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Hello! Sorry to ask this after your big post, but I'm someone anxious so I need to ask. I'm not sure how Otabek is supposed to call Yurio according to the situations. I'm lost. Friend: Yuri. Lovers: Yura? And for something more special, if they're two and he wants to ask him something, Yurochka? Or then Friend: Yuri then Yura. And in love, there is a need to look for something else?

It’s fine, friend! I’m not surprised if that post is missing some details; Russian names are hard to equate for English speakers.

I will note beforehand that Yurio’s diminutive doesn’t have to be Yura. I don’t remember it being used in canon, so you’re free to choose another diminutive of Yuri. I just see Yura more in the English-speaking fandom and use it as my example for simplicity.

For Otabek & Yuri it should be more like this (assuming we’re speaking of modern times):

Yuri: they know each other from skating and that’s it; they’re colleagues
Yura: they’re at least friends
Yurochka: they’re extremely close friends/dating & the situation calls for something more than Yura (ie I love you, Yurochka is going to carry more weight than I love you, Yura or Yurochka will you wash the dishes? might sound more convincing than Yura will you wash the dishes?)

I can see where you’ve gotten confused and that’s why I made the post. A lot of fandom content has a really delayed timeline for the diminutive/pet names & now all of a sudden I’m telling you to push it back.

Maybe an example will help? Say Yurio and Otabek meet at a banquet before the scene in Barcelona; Otabek will call Yuri by just Yuri. They barely know each other at this point and a banquet is a fairly formal place so the full first name is appropriate.
Then skip forward to the Barcelona scene: Yurio could put his phone number in Otabek’s phone as Yura. This is because they’re now casual friends.

Please let me know if you need more details!

honestly, this has been on my mind for a while, but I think there are some people I need to… not distance myself from, but sometimes, often, I’m more excited about a friendship than the other person is and it just creates this weird feeling of imbalance. I don’t know if that sounds weird, but when I was a kid I was first bullied and later I had to really put an effort into making friends with people, I was rejected a lot (I assume because I was a girl, but I acted like a boy, because later when I started hanging out with boys this all got easier) and I don’t want to put myself in that situation again. this isn’t a critique of anyone, it’s alright to not be super enthusiastic about a possible friendship, and that’s probably exactly what I have to remind myself of: it’s ok if people don’t want to be ‘besties’ with me and I don’t have to try to convince them of otherwise. I’m already extremely introverted so, in short, I think what I’m saying is that I want to focus my energy on the people who are openly wanting to be good friends with me.


big ol doodle dump from the last couple of days, featuring garfield’s head drawn by my mum because she has a secret garfield drawing talent that i never knew about until now? thanks mum

I’ve got it

Savitar… is Leonard Snart.

After being thrown into the future by the Oculus explosion, Len finds himself with a new set of powers (how? maybe he got in the way of Eobard’s attempt to give himself speed) and a really big grudge against Barry for leading him down this whole “hero” path in the first place. He gets a cool armored suit (if there aren’t cool armored suits readily available in the future, what’s the point of the future at all?), rebrands himself Savitar, and fights with the Flash. Len proves too difficult to actually defeat, so future!Barry eventually imprisons him in the Speed Force, and, well, you know the rest.

I have evidence! 

Do you really think that, even if he were to become an evil speedster, Leonard Snart would give up his aesthetic?

Sleepover Saturday, let’s start!

first off: hi, i go by Gabi or Witch, i’m 22 years old and an eclectic witch! my fave things right now are cats, succulents, summer, peach ice tea, and The Witcher series (both games and books!)

The purpose of this for me is to get to know you guys, and for you to get to know me if you want! 

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I just want to say thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive of this blog. Everyone has been so kind and passionate about Connor and myself, it’s really been keeping me going this past couple weeks. I was really worried that no one would like Connor (or me) when I came over here but you all have been incredible!! I still have a lot of doubts about Connor but I’m so happy you’re all here and I love you all so much.

Um, yes hello if anyone wants to give me some soft serve icecream with rainbow sprinkles…and like maybe all the money in their wallet or something I wouldn’t oppose.😊✨