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maybe you folks should ask yourselves why youre trying so hard to find reasons to demonize and hate Dream Daddy, a game with actual pure non-fetishized representation of mlm and honestly GBT men of all sorts that you’ll even go as far as to twist around components of a datamine into something theyre not

its okay to dislike GG, theyve done some shitty stuff in the past  AND present, and i dont even watch them or like them, but this game isnt made by them. its released by them. it was made by a couple college art students who did a great job at putting representation and real experiences in this game and they worked so fuckin hard on it. you know what youre doing by trying to make this game fail, or torrenting it so it looks like it did worse than it actually did? assuring more games with positive representation aren’t made, or released, or even fucking bothered with. i fucking promise you, with GG’s youtube channel and band and whatever else they do, that you torrenting or boycotting the game isnt hurting them in the slightest. it’s hurting the creators, it’s hurting queer game-makers everywhere, and it’s hurting the genre of queer games made by queer people with good, unfetishized or sex-oriented stories/characters.

so maybe get your heads out of your cynical asses, accept nothing you consume will be perfect, and try to support something with a genuine and positive representation of both queer and trans men. its a fun, lighthearted game with good stories and relatable characters and frankly, im sick of yall trying to assure queer oriented games fail because of such miniscule shit.

Idk how people actually get out of warrior cats hell because let me tell you I went 3 years without touching or looking at a warriors book or any sort of warriors related content and STILL managed to think about how pissed off I am about Hollyleaf’s death every single fucking day

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My opinion on the whole 'Why aren't people mad at Katie?' thing is that I can understand why you might be, but I don't think her laughing is her agrees. If I was in a room with a lot of people who all started laughing, I would too, even if I didn't agree or ever hear what they said, because it's human reflex. Laughing doesn't mean you agree, it could be out of reflex, discomfort, etc. She wasn't speaking then, someone else was. When it was her turn, she stood up for the fans. Time and time again

exactly my thoughts

  • Me, rapidly looking back and forth while raising and lowering my voice several octaves: Why have you brought me he- Don't take me back there! We must retur- He'll kill me! His eyes will find me th- Christine don't say that! Those eyes that bur- Don't even think it! And if he has to kill a thousand men- Forget this waking nightmare! The phantom of the opera will kill and kill again! My god- my god who is this man? Who hunts to kill- this mask of death! I can't escape from h- who's is this voice you hea- I never wi- with every breath! And in the labyrinth where night is blind, the phaaaaa ntom of the opera is here, inside my mIND! THERE IS NO P HANTOM OF THE OPERA!R A O U L I'VE BEEN THERE!
Better Like This (Spideypool)

Scene from my new Spideypool ABO with insecure!alpha!wade and omega!peter

My ABOs are all fairly emotional, and this one should be good and angsty with lots of Wade feels.

For those of you who don’t know, my Spideypool pairing is always Andrew Garfield/Ryan Reynolds.

Wade hesitated before leaving, taking one long last look at the omega on the bed.


Wade didn’t even know his real name, but that was fine.

It was better like this.

He knew for all that strength and bravery and those spidey-reflexes, the omega would be upset to wake up alone, but it would be fine.

Sharing heat didnt have to be a big deal, and Spidey’s had only lasted twenty four hours. Twenty four hours of Wade finally getting his hands on that beautiful body, of hearing all those soft noises and sharp cries and scenting the sweet scent that was purely omega…purely him.

Wade hadn’t even gotten undressed, kept his mask on and everything, and the lights had been off, the windows blacked out so nobody’s identity was compromised. Spidey had begged– begged–Wade to get naked, had pleaded for skin to skin contact, but Wade had refused.

It was better like this.

Better that Spidey didn’t feel how scarred and damaged Wade’s skin was. Better that Spidey wasn’t horrified by the mess that his face. It was bad enough he had felt the rough edges of Wade’s fingers as they had moved together, he certainly didn’t need to be exposed to anything else.

And Spidey certainly didn’t need to have to deal with Wade still there when he woke up. No, that would be too weird.

So Wade grabbed his gloves off the floor and pulled the covers up around the bare shoulders he could just barely see, and backed out of the door.

“You’re leaving me?” The omegas voice was soft and devastated and Wade had to swallow back a growl of possessiveness. One shared heat didn’t make the omega his. Not even close.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Wade said softly.

“Wade.” Spidey sounded hoarse, too many hours of screaming his way through his heat ruining his throat. “Wade please… just a few more minutes.”

“It’s better like this.” Wade clenched his fists. “Better like this, Spidey. Your heat broke, you don’t need me sticking around making things weird.”

“But I need–” He cleared his throat. “Coming down is easier with an Alpha.”

“Here.” Wade didn’t even hesitate, just stripped off his shirt and lay it on the bed, remembering too late that Spidey could see in the dark, flinching at the gasp that was overly loud in the dark room. “Just um— it smells like me.”

Wade couldn’t see it, but the deep inhale and resulting whimper told him the omega had grabbed the shirt and was holding it tight.

“I’ll see you around, Spidey.” He said finally and took another step away before he tried to climb back into the bed. “Patrol, right? After you sleep? Make sure you eat something too. Water. You gotta keep hydrated.”

“Yes Alpha.” Came the shaky reply and Wade wanted to howl at that.


“My names Peter. Peter.”

“Peter.” Wade whispered. “Get some sleep.”

“You don’t have to leave.” Peter insisted.

“It’s better like this. You don’t want to deal with this mess.”

Wade forced himself out the door, out of the apartment and down the street, snagging a new shirt off a vendor and tossing some money at him.

He didn’t know that Peter had climbed out of bed and out the window and watched him go.

He didn’t know that the omega had collapsed back onto his covers and curled into a ball around Wade’s shirt and cried.

He just kept telling himself it was better like this, and went home to his empty apartment.

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Is there a serial killer tag? And if so is it due for an update🙂

there sure is

Blind Eye by jessicawitte (1/? | 1,122 | NR)

A serial killer has been running around in Beacon Hills, and nobody knows who he is. But Stiles does, cause he is the one everyone is looking for, but they’ll never find him, cause he’s to smart and to good an actor to get caught, he has an IQ of 193 after all……

Bad Blood by BrotherlySoulmates (1/? | 1,146 | PG13)

What if no one even knows who you really are? What if you’ve been letting everyone believe in a lie? A lie that even you had almost started to believe- almost. Because, like they say, the past will always catch up with you and one day, you will have to face it…

Control Me by BrotherlySoulmates (16/? | 24,908 | PG13)

“Freedom is a burden,” The whiskey-eyed male drawled, kneeling down in front of Derek who growled in the back of his throat, eyeing his owner with red glowing eyes. “You should be glad I took it away from you.”

Stiles Deals With Theo by LoveStiles (1/1 | 2,081 | G)

Theo has returned to Beacon Hills, and everyone believes that he has reformed. Except for Stiles and Derek. They are suspicious of Theo and of his motives. 

Do You Even Lift, Deku?

“Kirishima-kun look out!”

The next thing the spiky redhead knew, he was being lifted up into the air and carried out of range of the blast from the flash bomb used during training.

When he was set down, he turned to say thank you only to gape. The one who set him down was Midoriya of all people! “Dude! Did you just pick me up while I was using my Quirk?!? I weigh a whole lot in that form!”

Izuku blinked. “Really? You weigh about as much as Iida-kun though, and I wasn’t even using my Quirk…” Both boys yelped as another bomb was chucked their way, scrambling to avoid the blast.

“If you have time for talking you have time for dodging!” Aizawa called, grinning evilly as he tossed out more flash bombs. Bright little things that made a big noise, but harmless really.

It was only after training, during free time in class, that Kirishima leaned over to Izuku and poked him. “So, exactly how much can you lift without using your Quirk anyways?” He questioned once he had gotten the green haired boy’s attention.

Izuku blinked, confused. “Umm, as in total? I dunno, I lost count after the 300 kilogram weight limit at the gym. They don’t carry any lifting weights higher than that, so I’ve been stuck using old cars at a junkyard.”

The conversation was overheard by Mina and Kaminari, who scooted closer in awe. “Woah!!! Do you think you could lift me and Kirishima at the same time?!?” Kaminari demanded, eyes practically sparkling.

Izuku sweated nervously as Kirishima nodded excitedly. “Well, in theory, yes?” Izuku said, glancing between his two classmates.

Which was why when Aizawa walked back into class, he had to take a moment to fully process the scene in front of him.

It seems that after successfully lifting Kaminari and Kirishima over his head, the others demanded a turn as well. It was currently Todoroki’s turn, on his back and curled in the fetal position, Izuku easily holding him up with one hand strategically placed in the middle of the half and half boy’s back.

“Do I even weigh anything to you?” Todoroki asked, slightly curious as he stared at the ceiling.

Izuku looked up from where he was writing notes about his own strength. “Hmm, maybe like, a bunch of grapes or so? Slightly heavier than Sero but less than Kouda.” He said thoughtfully, turning back to his notes.

“Hey I have an idea! Midoriya-kun, you should lift all of us at once!!!” Mina shrieked suddenly, jumping to her feet in excitement.

Izuku nearly dropped Todoroki. “Wait what?!?” He yelped, Todoroki rolling off his palm and landing gracefully on the ground.

“Midoriya, if you’re going to lift the entire class, please do it outside. I’d rather not have the classroom destroyed.” Aizawa yawned from his new position by the blackboard, peeking out from his usual yellow sleeping bag tiredly.

“Yes!!!” Mina trilled, grabbing Izuku by the arm and dashing out the door, the rest of the class following excitedly behind. Bakugou was only going to watch. No way in hell was he letting fucking Deku pick him up.

It was only a little while after the kids left that All Might stepped into the classroom. “Aizawa-kun, where are the children? Midnight said she passed by earlier and saw that nobody aside from you was here.”

Aizawa merely yawned. “They went outside for break. Something about lifting.” All Might raised an eyebrow, but left anyways.

He really wasn’t expecting to see the entire class of 1-A climbing over one another in a huge pile, carried by none other than Young Midoriya himself!

Kirishima and Sero were currently struggling to pull a roaring, exploding Bakugou up to the top of the wriggling pile of students, Momo yelping in pain as he kicked her in the ribs and Mineta shrieking in terror as a blast got too close to his face.

Izuku merely looked pained and was stumbling around, trying to keep everyone together in one group on his arms. A few students hadn’t gotten into the pile yet, and Uraraka was currently climbing up Izuku’s back and up the pile, apologizing as she stepped on Todoroki and Iida’s heads, Iida’s eye twitching and Todoroki merely indifferent.

All Might had to clap a hand over his mouth to stop spitting blood as he laughed at the scene, absolutely thrilled at this new development. Young Midoriya looked five minutes away from activating One For All to help lift the weight, seeing how he was straining now as more weight was added as Young Kouda joined the pile.

Soon, Bakugou was crowing victory at the top of the pile, the entire class now on Izuku’s shoulders. Unfortunately, Kaminari, who was one of the first people Izuku had picked up, sneezed and accidentally activated his Quirk, electrocuting the entire human pile.

Everyone shrieked and Izuku dropped the class, everyone tumbling down into a giant dogpile on top of their strong classmate.




All Might sighed. Looks like the fun was over, better stop this bloodbath before it started.
I have no explanation for this. But I had fun writing it.

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Hi, so I know you said people off anon would get priority, but I don't want to risk it and get dragged. I'm just really confused as to why people aren't upset with Katie too? Like she was sitting there laughing with Jeremy when she could have shut him down. Especially being someone who knows and encourages her extremely large wlw following. Why are people acting like she's still got sun shining out her ass when she was complacent and didn't even look like she was bothered?

If people want to be pissed with her, I’d totally understand why they were. But after the video–when Jeremy and Melissa did their whole “how brave” thing–she spoke up. She said what she has said before: people are allowed to interpret things how they want, and Supercorp is a totally valid interpretation, etc., and then she got interrupted and laughed at.

So, basically, you’re right that she went along with it, but I think it’s more complicated than “she didn’t yell at Jeremy in the middle of an interview so she’s complicit”


She meets with Joanne and Caleb before sunrise. They’re just starting to organize their people, gathering up tents and supplies for the journey ahead, but they still step aside with her when she approaches.

“I’m not going far,” Scully says. “I need to find a town with a radio transmitter.”

They exchange looks. “Shouldn’t be too hard,” Caleb says finally. “Your people know you’re going?”

Scully didn’t ask permission. She’s not even sure who she would ask; there’s no clear hierarchy, and as the only doctor she’s inclined to think she’s the equal of anyone else here.

More importantly, she strongly suspects that if she did ask, they’d say no. It’s been months since she was “strongly discouraged” from going out on supply missions; since then, people have been visibly on edge whenever she so much as sets foot outside the gate. The guards — who are supposed to keep people out — do a good job keeping an eye on Scully, too.

That feeling, somewhere at the back of her neck, that people are watching everything she does: it’s so familiar, it’s almost reassuring.

So all she says is, “I’m coming back.”

“That’s not what I asked you.” He’s looking down at her with his arms crossed. Caleb has a military air, stern and serious, but Scully’s well accustomed to saying no to men like him.

“And I didn’t ask you for an opinion. If you won’t take me, then I’ll find another group to travel with. My skills are valuable.” This is mostly a bluff. Groups don’t come through here all that often; she could be waiting for weeks. She’d probably end up going alone, which is a far more dangerous prospect.

Caleb looks unmoved, so she takes the nuclear option. “That girl with you,” Scully says.

“Lotsa girls with us.”

Scully narrows her eyes. “The pregnant one.”

Caleb and Joanne exchange a glance.

The girl in question looks about eighteen, Will’s age; blonde and slender except for the baby, with a fearful look in her eyes. A doe facing down a rifle. Scully says, “That’s her first baby.”

Quick, like she doesn’t mean to say it out loud, Joanne says: “She’s my daughter.”

Scully nods, purses her lips. “She’s what, thirty-nine, forty weeks? It could be any day now. What are the chances you happen to be passing through a town when she needs help?”

Caleb says, “We’ve had women give birth before.”

Scully ignores him and makes eye contact with Joanne. “Were any of them your daughter?”

When they set out an hour later, Scully brings a bag of medical supplies and hops into one of the covered carts just to get out of the compound. She knows Will will have to answer for her absence, and she’s sorry for it. It’s not fair, he’d said. For her to leave him here by himself to make excuses for her, to take on her responsibilities: of course it’s not fair. But that doesn’t mean she has any choice.

She doesn’t see him before she leaves.

They travel for a week.

On foot, the days are long, and they don’t make much progress. By the time night falls Scully’s feet and hips are aching, and she feels every one of her fifty-five years. Back in the day she could’ve done this in heels.

They stop at every settlement they pass, sometimes just for a few hours. Overnight, if they can hack it: nights on the open road feel even longer than the days, and more dangerous. At every stop Scully dispenses homemade medicine, sets bones, examines old wounds. For someone who spent most of her medical career with the dead, she’s a surprisingly good frontier doctor.

At every settlement she asks about the radio; at every settlement they shake their heads. Everyone’s listening and no one is speaking.

On the eighth day, as she presses a foul-smelling poultice into a cut on a man’s shin — he got it from a chain-link fence, and what she’d give for a few doses of tetanus vaccine in the new world — he tells her, “Sure, there’s a station a few miles down the road. Maybe a day’s travel.”

She keeps working. Says, casually: “You’re sure?”

He nods. “Some of those Bible people. I bet you’ve heard ‘em some nights. They’d probably let you use it. Don’t know what it would cost.”

I’ll pay it, she thinks, whatever it is.

After he’s bandaged up he draws a map in her notebook. The town is in the direction they’re traveling, more or less, and she traces the lines with her finger. So close.

“Dr. Scully!” It’s one of the kids from the caravan, breathing heavily, like he ran here. He looks nervous. Most of them act that way around her; she’s not sure why. “You gotta come out. Something’s wrong.”

She dog-ears the page with the map — she used to hate when Mulder did that — and shoves the notebook into her pocket, keeping it close.

The kid breaks out in a run, and Scully follows.

I’m Sorry -- G.D.

warnings- smUTTTT

A/N I literally wrote this in church help

Grayson Bailey Dolan has been my mortal enemy since second grade. With his constant prodding and poking at my feelings and destroying every ounce of confidence i had (though it was small) he’s had complete control of me. So as i sit here, letting him hold me against the wall by my shirt, i can only give in. “Look. I’ve told you before. Leave me and my friends alone.” “Grayson, I was literally just walking past you guys. I didn’t even say anything, you were the one who talked to me, so i talked back.” “I don’t care. Find another way around.” He spits, eyeing my face up and down. He let’s go of the tee shirt in his hand, making me fall to the floor. The entire cafeteria at this point was staring at us; some laughing. “Gray, you wouldn’t hit a girl!” One of his buddies yelled, cackling. “Don’t speak so soon.” He muttered under his breath, just enough for me to hear as he turned away, walking back to his table. I don’t quite understand why he hates me so much. Ever since we were little he’d call me tree for being tall and make fun of my acne. i just grew a little faster than most kids, that’s all. Once we reached high school, he outgrew me by a few inches, and i got rid of my acne- so he didn’t really have many things to call me anymore. But that didn’t stop him from being a dick. So I do the unspeakable, and I waltz myself right over to his table, and stand in front of him. He looks up to me with a smirk and his friends emit a chorus of “ooh”’s, and before i could lose the confidence i have, before i can second guess myself, i punch him, square in the nose. Right in his perfect little face, where it hurts the most. “Fuck!” He yells, the whole cafeteria shocked and gasping. “What the HELL is wrong with you?” He seethes, holding his nose. He pulls his hand away to reveal red running down his hand.


 The principal’s office is never a fun visit. The smell of paper in the air is enough to make a person sick, and the fact i’m sitting next to Grayson makes everything even worse. “So, why did you punch Grayson in the face?” He turns to me and asks. “Cause she’s a-” Grayson cuts in.

“I asked her, Dolan.” He interjects, serving a disapproving look to Grayson. 

“He was being a dick.” I reply bluntly. Frankly I don’t care anymore; he’s been mean to me for a long time. 

I tell Principal Cole everything, every bit of what has been said and done since we were little. 

“Here’s what I’m gonna do,” He sighs. “I’m gonna put you two in a room together for 6 hours, and you are going to discuss how you both are feeling.” 

I get scared, worried he may hurt me back for punching him in the face while we’re in that room. What kind of punishment is this?

“Can’t you just give us detention and call it a day?” I ask rising from my seat a little. 

I look over to Grayson’s face, and he looks timid, but red all over.

“No. We did this once about 5 years ago and it worked wonders. They ended up being best friends.” He says with a prideful look on his face, clasping his hands together across his paper scattered desk. 

“What if we don’t do it?” Grayson pipes up, gravel in his voice. 

“You’re suspended.” 


We walk into our french classroom and everything is the same except for our hunched backs and no students or teachers.

We turn to look at the Principal and the counselor behind us, holding the door open.

“If you need anything, ring the office bell. Good luck, kiddos.” He says with a weak smile and closes the door, leaving two stunned teenagers. 

“He even took our phones.” He says, kicking the desk next to him. 

“Why did our parents agree to this?” I ask, looking at the ground, dreading the day to come.

“Well maybe if your dumbass didn’t punch me in the face we wouldn’t be here.” He grits, his voice extremely intimidating.

“Maybe if you hadn’t been such a douchebag to me ever since you’d known me, I wouldn’t have punched you in the face.” I spit back, finally gaining the courage to look him in the face. 

We get silent, and don’t speak to each other for two whole hours; we just sleep and, well frankly try not to look at each other. 

Then finally, I hear the words. 

“Do you know why I’ve always been a dick to you?” He asks, standing from his seat and walking toward me, though his voice sounds like he’s running out of oxygen. 

“Actually no. I’ve never even done anything to you.” I say, tired as all get out, putting my face back into my folded arms on my desk. 

He swings his leg over the seat in front of me, facing the back of the chair and sitting down. He lifts my face off my arms, lifting my face up to meet his eyes with his finger. 

My heart stops. 

I’ve never looked at him- like really looked at him. His eyes are like honey and his skin is the perfect golden tan. His hair is perfectly lush and brushed back away from his face, the dark shades flowing together like art. And his lips; god his lips. 

“Because, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” 

I can feel my skin tingle and fire awaken where his finger on my chin is. My eyes widen in shock, and he looks at my lips, his eyes full of hunger. 

“Then why-” He cuts me off with a kiss so hot it knocks my breath from my lungs, his hand on my face holding more authority and reason.

His lips are so intoxicating I forget where I am, the smell of his skin on my skin making me see stars. 

I pull away to look at him, and also to get a grip on reality once again. 

“I didn’t know how to handle it,” he whispers against my parted lips; he pulls away. “At first when we were little, I was just being a dickhead, but as time went on, i saw how gorgeous you were, and didn’t know what else to do other than be the same guy I’ve always been.” He says, looking away from me, tilting his head in shame. 

He reaches to touch my hand, but pulls away like my skin is a hot stove.

“I’m sorry- really. No one should have to go through that.” He stands up.

“It’s just that, maybe being a total D-bag is easier?” He says, and I follow his action, getting out of my seat. 

“Maybe I just-” I cut him off, smashing my lips against his, my hands on his chest. Our lips move frantically, our tongues sliding against each other like we’ve known each other’s bodies our whole lives. His hands snake around my waist, pressing me further against his torso and my hands slide up his chest and neck into this thick hair. 

He grabs the bottoms of my thighs, lifts me up and wraps them around his hips, grinding them into my own. 

In my head red flags are everywhere, telling me that this angsty, gorgeous, teenage boy is bad news. I know that, in the back of my mind.

I get it. 

But I’ve never been around a boy so alluring before, almost as if the trail of fire he leaves behind on my skin when he touches me is some sort of siren. 

He lays me down on some desk, laying his body on mine. 

Our hips continue to grind against each other, small groans and whines slipping past our combined lips. 

His big hands run up under my shirt to slip it off, the fabric thrown to the floor somewhere, and he wastes no time in unclipping my bra and throwing it to join my shirt. 

He sits up but only for a split second to rip off his own shirt, revealing to me his tense muscles ripping across his skin. I can’t help but clench my thighs together at the sight, sucking in a breath. Lightening fast he comes back to me, bringing our lips back together in a searing hot kiss that makes my whole body catch fire. 

He slips his hand underneath my panties, his fingers running in between my folds, feeling how embarrassingly wet I am. 

“God, fuck.” He breathes against my lips as his middle finger rubs my clit softy; enough to make let out a loud moan. 

I feel his hard on against my thigh, getting more and more hard by the second. 

He pulls his hand away to take the rest of our clothes off, his torso back on top of mine, my legs around his waist. 

He takes my red face in his hands, running his thumb over my cheekbone and gently asks, “Are you sure?” In the most sincere voice I’ve ever heard- and it’s especially strange coming from him. 

“Yes, god please.” I say, breathing rather heavy. He places his forearms under my shoulders to get better leverage, and places one last kiss on my lips. 

He looks deep into my eyes, deeper than anyone has ever looked, and pushes in. 

“Gray, oh god.” I moan out; he’s huge. He slides in and out of me at an intense pace, his face buried in my neck occasionally pressing kisses there.

My breathing gets faster and faster, the moans erupting from me no longer able to be stifled. 

He places his hand over my mouth, “Shh. What if they catch us?” The thought only makes the burning in my core more intense, making me groan against his hand. 

I’m no virgin, but nothing in my life I’ve ever done has felt so damn good

He lets out groans against my neck, the sound better than anything I’ve ever heard. He removes the hand from my mouth, and replaces it with his lips. We moan and whine louder than ever but our kiss stifles it just enough. 

He reaches down to rub my clit, and that’s all I can handle. The euphoria that takes over me is nearly too much, and I pull away to yell his name one last time, his name rolling off my tongue like honey. 

I see his face contort, and he pushes in so deep and cums inside me, soothing the burn I feel. We both freeze, taking in the pure pleasure. 

“Holy fuck.” He says, giving me a messy kiss full of tongue and desire, 

“Gray.” I whisper, my eyes slipping closed. 


“I’m sorry I punched you in the face.” 

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since you also love Louis, can i get a jealous and aggressive Louis reaction? pretty please with cherry on top? ;)

Louis x MC: Tell Me

“What are you doing here, Louis?” the princess asked, looking back and forth between myself and Giles.

‘Please,’ my gaze skated over to him, willing him to understand. 

Giles was staring back at me with a look of disbelief that gradually melted into his usual above-it-all glare. 

‘I’m begging you.’

Ever since I had met the woman who became the Princess Elect, I had been enchanted by her. She thought nothing of getting on her knees in the palace garden and rooting around for a single flower. 

All of the other women were fancied up within an inch of their lives, and wouldn’t have dared to put even one toe upon the grass, for fear of staining their hemlines. 

But there she was, searching undaunted for magic which doesn’t even exist in this world.

What would she have looked like, had she found her “magic” flower and walked back in to join the other ladies, the bottom of her dress muddied, and her hair gloriously undone? 

Would she hold her head high as she swept through the room? 

I could imagine the biting remarks she would receive, for daring to even show up in the first place.

I wanted to see her do it. I wanted to hear her stand her ground– to do what I never had the strength to do.

I could see her, gloriously beautiful in her unadorned way, so much stronger than I ever thought I could be.

By the time I realized the path my thoughts had lead me down, I was already in the middle of snapping at her that the palace was no place for someone like her. 

It wasn’t. 

But I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. 

I was sure I’d blown my chances, and that I’d never see her again. 

When I got her invitation– or, I should say, when I got Giles’ thoroughly checked and approved invitation, just with her signature on it –for a date with the princess, I was shocked to say the least. 

After meeting her, I thought that I had made a great impression– but it’s been over a month since I’d heard from her. 

It wasn’t until I was complaining to Alyn, last week, that I learned the reason: Giles had been setting her up on blind dates with other suitors.

Of course he would. It’s his duty, as well as hers.

I know that.

I know.


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Dating Mariel would include? Please and thank you bb💖💖

Originally posted by duoachievement

Dating Mariel would include:

  • Becoming best friends with Tyler. He’s also the biggest fan of your relationship
  • Bethany constantly declaring her love for the two of you and asking to marry both of you
  • Surprise kisses. Mariel enjoys running into you at work or to you at home and plants a big kiss before running off
  • She loves whispering dirty things to you in Spanish. Even if you don’t understand you still blush because you get the idea
  • Your first date was dance lessons. You both laughed the whole time about how bad you were until the teacher pulled you aside after class and said she had never seen such passion between two people in all her years. You still say that’s the night you fell in love with Mariel.
  • Both of you being shy about your relationship at first but now the two of you have competitions to see who’s idea can earn more looks. Mariel is currently in the lead by professing her love to you over a cop’s loudspeaker (with his permission)

i can’t even believe i have to say this kind of thing. you shouldn’t have to be terrified to post your shit online because “oh my god some 13 year old has a creepypasta cat girl oc omg cringe!! XD” or “look at this person who couldn’t afford a $5000 fursuit let’s humiliate them online LOL”

do you know how many things i’ve done that would be considered “cringy”?? a fuck ton and because i fell into that elitist attitude i made myself miserable for years. make your oc a mary sue, ship your self insert with sans undertale, make your cosplay do whatever makes you happy idc. let yourself have fun. who cares how “good” you are at making things if you’re having fun with it go for it.

concept: meeting harry at a party. you’re dancing, mid dance floor, intoxicated enough to sway and grind comfortably in your own space but coherent enough to notice the one man audience watching you from across the room. this of course being no other than harry. he’s stood by the drinks, a plastic red cup in his large hand, the other comfortably in his pocket. he’s engaged in what looks to be a very large conversation, with a significant amount of people, however you can’t help but notice that his eyes do not leave you for even a second. he turns to the friend next to him, leaning in to whisper - “who is she? over there?” he asks, his eyes still remaining tightly on you. 


Sergio stopped making sure Marley was being serious before laughing with her. “You’re not mad?” 

Marley stopped looking at him? “Why would I be mad? Why would it even matter if I was? You’re who you are and you can’t change that.”

“Thank you Marley.” Sergio pulled Marley into a hug his arms squeezing her a little to tight.

“Okay, okay.” Marley pushed him away looking into his eyes. “Now let me tell you about this girl I met.”

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What does your tattoo mean, Patton?

is there a specific symbolism behind it?

It’s supposed to represent always aiming higher. You may feel like the tiniest star sometimes, but rather than feel the smallest, you should aim to grow like the bigger ones. And then even if someone seems ahead of you, there are still others that you’ve grown to be just as good as, like the middle star. Then even when you think you’re on top, you have to remember to watch out for the smaller ones, who are looking up to you. That’s why the smallest star is on top and the largest is at the bottom. The big help the small, and the small learn to grow. –Pat


- I don’t publish TERFy anons.

- I don’t publish anon hate.

- I’m not getting into a debate about this post.

In fact, I just block anyone who sends the above.

Look, I figure that if you aren’t going to put a name to your hate, I’m not going to give you a voice. Not that I’d publish that stuff anyway. I want my blog to be a positive space, and I don’t think it would be positive if I published your asks, even if I countered them with facts and compassion. 

Go read up some, exercise some empathy, and do a few deeds to help people around you. That’s a much better use of your time and mine. 

ETA: I changed the link in the post to the version that allthecanadianpolitics reblogged because I’m deleting the original to cleanse my activity pages of some of the notes and comments

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Do you like the new young justice designs? I find it weird that Tim had Damian's outfit.

let’s review, shall we? (okay I’ve tried starting this post like 3 times)

Going left to right


I like this, Virgil as a character has been around a long time to have never gotten a costume change. His classic look was always very Freshman who thinks he’s super cool but really is a big dork, and this looks like that kid in Senior year having learned how to be pretty cool. It does violate my rule that a costume shouldn’t just be clothes but Static always looked like his costume was put together with what he found in his closet. Even so it’s still clearly a costume and not just some clothes it’s different but invokes the old look. If I have one major issue it’s that the vest looks very NorthFace, like why are you wearing a down jacket to fight evil? 

Kid Flash

If there’s an outfit I straight up hate it’s this one. The random black parts for no clear reason places, the bright red lines on the dark red and the ugly mustered yellow. Also the shoes aren’t boot boot like sneakers on a skin tight costume? Any ways it’s pretty clear Young Justice dug the Kid Flash uniform from Judas Contract (Picture) but that was a lot less busy with clearer colors, also no stupid goggles. Also that worked since it made Wally look like a skinny kid, the point of that whole flash back was to show how ugly they all were. This is Bart suppose to be “growing up” and it makes him look very small and skinny. Also I love Impulse, I love Bart, I like Bart’s long messy hair, him with short hair is sad. Any ways I thought he should wear Wally’s uniform with basically no changes, like Wally did when Barry died. Last thought, Bart is the only person being touched by the other characters, two character in fact are touching him, and neither of them are Jaime who he had the most connection to in his season, idk read whatever into that


They haven’t changed much he seems to be wearing more low key gloves without the spikes on the sides, I think that’s not great. He’s got a hood, which is fine. I always object to any Robin outfit that has no green in it. Dick’s Season 1 outfit was better because it had short sleeves and detached gloves. I always thought that Tim’s outfit was just okay, and since this is the same thing plus a hood, it also is just okay

Wonder Girl

Cassie has always had pretty shit outfits. This… I mean she looks like she got a t-shirt at Newberry Comics and is wearing track bottoms to fight crime. This is in no way Young Justice’s fault I mean they drew her like this in the comics, but maybe Young Justice could steal some of Donna Tory’s old looks? I mean her second Wonder Girl or the Star outfit would be good also what does she have on her feet? is she wearing toe shoes to fight bad guys? 


Pretty close to what she wears in the comics now, oh and what is with the too short capes? any ways not my favorite Steph outfit, my favorite is her Batgirl both clearly part of the Batgirl Legacy and distinctly her. Now of course Young Justice felt that two Batgirls would be confusing. Though there are two people named “Flash” and two people named “Wally West” in DC comics right now so…. in any case I like this Spoiler much better, the big kinda alien eyes in the full face mask a lot of cape etc. This is okay, it’s a lot less fun then I think Steph should be and makes her look kinda scary

Blue Beetle 

Not much has changed, his back things are more pincer like and Jaime seems bigger, taller and more beefy than before. I wonder if these are meant as hints that the whole reach/evil blue thing isn’t over? in any case since this is 99% the same as it was before and I like it before I like it now, it’s a good look

Traci 13

Your street clothes aren’t a fucking costume! that’s about it, though both her and Arrowette have REALLY weird necks/heads like they look almost alien 


Distracting head/neck issues aside this is a good costume, I question some of the black red coloring, why is her and Kid Flash’s crotch randomly black I feel like it just draws the eye and that’s strange. but otherwise I like it, the chest symbol pops and draws focus, I like the kinda messy in her face hair. I would like to see a bow, and also given the coloring (black red more red) and business of her outfit it kinda has a low-key villain or anti-hero vibe to it. 


As with some of the other’s not much has changed, I liked Roy’s look in the show, the buzzed hair and more combat ready thing. It fits the character and the story really well. I wish his suit was rocking a chest symbol the black in the middle is a little distracting like the symbol is missing. Also I wish they did soething to make his robot arm stand out more make it red/red-orange, just something so it’s clear that he’s not wearing glove you know? but other all I think it fits him very well and is a good outfit

Beast Boy

The more I look at this the less I like it. Beast Boy’s long hair, sideburns, furry arms and tail made him clearly distinct from Teen Titans Beast Boy and DCAU Beast Boy they seem to have ditched the hairy arms and tail, and now he’s wearing an outfit that looks very much like DCAU’s uniform with shorter hair like Teen Titans Beast Boy, should make future fan art a fucking nightmare. Any ways I like the hair cut I’m a little worried that he looks more teenage and less kid, I don’t want an annoying harass “flirts” with girls teenager in anything ever. The outfit is okay, but I liked the choice to put him in shorts, shorts are pretty rare in uniforms and him being barefoot made a lot of sense. It’s a good look but not better than what he had going on before

The scary squad, Artemis, she looks okay I’m happy to see a bow (something the other two arrow people are missing) The half mask works on her (in part because it’s linked to her neck. All that said I’m a little let down, I was thinking she’d keep the Tigress outfit like she said she would. It was a little goofy but I liked it and it was really switching it up for her. Nightwing… um… no, the beefier build and short hair makes him look like Conner and while that’d be an interesting look for Superboy, for Nightwing it makes him look like he’s gonna break into your house and kill you. I really liked the outfit he had before and I don’t like him wearing something that in no way invokes Nightwing. Now at first people were saying this was Aqualad, but now I hear Black Lightning. Gonna go with Black Lightning because he looks older. Kinda let down, Costumes in comics have a lot of Yellow, Red, and black, but not so much blue, I want a nice blue and yellow outfit for Black Lightning. finally Superboy…. *sigh* boi… what you doing? like… it was bad when it was literally a t-shirt and some pants but at least the shirt had a logo! fuck man you’re in a shirt and some cargo pants! Cargo Pants the worst kind of pants! Young Justice missed a great chance to stuff him into a classic Kon look, like this someone please get this boy a costume? 

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Yo correct me if I'm wrong but didnt Jeremy make a twitter feed about his cousin who was in a same sex relationship and then was forced through conversation therapy? Like wtf Jeremy that comment was extra douchey then?

Im not sure! I don’t keep up with him, but if any of my followers can add to see if its true then that would be great.

But I have seen posts of him supposedly saying Winn is gay so… Im very confused about the video. I dont like getting into discourse, and you all know I try to be as nice and as friendly as possible.

But you know something is out of line when even I’m very upset about it. There were so many ways he could have handled it, and from what the video looked like it seems like he was the one who brought it up. I’m losing hope in the cast, except for a small few who I love to death and back.