about it
  • but he thinks it’s cool and your whole conversation is hilarious
  • so you think
  • hey
  • i’ll put that in the vlog it’s funny
  • and people
  • freak
  • out
  • like you keep getting followers who are like
  • ‘omg have you ever seen two people more in love???’
  • ‘do the boyfriend tag with barry!!’
  • ‘i ship this’
  • so you keep making vlogs with barry
  • and he never reads the comments he just watches the video and helps you edit
  • so he’s
  • as always
  • oblivious af
  • AND
  • AND
  • sometimes barry does videos where he like
  • explains a science
  • and you’re like his lab assistant and he’s trying to be like
  • youtube bill nye
  • bc this is barry allen
  • biggest nerd of all time
  • and your fans are literally like ‘au where they’re scientists!!’
  • anyway yeah
  • and omg
  • one day barry posts a video that’s just of himself doing a vlog
  • and it’s like
  • ‘ok Y/N is taking a nap and i’m just hanging out here so i’m going to prank her and post this video before she sees’
  • ‘…’
  • ‘can i trust you guys with a secret?’
  • ‘…you should start spell checking your comments.’
  • oh and also there’s a weird conspiracy that your house is haunted
  • bc whenever you make a video alone there’s always a weird red streak that flashes by at some point
onew in college
  • major in international business 
  • is he a freshman?? a senior??? who knows 
  • he’s that guy. you know the one. 
  • the one who’s ALWAYS in shorts even in the winter 
  • he just adds a huge puffy coat and still….. wears shorts (key: it’s -5°C out pls cover your legs i am freezing just looking at you / onew: my leg hair keeps me warm and also it wouldn’t be right to deprive the world of my calves) 
  • but will occasionally trade his shorts for sweatpants to keep people on their toes (jongkey2min: omg who are you) 
  • perpetual bedhead 
  • but dude when he has a presentation he can clean up
  • walks into class in his suit, belt matching his shoes (duh) and he just has this commanding presence?? like he KNOWS what he’s talking about and people listen 
  • has lucky underwear that he always wears on these days 
  • they’re lime green and have pineapples with sunglasses all over them (a gag gift from jong who never intended them to actually be worn) 
  • once taemin followed him into class when he had a presentation (onew: for support he said) and sat in the back with a huge grin and gave him a thumbs up and when onew opened his slideshow his font was comic sans and he had to present with a straight face like he wasn’t going to murder tae afterwards the lil shit (taemin: YOU DID FINE IT WAS FINE IF I SWIPE YOU INTO THE DINING HALL WILL YOU STOP CHASING ME) 
  • always has a handle of vodka rolling around in one of his drawers for the hard days you know?? 
  • after a party minho crashed at onew’s place and he was hungover af and there had a mug out on the desk and minho thought it was water until he caught a whiff and his head was back in the trashcan he lived in last night (minho: hyung WHY / onew: *takes a sip* hair of the dog) 
  • you cannot fathom how many alarms he has in order to go to his morning classes 
  • he has SO many and he is the master of snoozing all of them but still manages to get to class on time???
  • had one 8:30 for a mandatory class and every morning he had it he half-asleep calculated how many times he could skip and still pass 
  • procrastinates by stressmaking food (minho: don’t you have a huge test tomorrow / onew: *furiously making guac at 12am* I AM FREAKING OUT / taemin: i have chips) 
  • he could drop out at anytime and just do a mukbang show, he could. it’s totally doable, he mutters to himself while continuing to study hard 
  • nap king
  • v hard to see him on campus bc he just go straight to his dorm 
  • will occasionally wake up from (various) naps to jonghyun pounding at his door so that they could go to work (jong: HYUNG I CALLED YOU THREE TIMES AND YOU KEEP HANGING UP ON ME LET’S GO) 
  • honestly if he didn’t have to pay for ridiculously overpaid textbooks that the profs wrote themselves and then assigned for class!!!! he would not work at the school cafe (jong: but you like the “free” muffins / onew: shhhhh we don’t know what happens to the occasional disappearing muffin) 
  • studies at the library (”this is my home and dungeon”) and during exam times he takes up an entire table with spreadsheets and notes bc once his laptop died on him and deleted his work in progress and he’s a lil traumatized and prints everything out 
  • he carries most of his books in his arms bc his backpack is for snacks, it’s his snackpack ayyyyy (key: *zips open his bag* why is there just granola bars in here / onew: *struggling to hold all of his books* bc clearly my priorities are in order) 


thank you for waiting for the few people who wanted it omg!! i finally cleaned up the actions and put it all together for easy use - please enjoy :-) 

what do you get in the zip file?

  • photoshop actions for easy recolouring (.atn)
  • photoshop swatches (.aco)
  • hex codes in a note (.txt)

how do i use it? 

  • just run the action on a dds file :-) 
  • use ea’s white (light grey) as a base
  • it should really just do all the work for you!


  • please credit me if you put a hair recolour up for download
  • and please don’t claim as your own!


Fun Fact: Just because you may be very knowledgeable about a subject doesn’t mean that other people who aren’t as informed are stupid. There is never a need to attack or degrade someone simply because they don’t understand something. 

Do not try to discredit people when they talk about their parents being abusive to them. I’ve seen way too many people try to justify the mental/emotional/verbal abuse that others parents put them through. 

When I say my parents were abusive for making fun of me, it doesn’t mean that I’m also calling your parents abusive for lightly teasing you. I don’t know your family dynamic.

When I say my mom was a bully for calling me a bitch or a whore, it doesn’t mean I’m also calling your mom a bully for the one time she said the same to you. One time still isn’t okay, but maybe you’re okay with it and that’s fine with me. 

When I say I was traumatized by my dad’s anger and how he would throw and slam things, it doesn’t mean I’m overreacting like that one drama queen cousin you have. Maybe she has a problem with lying or exaggerating things, but I don’t and you have no right to assume that. 

It doesn’t matter how great or nice you think my parents are. You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Just like most abusers, my parents are really good at hiding their inner demons. 

I swear, next time someone says how Gafou is an abusive ship because of the manipulation scene (no shit, Sherlock), I’ll write some dumb crackfic of Gaston giving up the mob to braid LeFou’s hair or something.

anonymous asked:

and what about Peter?? Isn't he there???

… now that I think about it… that’s right, mum; what about Peter? Why isn’t he here…?

Mum? What’s wrong?

… Arthur, I-I don’t know how to tell you this, but-

… oh, no-

… n-no! No! You’re dissapearing!

NO! PLEASE! Mum, n-not yet- I’m not ready to say goodbye!! PLEASE DON’T-… not…

D-Don’t leave me alone again… I-I need you, I miss you so much a-and… bloddy- I knew this would happen but… I’m not ready to s-see you gone… not again… p-please, just a bit more… mum…!

Arthur, calm down… it’ll be okay… I don’t want to go neither, but there’s nothing we can do now… I’m so sorry it has to be like this, but I feel so grateful for having the chance to talk to you again. You’ve gain so many friends, even a new family, and they care about you, just as much as I do… search for me with them, and you’ll know that, no matter what, I’ll be there…

And, about Peter… *sigh*

I-I can’t believe you didn’t knew it, but… just- just search for him… he’s somewhere, not here with me… he’s okay… he’s still on your world…!

Oh, my Arthur… I love you…

Never forget it… okay…? Goodbye…

Mum… Peter…

((See dead merpeople M!A 10/10 COMPLETE!!))