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I will always defend Tony, why? Because he is NOT a villian. He is a man with flaws, a man who even despite making mistakes, always tries to learn from them and fix them for the better good for not just himself, but also for the people around him. I honestly don’t get why people have such a vendetta against him. If you truly looked into his character with depth instead of just at a surface level, then you would understand his complications, why he puts up a persona even around the people he cares about the most (because yes believe it or not Tony actually has a heart and CARES about others) and acts like a jerk, because deep down, Tony is not a jerk. 

He is a man of self doubt.

Has suffered from tremendous loss and pain.

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Has suffered from PTSD countless of times after propelling himself into the abyss to save his friends and everyone on Earth from an alien invasion along with trauma from other experiences.

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But even despite that, he still tries his best to protect the people he cares about and loves, the very same people he considers close friends along with the love of his life, Pepper and his newly found fatherly protectiveness over Peter, even when they themselves have doubted him. 

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So anybody who can’t truly see these facts are blinded by their own perception of what they choose to believe is right and wrong. But just remember, while you continue to spread hate on this subject matter, it doesn’t make you the better person over the other and it doesn’t change the fact that while you fault Tony for his mistakes and paint his fans as the dirty image in this fandom, your favs aren’t the end all be all. They too have made their mistakes and they aren’t and will never be perfect either.

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You walk on moon light in the soft evening of spring
Your light cast down upon my life,
Flee away the shadows of the night, they run.
Your voice sends chills like the first breath of winter. You enchant like the moment of the first snow fall upon the ground. Still.. the air stands, frozen in time.. perfection.
Your eyes hold the look of thunder during a strong summer storm. Your intent is know to all who feel the ground shake. Those may fear the thunder, but I, I welcome the sound of rain.
Darling you walk on moonlight, and I will always admire you for it.
Even now, from afar.

-Kathleen D.

in the evening there is feeling

title: sleepy

ship: bucky barnes x reader

wc: ~500+

a/n: first time writing for bucky largely inspired by my good bud @smokeandmirrorscloakanddagger who i love and is absolutely wonderful<3 tiny blurb here ok


summary: bucky’s thoughts as he lays in bed with his girl. (i dont normally do gifs w/ stories but LOOK AT HIM)

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Warm blue eyes with flecks of green run down the length of her sleeping form, warmth and fondness seeping into his lingering gaze as she rolled to her side. She’s beautiful, he notes for what me the thousandth time.

It’s funny. They’ve been together for months and he can’t seem to get over the shock of seeing her next to him when he wakes up.

It’s still dark, her arms around his tank-covered waist, her head resting on his arm as a pillow. She’ll never believe him so he never says it, but she looks wonderful when she’s asleep.

Bucky thanks god for streetlights, pouring in light through closed blinds and letting him catch a look at the most beautiful sight he’s seen, before or after the fall.

She’s at peace, he thinks, and that’s what makes it so wonderful. There is a kind of magic for the way she looks awake, bright and lively in his embrace and he is in love with that version of her as well.

But when she laid in his arms, gentle and breath hitting the skin of his arm, his metal one twining through her hair, he can’t deny a certain sort of presence enters his chest, makes a home where it has no business being.

Bucky Barnes has never been one for letting himself have things. He is a monster whose killed many people even if he hasn’t meant to, and he felt a bit like Hades, stealing a goddess from above to live in his darkness.

She never seemed to mind, though.

Her eyes flutter open and she immediately shifts.

Bucky is used to people’s knee-jerk reaction to him to be to move away, but she doesn’t. Of course not. He’s never once been able to predict what she thinks of him,

She shifts towards him, moving her face closer to him, eyes inches away from his, smile light and delicate on her blush-pink lips.

“Morning, soldier.” She says, playful ring to her voice, and he almost croons at it, how sweet she sounds to him. Maybe it’s too optimistic of him to think the world would give him something like this, but he’s learned that he doesn’t get to question why anymore.

“Mornin’ doll,” he speaks, surprised at his own voice being little more than a rasped whisper, “You look like a vision.”

“Getting poetic, are we now, Sergeant Barnes?” She speaks, tearing buried in her tone and love so deep in her eyes he swears he can feel it.

“Mhm. And we’re-“ he pulls her closer, her naturally falling into the crook of his neck, her arms around his waist.

Sometimes it feels like they’re like a lock and key, fit together so perfectly fate must have a hand for time and space to bend for them to be together.

“We are going back to sleep. Far too early for talkin’.”

“Is that an order?” There’s sass in her voice but drowsiness has stolen the bite, and he pulls her closer.

“I don’t think I could make you do anything, sweet girl.”

He wants to tell her he loves her, but her eyes are closed and her breathing has mellowed, loving sleepy smile already back.

Besides, she already knows.


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I think my favorite part of Nadia’s “Strength” Chapter is actually the stable, because you can choose:

  1. The wild-looking stallion, who appears threatening for all of five minutes, but trusts you almost immediately, and even though he spooks easily, follows your lead without question.
  2. The sweet, cute pony, shortest of the bunch, who’s much more interested in doing his own thing at his own pace, which might be annoying, but you still can’t really fault him for that.
  3. The elegant mare with an air of superiority, who’s wholly unimpressed with your attitude until you bow, then humors you, but still makes you very aware that she’s running the show.

And it’s such a feeling of “Wait. Are these-? No. But… Well, this kinda feels like Julian, Asra, and Nadia all over again. No, I’m imagining things … right? But…am I?”


People who are telling me that Ben has gone completely dark by the end of TLJ were probably asleep during this short BUT EXTREMELY MEANINGFUL SCENE.

Look at his face. LOOK AT IT FFS

LOOK AT HIS BODY LANGUAGE, HE’S LITERALLY KNEELING. This boi is conflicted af and more miserable than ever. He even has rays of light trying to reach his back while he kneels in the dark.

Do you honestly think SW would spend an entire movie making your ̶B̶y̶r̶o̶n̶i̶c̶ ̶H̶e̶r̶o̶ villain a ton times more sympathetic just to make him retreat to a one dimensional villain by IX? I say no

i’m fucking sobbing right now.

we have a dog staying with us right now named chloe – she’s an elderly shih tzu who’s a plump little ball of love. she’s genuinely adorable… you can’t be mad at this dog, even when she has accidents; she expressed her anal glands on me sunday afternoon (i was holding her while my coworker did her nails; a lot of times dogs get nervous around the dremel) and i didn’t have the heart to be angry.

i smelt like this dogs butthole juice for the whole day and she just looked up and me and made a little pig snort and it was all forgiven.

she clearly was not being given enough attention at home – she absolutely adores all of us when we call her name and climb into her pen to play with her. i’ll post a video after this rant and show you what i mean.

chloe has stayed with us at the kennel before. her parents kept postponing her stay (which of course is a big red flag), but we didn’t anticipate it to happen again. not to this extent. 

about a week or so ago, chloe had started to become really stressed out – she would cry, wouldn’t eat, and would work herself into such a worry that she would have diarrhea inside (in reality, this isn’t uncommon in older dogs; being in a new environment is enough of a stress to spark up sympotoms of gastritis). but, we don’t like to keep owners in the dark about this stuff – we pride ourselves on being honest about how your dog does.

so, we called the mom, let her know. we had thought they were in town, as she had mentioned something vague about a divorce. however, come to find out her currently-divorcing-husband is getting a triple bypass done; no one can come pick up the dog. they tell us to take her to the vet if it gets worse. they extend her stay.

up to this point, it’s understandable.

but, today, chloe was scheduled to go home – the wife’s brother was going to pick chloe up. come 5pm, when we close, he hadn’t showed – we gave him a call.

he says, and i quote, “well, i’m going to put her down on wednesday, so i’ll just come and get her then.”

casual. as if it was nothing… i can’t – like, i seriously can’t express how fucked up it gets, because as we’re listening to the call, we hear the being-divorced-husband pleading with the brother-in-law not to put his dog down.

chloe isn’t dying. she’s 10 years old and perfectly healthy aside from stress induced symptoms of tummy upset. this man, who isn’t even the owner, wants to put her down because he doesn’t want get roped into taking care of her anymore.

so, of course, we said no sorry, that’s not happening – and apparently, we’re keeping chloe; the kennel. all of us. the brother seemed peeved we wouldn’t let him take a dog that wasn’t his to put down. but, guess what? we don’t fucking care. chloe is a babe – and we’re not giving her to this fuckin’ shitdick of a waste of space. her father deserves his chloe.

i’m fucking fuming.

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I leave you unattended for five minutes Boss...Anyways, prompts; Ryou and Shiro working out and Keith and Lance bond over how good that booty is (not klance, but like sheith & kurance)

I haven’t done a tipsy AMA in ages!  I didn’t even get to do one on New Years, when I was actually fucked up on egg nog.  So this is my answer, apparently.  

Lance sighed dramatically, bracing himself on his palms.  “It’s not fair.”

“That you lost the spar?”  Keith looked over, but his eyes traced by to Shiro.  Inevitably, always.  “It was plenty fair.”

Flapping a hand, Lance scoffed.  “Yeah, yeah.  Circumstances were in your favor, whatever.  Who cares about that?  I mean this.”  He gestured flatly to where Ryou and Shiro were currently tussling.  

At some point, Ryou had pulled off his shirt, because of course he had.  The asshole.  Shiro had actually opted for short sleeves today, partly on Ryou’s couching.  What had started off as a friendly training match had quickly devolved into full fledged wrestling.  Currently, Shiro had Ryou in a headlock, gleefully digging his knuckles into his scalp.  He had clearly taken on his big brother status with gleeful gusto, if it meant he got to pull stunts like that.  Meanwhile, Ryou arched and flexed, trying to escape Shiro’s grasp.

There was lots of skin.  Lots of muscle.  Lots of arms.

It was totally unfair.

Keith opened his mouth, brow pulled together tightly.  He looked like he was going to argue. 

So Lance shot him a quelling, knowing look.  “Don’t pretend.  I’m not going to tell anyone. Just commiserate with me for a single stinking minute.”

The fight drained out of Keith.  He looked back over at the pair, just as Ryou managed to twist his way free and full-on tackle Shiro to the mat.  From there, it just turned into elbow jabs and side pinches.

“Yeah,” Keith agreed, voice very, very tired.  “It sucks.”

For once, Lance had the better end of the stick.  At least his crush hadn’t been going on for years like Keith’s.

Somehow, the thought didn’t make him feel better.

Sighing, Lance reached over and patted him on the back.

They’d deal with it together.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty-Three

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

The next morning, as the Allfather and Allmother ate breakfast, Odin again declaring his adoration for normal peasant cuisine as Loki walked down the stairs and looked at his parents sadly.

‘I take it you did not rest well.’ Odin assumed as he joined them.

‘I am not going back today.’ Loki declared.

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I can’t remember seeing any evidence that Solas actually knows healing magic in Inquisition (or that healing magic even exists in Inquisition, idk about DLCs), so I have this scene that keeps popping up in my head every time I think about the beginning of the game (especially considering Solas’ secrets). 

Varric: He means, “I kept that mark from killing you while you slept.”

Solas: *smiling genially, having flashbacks*

Flashback to Solas sitting in a dungeon with the future Herald, who is unconscious and writing slightly in pain, doing his best to look Deeply Thoughtful and Elvishly Mystic and like he Totally Knows What He’s Doing and Definitely Knows Healing Magic (and like all his plans haven’t Totally Gone To Shit) in front of a scowling Cassandra and a number of Chantry guards. 

Solas: *warily pokes Mark* 

Solas (internally): fuck. 

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Have you listened to the podcast The Babysitters’ Club Club? It’s two guys who read the Babysitters’ Club books and look for conspiracies and analyse them worse than a high school English teacher; it’s hilarious (but it is more for fans of the books even though they do tell you happens in the book before they break it down). If you liked the Babysitters’ Club as a kid, you should check it out!

That sounds AMAZING

I Love How Barry Allen...

is essentially a frugal person

  • Used public transportation even before becoming the Flash
  • Moved back home, because he was barely at his apartment anyway
  • Barely shops–half his science equipment were probably gifts from Iris
  • Generally, is not a flashy (no pun intended) person

BUT…When It Comes To Iris

Iris: You, Barry Allen, that’s who I want to see if I have a future with

*lil wayne’s got money starts playing in the background*

  • Buys $100′s worth of flowers
  • Takes her to the most expensive restaurant in town
  • Rents them the penthouse loft
  • Furnishes it himself
  • Generally looks for anyway to lavishly spoil her

Barry: I just want to give you the home you deserve

Sidebar: So it may be me, but I swear Barry in the depths of his string bean soul has a death do us part, ride or die, Lyfe Jennings hood love for Iris

Iris: You can’t stop helping people to save me

Barry: WHY NOT?! [legitimately tried not to earlier the same episode, will also later consider killing as a possible option, does break and enter top secret gov’t facility]

I’m calling the novelist/artist AU In Plain Sight, cause it’s basically how it is throughout this story.

Anyway, here’s a one-shot of the day Atemu moves in next door.

“Were you waiting long?”

Heba turned from tending to the ibises that flocked the private gardens, smiling as he looked at the man who had approached him. Atem was dressed down, in the simple dressings of a man about to rest for the evening, though he still wore much of his gold. It looked nice on him, in the lights of the fires that burned in the oil lamps around the gardens.

“I just arrived here not too long ago, are you finally free of your duties for this day, my king?” Heba smiled as he stood up, approaching the living god.

“I am, now I am free to spend the rest of the waking hours with y-”

The sharp, loud ringing of Yugi’s cell phone cut off his current sentence, making the man sigh loudly in annoyance as he dug into his pocket for the phone. He knew who was calling even without looking at the photo of the happy brunette girl on the screen. “Hello Anzu, what’s up?” He asked as he saved his file, quick to look at a different window on his computer screen.

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Okay so idk if you do this but could u describe Ethan or both of the twins being protective over you?? Or like how they would be. Thanks ily💚

This is such a good idea omg. I feel like both would be super protective over you even if you guys were just friends, like sticking up or threatening people who talk or even look at you the wrong way. But if you’re dating, forget about it.

I have a feeling Ethan would try not to make a big deal over a lot of things and let it slip by because he knows how extra he can get. But as soon as someone starts to hit on you or make you uncomfortable he’s right there. I feel like he would just threaten them to get out of his face since he would practically tower over them and be hugeeee compared to them. He’d drag you home and YOU’D HAVE SUCH ROUGH SEX WITH HIM “Who do you belong to? Huh? AHKRNEKWNDR

Grayson on the other hand takes no shit from anyone when it comes to you. Although they try to stay away from drama and any negative attention, the second someone says something derogatory towards you all hell breaks lose. They would end up getting shoved 20 ft back and fights may happen. You would beg Grayson to stop and when he finally does you don’t even say anything because you’re so mad at him. And you get home and he apologizes and says how he hates when anyone talks bad about you because he wants you to know how perfect he thinks you are and he you’ll HAVE SUCH HOT SEX “You’re all mine baby” UGHHHH i wish

Star Trek Discovery theory

We saw Mirror Stamets in Stamets’ literal Mirror earlier (we assume that was Mirror Stamets at least) and that means he watched that pure Hugh/Paul interaction and he didn’t look evil or anything, he just was observing with a slight smile.

What if Mirror Stamets ships Culmets?

Hear me out:

He might not even know Mirror Culber or, hell, Mirror Stamets could not be interested in men (straight Stamets is such a weird thought) but he saw his alternate with this really nice guy who cared about him and they were happy. What if Mirror Stamets is like “We’re gonna get your boo back. I’ve been writing fanfic and, honestly, I need more canon content.”

Because how can you NOT ship Culmets after seeing them together???

Angry Typing

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Pairing: Toni Topaz x Reader

Requested: Anonymous

Summary: After a falling out with your brother, Toni comes into your life and you hit it off.

GIF Not Mine

You would always remember the day you told your brother your crush on Veronica and the day he started dating her. It hurt you when you found out about it. Not only did Archie start dating her even though he knew you had a crush on her but he didn’t talk to you about it first. He didn’t tell you that he wanted to ask Veronica out. Instead he sprung it on you in front of everyone. It didn’t even look like he was sorry for hurting you.

Since they’ve started dating you’ve started to spend more time at Pop’s. You can’t stand being in the same room as them as they were all over each other all of the time. Pop’s was always almost empty, sparse of some people on dates or others who were getting a late night snack. You would always go in and order some fries before sitting in the booth near the back, getting your laptop out and putting your music in. During this time you would go to your own world and type whatever came to your head. Doing that prevented you from confronting anyone but also prevented you from burying it and letting it eat you alive. You were so deep in thought you hadn’t even noticed a girl sliding into the seat opposite you. She waved her hand in front of your face to get your attention causing you to jump slightly. “What did the laptop ever do to you?” She asked. You frowned not understanding what she was on about. “You were angry typing.”

“Right. Yeah, I do that sometimes… sorry if I was bothering you with it.” You told her. It was true, sometimes when you were angry enough you would begin to type louder every sentence you wrote.

“It wasn’t bothering me at all. I just came over to see if you were okay.”

“I’m great if you don’t count my brother being an ass a reason.” You don’t why you were telling a stranger this but you felt like you could trust her and open up to her. “He started dating the girl I was crushing on even though he knew.” Saying it out aloud sounded ridiculous. It wasn’t like you can claim a person or that it was third grade and you dibs first.

“That’s really crappy of him to do that. I’m so sorry that happened.” The pink haired girl replied. It was a genuine response and not some fake shock that you would expect coming from your other friends.

“Here I am telling you something personal and I don’t even know your name.” You laughed slightly.

“It’s Toni.”

“Y/N.” You said holding your hand out for her to shake which she took grinning at this random act.

After that night you and Toni would hang out at Pop’s sharing food and talking about anything and everything. She was a breath of fresh air for you from your other friends. She would listen intently at what you deemed to be your issue of the day no matter how stupid it was Toni would listen and offer advice. The nights at Pop’s soon evolved into hanging out during the day and then onto the two of you dating. No one knew you and Toni were dating except her friends, who surprisingly liked you even though you are a northsider.

You and Toni were on a date at Pop’s when your brother and Veronica came in. You hadn’t noticed they entered as you were too engrossed in your conversation with Toni until they came over to your booth. “What the hell are you doing with her?” Archie asked, disgust coating his words. You rolled your eyes at your brothers tone.

“We’re on a date.” You told him. Archie opened his mouth trying to get his words out but before he could ask you anything you answered the questions they were probably flying through his mind. “Yes, I am dating someone. Yes, they are a Serpent. No, I don’t care that they are.”

“But why are you settling-?” Veronica started but you interrupted her shutting what she was about to sat right down.

“Firstly, I’m not settling. Toni is an amazing person and I am so damn lucky to be dating her. Secondly, I don’t get why you are mad. Especially after everything you did.” You aimed the last part at Archie and he seemed to know what you were on about as he looked down ashamed at what he did. “I don’t care if you’re accepting of us or not but Toni makes me happy. Shouldn’t that be enough?” Veronica glanced at Archie who gave her a slight nod, telling her that it was okay with him. After all he didn’t want to your hurt you more than he already has.

Requests are open

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I just remembered that the IT/ST cast have no idea who the heck I am and probs never will and I’ll never become best friends with them or something and that just kinda,,,,, sucks. Someone that you look up to so much has no idea you’re even ALIVE wtf that’s the worst

✓ ID #45600

Name: Addy
Age: 26
Country: USA

Hello! As read my name is Addy. I am a 26 year old heathen, military wife, mother, and dog trainer. As comes with the military life I move around quite a bit so I am used to maintaining log distance friendships to the tune of letters, post cards, care boxes, and of course social media and snail mail.
Unfortunately moving around comes with the loosing friends too. Or making friends with those who just kinda fizzle out of your life and now you only get the occasional like or reblog.

So I am looking for someone who is interested in maintaining a friendship thousands of miles or even a few miles apart.

My interests include reading everything(so if you want a book club buddy I got your back), trying to live a healthy active life and loose weight , of course training dogs, and cooking! And being a heathen anything that has to do with the moon, tarot, and craft.

Preferences: Open to all genders (if you need to, just let me know your pronouns so I don’t mess it up).
Open to 18+, and preferably English speaking unless you’d like to give me language lessons.
And interested in internet and snail mail.



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