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Tasty Tryst (M)

Summary: Selling preserves at the local farmers’ market has its distractions when your vendor booth is placed next to the one belonging to the young strawberry farmer who’s been sweet on you for years.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,643

Warning: StrawberryFarmer!Taehyung, foodplay, sexual themes, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Just in time for strawberry season.

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(italic = purposely typos / written in English)

From now on I’ll write the “thanks to” as a letter to people whom I love and am thankful for. I’m originally not the type to write letters so it’ll be even more touching! This is an album for ARMYs! First of all, those who let me get to meet ARMYs, Bang PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Seokjoon, Director Shinkyu, Director Lee Hyung, Director Chaeeun, heh, happy ew year and may you be happy and healthy everyday this year. Thank you and I love you.

Dad, mom, my siblings, I love you. Jongkyu, enlist and comeback~

Our beloved manager hyungs, it won’t be enough even if I mention them twice, our Director Shinkyu, Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, you know we’re always by your side right? Our hyongs who take care of us with love and love, heart bbyongbbyong. You worked really hard in 2016, have a happy new year~~

And I just want to say I really love our family, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, teacher Sungdeuk, thank you and thank you so much for staying by this troublemaker’s side and raising me with your love. Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, heh, I love you a lot.

Teacher Sungdeuk, your appearance or your atmosphere, aura has become sweeter even since you got married. Looking at you smiling so sweetly like this, your newlywed life must be really nice. Thank you for taking our teacher Sungdeok away. (Bow) Our hyungs and noonas from the Financial Accounting team, Hyukki-hyung, thank you for always working so hard from behind. Hyukki-hyung, how’s your newlywed life? Are you happy!! I have ARMYs so I’m happy, euhahaha. Happy new year.

Visual makes visual. But who’s the visual?

Our visual hyungs and noonas, Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel bro thank u so much sehebokmanee badeusehyo

beautiful make up good hair perfect style

Darung darung Head of Department Dareum, Head of Department Jihye, Head of Department Naejoo, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, Jinyoungie-hyung, Hajung-noona, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Jieun-nim, ah really, I love you so much. Happy new year and may you only have happy days!

Noonas from Rookie Development team and Business Management team, I don’t see you a lot these days but anyway, our Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, team leader Heesun, I always miss you~~ Happy new year

Our Fan Marketing noonas who let us stay a little closer, a little a little a little jomthe closer to our ARMYs, Seul-noona, team leader Jaedong, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim from Management Support team. A&R Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, thank you so much and have a happy new year!!

Our noonas, Bunhong-noona, Hyunji-noona, thank you for always filming Bangtan Bombs and Bangtan’s photos beautifully and coolly on the site. Hayan-noona, thank you for always staying by our side even when you’re probably more tired than anyone else.

Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, Seolhee-noona from the Communication team, you have worked really hard!

And this time we have to give a big hand again to our Director Lumpens and Director Nam Hyunwoo, along with staff noonas and hyungs!!! Uoahahah we can eat tasty food. I’ll tell Director Lumpens to treat us a lot!!!

My hyungs, noonas, dongsaengs and friends who believe in me, always support me, listen to me talking when we meet and talk to me too, thank you. I’ll be a more prideworthy, a better dongsaeng, hyung and friend. I love you.

And I’ll cheer for all citizens to have only good days in 2017, may each and every one of them will be healthy and only have meaningful days ahead.

And lastly, our Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, ARMY…

I trust and rely on them the most in this world, and I’m living like that, but really, thanks to them my self-esteem has grew bigger. I’ll work harder and become a more dillegent, a cooler BTS’ V, Kim Daesung’s son, grandmother and grandfather’s grandson Kim Taehyung. My family who are always by my side, who have no way but to support me from afar and I don’t know how tired it must be for you. Take care of my beloved grandfather. I still can’t let go of grandmother yet but I’m trying hard too, I’ll hold it back and work hard to become grandma’s grandson, a beautiful grandson, so please look after me. Receive a lot of luck and thank you for having raised me up. I love you.

I have given a New Year message separately but now that I got a chance to say it again through the “thanks to”, I want to write it down even if just shortly. Thank you so much to everyone and I love you! Fighting to the start of 2017!

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Prompt: Fairy Tale AU for @marvelous-fvcks ‘s 3k followers writing challenge, congratulations love!! (also I’m so so sorry that this was late!)

Summary: Working in the royal castle leaves no time to yourself, but at the castle’s busiest time, you meet someone in the market who, despite his charming mannerisms, hides things that you wish you could find out. Then suddenly, your worlds collide in a way you would’ve never expected. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 6128 words (woah this is the longest fic I’ve posted oops, but it’s prob one of my cutest)

Warnings: slight angst, too much fluff

Notes: Thank you to @buckys-fossil and @whyisbuckyso for beta-ing this fic, you guys rule <3 

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Successful People Start Before They Feel Ready

“If you’re working on something important, you’ll never feel ready. A side effect of doing challenging work is that you’re pulled by excitement and pushed by confusion at the same time.” – James Clear

The Start-Up Guy is well underway. I have been working with several businesses, including a very exciting Johannesburg-based business which is launching in the next two months. I am so honoured that they used and continue to use my services.  

I’ve noticed a common trait amongst all the guys and girls I’ve been working with recently, and I thought it might be useful to share because I think many other people are experiencing the same thing.

Almost all entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re doing and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, I don’t know of a single one who, at the outset, knew exactly what they needed to do and when to do it. Before your mind does that thing where it jumps to conclusions, let me explain.

A start-up is an experiment, a matter of trial and error. No one can be fully certain about the route it will take. At best, one can have a firm idea of the intended outcome, but whether that transpires is all dependent on the market’s response to your idea (and who really knows what that’ll be? Right?).

Sir Richard Branson has one of the most interesting entrepreneurial stories, for me, because he started many of his companies largely by mistake. He dropped out of school to continue a magazine business he had no idea was going to sustain him. As a way to grow his magazine sales, he started distributing music records made by unknown artists to his readers, and so began the journey of Virgin Records. He started Virgin Airlines after he was delayed by his flight facing maintenance issues before take-off. This guy is the epitome of just getting on with it. This guy is also worth $5 Billion today!

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have to embrace the learning process and continuously learn (by doing). Learn your market, learn your business, and continuously adapt your learnings to suit your market as you go. The entrepreneurs who embrace the learning process and respond to unexpected events in real time are often the ones who do very well.

Without babbling on for too long, the moral of the story is that not knowing what to do is not a good enough reason to not start your business. Passion and a basic idea is enough. Even if you are physically incapable of carrying out certain tasks, outsourcing skills is a thing (like helluurrr, this is why people like me are here). It is no mistake that one of the single most important traits that investors look for in entrepreneurs is passion, especially in the very early stages of a start-up. Not “intelligence.” Not qualifications. Passion (synonymous with commitment/dedication in this regard). A founder who is not passionate about what they are doing will give up when they face the inevitable hurdles of starting a business. Passion is the fuel by which a project goes from start-up to a fully-fledged business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you can go and start the next big business with the technical skills of a toddler. I am merely saying that, within reason, you can start a business without the technical know-how, as long as you have the dedication to follow through with the necessary steps. In doing so, be realistic, tread carefully and always consult a professional when you’re thinking about making an expensive decision.

If whilst reading this article you had a certain project or idea in mind, maybe it’s time to pursue it with everything you have. Why aren’t you? That was not a rhetorical question. Like Richard Branson famously said, “screw it. Just get on and do it.” If you are really struggling with how to conceptualise or begin your business, consult me and we can find a solution together. 

Once again, thank you for reading.

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The amount of straight up bullshit circulating about the Wonder Woman marketing is magical: Warner Bros is NOT spending less money on her marketing and they are NOT trying to the the movie to fail. You sudden business majors popping up when it comes to just the dceu may want to do a bit more research instead of letting your confirmation bias keep you from going to google and finding facts yourself. Besides the stupidity of statements saying that the only comic book company so far that’s out here announcing female lead movies (plural, and not sharing any billing with a dude) would want their biggest female character to fail, the numbers don’t back y’all up either. 

Wonder Woman’s marketing budget so far has been $3,043,212 for ads; for comparison, the marketing budget for Suicide Squad in the five weeks leading up to its release was $2,645,643. Which, if you use those business math brains of yours, means that so far the WW marketing has been more than what was spent on SuSq, and we still have roughly four weeks of marketing left. Then there’s the traditional marketing found in grocery stores, which have already started and are big part of marketing on their own. 

So, to sum up: don’t be stupid, don’t read one opinion article and think it’s spilling some Tea™ when the cup is full of cold dirty water, and go watch Wonder Woman because she’s great and WB/DC knows that too. 

Source: http://www.cinemablend.com/news/1652990/the-actual-amount-wonder-woman-has-spent-on-marketing-so-far

like you go out to breakfast with your girl and spend the whole time cracking each other up and you get bubble wands and a cheap kite and go to the marina cause it’s a weirdly warm day and you run around like little kids laughing and blowing bubbles and failing miserably at flying a kite and who cares and you go to the farmer’s market and plan all your meals to cook together for the week and she’s standing in the kitchen that’s finally an ours because you finally share a home together and she’s just breaking up kale to make kale chips and you can’t stop glowing looking at her because she’s the most beautiful fucking incredible woman on earth and you both know it’s forever when you look at each other like that’s my wife i found her

The Handmaid’s Tale: marketing, then and now

Comparing the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale to the 1990 version is… weird, because the old one seems to have been made with a “haha, this could never happen; let’s play it like a fun adventure thriller and sell it as sexy as possible!” kind of attitude. I mean, the trailer has this bouncy narration that starts with “once upon a time…” and turns the dystopian element into more of a soap opera.

And just take a look at the promotional art:

(…I don’t think that was the message of the book, guys. Sure, Offred was longing for human touch, or pretty much any kind of human connection, but I think that the book was more about women being reduced to wombs with legs, not state-owned prostitutes… It was about the desperation of needing to give birth or face punishment. Everything about this dystopia was hyper-de-sexualized.)

Oh, and my favorite:

“A psychosexual movie shocker.” With what looks like half the cover of a cheesy romance novel, minus some buff shirtless guy.

(I also think it’s kind of funny that they say “once upon a time in the near future” sex became used for control and domination, as if rape and prostitution haven’t existed for centuries… but okay…)

I’ll admit I haven’t seen this version (or the Hulu one, for that matter), but I do appreciate that they cast a properly old and creepy man in the part of the Commander, and a properly aged woman for his Wife. The Hulu casting is a little youthful, if you ask me; the book characters felt very weathered, and I think it mentioned that they were supposed to be quite a bit older than Offred. Her “affair” with the Commander is supposed to feel very weird and unsettling, partially because he’s this old man who wants someone to play Scrabble with and dress up in sequins.

Anyway, then we had what I call the “holy shit these dystopias are too real” phase, culminating with the new Hulu adaptation of this particular dystopia, which is waaaay too relevant to today’s issues.

See? This is how you depict the feeling of objectification. Not with a topless woman bathed in flattering lighting – by objectifying a woman yourself, you’re not sending a message so much as continuing the trend. Especially when you sell your film as some kind of sexy romance. “Branded, sold, controlled: she belongs to The State” doesn’t quite cut it; this very simple, very clear message does. Offred is no longer human, she doesn’t have a face; she is just an object. Objectified.

(This also has some fantastic layering because it recalls the messages that you might find scrawled across the bathroom mirror meant to demean other girls; part of Gilead’s system involves pitting women against each other: Wives against Handmaids, Handmaids against Aunts, even Handmaids against each other out of jealousy and in the Red Center with their slut-shaming. To stay in power, the men at the top make sure that the women below them are too occupied with resenting each other that they forget to look up at who the real enemy is.)

*holy FUCK*

Now THAT is how you market a dystopia. This story is not some scandalous fantasy set in the near-but-distant future; it’s a warning, of what might be lurking just around the corner. The Handmaid’s Tale is an incredibly frightening book to read today, because of the things that are being allowed to happen in our society. It shows what happens when we let sexism flourish, when ecological and political crises make us paranoid enough about national security that we let the people in power take away our rights. It is a fucking nightmare.

Let’s remember kanji with Johnnys

Because Sho-kun made an important comment (and we wish it so badly)



「〈S〉Should I start Insta?」

「〈S〉Talvez eu deva abrir (”começar”) um Insta?」

始めようかな is the junction of the verb hajimeyou with “かな~”(ka na~) that gives the idea of “maybe/I’m supposing and waiting for your comment about it”. 

始めようかな  é a junção do verbo hajimeyou com “ かな~ “(ka na~) que dá a ideia de “talvez/ eu estou supondo e esperando pelo seu comentário a respeito”.

(and of course, his instagram would be like)

Hiraeth 3

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.

A/N: I’m super proud of this chapter. I hope you enjoy it!

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Words: 2.1k

All of a sudden Jimin’s claw-like nails dig into your skin breaking it into shapes of crescents, and dragging you out of Jungkook’s sight. The things you’ve added into your cart were hastily checked out and put into the car and you know his angry, if not for his curses you feel the anger radiating off of him and his red eyes.

“I told you to stay put for a fucking second! I can’t believe I even took you along” he shouted before placing his hand on the wheel and igniting the engine.

“I didn’t move Jimin” you sighed, “He just came and talked to me… If I ran away, it would’ve seemed odd I just did what anyone in a normal situation would” you didn’t know how much trouble this could get you in with him, he was already angry and talking back is probably not the best thing to do but surprisingly he didn’t reply.

“Can I ask you something?” You asked, trying to dilute the thick tension filled air, having received no reply again you chose to proceed.

“Why do your eyes go red?” You looked away from the window to look at him, yet he ignored you again as if he didn’t acknowledge you in his presence. You decided to let it go as what else could you do, after all you were a captive and not someone he owned answers to.

The ride continued in silence until you recognised the neighbourhood where the car slowly came to a stop. Although you two were the only ones you presumed to be living in the house, the things you got were many ranging from your digestive needs to clothing and towels. Jimin opened the door and headed for the house leaving you dumbfounded with all the bags you’d have to carry, he showed no intention of helping as he looked back as if to say hurry up.

“You could’ve at least offered to help me carry all these” you said as you let out a groan after dropping them on the floor and rubbing all the red assaults the bags made into your skin in attempt to soothe it.

“I’m not the one who got them” he replied coldly, “take something to eat then go to your room”. Before he walked outside the house.

How much more of a jerk can he be you thought. You opened the shopping bags and put all the groceries you could into the designated places. When you opened the fridge, it was completely empty almost as if no one has ever used it, what does he even eat you wondered as all his cupboards are empty. In all your years of education from learning the smallest and deadliest organisms to animals and their bodily functions, he was definitely not normal and frankly it didn’t scare you after what you had witnessed to Sally, you were just intrigued by him. It was only his temper that scares the life out of you.

If Jimin thought you were really going to go to your room after munching in what was a brunch for you, he was so wrong. You couldn’t help your curious nature and thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore the house, after all he wouldn’t know since he isn’t here. What you didn’t know is that your scent was left on each photograph of him and who you thought were his family you touched, in each door you’ve twisted open and in each room and bedding you’ve entered. After thinking that hour of exploration was enough for the day a small familiar grey metal box that laid next to Jimin’s bed caught your attention, isn’t that a hospital blood bags storage.  Your thoughts were confirmed true when you flipped the top open to reveal some ice and blood bags making you feel sick to your stomach. Why the hell did he have these? Was he stealing blood infuriating you as you remember how many patients you had who died from blood loss and not having their blood type in the blood bank of the hospital. You were never to let this go.

It was around dawn when you heard the door downstairs click, indicating that the owner had come home. You stayed in your room running different scenarios and sentences on how to discuss why he has 9 blood bags in a freezer next to his bed. You had assessed the risks of being killed for roaming around the house when he warned you not to let alone questioning him about something you saw and touched without permission. You protested your utmost desire to confront him, knowing you should know your limits but it was too late to fake seeing nothing as your door opened suddenly with a strong force making it leave an indentation and a loud sound on the wall behind it.

You were ready to make up an excuse thinking you’ve been caught, maybe he had hidden cameras you thought. But all these thoughts went away as you were faced with the blonde man in a white shirt stained in red, it was blood. You stood up and tried your best not to panic and try to help, after all this was your job.

“Get away from me” he said with gritted teeth when you reached out for his abdomen, pushing you away making you stumble backwards and nearly falling to the ground. “I told you not to wander around, didn’t I?” He shouted with red hues.

“Let me he-help, your hurt!” you tried to speak before he cut you off again, only to push you into the wall and wrapping his hands around your neck so tightly that it knocks off your air supply and lifts you up, your feet dangling mid-air causing you to panic against his hold and struggle. You tried to swat his hand away by using yours but no avail and you felt yourself slowly slipping out of consciousness before he loosens his hold on you and his eyes suddenly soften. He returns you back to the ground and got even closer to your body nuzzling his head into your neck, you can feel his breath on your neck and his lips hovering your skin closely that even the slightest movement will result in contact. Suddenly, he takes steps backward away from you looking really confused and almost angry at himself before inhumanely escaping the room.

You stumbled and leaned into the wall, phased by how close you were to death and teared at the torture he’s giving you finally letting out the breath you’ve been holding, if he’s going to kill you why couldn’t he just hurry with it? A few minutes after you walked yourself to the bed not wanting to cause any more trouble as well as needing much rest after going through a deathly experience.

The morning after, you woke up to the sound of a woman inside your bedroom demanding you to wake up. You opened your eyes and took in her appearance. She had dark long brown hair complementing her gentle brown coloured eyes and soft pink lips. Her angelic looks contradicted the strong aura she emitted.
“Rise and shine little one” she greeted, tone sarcastic. “I’m here to babysit you until Jimin comes back but I have no intention of staying in this dumb house, if you want out then you have exactly 5 minutes”. She winked and she left the room making you scramble out of the bed.

Jimin nearly lost all control yesterday, he nearly killed you and ruined all his master plans. When he came home to find your scent lingering on all his belongings, intoxicating him he knew it would be hard to ignore wanting to suck every bit of blood in your system. Facing you made it even more harder, he got even more angrier in a way he couldn’t understand. Hence, today he had decided to take a break away from you and had told his ex-girlfriend, who was also his maker, stay with you although he knew not to trust Seulgi too much. He didn’t have much of a choice.

He found himself stumble upon your home, where police tape had closed around your apartment. He compelled an officer to allow him to see the body in your room. He listened to the accusations the police concluded on the cause of death, which was homicide and you were her murderer, judging from the way you fled the scene captured by film. The wounds he saw on Sally didn’t look human, you wouldn’t have been able to do it, and judging from the way you react to his violence you look like you can never hurt a fly.

“I almost left” the girl had told you before getting into her car, “get in” she instructed.

“Sorry, I didn’t get a name” you murmured as you settled into the seat.

“Look here. It’s taking me every bit of my body fibres to not rip you apart right now so let’s skip the small talk, hm?” she gave a fake smile before igniting the engine.

Why are they all like this, you wondered? No one seems to accept your nice gestures no matter what you tried, they’re worse than your worst patients. You had arrived at a street market when the girl who is going to keep you company killed the engine.

“I can smell you really well, I have to go to find food and you’re going to stay here. If you decide to walk off anywhere else I will know and I will not hesitate to end your life” she warned. You didn’t mind because at least you can have your privacy while walking around with no money, but at least you were warm in the cold weather.

Everything was going fine when she left, you had decided to walk around the different stalls and try out things you will never be able to buy with no money. You had walked and passed by the multiple cloth sellers only for somebody to tug at your arm and turning you around to face them, you had thought that you would see an angry Jimin who seemed to love harshly pulling at you but you were dumbfounded to meet an unfamiliar face.

“Can I help you?” you hesitated.

“You! You! You reek of a curse!” the old grey haired woman shouted.

“Excuse me?” You replied confused.

“You witch! How can you be walking on earth!” she accused pulling so hard on your arm that she nearly broke your skin and you struggled to free yourself.

“Let go of me” you shouted and tossed out of her hold only to watch the woman crumble to her knees and the only noise she was making were gasps and choke noises. You were terrified, was she having a stroke? A heart attack? You tried to help her and kneeled to her level and looked for a normal pulse only to find none as the woman’s eyes rolled back and slowly, the number ‘two’ was engraved onto her skull.

There were no words to describe how terrified you felt, the scene of Sally burning and bleeding that you tried so hard to forget replayed in your mind over and over again. You fell back on your tracks and tears slipped out of your eyes. The looks people gave you as they tried to help the woman or the ones simply walking by terrified you even more, why is this happened again? You only figured again, that you had to run.

With no destination in mind, you were just running away as your tears fall. Trying to analyse what had occurred made you even more scared enabling you to gather enough energy although you had nothing to eat in order to escape.

Your run was cut short as you run into somebody’s chest. You looked up to see a familiar face.


A/N: Let me know what you guys think of this chapter and how the story is going so far and what you wanna see more of!

Tattoo (M) | 02

PT. 1 | PT. 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Summary: After walking in on your boyfriend having sex with your friend, you want nothing more than to erase that stupid tattoo of his name on your body.

Word Count: 11, 343

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Mature subject matter and language

A/N: Inspired by Tattoo – ELO ft. Jay Park

The constant buzzing sound of the tattoo gun brings you back to that night with Mino when you got your first tattoo. Your drunken state that night didn’t allow you to have a say in the placement of the tattoo, the font, the size – heck, you didn’t even get to decide if you even wanted a tattoo. You guess part of the reason why you hadn’t been that fazed about the unplanned tattoo was because you were too drunk to even remember the pain. However, you’re as sober as you can be right now and as you hear the sound of the machine, you instantly regret your decision.

As if he could read your mind, or rather your tensed body, the artist turns off the tattoo gun before setting it back on the side table. Noticing the sudden quietness surrounding you, you look behind your shoulder, only to meet a pair of dark brown orbs.

“Why aren’t you starting?”

“Let’s do this another time. When you’re ready.” Your brows furrowed as you tried to decipher the reasoning on his face. “Look, I know you want to have this done but I think you should take some time –”

“No! I-I want this now.” You fail at your attempt to conceal your nervousness when you started to stutter. You knew that you couldn’t convince him with your words, because heck, you couldn’t even convince yourself. Who in the world would willing agree to being pricked by a needle a million times?! It wasn’t that you had a fear of needles, rather, it was due to your extremely low pain tolerance. Every time your best friend – ex-best friend – would playfully punch you, your body would literally collapse and you would have a bruise within a matter of minutes.

You didn’t know how painful the tattoo would be; however, you were sure that nothing could be as painful as the piercing sting in your heart. You looked straight at him, pleading to him with your eyes. Thankfully, your persuasion seemed to work when you hear him mumble a ‘Fine’ before breaking eye contact with you to retrieve the tattoo gun again.

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Dating Harrison Osterfield

• first off, home boy would be so nervous and shy to ask you out
- he would like, practise and Charlotte would have to help him
- even though he has known you for like ever
- he’d start off with, ‘I know I’m not Tom…’
- who really cares, I mean, Tom Holland who?
- and he’d you a cupcake and a flower for the market and give it to you
- he’d be a blushing mess
- like get to the point Osterfield
- once he’d finally ask you out, I think he would probably need to lie down because he would have worked himself up to think you’d say no
- which obviously you didn't 

• he’d buy you a small gift wherever he went
- like in Canada he would buy you a key ring to go on your car keys
- In America and Europe, he would send you a postcard from every country he visited.
- which you always thought was sweet because he would actually go out to his way to buy a postcard (even if he was only in the country for a short period of time), write it, pay for postage and send it.
- Love H x would always be on the end of them
- In China, he would bring back sweets and weird candy which you would eat with him

• he’d usually come home late at night from his flight
- he would never try and wake you up, but he always seemed to wake you up anyways
- ie, bumping the side of the bed, ‘accidentally’ turning the lights on, having a shower and you’d hear the water running.
- once you were awake, he would make some tea and you would have tea in bed
- and he’d talk about his travels
- 'and thanks to Tom…’
- 'you should’ve seen what Tom did today’
- you’d change the subject so he didn’t compare himself to his best friend

• whenever he was home, you’d always make sure to look after him
- making him tea
- cakes
- scones
- home cooked dinner

- matching pyjamas

• during the day you’d either go out for brunch or lunch, go to this parents for the afternoon or just chill at home and go for a walk if the weather was nice
- because Tom and Harrison have an apartment together, you’d have to look after Tessa whilst they were away
- also, Tom knew you guys needed your privacy
- tie or sock on door handle

• he’d live for adventure
- taking photos of everything
- 'babe, pose for the photo’
- 'I’ll ruin the view’
- 'you are the view’
- random shots and videos would appear on his Instagram and story
- you’d casually be exploring somewhere
- 'we found some shit’
- 'Harrison!’
- 'we think it’s bear shit’
- 'Harrison, we’re in London. There are no bears’
- 'you don’t know that’

• he never called or facetimed you, he preferred to write letters and postcards
- or lengthy texts at like, 4 am in the morning
- if he did call or FaceTime you, Tom would always want to speak to you
- 'I’m talking to her’
- 'but I want to speak to her!’
- 'she’s my girlfriend’
- 'I don’t care. Can you at least tell her I say hi?’
- or he’s Snapchat you but he’s never be in the photo.
- one time he FaceTimed you, he was on the Great Wall of China and it was about 5 am, so you were obviously asleep
- you’d pick up and it would just be him, with Harry jumping in the background.

• you’d always joke with Tom about getting a place with Harrison
- 'but who am I going to talk to!’
- 'uhm, yourself’
- 'what about practise lines’
- 'you don’t even practise lines with me anyways’
- 'but-’
- 'you have three brothers, annoy them for once’

• you’d go out to parties with him and Tom would be a major cockblock
- ’(Y/N) and I are going to head home’
- 'what no you can’t!’
- 'why not!’
- 'I need you here buddy’
- there was one time when Harrison was really turning you on and you both made your way to his bedroom and Tom would call him on his phone until he picked up 
- or in the spa, you’d be making out and Yom would just splash you with water
- 'not whilst I’m here, please’

• he would be so sweet to your family
- if you had to move far away from them to be with him, he’d always make sure that you had called them at least once a week
- he’d send them gifts
- a purse to your mum
- a golfing voucher to your dad
- if you had younger siblings, he’d always be up for babysitting them
- he’d do arts and craft and sports with them
- teach them how to film and take good photos
- major turn on 
- just picture him with kids
- god it would be so cute
- they would love him
- 'it’s okay Harrison, next time we can play’
- he’d take them to the aquarium or zoo do you weren’t with him
- or a theme park
- they would come home sick because of all the food they ate and the rides they went on

• he would be so down to earth
- he’d be so humble
- he’d always ask you how you were and at least compliment you once a day
- he would show his emotions
- boy would he cry in sad movies
- he’d be so touchy
- 'babe come here’
- 'where are you going’
- hugs and cuddles 24/7


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↠ Members: Joshua x reader

↠ Genre: fluff, soulmate au

↠ Word count: 3000+

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You were a star in the night sky. You were situated far from the world, but you saw it all. Everything. People that you liked to watch, and people that liked to watch you. You also heard it all. You heard things as small as ants screaming when they were stepped on. And like all other stars, you heard voices.

You heard the voices of people that wished on you. Usually, they would wish on the brightest star. The brighter the star, the longer it hasn’t been wished on; it needs to be noticed, so it is made brighter. Yes it’s fun watching the world, but every star needs to do their part. 

You had been a dull star for quite some time but tonight, the man in the moon made you brighter because of that. You hadn’t been wished on in the longest time. When a star was wished on, that person would be sent down to the location of the person that made the wish, and wouldn’t be let back up until they completed the wish. Normally there was no time limit, as long as you worked hard.

You had a favourite person. He motivated you to work hard and keep nice whenever you were cast down to Earth. His name was Joshua. He had a favourite star; the one that stood right beside the moon. But he couldn’t see it tonight. 

You never expected that he would wish on you instead.

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It’s a shame there isn’t more research into Gary Cherone era Van Halen, because it’s a fucking trip. Van Halen fans, who for the most part, have never once ever fucking Shut the Fuck Up, were L-I-V-I-D when this video came out. They were pissed because the band shattered their DLR reunion dreams, they were pissed because they thought Gary Cherone was soft because his most famous hit was an adult contemporary acoustic ballad on par with anything in the Ambrosia catalogue. So Gary Cherone was already in their crosshairs, and then this video… which was hyped by MTV for weeks, came out, and nobody could make hide nor hair of what the fuck it was, or why it was over 5 minutes long. 5 minutes! Also Gary Cherone jumps around the entire time like he’s a 60′s Batman villain and makes… faces. 

Anyway, none of this mattered. You could blame Gary Cherone all you want but the fact is that Van Halen was done. They managed to squeeze out 15 more minutes during the Hagar years, but only the Stewarts of the world thought those years were superior to Dr. Rockzo’s (This is coming from somebody who doesn’t mind Hagar’s solo stuff IT’S YOUR ONE WAY TICKET TO MIDNIGHT). DLR was a scandalous pervert who represented all the vile qualities of Rock’s Silver Age, but without him, VH was solidly mediocre. And yeah I get that sucks, the world is built upon the bones of professional musicians buried underneath the yipped up star power of their lead singer… but what can you do? The market for people who need more ERUPTION in their life was never really that big to begin with. 

Also after the Hagar shit, after the weird MTV music video awards when they reunited with Roth for six minutes, VH came across like scumbags. Like it’s pretty hard to make a walking advertisement for STD checks look sympathetic, but the harder VH pushed themselves as the victims, the more they kinda looked like jerks. AND THEN, they tried to push Cherone on us. It’s like Cleveland releasing LeBron James then building the team around Marcin Gortat. 

Like I said, None of this mattered. There are very few acts that have staying power over the course of decades, and most of those guys updated their format for whatever new era they found themselves in. VH thought they could get away with their “Wet T-Shirt Contest” Rock in the late 90′s, and have the American Public turn their backs on Radiohead and Tupac and shit. Times change, you either innovate, or you accept your lot. Van Halen 3 wouldn’t have worked with Hagar, with DLR, or the fucking Messiah. 

Anyway, here’s a picture of Gary Cherone on Santa’s Lap

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If someone has a Good Idea, how do they go about implementing it in a socialist society, as an alternative to raising capital, starting and running a business and hiring employees?

It wouldn’t be about “starting a business” in the same way as it exists now – like, the entire point wouldn’t be about making something that can be sold on the market so you can accumulate profits and compete with other businesses. This is why it ought to be emphasized that socialism involves more than just “worker control of the means of production”, even if it is a helpful and stylish way to compress a lot of ideas into a good soundbite. Socialism also entails communal control of the means of production, where communities control the production and distribution of goods according to a wider definition of needs and wants, accomplished through a more directly-democratic planning system. Depending on who you ask, socialism still does involve markets for non-essential items for leisure and fun, just as long as the core essentials of the economy are owned and managed by communities and distributed according to need (rather than according to profit for a select few capitalists); especially in the early stages of socialism, this market context for leisure goods is fine by me. But even that market context would differ from today, because the “businesses” would have a socialist internal structure (mutualist cooperatives) and wouldn’t focus on maximizing profits for unaccountable owners and pushing costs onto workers and communities. It would probably reflect the market rhetoric that capitalism-apologists use to justify the status quo, in that it would be a market actually used to meet needs and tally supply and demand, divorced from the class context that the apologists ignore.

That was a bit of a tangent, but I guess you could say a Good Idea, and innovation more broadly, could be handled in democratic “science councils” where resources and knowledge are open-access and put to use for innovation, without all the bullshit of patents and intellectual property (which are more about corralling benefits towards the owner of said patent or property, rather than for the purpose of “cultivating innovation”; like with everything else in a capitalist economy, they’re about capital accumulation and not about humanely meeting needs in the most effective way possible). Think publicly-funded research but on a more accountable and humanitarian scale. So much of the technology we enjoy is the result of collaboration between groups and over generations, rather than the result of the sole “creative individual” coming up with life-changing stuff in a vacuum. Universalize education and more people would actually have the means to innovate as well – do you know how many Einsteins exist in this world, who are shoveling shit instead of helping to create the next life-saving vaccine? Most people are excluded from the “innovation process” today – open-sourcing would have huge impact on how we even contextualize creativity and technology, probably for the better in leaps and bounds. 

All is for all.

Terrible people that you tend to find in any far left movement: (just brainstorming here, feel free to add)

  1. The person who is a little too into guns and a little too convinced that basic gun safety is for the squares.
  2. The person who is really into fucking a lot of people/or the person who will not stop presenting their 5 Year Plan for Fucking a Lot of People/Manifesto on the Revolutionary Potential of Fucking a Lot of People.  These do not have to be the same person, but it’s worse when they are.
  3. Now, here I’m going to have to name names because this is both a very specific character and a very difficult to describe phenomenon: The person who claims more oppression street cred than the rest of the people around them, therefore is enabled in their sociopathy.  If you’re trying to figure out what I’m talking about here’s some names to name:  Charles Manson, Cinque, and infamous tumblr users like genderbitch.
  4. The person who was an actual nazi like a year ago and/or the person who is going to become an actual nazi by some time next year.  This person often doubles as #4 because they are enabled in their proto-nazism by telling some very #authentic story about white working class suffering.
  5. The person who is so paranoid about Big Government that they can only be communicated with in person while standing in an empty field. 
  6. The couple who is definitely on the path to being hardcore Quiverfull complementarians but are right now are just like, super into Ina May Gaskin or prone to talking about how living their anarcho-primitivist lifestyle is teaching them that gender roles exist for a reason. (Idk, Sagebrush, but maybe the reason your husband has a job and you don’t is less about how our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived than about the fact that you have 3 kids under 5 and are convinced that you have to breastfeed them all for a decade and also your authentic hunter gatherer birth control is wild carrot and visualization.)
  7. Someone who thinks that Big Government is lying to you about tobacco.  Sometimes this person also thinks that Big Government is way overselling the dangers of lead poisoning.
  8. Someone who really wants to talk about how they are #manifestingwealth, learning to value their own work, the importance of compensation for emotional labor, etc etc.  They just want you to join their multi-level marketing scheme.
  9. Someone who is convinced they have a disease that is not actually real. If you are super, super lucky the person has Morgellans, but they are more likely to have something like gluten sensitivity, chronic lyme or vague, ill-defined ~parasites~ with symptoms that sound a lot like just having a goddamn eating disorder.
  10. Someone who totally does have a super gross hippe lifestyle disease like Giardia or foot rot. 

Can we please fucking admit that personality tests when applying for a retail/service job; whether by design intention or mere prioritization of neurotypicality; are de-facto discriminatory against mentally ill/non-neurotypical people and should be outlawed?

And anyone who defends them with “But muh lazy workers/efficiency” deserves a fist in the fucking face from all the non-NT/mentally ill folks who’ve been kept from even a low-level job by that shit.

Nobody deserves to fucking starve because they can’t meet your neurotypical standards, all you little libertarian twerps who care more about markets than human life can FUCK OFF!

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If you're still taking prompts, Jughead and Betty are both famous in their own rights and no one knows they're married until asked in an interview by someone who's clearly done research and knows everything about them

That’s interesting!

They weren’t hiding anything, no really, they just weren’t saying anything…per say. Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were both very proud of their marriage, it was healthy and strong and they loved each other more than anything in the world, but both being prominent figures, constantly in the spotlight, it was difficult to have any privacy and that was something that was important to the pair.

Jughead jones was the most sought after novelist in all of LA, his stories and novels were being published and turned into movies faster than he could get them printed, it was bizarre to see how everyone reacted to his writing, paparazzi followed him places, asking when his newest work would come out. His first love story had been made into the biggest blockbuster of the year and the actresses were already winning Oscars.

Betty Cooper was Hollywoods It girl, she was Sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, the gorgeous girl next door never had a mean word to say to anyone and her sweet and caring personality drew everyone towards her like flies. She was a singer/song writer and had performed in almost every arena you could think of. She had won Grammys, and was currently up for an Emmy for her recurring role in the CW drama “teen wolf” she was trying her hand at acting and it seemed to working out pretty damn well.

Jughead had met the beautiful blonde on the set for a movie he wrote a few years ago “Jason Blossom In Cold Blood” Betty Cooper was essentially the main artist on every track for the movie, her hauntingly beautiful voice and gorgeous lyrics fit the score perfectly and Jughead had been pulled in the moment he met her. Things moved very quickly after introductions, Betty was seemingly as interested as Jughead, they fell in love and dated for about six months before he brought her on a trip to his home town and proposed, they were married on a small rooftop ceremony a few months later. Veronica Lodge, international supermodel serving as her maid of honor and Archie Andrews, rock star as his best man. Betty’s mom had cried and Jugheads father had thanked her for saving his son. It was beautiful and perfect.

Three years later they were still just as in love as they had been that first day and as he watched her walk the red carpet of his newest Movie he felt his heart swell with pride. She was wearing the gorgeous, flowing, light yellow dress he had taken off just hours before hand and ravaged her. She was the most beautiful woman in the room and she was all his.

“Mr.Jones! Over here! Please, for an interview!” He turned to his right and smiled at the young lady holding out the microphone, running a hand through his hair he moved to join her.
“Hello.” He smiled

“Hi!” She beamed “can you hang tight for one second? Ms.Cooper! Ms.Cooper!” The tiny dark haired reporter shouted.

Betty looked over and raised a brow before heading over to stand beside Jughead
“Well hello.” She said with effortless grace, smiling brightly at Jughead

“Ms. Cooper, how do you feel about being back to work on the soundtrack for another one of Mr.Jones movies?”

Betty smiled
“Mr.Jones is a fantastic author, I couldn’t ask for better inspiration for my music, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Finding what fits and going for it. Speaking of fits, those shoes are absolutely gorgeous.” The interviewer blushed and thanked her profusely.

Jughead once again felt the swell of pride for his wife, she really was a natural.

“Same question to you Mr.Jones?”

Jughead smiled and stared lovingly at Betty
“Her music is beautiful and she always finds a way to fit exactly the theme I’m going for in my novels. It’s umm.. it’s really great to have her back” he shrugged as Betty placed a warm hand to his arm and smiled softly

“You two seem awfully close, is there possibly more to your relationship than meets the eye?” The ponytail wearing woman asked with narrowed eyes.

Jugheads eyes widened and he felt Betty squeeze his arm a bit

“Well that depends on what relationship your asking about?” She grinned.

“Ever since your first movie together you have been seen multiple times, at parties, at dinner, your families follow each other on instagram and there have been multiple witnesses who have seen the two of you shopping at Farmers markets together. Not to mention the addition of the engagement band Ms. Cooper began wearing right after the first movie wrapped. Care to explain?” She shoved the microphone towards Jughead who stared blankly at it

“Those are some very interesting sleuthing abilities…” he mumbled.

Betty giggled from beside him
“Very good indeed, in fact my husband and I have been known to be pretty good sleuths ourselves, in his newest novel the character who solved the murder is based off of me, keep an eye out for that.” Betty winked and grabbed Jugheads hand, leading him away from the interviewer and taking her place on the carpet for pictures, pulling Jughead right beside her.
Jughead was grinning like a crazy person and couldn’t keep his eyes off of his wife

“Looks like the cats out of the bag now.” He turned for the camera.

Betty looked up at him and smiled adoringly
“It was bound to come out sometime. Plus with me starring in your newest movie, were going to be together all the time, it’s easier they know now.” She shrugged and flipped her long blonde hair so the photographers could catch it in motion.

“I love you Betty Jones” he whispered against her ear.

She turned in his arms and stared up at him, ignoring the flashing lights and the screaming paparazzi

“And I love you Jughead Jones.”