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Writing Prompt

You’re a monster hunter who recently broken into an untapped market, the monsters under children’s beds. The parents think they’re paying you for babysitting and calming their kids down, but you’re actually hunting the monsters for real.

New Solar Eclipse poster ahead of the Berlin EFM screenings

Are you young, poor, and disabled? 

Are you a service dog handler, or someone who’s in the market for a service dog? 

Are you tired of being told the “right way” to have, obtain, train, need, dress, or otherwise handle your service dog? 

Are you tired of gatekeeping, of in-community drama, and of tone-policing? 

Do you have a FaceBook?

Then I have the FB group for you! If you want details, shoot me a message, reblog this post, like this post, send me some smoke signals, just let me know and I, the creator of the FB group “Poor Millennial Service Dog Handlers,” will add you to the group!


How to choose which story idea to write next

I’m always talking about inspiration, creative block and source of ideas, but what if you already have tons of story ideas. What if the problem is not the lack, but the excess?

Having two or three ideas next in line to be written in okay, but having fifty ideas pressuring you to choose wisely is the reason why writers go insane over time. How can you choose the right idea? The one you will enjoy writing? The one readers will enjoy reading? The one that resonates with who you are? The one that will stand out in the market?

I can help you.

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Every time I finished a book, I used to freak out. I had so many ideas for books, but, at the same time, it felt like I had nothing. I would pick one story, write the first page, pick another, write a paragraph, pick a third one, stare at an empty page. In the end, I had nothing.

Eventually, I created a fun and silly exercise to help me visualize which story I was ready to write… which story I had to write. I named it Honesty Test. So, while doing it, I advice you to find a silent and comfortable spot. Being honest and impartial is basically what this exercise is all about.

So, let´s start.

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I’ll ask you a few questions, choose one story idea and pick the most honest answer for each question. At the end, count the points and check the results.

- If this story was already written, would you buy the book?

No, I wouldn’t even pick it from the shelf (1 point)

No, it’s not my reading style (2 points)

Yes, but for a low price (3 points)

Yes, but wouldn’t read it right away (4 points)

Definitely, and I would read it right away (5 points)

- If this story was a movie, would you watch it?

No, I wouldn’t even look further into it (1 point)

No, maybe something from another genre (2 points)

Yes, I’d watch online (3 points)

Yes, I’d watch in the movie theater  (4 points)

More than once, I would probably buy it as well (5 points)

- How developed is this story?

I have nothing developed yet (1 point)

Just an overall idea of plot and environment (2 points)

I have a main character and a few supporting characters (3 points)

I know how the story begins (4 points)

I could sit down and start writing (5 points)

- How original is this story?

It’s the replica of something I’ve read or watched before (1 point)

It’s the replica of something, but a few elements are different (2 points)

More than one movie/book inspired me (3 points)

I have a vague idea of what inspired me (4 points)

This idea came like a click (5 points)

- How excited are you to write it?

I would rather do something else (1 point)

Some scenes are interesting, but most are boring (2 points)

I’ll write it someday (3 points)

I really want to see this idea coming to life (4 points)

More than write, I want to live this story (5 points)

- Why do you want to write it?

Because it’s bestseller material (1 point)

Because it will please a certain group of readers (2 points)

Because it looks cool (3 points)

Because it’s intriguing and I want to know what happens in the end (4 points)

Because I feel something in my chest every time I think about it (5 points)

- Can you visualize this story as a novel?

I can’t think much about it (1 point)

I can see myself writing it (2 points)

I can see myself publishing it (3 points)

I can see people reading it (4 points)

I can see this story making an impact in the world (5 points)

- How close is this story to you?

We have nothing in common (1 point)

It’s not my favorite genre, but I like some elements (2 points)

I like the genre (3 points)

I can related to characters and their journey (4 points)

I love everything about it (5 points)

Now, count the points and check the results:

40 to 35: This is THE story!! Write it, really!!

34 to 30: You have something big in your hands, a high level of empathy towards this story. Try giving it a chance. Write the first three pages and see how it goes.

29 to 25: This story has a great potential, make some changes here and there. Experiment with plots and characters. You can also try changing the genre. A few adjustments can improve the idea as a whole.

24 to 20: Your empathy towards this idea is low. For a project as big as writing a book, you need a story that shines brighter. Save this idea for later, time might change the way you look at it. Meanwhile, test more stories.

19 to 8: Your empathy towards this story is too low. Writing it will drain your creative energy. Test more ideas for a higher score.

So, how was it? Did you have fun? Did it help you somehow? Remember, this is just for fun, maybe for self-discovery as well, don’t take it as an absolute truth.

I love the Shadowhunters fandom, but sometime your are very dramatic and problematic ...

I mean you can complen all you want but in the end of the day that will not help the writer get better for the future. That’s not gonna help them get pick up for season 3 either …. 

I love you though no matter what but complaning about Malec because they don’t have enought screentime is stupid because the show is NOT MALEC !!! And complaining about not having a sex scene is so wrong for me. I know we saw Izzy, Simon & Jace get steamy and that’s not fair for the lgbt+ community but for my part a prefer imagining this in my head that having the impression to watch a show only for the sex. It’s not a pre-porn PEOPLE ! 

Also don’t get mad at the writer for the spoiler and sneak peek, it’s not them who decide but the platform ( Freeform ) and it’s only marketing, if you don’t want to get spoil just don’t watch the god damn sneak peak for God Sake ! 

And don’t you dare tell that Magnus is against having sex with Alec because that only make him weak to the people eyes. I mean is +300 years old, had 17000 exes and obviously had a lot of sex. If he wasn’t ok with it he would have say it witch is not the case when you decripte the body langage. He meant be worrie YES but not because of him but because of Alec because Alec don’t have any experience and must have a lot of expetation. Magnus is just scare to not be enought for Alec’s first time and don’t want it to make it akward afterward ….

Anyway I hope I will only make one post about this because I really tired to see so many hate on the tag ! 

PS : Harry seem to don’t want to do live-tweet anymore because people don’t agree with the way he tweet …. EXCUSE ME it’s still his account and he can say anything he want. BTW I love when he is himself like that, I feel more close to him that way.

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you know what i cant enjoy much of the official being released because there's yurio in it. im yuriophobic too

gsfdjkhg it’s not just you i wouldn’t mind it if he weren’t just always there… and i get why he’s included in the marketing but i also wouldn’t mind just one with only adults. every time i’m like a good picture but unfortunately i’ve been put to sleep

also can i ask why his body pillow is the most sexualized?? like literally why is his shirt pulled up the way that it is??? seriously who is in charge of marketing for this because i’m 🔪🔪🔪🔪 if you’re over 15 and you get that pillow you need to think long and hard about yourself


holy fuck this was prescient… 1997 and it might as well be describing 2017. “Eventually everyone will have their own TV station..” “The line between the real and the unreal will be a simple matter of whether you had your TV on or off.” “Corporations want interactivity… the more you interact, the better they can target you.” “When you log into a site, it can actually target who you are, what you are, what sites you’re going to, in addition to the site you’re on.  They can actually customize an ad on the web based on your demographics, on your interests…and it creates that one-to-one marketing experience.” “We can see who you are and know the type of programming best for you.” “They can tell us where you live and where you shop…and even what you want to watch.” 

“Finally, true freedom from too much choice.  Think of the possibilities… programs and commercials artfully blended into an easy-to-watch format just for you.  We call it…Zoo TV Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/Tumblr/basically just the internet today.”

also lol @ the dude in part 2 who says “What I really want is like, 5 TVs set up side by side, so I can watch them all at the same time!”

that is literally me ( @zootechnik . my motherfuckin aesthetic yo. )

it’s a shame this only had 3 episodes… Zoo TV was rad af.    For those [U2 fans] unaware, the show was a spin-off of the tour done by the Emergency Broadcast Network:

As the tour drew to a close, the group entered prolonged discussions about creating a Zoo TV television channel in partnership with MTV. This never materialised, but in 1997, MTV ran a brief miniseries called Zoo-TV, which featured Emergency Broadcast Network extending their tour role in creating contemporary surrealist satirical video. U2 endorsed the effort as a representation of what the tour would have been like as a news magazine, but their direct role was limited to providing half-financing and outtakes from the Zooropa album. Wired magazine said the series “pushe[d] the edge of commercial—even comprehensible—television”.

(via Wikipedia)

90s MTV was so legit.


Who are you when you’re hungry? 

Snickers changing billboard. BBDO New York’s “Brady Bunch” Super Bowl campaign for Snickers had a great out-of-home teaser element that not too people saw—but now you can! Watch the full video here