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I love Harry Potter because he’s so oblivious to literally everything going on around him that really any headcanon could be true. Like Dean and Seamus could have been a couple and Draco could have had a massive crush on Harry and Sirius and Remus could have totally been a couple and just about every possible scenario could have been canon and nobody would know because Harry was as observant as a freaking lamp about anything happening around him

Signs of Affection: Romance Prompt Meme

Decided to write up my own prompt meme for Valentines Day, rather than hunt down one that suited my tastes. Fair game for other writers to use it.

Send me a NUMBER AND A PAIRING and I will write something to describe:

  1. A Touch
  2. A Gift
  3. A Fantasy
  4. A Massage
  5. A Nap
  6. A Whisper
  7. A Moan
  8. A Love Bite
  9. The First Kiss
  10. The Last Kiss
  11. A Surprise Kiss
  12. A Slow Kiss
  13. A Drunk Kiss
  14. A Reunion Kiss
  15. A Goodnight Kiss
  16. A Doomed Kiss
  17. A Frightened Kiss
  18. A Cute Kiss
  19. A Kiss Below the Waist
  20. A Confession
  21. A Request
  22. A Promise
  23. Any of the Above (aka Author’s Choice)

I’m going to open this up now and work through any prompts I get between now and the 14th. If I get duplicates that feature the same pairing, I will either fill them with the same drabble (or write a second, if I’m feeling fancy).

And if you don’t send me a pairing, I’m just gonna pick one.

UPDATE: I AM CONSIDERING THIS PROMPT MEME CLOSED FOR THE TIME BEING. The response that I got to it was incredible - far more than I could have expected - and it will take me awhile to catch up. I look forward to opening it up again in the future. (For rebloggers, feel free to edit out this note.)


That boy knows how to work a dress. I don’t know if that’s good thing or not.