who am i kidding im not done


SOPE & *opening the doors to the hwagae market*

BONUS: *Hobi closing the doors*

  • hoseok: i am so done with this stupid game.
  • //phone rings//
  • hoseok: I AM HERE, ZEN. I AM HERE!
  • yoongi: I thought you dumped mystic messenger?
  • hoseok: you don't understand, hyung. Zen needs me! Like can you believe that echo girl accused him harassment and the poor boy didn't do anything?!
  • yoongi: echo... who?
  • hoseok: EXACTLY!
Steven universe

I just watched The Good Lars ep and it was so good!!! Loved how we are getting more insight on lars. Hes such an insecure boy with a passion for baking and cooking and i love that we get to see his talent more. On a different note i love that Sadie opened up herself to the cool kids and even got sang with them! Something shes only done really with Steven and she didnt even see that he was there, she was just comfortable with them. On a last note im starting to get shippy feels with Buck and Sadie, but am conflicted because i still really ship Lars and Sadie. Am i the only one who got this feeling?

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what would your list have been?? i am so sad right now :(

sorry for the late reply, i legit left after i realised dongho was not in the top 11 too. i was that done. (on a side note, congrats to sungwoon. i didn’t watch his part but i think that kid deserved it too so no hate) 

here’s my list (in no particular order)! bolded are those who didn’t should have got in:

1. kang daniel

2. ong seongwoo

3. park woojin

4. kang dongho

5. im youngmin

6. yoon jisung

7. kim jonghyun

8. park jihoon

9. jung sewoon

10. kim samuel

11. ha sungwoon

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honestly i can't wait for the day you wake up without pain or the stress of these surgeries and like feel so happy that you made it through, i think about it a lot actually so i thought i should share it with you x

Either can I! 

After I’m done with all this shit, i’m gonna take a Cayden vacation and figure out who I am now that Im not the sick kid anymore. It means the world to me that you think of me. I’m sending you all my love dude, hit me up if you ever need anything


I haven’t gone outside in over a year. I haven’t left the house. I’m 19, I graduated HS in June 2015.My senior year was complete shit, I failed all my classes except the ones I needed for credit. So I got my diploma but didn’t walk the stage.
At first I felt badass about it, it was a form of rebelling against my peers and questioning what important milestones really meant.
I had been such a viciously quiet, timid socially awkward person throughout my whole life . I still am. It was a silent fuck you to everyone who thought I was just a nice kid. A nice kid to step on, and stutter back in silence. I’ve done everything I’ve been asked of. By counselors , teachers. They didn’t give a crap. Go to college, go to college, go to college. Hold up! Let me breathe!! I was tired of running trying to catch up with everyone . Im not the brightest I’ve always been kinda slow.
I’m not a good person. I hate the intrusive thoughts that I get sometimes, I’ve had them since I was 12 and they intensified during high school.
I’m just so scared. Of who I am and of everyone.
I see my peers on social media in school, having fun. While I’m here, wasting away slowly. I’m strangely contended and disgusted with what I’ve done. Which is nothing with my life.
Now I think, How will I explain this gap in my work resume. They’re gonna know I’m full of shit, since based on how socially stunted I am.
I want to go to school, get a job, but I’m scared and lazy.
My parents are embarrassed and my older sibling probably pats her back and says “ well, at least I’m not the black sheep.”
I don’t know what to do with my life. That’s lie. I know but I probably won’t do it.

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not sure if you've done this already, but headcanons for children of zeus? ⚡️

hi my name is @vivilevone​ i know you don’t know who i am but i wore these pants and im willing to dance like an idiot if you just give me the chance

very surprisingly there don’t appear to be any zeus kids headcanons on this blog (scandalous)

  • they’re naturally very talented
    • they seem to pick up any activity to try with ease and grace [lol jason grace sorry unintentional pun/reference back to the HC now]
    • this leads to a lot of boredom
  • they can hold grudges like nobody’s business
  • seriously, if you cross a Zeus kid, they will remember for years
    • you might think they’ve forgotten, but no. they remember.
    • and in fifty years when your kids are having kids they will bring it up over a glass of rosé in the backyard of your little suburban picket-fence home and you will drop your wine out of surprise
          • ….sorry i got carried away
  • Zeus kids are extremely passive-aggressive
    • if you accidentally lose a shirt they loaned you, they will just backhandedly insult every single other shirt you wear for at least two weeks
  • weirdly, they are also very good at talking diplomatically
    • this trait does not come from their father, obviously
    • but Zeus kids believe that conflict can easiest be resolved by just talking things out, and Chiron even has one of the Zeus kids oversee these talks sometimes when things get ugly between a couple campers
  • Zeus kids are good at designing and at planning
    • they really enjoy it too
    • birthdays are their shit because they get to pick decorations and a cake and they can sometimes even enlist the help of campers from other cabins
    • not that they need to, they just enjoy the feeling of “hiring” someone
  • speaking of birthdays, these guys will never miss one
  • even if you forget your birthday, you will wake up in the morning with balloons tied to your bed and birthday cake hovering beside your face and you’ll just glow
  • so many friendships formed in the Zeus cabin live for years and years after the kids stop going to camp

Ya know i was looking thru old drafts of mine, and found one talking about puerto rican lance o 3o (this was before lance was confirmed cuban)

but i kinda wish i had done some art for that idea ^ 3^ idk i have a weird sense of patriotism for Puerto Rico (which is why so many of my ocs are currently puerto rican lel)

Like the headcanon was that 1) lance is a child from a previous relationship and 2) that either his birth father or step father are puerto rican

I…is it okay for me to draw this c ause i love puerto rico and i love lance so much i just wanna see him in my flag o k a y b y e

i donut know how i feel about this but i do want a donut

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i asked my mom to put something in recycling for me while i was the dishes and she went off on a tangent abt how my uncle and aunt tell their son to do chores even tho hes just a kid to get him used to chores and how she shouldve done that for me (and honestly i agree) but this is what gets me mad:
why are you acting like im not an individual who is aware of what they can and should be doing around the house. like i literally do chores. i literally help around the house and i HATE being told that i dont because that is factually objectively not true ? and not only that but im not the one who flips out at being asked to do tiny favors like i am… about to scream

Dear Parents,

you tell me to stop watching spongebob and kid shit?????saying im too old to watch it?????yet when I watch the news and voice an opinion on politics and junk???im too young to understand????what is it you are wanting from me exactly????did I miss the meeting on what the actual fuck????


Daughter who is done with your bullshit logic.

i hate callout posts, so im not gonna make one, but i will make one thing very clear; if people wish to chose sides, i am 100% on @fluffyiridescence‘s side. not bc theyve done nothing wrong, im not here for that debate, but bc they are a kid, a 14 year old, who is learning, has learned from their mistakes, and has tried to apologize. i really dont know what else you expect from anyone, much less a child.

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i am so disappointed with myself. i am the same anon who has been in french immersion for 9 years and up until 30 seconds ago my brain did not process that your "un ange" tag is meant to be french. idk what i thought it was but i have been pronouncing is as "un ang" in my head (with the ang being pronounced like that kid from the last air benders name is pronounced). im so fucking done with myself oh my GOD




happy 4/7! im gonna post some other kikasa art later probably (lol lol lol) im sorry for putting this in the kikasa tag u can ignore me because this is REALLY indulgent like indulgence has simply gone too far but i cannot change who i am 

as im sure u know isa and i have a done a hellish thing and made a headcanon kikasa beby *___* 

ok SO their kid is a little girl named Kasamatsu Aiko! Her birthday is August 26th (the first time she was posted abt here lol) and she has kasamatsu’s eyebrows and kise’s eyes, Isa and I nicknamed her yung perm because she has curly hair (its not actually a perm but actually naturally curly. we dont know why we like it.) 

i dont really know a lot of other details to write abt, u can message me with specific questions if u want?? i guess???? lol 

#yung perm #official kikasa offspring au 

this is really stupid but it makes me laugh so here we go

imagine that anakin wasnt found by Obi and Qui on tatooine. The council never got their hands on the chosen one. As days pass it gets worse and worse for the jedi and the republic but one day after many years the jedi stumble upon Anakin and behold he is the chosen one. so the council decides to train him because theyre so desperate they dont know what else to do. but heres the thing, 30 years have passed since tatooine and anakin is now a grumpy 40 yr old who never got a day of freedom and whos dreams have been crushed and buried under the sand. just imagine 40 year old Anakin, his hair starting to turn white, with a padawan braid and sorrounded by younglings who point at him and ask wtf he doing here and he just turns to them and says ‘’kids these days dont appreciate anyone. you know in my young days if i behaved like you there would be great punishment served.’‘ and he doesnt do this only with younglings he does this wtih everyone so one day Yoda roasts him and Anakin starts his rant and Yoda just fucking looks at him like hes on the office and when Anakin is done he just says ‘‘bitch the fuck, older than you i am’‘ and leaves

ok thats all thanks for reading this trainwreck