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There are... no words to describe my shock at learning of Kimicho-san's sudden retirement. Why would Fiona Graham do this? What is her reasoning for causing such an inspiring young woman like Kimicho-san to quit something like this? This news just made me pretty sad, and all thanks to that con artist harassing her! 😢😠

Fiona did this because Kimicho was popular and got a large amount of business. But, mostly because Kimicho was a real geisha and Fiona was not. Fiona has still been trying to convince people that she’s either the first Western geisha or the only Western geisha, to which she is neither. She’s a sociopath who is willing to do anything to achieve her goals, so please stay clear of her.


I do not know of a Lestrade network/tumblr fanclub and so I am going to start one. Because A) not enough Lestrade on my dash and B) every time I see his poor little face I just get really excited.

THEREFORE: The NSYNet, or the semi-official Lestrade fangroup for people who squeal a little bit about Geoff Graham GREGORY.

What you need to do to join:

  • Have a blog. Be excited about Lestrade and preferably BBC Sherlock. 
  • Reblog this post. We want friends here.
  • Send me the reason you like Lestrade. This is mostly so I can filter out trolls. 

I will go through the stuff in my inbox and add you to a Network page (I will update this post later with a URL, promise). [EDIT: Here!] Also I will 100% promo all members. 

Members will be expected to do the following:

  • Tag all Lestrade-related posts with #NSYNet. This is our tag and it is awesome.
  • Be nice! Bullies do not stay on the ‘strade squad. (Oh hell someone take the English language away from me I’m so sorry.)
  • Make friends.
  • Squeal a little at Gerry George GREGORY’s face. 

That is all!