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“guys, i’m one of them. the people who put us here, i worked with them. i watched you guys for years. the whole time you’ve been here, i…i was on the other side of it.”

Teen Wolf Season 5: No Derek. BUT we get a fond reaction from Stiles to initials that resemble Derek’s and another reaction at the mention of his name.

*The screams of “STEREK” are heard from a distant galaxy*

SDCC 2015: No Hoechlin. BUT we have Dylan flipping the hell out when he hears Hoech’s voice over the phone. 

*Shouts are heard from within a black hole; scientists are dumbfounded but have translated it into what sounds like: HOBRIEN!!*

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It’s funny how everyone demonize us when all we really do is appreciate and empathize with people before they committed murders because they couldn’t see other way out or were mentally ill. For sure we’re more human than people with ‘‘Burn Bundy Burn’‘ shirts who were standing outside the building he died in. What makes us different from other people is that when others see Aileen Wuornos on  tv all they see is a demonic lesbian bitch and that’s the end of story, meanwhile we see mentally disturbed woman who didn’t know a normal life. They don’t seek for answers like we do. Nothing happens without a reason. Besides of what we find fascinating about mass murders, how  bad parenting (f.ex) can influence us, we feel sorry for them and empathize with them because regardless of what they did, they are still human. We do the most christian thing  most people aren’t capable of doing. Sure, we might find some of them physically attractive, but that’s normal too. If I showed you a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer without mentioning about him being in prison, you’d probably find him attractive, too.
We do sometimes make funny posts about them, but that is called dark humor which isn’t morally incorrect. We learn important things from them. Not about killings. Not about murder. Everyone learns differently. If Eric Harris inspires you to shoot up your school, you clearly have problems and not everyone is like that. We reach to outcasts and disturbed people, maybe we can prevent something. People could’ve prevent many people from killing by just showing them some interest and understanding. Everyone’s a Dylan Klebold, Nikita Lytkin and Charles Manson. But yeah, keep imagining us as stupid, edgy  fuck ups who thirst over serial killers. In reality, we are more sensitive and good than most of you.

Of course I am speaking for myself and people I know.

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“If you pissed me off in the past, you will die if I see you. Because you might be able to piss off others and have it eventually blow over, but not me. I don’t forget people who wronged me.” – Eric Harris

“What fun is life without a little death? It’s interesting, when I’m in my human form, knowing I’m going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it. Like how none of this calculus shit matters. The way it shouldn’t. The truth. In 26.4 hours, I’ll be dead, & in happiness. The little zombie human fags will know their errors, & be forever suffering and mournful. HAHAHAH, of course I will miss things. Not really.” – Dylan Klebold


‘’Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination that end up turning out to be like a perfect combination. You know, like two people together, who nobody thought would ever be together…ever.…’‘

“See that’s the problem, you don’t care if you get hurt. But you know how I’ll feel? I’ll be devastated. And if you die I will literally go out of my freaking mind…”

‘‘Lydia.. You go with Stiles…’‘

‘‘He still likes her..Doesn’t he??’‘

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I was watching hairspray the other day, and I always found it so cool how the teens on tv would film and then go back to school like nothing happened.

and then I started thinking like what if people on tv today were like people on tv in the 60s who would shoot an episode and then go back to school, or work afterwards.

For example on Teen Wolf Jeff would be all:

Cut! That’s a wrap for today,” [checks watch] “Dylan, Tyler, you two better hurry back before that calculus test. I don’t want my actors failing high school.

and Dyl and Tyler are just like:

Make me choose: Anonymous asked - Stydia or Scallison

“Orange and blue, not a good combination.”

Okay, um, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together - Who nobody ever thought would be together, ever.”

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Alright, I am honestly tired. Tumblr used to be such a nice website where people would actually understand and help each other. Now it’s shitty and that is why I don’t come here anymore like I used to. It didn’t use to be like this.

We are trying to help people. People who actually have REAL problems. I am sure to hell you would want other people helping you if you were in their situation. We have plenty of followers who are HAPPY to help others because they aren’t selfish like the person who sent us that disgusting message. 

If helping people is a problem, then I don’t fucking understand this fucking world. I don’t want to be a part of that. I don’t want to be one of those people who just ignores someone who has health problems and money problems. I am NOT selfish. 

Someone came to US, someone came to ME and asked for help. And I don’t fucking ignore those who need help. I am not like that. Be like that if you want, but don’t come to my fucking askbox to bitch about me actually doing something for those people. Unfollow us and don’t ever come back because I don’t need ignorant and selfish people following our blog.

Yes, this is a Supernatural blog. We do reblog Supernatural stuff. WHY CAN’T WE FUCKING HELP PEOPLE TOO? Why can’t the Supernatural fandom help each other?

Stop thinking about your own fucking ass for a while.

All the love,


I Meant “Monster”

I’m starting to experience first hand the idea that once you put your artwork out into the world, it doesn’t quite belong to you anymore.

The last piece I did on the columbine massacre, sympathizing with the mother of one of the shooters, is being mistaken for me sympathizing with the shooter himself. It seems as though my illustration is starting to become the poster for columbine fetishists all across tumblr.

So, I’m going to say this once..

In no way do I support or condone the actions of Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris. When I said that Susan Klebold “loved and lost a monster” I truly meant “a monster.”  When Dylan Klebold killed 12 students, mainly children, and one teacher, and also injured 24 other people, Susan Klebold didn’t just lose her son, she lost who she thought her son was. That’s because she found out her son had become a monster.  Her son was not a monster for dressing strange or for feeling out of place. He was not a monster for feeling depressed and angry. He wasn’t even a monster for his sick writings. He was a monster for slaughtering innocent children.

I pride myself on my ability to empathize with others the best that I can.

Susan Klebold lost not only her son’s life, but also the idea of who her son was. That I can empathize with.

I understand that both Dylan and Eric were mentally sick and had unattended issues they did not know how to handle on their own. That I can empathize with.

I see that Dylan and Eric were hurt and lonely, that they were bullied everyday for being different that others. That I can empathize with.

However, I cannot empathize with two young men who methodically planned and executed a massacre for feeling this way. And I certainly cannot empathize with a group of people who see the actions of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and want to make loving fan art about what it would be like to date Dylan or Eric. Or how “hot” these killers are. It makes me sick to think that there are people out there who feel as though Dylan and Eric were in the wrong and that all those children deserved to die.

And I DESPISE the idea that these people are using my image to justify their twisted ideology.

However, I do understand that as viewers they are allowed to interpret my work any way they see fit. It’s just that… they’re wrong.

My only hope is that you all understand how meant for my work to be interpreted.

Thank You


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It’s wonderful how Dylan can put a smile on Thomas face. No matter where they are, no matter who with they are, no matter how many people can see them looking at each other like there’s nobody else. And I love how the way they look at each other and smile without saying anything like they have this chemistry that nobody else have. They are the proof of “better then words”.
—  someone who can see the truth in a lie.

I remember when I first made this account and how fucking nervous I was (for some reason), to be finally able to talk about and express my interest in true crime and columbine and stuff with other people who were also interested in it, and making new friends and all that good stuff. I don’t have friends to talk about this stuff with really, and it’s really fucking cool that I can now. The people that I’ve talked to have always been so nice and that’s a really cool thing yo.

ok, so I’m pretty sure there are other stydia networks out there - but who says there can be only so many? after all, there’s more people in our fandom than we think. so I recently hit like around 630 followers and thought to myself i should make a network, this is my first ever one and i’m really excited if it even happens - anyway, since jeff satan davis has been so hot & cold with stydia shippers lately, i thought we all need a platform to vent, fangirl, appreciate & admire our endgame otp and so i present to you the hero & the banshee network:


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  • - folks who aren’t interested in spreading virus-like hate. we want to be a 100% welcoming/non-judgmental community, and we’re here to share our love for something, not tear others down for loving something else. (no stalia, malia hate etc please.)

- the perks of being a hero/banshee enthusiast:

  • - a group of new friends + followers who like the same things as you & ship stydia just as hard! (yay).
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  • - a platform to promote your graphics/edits/gifs etc & general network perks (blog rates, follows, promotions, support)
  • - we can ramble on/discuss theories/episodes/fanfiction & more! you’ll have a place to share your thoughts, even if they’re not stydia-related.

if you’re accepted:

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additional info:

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  • - choosing about 15-20 peeps to start with, if this gets a lot of notes which i doubt- then I’ll choose around 30-35 & if you don’t get chosen in the first batch, that’s okay bc i’ll always be adding more people later.
  • - if you want, you can mention in the tags why you’d like to be a part of this network. just for fun. (p.s picture creds to google & the amazing artist)

don’t be a sourwolf, come on and apply! =D

“the older i get, the more i realize i’m less of a BOOTH and more of a SWEETS,” he mutters, glancing up from his laptop screen where netflix is playing. one headphone in, the other out, he gives a somewhat SHEEPISH smile to the other. “have you seen bones? the tv show? not many people have. it’s got the guy who played ANGEL in buffy the vampire slayer.”

I don’t often (any more) get violent day dreams, but I’m three hours into a 4.5 hour bus ride back to New York and the guy right behind me has been on the phone the entire FUCKING time.

Fucking autocorrects to FUCKING on my phone. Huh.

As soon as someone manages to hang up and stop his inane dribble of words, he calls up someone else. He tells them the same things he told the other people.

He is one of those people who says a thing, and then says it again with different words.

Real life examples I have gleamed during the moments I take out my headphones to bask in my anger (there is something so NECESSARY about basking in righteous anger):

“It’s bumper to bumper traffic. We’re at a standstill.”

“We are on an overpass. We’re going over other roads.”

“They were there for three days. 72 hours.”

“No one really complimented him. No one said ‘oh, Dylan, those are nice pants.’ 'Oh, Dylan, your hair looks nice.”

'He’s on a new fad diet where he only drinks 350 calories a day and walla everywhere. He’s starving himself.“

"They were in closed quarters. They wer cramped.”

“The stir fry was awesome. It added a lot to my soft taco. It was good.”

He is still on the phone. The last two were from right now.

I’m going to murder him. I’m going to knife him.

I’m going to rip out his intestines. I’m going to disembowel him

I’m going to scalp him. I’m going to take his head skin off.

Holy shit. He’s never going to stop.

Live blogging my nervous breakdown.

My thoughts about eric and dylan
  • I feel that they where missunderstood and most of all bullied how ever i do not condome what they did however i do understand their emotions they where lost and they couldnt figure out who they where as individuals and this is my opion everyone is intittled to one and the problem that we all have is selfexpression becouse everyone in the world will judge you no matter what even if you have a diffrent opion sbout columbine people will always say your opions wrong and etc... but we all need to understand that eric and dylan where humans too and that they still hade feelings they where so angry i think we need to focus on why they felt that the way that they did is too help someone who feels the exact same way that they did why not listin to other peoples problems instead of saying oh you will be fine like the problem means nothing to you i think we need to be more open with eachother instead of feeling like we have to hold everything in we are all living in this world together people lets try to be a friend to everyone instead of judgeing becouse nobodys the same