who are we kidding when does she not look fantastic

#OutlanderEvening with Sam and Caitriona

Part 3

Before I go ahead and write about our “up close and personals” with Sam and Caitriona I just remembered something worth sharing from the Amazon part of Q&A. I think it was when the interviewer asked about the show international success and the fame that comes with it. He also mentioned Golden Globes and Sam said to that,

“Yes, at the Golden Globes, when we arrived, there were all those famous people around like DiCaprio and such, but there was also this big group of Outlander fans and when they saw us, they started chanting really loud Outlander!!! and cheering for us, so everyone there was suddenly checking us out…”

“Yeah” Cait added, “ they were wondering who we were and I was like, yup these are our people out there, move over DiCaprio!…”

For the full effect you really have to see Cait’s face while she was saying that!

Why we couldn’t take picture AMAZON, oh why????

Now back to when I left off…

After a few minutes waiting, we were asked to follow somebody to get us to the bar. We went back through the same hall that had all those Outlander posters on each wall and after a while entered a quite specious bar area.

Cait and Sam were already sitting behind their respective tables with huge portraits of Claire and Jamie behind them.

Since my friends and I were sitting in one of the front rows at the Q&A session, we were pretty much the last to arrive there, which was all good, more time to prepare. First I couldn’t see very well what was happening up front but after a while it was clear that people were getting exactly what was promised, little chat, photos and autographs. While waiting, except from chatting with all the nice people standing in line next to me, I occupied myself with a mental “caption this picture” game while looking at Cait’s face expressions in reaction to what people were saying to her.

Finally we got close enough to see the routine. Caitriona would get up from her chair, walk to the next person waiting and ask “How are you, what’s you name”, with a big smile on her face.

OK, I can do that! I’m fine of course and as for my name… come on I do know my name!  How hard can it be? Got it covered! Piece of cake!

Well, let me tell you, when my turn came, I did remember that I was fine  (which by the way was a big fat lie, I couldn’t be further from that, shaking all over…) but when it came to my name… Well, let’s just say Cait had to give me one of those… “Come on, you know that one…” look, before I got it out of me. Right when we were about to take the picture my phone rang. Of course, what else! It was my husband. Don’t know how he does it but believe me he is the master of bad timing… The woman who held my phone asked if she should dismiss it or I was gonna answer…

“Are you kidding me! You really need to ask…”

That got Cait laughing and I wasn’t so shaken anymore.

When we got to the table, first I thanked her for letting us have this fantastic experience. Then I showed her the card my 11-year-old daughter wrote for her. To make the story short Nikki’s dream is to become an actress when she grows up and since (due to her mother’s slight obsession) Outlander surrounds her from every corner of our house, she picked Caitriona as her role model in pursuing that dream. I took her to the last day of RingCon in Germany in November. She brought a letter she wrote to Cait with her and asked Sam to deliver it safely. Ever since then, she kept bugging me with questions like “Do you think she got it?” “Did Sam keep his promise?” “Do you think she liked it?” over and over again. Obviously I couldn’t answer any of those. When she learnt I’d won that trip to London to finally meet Caitriona, she got really upset that she couldn’t go. When I showed her the e-mail from Amazon that said, only one person and you have to be over 18, she exploded…

“Seriously! Why do you have to be18 for everything in this world!”

(She knows she needs to wait until she is 18 to be allowed to watch Outlander!)

When she calmed down a bit she decided to write again, this time knowing Cait gets it for sure. Gotta say the card turned out pretty funny and Cait had a good laugh reading it but as for the first letter she couldn’t remember if she ever got it.

After that I wanted to talk a bit about her hiatus project #TrustNoOne that had just been successfully funded and so much more, but I’ve heard the women who were there to keep the line flowing asking me to move on to Sam.

What??? I’m not done here! I cannot just leave her like that! With the corner of my eye I saw that Sam was already free. Come on the person before me, how can you be done already, come back and ask him some more questions, like what he had for breakfast or something! No such luck! So I grabbed Nikki’s card from Cait, gave it Sam, and said “Here read it, it’s from Nikki”

“Who is Nikki?” his response was.

Jesus H Roosevelt Christ!

“The little girl from RingCon that gave you a letter for Cait. By the way have you ever delivered it?

“Yes, I did”

“Hmm…” that was Cait

“Come on, I gave it to you!”

At that point I looked back at the “security” women behind me and gave them a

“See, I am engaging them both! Cool, huh?” kinda look.

They gave me the “not impressed ”look back.

Anyways, Sam was reading the card and Cait got to signing the pictures for us. I’ve heard one of the women behind me saying

“Come on you have to get her moving”

and the other
“ I’m trying…”

And that point I knew my time was really up, other people were waiting, but I just had to do something more, so I asked Cait “Can I just hug you?”

“Yes!” she said with that most beautiful smile of hers.

I didn’t see many people hugging her but come on, how can you look at her and not want to hug her????

When I finally moved to Sam it was all about Nikki and bringing back memories from RingCon. It was the second time I met him and for all of you fans out there that haven’t had a chance yet, if you ever do, don’t be shy, he is just the nicest guy you would ever meet!  He wrote a really cute Birthday note for Nikki and after taking a picture I wished him to have fun in Australia.

That was it! I was done with both of them! And let me tell you, it went way too fast! There were drinks and food there, lots of various toppings pizzas but even though I haven’t eaten since I had a little snack on the plane, I couldn’t even think about food. Managed to get some water down though.

Before I knew it Cait was getting up saying goodbye to us, shortly after that Sam finished with the last person and was gone as well.

It was really over!

I and my newly found Outlander friends were ones of the last to leave, so we kinda walked Sam to the elevator and then were on our way thinking we will not see them anymore but…  it turns out we were wrong! When we got to the front door, there they were, right behind us! We were all like “Hi, here you are again!” “Nice to see you!” “Long time no see!” and then… they got into a waiting van, waved us the last goodbye and were gone…

This time for good…


From the generous feedback I received about this blog, I know that many people enjoyed it and quite a few said that they felt like being there while reading. To make you feel like you were there was my ultimate goal and believe me, nothing could make me happier than knowing it worked!

#OutlanderEvening with Sam and Caitriona was the most wonderful experience any Outandr fan could ever wish for and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that everyone gets a chance to be a part of something like that at some point!

Thank you for reading!