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Ayyyyyy here’s that one thing kinda finished (i messed up the layers a bunch i’m so sorry)

This is basically how I sum up their relationship. This and Alex bursting into Ryland’s room blasting “What Makes you Beautiful” by One Direction. Which I have also illustrated. 

We could all use a friend like Alex honestly… cherish him Ryland… cherish hiiiiiim….



It’s Mr. Voltron Romances (Mr.VR AKA Coran) Birthday on September 23rd! He is such a FREAKIN GOOD GUY and if you could HELP ME IN WISHING HIM A HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH HE WOULD BE SO HAPPY!!!

I’ll save up any messages that go in my ask box and show him on his special day! THE MORE THE BETTER!!! :3


-The first pic is the very first Bday I spent with him 😭😭 SUCH A YOUNG CORAN! Back then… he could only express himself through music

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i've been following you for a while and it does seem like you favor and support the maknae line a lot more than the hyung line...

I’m not sure what you mean by supporting the maknae line more because I’m the gal who still hasn’t watched Hwarang, that variety show Jungkook was on with the burger fiasco, or the one Jimin and Hoseok were on about sewing pants. And I don’t buy fan goods so I don’t even support one line more with my money. 

But, if you mean supporting them on my blog, I probably reblog more pictures of the maknae line because Jimin is my UB, Jungkook is almost always second (except when Yoongi pops in like “Hey, time to swerve”), and Taehyung was my UB for 2.5 years but that doesn’t mean I don’t like hyung line. I think I’ve been pretty open with the fact that I run through lanes like I’m drunk and playing Frogger. And, if you consider each chapter of Mr. Min as a separate unit then I have written more for hyung line than the maknaes. Not to mention the next series I’m starting is Seokjin and Namjoon centered.

Regardless though, I think this entire thing about which line people stan is a bit ridiculous. I’ve seen people insult the maknae line fans by saying the kids have more fans because it is “easier” to stan them so hyung line fans are more dedicated or “real”. And, vice versa, I’ve seen hyung line stans be insulted for being “too smug” about rap line’s influence in album productions. Just…all around the entire thing is ugly and pretty immature imo. I love all the members for different reasons. Stanning any one particular member or line doesn’t make you a better fan or person than anyone else. So basically…

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I hope that I see the world as you did cause I know
A life with love is a life that’s been lived
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whatofyouyoungprincerenarin replied to your post“okay guys I’m back– what, wait, why is everyone…

hey u know the volleyball scene in the beach episode of ATLA?

whatofyouyoungprincerenarin replied to your post“okay guys I’m back– what, wait, why is everyone…

well, imagine the kholins.

oh my god

You can do everything right with your partner in role play. You can communicate, plot, and give them attention. You can do it all yet it just falls but just remember something. There’s nothing you can do against a completely shitty person.


So. I’ve mentioned a few things about a new bard character I’m playing, and now that this video is up, I may as well point you all to it and let you know that the game I’m playing her in is actually going to be a podcast and Youtube show called Your Standard Heroes.

Anyways, this is the first official video, which introduces the (really well-built) setting, and I believe the first episode of the podcast will be up this weekend. (No, seriously, guys, the worldbuilding is so good.) I’ve played with this DM and with most of these players before, and they’re all great, and it should turn into a really cool thing, so, uh, check it out?

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kinder eggs are the best thing in existence and honestly fuck america for denying their children of that joy

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The Doctor remembers Bel Rowley and in the past Randall Brown knows that the Doctor remembers her. At times Randall can feel what The Doctor is feeling. How is that possible? Is there an inner connection between the two men across time? Randall doesn’t know much about The Doctor except that the man exists and is powerful. Can the Doctor sense what Randall is feeling? Does the Doctor know who Randall is? What is going on?


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mike lawson in a jock strap? thoughts?

omi i hate this. 

because i would like to say that i have no thoughts about Mike Lawson strutting around the clubhouse in just his jock, generally making his teammates feel inferior because Big Dick Lawson™ is a thing, goddamn it. I’d like to say I haven’t thought about the fit of those straps across the back of his thick thighs. I definitely wanna say I haven’t wondered if the freckles on his back extend lower and what constellations they might map out on the muscled swell of his ass.

And I would love to say that I haven’t considered whether or not Ginny Baker’s seen him in such a state and what her reaction was.

Whether it happens because Mike refuses to act like anything’s changed, even with a woman in the clubhouse, or because he’s showing off for her and desperately pretending he isn’t is anyone’s guess. 

(Either way, my two cents: yes and overwhelmingly positive.)

So, although I’d love to say I have no thoughts on this subject, I very clearly do.

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Dahl can’t make the mechanical pigeon fly. He can’t do it. It’s made of metal and he can’t use magic, and there’s no size to weight ratio he can manage with a metal mechanical pigeon to make it fly without magic. On the list of reasons he’d miss having magic, ‘flightless pigeon construct, highly disappointing to self and others’ was not one he’d anticipated. And he can say that with conviction, because he has an actual written list of reasons it’s awful to be without his magic. He’s going to add this one to the list, albeit grudgingly.

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//So i finally made blog for all my AUs, i’ll start slowly adding stuff there but if you guys are interested you could check it out..? Its @btsaumess