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friendly reminder that “getting to stay in bed all day” is different from “having to stay in bed all day”

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*His pupils roll across his skull as his tolerance began to run short. Joey closes his eyes, massaging the bridge of his nose to remove some of the tension* Bendy. *He firmly spoke, one of his eyes opening to stare down at the clearly pissed off demon* In through one ear and out the other as usual, repeating yourself to expect results. This is all typical behavior from you.

AU where Tim interns for a villain for grad school and the Red Hood doesn't know what to do with him

-Like he takes an internship with ra’s al ghul and keeps crossing paths with Jason as the red hood but he really doesn’t have any fighting ability, he’s legit just following ra’s around with a notebook, writing his thesis
-Jason: “I’m going to have to take you down you know”
Tim: “Can you just answer a few questions first - so um, how do you feel like the crime rate has been affected since the new PD positioning on the east side?”
“I’m just saying, do you feel like more police presence has made locals feel safer, or has it maybe encouraged more low-income families to not depend on inner city lower rates?”
-“Can you just arrest me on Wednesday, I have a midterm tomorrow”
-Jason: “I’m here to take you in.”
Tim: “Oh man thank god, do you know how to use flash cards?”
Jason: “Like…like do I know how to hold them?”
Tim: “Yeah, can you like, help me study?”
Jason: “I really don’t think you understand the situation here.”
Tim: “Oh no, I totally get it, I’m like, 2 test scores away from a 4.0 and Ra’s over here is like, trying to teach a ten year old moves from the karate kid so if you could just, just - yeah, hold those, thank you, okay great - now read them, please”