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Name: Corinne

Nicknames: Corn, Princess, potato chip, Rat, mom, DAD, among other things. 

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo

Height: Around 5′9″

Orientation: Bi?????

Ethnicity: I’m white….

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple, Apples, Grapes…Make that fruit salad

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: I dont really have one. 

Favorite Flower: Roses or daisies

Favorite Scent; “ Fresh Laundry” or “ Cotton”. Things that smell like frosted cookies are amazing as well. 

Favorite Color: Pale pink

Favorite Animal: I don’t have one sorry :(

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: HOT COCOA. Tea is a close second. 

Average Sleep Hours: Sleep??? Whats that?????

Cat or Dog person: Animals are sweet.

Favorite Fictional Character: Pearl form “Steven Universe” hints the name. 

Number of blankets you sleep with: All of them!! Unless the sun comes around to destroy my soft cuddle warmth with hotttt weather. 

Dream Trip: Colorado I guess I hear its pretty. 

Blog Created: Back when I was young bean

Number of followers: Mainly porn around 700 or so. (Those pesky porn blogs following me) 

Tag 20 people….  @dragon-dance @idioticween @bootydiaries @pearl-memelord @everythingblackbutler @alluringaestheticoutfitters @astrologyexplained……It aint 20 but I dont care

What hit me the hardest in the airport scene was Victor’s expression when he runs to Yuri. Victor’s almost always cool and confident, or flirty and silly. A few times we saw him shocked, worried, or confused, but he’s never looked utterly vulnerable like this:

Just from being separated from Yuri, he looks so desperate to hold him again, like he’s broken without him. There’s so much concern and yearning in his eyes.

And then he stands there with his arms open, silently pleading for him, like  Please I need you

Victor Nikiforov, you are in SO DEEP.