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You could try to put Pewdiepie's character in the reddit he uses for LWIAY and ask for his permission then if it gets upvoted enough, he'll most likely see it

Already tried multiples times. all our stuff never get enough attention, we’ve even had more downvotes than upvotes . (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞

Reddit is for memes. not for art. (。_°☆\(- – )

Maybe they think we’re a joke .i can’t tell if we’re doin’ it wrong but nobirdie on reddit seems to take it seriously.

we still think Pewds won’t be against it ‘cause he was quite positive in a old video. but not sure if it’s enough or not. Our situation changed a lot.

I also even tried with mah own art (like not related to S&P and nothin’ as well) 


“…Whatever man.”

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So would you prefer cas to be endgame human if destiel was canon?

I don’t really understand the question sorry nonny, IMO both are in the making!

I guess maybe youre asking if Destiel can be canon at endgame with Cas not human?

I mean yeah sure but they’d have to explain the ins and outs, and it doesn’t really make sense IMO, Destiel is a relatively small part of Cas’ endgame which mainly focuses on his being human, focusing on himself and what he wants for once and belonging etc, just as Destiel is a relatively small part of Dean’s which mainly focuses on his accepting who he is overall and lowering the facade, openly liking things like Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, cake, silk panties, men ie all the things he has hidden in the past but that we know he really likes.

It kind of doesn’t make sense IMO from my reading of Cas’ story to have Destiel but no human!Cas.

It would be like having the chocolate sprinkles without the ice cream. It makes no sense, the ice cream is the core of the dessert!

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So… like y’all probably saw already you know…. the Cernunnos post, right?

So I’m thinking of doing a post on Anu, his mother, does that sound good to y’all?

I’ll do that and beezlebub this week.

Looking for one more for this week HMU with who you’d like to hear about :)

Also… holy heck. Like I posted that Cernunnos post like an hour and a half ago and it’s at like 70 notes already… y’all are making me so happy that my work is actually seen and enjoyed.

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This is dumb but can you please tell me when the hotdaga first started? I wanna see it but i just started actually watching the postmortems, please help

it started around the boy in the box q+a, but some saint actually uploaded pt. 1 and pt. 2 of the the saga! So you dont’t have to watch the whole q+a, you can just go straight to the daga. ;)

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I’m aro ace, and I’m pretty confident in that, but I think I might have a crush on a girl? I can’t really tell because I’ve never had a crush on anyone before in my life, and I can’t tell if I actually have emotions towards her or if I just think she’s really beautiful but it’s really screwing with my head and I don’t know what to do.

Lots of aroaces experience attractions! It could be romantic, or sexual, or platonic, and beyond. That will never compromise an aroace identity.

- Fae

one of my biggest pet peeves is when my mom or grandma will be talking about a celebrity, and be like “she’s had work done” as if it’s shameful, and then talk about another celebrity and be like “she hasn’t aged well, has she?”

i mean, there’s a cult of beauty and ageism and double standards and we could really get into that, but i’m just so tired of this attitude. aging isn’t bad and beauty isn’t everything, and judging someone based on that is a sad way to live.

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How do you think Jacobi would have reacted if it had been Kepler killed during the mutiny instead of Maxwell?

Ohhh that’s interesting.

Not a 100% answer ofc but I think that Jacobi would actually proceed with trying to kill the Hephaestus crew. Not because Kepler was more important to him but because when Maxwell died, Kepler was there to order him to stand down, even though he was furious. I think Kepler is important enough for Jacobi so his death would make him almost, if not just, as mad but Maxwell wouldn’t be enough to stop his anger and impulsiveness. The rest of what could happen depends on what would the Hephaestus crew do, but in any way, I feel like he would be even more antagonistic to them since in the original he kinda ‘bonded‘ with them after turning on Kepler but here he wouldn’t have any reason for that; and Cutter&Co’s arrival would probably be the only reason why they started working together in the end.

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Omg those tags on the stupid/sentimental gifset are A Lot™️ Cannot handle the angst...but also they’re great ;) I think I just have a hard time thinking about River being way happier with 12 because River/11 is my true otp. I believe in my heart that they were truly happy for stretches of time, even though there was always an undercurrent of angst bc of the Library. Another reason why I love your post-Library fic (obvs not angst free, but a fic wo the spector of the Library was so excellent ;)

Hey anon, I know you didn’t ask for this, but as it turns out, I have a lot of feelings on the 12 vs 11 debacle, so strap in lol

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Has anybody slept with anybody before?

there are two answers to this;

1) possibly, if the characters happen to live together because of family or marriage


it’s stated first thing in the rules not to send anything nsfw. that includes anything implied or suggestive in any other way.

you have been nothing but a nuisance when it comes to discussing these things. seeing as i have screenshots of you drawing underage characters as “sexy” and school shootings, as well as comparing people to being worse than columbine and 9/11 combined, i think you’re better off unfollowing or otherwise leaving me alone.