who are half deer

“The oldest mythological stories of world’s birth in Scandinavia often contain a folklore, where a nation/tribe has an animal ancestors – most often a bear or a moose. Kola Samish people believe they are descendants of a Deerman, who was half-deer, half-man. A human woman, who slept with the Deerman, gave birth to Kola Samish people from this union. The folklore tells that Deerman’s mother was a powerful witch, who could take a form of a deer. Kola Samish people have also folklores of raven and seal, who both marry a human woman. Where the Deerman taught the humanity how to hunt and thus represented forest, Raven was the symbol of air and Seal the symbol of water.  

Kolta Samish people believe that they are descendants of bear; on a one cold winter night, a young Samish girl had found a shelter from a bear’s nest, slept with the bear and gave later birth to Kolta Samish folk.

Samish have multiple folklores, where a human transforms into a bear, either by their own will or as a result of being cursed by a witch. Witches could summon a bear to attack someone, and such bears were called Lifted. 

“…The bear of Kurtakko and Kallojärvi (Skull Lake) was Lifted, it was one of those bewitched bears
Otherwise it wouldn’t have hurt anyone. When the bear had been slayed
they found a belt with a knife underneath its skin. It had been a cursed human…”

- Story told to Samuli Paulaharju, in 1920

Wolf was an animal living in packs, so a witch could use their summoning skills to summon a punch of dead people back to Earth in forms of wolves. This kind of story was told in Utsjoki in the beginning of 1900. There was a wolf pack tormenting the area, so a priest was called to help people. He couldn’t help, so a sage called Kovven was called next. He was able to send the restless spirits back. Kovven had, after sending the spirits back, muttered angrily that “Seems that anyone can nowadays summon dead spirits to wander in form of wolves, but then they have no idea how to tame and send them back.”


happy birthday to exo’s manly baby deer, luhan!

my beautiful baby luhan i love you so incredibly much. ♡ you are so so so amazing. you are so beautiful. your heart is so full of love. do you know how much love your heart has? your heart has so much love. you can make mines swell with love and you can make my eyes swell with tears. i have never doubted you an angel. our little luhan, our little baby, our little deer, our dearest. you are no doubt an angel sent from heaven here to make earth just that much more beautiful. because luhan, you are so flawless and i love each and every single part of you. i love your eyes and your heart. all the colors of your voice and when you smile. how you tell us fans you love us with the utmost genuine heart. when you make your blank faces and how you always 110% no matter what. the heart of gold that forces an incredible amount of love anywhere. the way you hold a note until your breath runs out and how your voice quivers in songs. how i can plug my headphones in to listen to your voice late at night and feel so at peace and have every single feeling i’ve ever felt come charging at me and hitting me like a thousand knives stabbing me. how easily i can fall asleep to your voice as sweet as honey. how youthful you are even though you are the second oldest and how athletic you are. your love for soccer and your love for those close and dear in your heart. your determination for the goals you set for yourself and how you’ve achieved so many of them. the way you keep pushing to improve, to get better. how you help and donate to those who need all the love your heart has to offer.

when i can’t whether you are a human, or the most unparalleled, exceptional, miraculous being i have had the most pleasure of getting to know in this universe, and all the universes we are together in.

happy birthday, luhan! things are tough in the world right now, but hopefully, they’ll get better. i’ll be praying. i’ll also pray for you to always be safe and healthy, and so happy you’ll need to tao’s powers to slow the time down so that you can take a breather. i hope you can spend more time with your family and your loved ones. i hope i can meet you one day luhan, my our beautiful manly angel deer who is now half 50 years old like xiumin lol. i love you. ♡

我的小鹿啊~ 我的宝贝生日快乐!我不知道世界现在为什么要伤心,我真的对不起对是伤心的人,希望可以很快没事。但是,我都希望你可以有很开心的生日!鹿晗,我的汉语真的不好,写汉字也不识很多,可是,我爱你。我真的很爱你。我真的很开心我也是一个中国人,可以一起跟你说一样的话。可以有一样的家。我希望可以有一天看见你。可以跟你说我爱你。我爱你啊鹿晗!生日快乐!♡