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You. You are so worthy. You might look yourself in the mirror and loathe everything you see. You might wake up some days and not be able to muster up the motivation to even pull yourself out of bed. You might feel like you’re so far at the bottom, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to climb out of that pit of despair, anxiety, depression, whatever it is that has you down. No matter how long it takes, you’ll find a way out. You were put here for a reason that you might not have figured out yet. Whether you’re 14, 17, or even 25 years old. I promise you are not alone in this fight we call life. If you feel that you have nobody there for you, or nobody you can talk to, or even nobody who cares to listen because you feel “annoying” always talking about how sad you are. Let me be that person. I promise I am here for you. Whether you know me or not. I will listen. I will be here. I will try my best to help you out of this hole that you’ve fallen into. Just don’t give up now. If any of you relate to any of this, message me. Anonymously or not. I will talk to you. I will LISTEN to you vent. I will help you through this. YOU ARE WORTHY. I love you.

Tim turned in his chair, confused. He wasn’t sure what the voice was talking about. It had been an exhausting couple of days— he wasn’t even sure who the voice belonged to.
“Eleven,” Damian repeated. “That’s the eleventh time you’ve yawned in—” he put his book down and swung his wrist above his head to check his watch. “—three minutes. Is something wrong?”
“If it’s bothering you, just go to a different room.”
“I was here first.”
In the grand scheme of things, no, Tim thought, you were not. He knew better than to say it out loud, though— Damian was eyeing him suspiciously from the couch, like he was ready to pick a fight. Tim had enough to deal with already.
He bent back over his case notes. If he finished with them in the next hour, he would be back on schedule for the first time in months— he could go check that crime scene by the docks and visit with his informants on the South Side. Probably try the piers after that, and then… Tim stretched his arms over his head. And then he would…
Oh my god. Tim swung around again and glared at his little brother. Damian didn’t seem to mind— he was flat on the couch with his book held above his face, reading peacefully.
“Did you sleep last night?” he asked, without looking up from his novel.
“How about the night before?”
“You know we have three other living rooms, right? You could have any of them to yourself.”
“I’ll take that as a no.”
“Leave me alone, Damian. I’m working.”
“You should go to bed.” Damian turned slowly to look Tim in the eyes. “It’s not healthy to stay awake that long.”
“I didn’t know you cared.”
“You’re right.” Damian put down his book and pulled out his phone instead. “I don’t. Thanks for reminding me.” He started texting, ignoring Tim completely.
Fine. Tim went back to his files, careful not to yawn— he really was tired. He just needed to power through it, was all. He’d be fine if he kept going, and maybe got some caffeine. He would give a lot for some of that just now.
By a happy coincidence, at that moment, Jason stuck his head in the door.
“Yo I made coffee. Does anybody want some?”
Damian made the face he reserved for bat droppings, coffee, and Tim. “No.”
Tim held out an arm. “Give. Now.”
Jason handed him a mug and settled on the end of Damian’s couch. He watched Tim drain half his cup in one go (it was good coffee, okay?) very intently… too intently. Tim stared back at him.
“What you doing?”
“I’m waiting.” Jason grinned down at Damian, who was still focussed on his novel.
“Waiting for what?”
Jason just smiled. Tim stifled another yawn— the caffeine wasn’t helping. He felt incredibly tired, worse than before, even. His eyes kept closing without his permission. He laid his head on the table for a few seconds. He was… wow… wait…
“That,” said Jason. “There we go. Mission accomplished.”
Tim peeled his face away from the tabletop. “Did you just—” He stared at Jason incredulously. “Did you just drug me?!”
“Don’t accept coffee from strangers.”
Damian looked up from his book. “Okay,” he said. “Now take him to his room.”
“Damian??” Tim couldn’t believe this. Of all the— He tried to resist as Jason scooped him up and threw him over a shoulder, but he couldn’t find the energy. They started down the hallway, with Damian trailing behind them, face still planted in his book. He knocked gently into the door frame on the way through and looked up to glare at the wall.
“Listen,” Jason asked him, “do I want to know why you’ve got this grade of sedatives lying around?”
“That, mostly.” Damian shrugged in Tim’s direction.
“You’ve done this before?” Tim dangled helplessly on Jason’s back. “I swear to God I’m going to— Bruce! Help!”
Bruce had poked his head out of a his own doorway. He squinted at the three of them like he was afraid to ask— Tim reached a hand in his direction.
“They drugged me!”
“Drake’s going to sleep now,” Damian informed his father, crossing his arms.
“I’m…” Bruce apparently decided that he didn’t want to deal with it, because he turned around and walked back into his room, shutting the door behind him.
“Hey!” Tim was— He wasn’t— How the hell— “Bruce, get me an antidote! Get me some different siblings!”
No response. Tim tried to punch Jason in the back, but he was so tired that it barely made an impact. Jason laughed at him as they pushed through his door.
“Keep trying.” He let Tim fall onto the bed. Damian handed him a blanket from the guest closet, and Jason threw it over Tim.
“There. Go to sleep.”
“I hate you so much.”
“We wouldn’t have to do this if you would take care of yourself.” Jason held out a hand for Damian to high five. “Zombie squad out.”
Damian ignored the hand. “No, Todd.”
They turned off the lights and left Tim alone, seething in the dark. In thirty seconds he was asleep.

for anon

The REAL truth...

After I write this, many of you will unfollow me and hope that I go away.  Some of you may be down right evil and call me names and talk about how I don’t care about others.  If that’s what it takes to be able to speak on my own blog, then so be it.

Some of you might already know that I am a very proud “RightLander”.  I’m a conservative woman who believes in small government and living in this country  by the Constitution.  I am not here to argue or defend or even tell you how wrong you are.  THAT IS NOT ME.  I believe that we all have the right to vote as we see fit and that when our beliefs differ - that’s what happens.  You don’t need to defend yourself.  And you know what?  NEITHER DO I.  

I am the first one to say I am sorry that so many people are unhappy, frightened, angry, or whatever.  But this is the way this country works.  I KNOW that Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote, but that has never been the way our country works at election time.  I wish it worked the other way but it does not.

I did indeed vote my party’s ticket.  So, I guess I no longer fit in this fandom where I believed that all of us were here because of a great series of novels, a wonderful television story, and our love for Sam and Cait.  I’m not surprised that most of my “sisters” here have abandoned me.  I don’t fit the model anymore. And everywhere I turn, I am getting blasted, generalized into the depths of hate mongering and bigotry.  If you cared to know me, you would know that I have none of those traits - that many of us here who stand on the right don’t either.  We are GOOD people.  

I continually fight for KINDNESS and believe that LOVE ALWAYS WINS.  I’m sorry to say that I am not feeling that here.  I am looking at blogs that say they support women, the handicapped, muslims, gay rights - but SO DO I.  I want a woman president one day - I look forward to it so much.  But I did not chose this one because I had that choice.

What I want you to know before I leave this fandom is that no matter where you stand on the issues, you can be supportive; charitable; and love.  You can be kind and do your best to understand each other even when you disagree.  My best friend for a hundred years votes differently than I do.  But we love the same God and understand that when it comes to times like this, we continue to love each other and to chose JOY.  

I am asking you all to do that very thing.  LOVE AND CHOSE JOY.  It’s been really nice here at times but I just can’t stand the hate.

161208 Solar’s Letter

“Hi^^ I am Solar ㅎㅎ

The reason that I feel like coming here after a long time? ㅎㅎ I came here just because I want to be serious when I always have been having fun little talks with Moomoos. I’m really glad to see Moomoos in videos or in person due to music activities with Décalcomanie. 

Before coming back, even when I could not sleep well, was tired and did not know what to do, I smiled like a proud mom when I saw Moomoos. Before I go on stage, when I see Moomoos who are sitting down and preparing for the fanchants, I, once tired, gain energy and laugh. Also thanks to Moomoos who support us whenever and wherever, I think more positively. 

Therefore, I came here since I feel grateful and want to tell you this ㅎㅎ I have talked too much and therefore cannot control my feelings, but the influence Moomoos have given us is really big. Thank you.

As I live longer, there are time that I feel weary, times that I feel sad, and during those times Moomoos, though you might not know, give me comfort directly through conversations, through comments. It’s still the same now.
So I feel sorry when I feel like I am the only one getting comfort.

I try to interact with Moomoos everyday, but since I’m tired sometimes, I say thank you whenever I get a chance to talk to Moomoos ㅎㅎ Although I always say it, this is really how I feel.

Now that I have really gotten closer to Moomoos, I want to look cute and pretty and be funny in front of Moomoos ㅋㅋㅋ I hope that Moomoos are always happy!!! Though I feel like I’m talking out of nothing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyways, Moomoos have worked hard in this winter for Décalcomanie. There would have been tiring times but thank you for fighting through it together, and let’s love and cherish each other like we do now and welcome 2017^^

I ………….. love you!!!!!” (trans)


I ran to a new place in my city tonight!!

I’m a little drunk right now …

I had a lotta fun, apart from some fuckin creep who followed me super close for ages on his bike; I kept shooting him dirty looks when he tried to talk to me and he even followed me down a walking path when I tried to divert to get away from him. This went on for a while and he was cycling so close to me whilst verbally hassling me, and then when I eventually span round and asked: “ WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT????” He sped off into the distance. What a fuckin scrot.

On a more positive note - how lucky am I that I get to run here?!?!


“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.”

#i am so here for “legendary” clarke griffin#and all that entails#and hearing grounders talk about the woman who #fell from the sky #could destroy hundreds in seconds #killed what she loved to win a war #and burned a mountain alive for defying her #but when it comes down it it #that’s not what she wanted #and she may one day feel like her name is unrecognizable #from all the blood it’s soaked in #all the weight it carries #the responsibility and expectations that even her own people put on it #but then she hears bellamy say it #and it’s nothing other that a reminder that there is and will always be at least one person who will see her as a human being #as just clarke #and it will remind her of who she really is #when her name was stolen from her by a world she was never prepared for

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coffee shop AUs

How likely I am to write it: I’ll be honest here, coffee shop AUs are really not my favorite. The vast majority of them are insufficiently weird. Food service in general is a strange industry, businesses that deal primarily with people who are still half-asleep are even stranger, but most plain coffee shop AUs are very soft and sweet and it’s not my jam. Combine a coffee shop AU with another AU concept and then we’re talking.

Who I’d write it for: Like I said, I’m down for coffee shops if I can combine them with other things, so:

  • Tommy Shepherd and Noh-Varr–I wrote a snippet of this one a while ago–it was an AU where the loyal customer specifically discovers that the hot barista he’s got a crush on is unexpectedly also a porn star
  • Tim Drake and Kon-El–I feel like there’s a lot to be done here if you set Tim up as a Corporate Heir trying to do that started-from-the-bottom thing, only to find that he’s in no way prepared for what day-to-day life at a coffee shop is actually like and he has to turn to the huge buff dude who works nights for some kind of comfort and back-up.
  • Robbie Rotten and Sportacus–okay so look LazyTown still has approximately 75% mindshare in my head right now, there’s probably gonna be an LT thing for any trope I answer right now, but. So.
    • My little brother used to work at a super nice goth clothing store in New Hampshire, I used to waste hours there looking through the discount lipstick and drooling over corsets I couldn’t afford
    • and the woman who ran it (whose name was Malaise, which is goth af goddamn) also owned and ran the coffee shop next door, which was also a vegan cafe
    • if a vegan cafe side-by-side with a high-end goth boutique isn’t the most Robbo and Sports thing ever then I don’t know what is
    • also Sports would still be an elf because I fucking love elves and I don’t care about realism

Hey friends, remember two weeks ago when I posted that I had 100 followers after being active on the tumblr dot com for a month and I was all happy?

I passed 200 today.

I know other people have lots more but tbh I’m shocked that me rambling a whole lot about this one side ship in this one book series that may or may not even be happening in canon (aka Moriel, duh) has earned me anything. And yeah, sometimes I ramble about other things too, but if you aren’t here for my Moriel talk/fics/smut, I’m not sure what you are here for. (Eventually I will calm tf down about them, but it is not this day.)

I’ve met some pretty awesome people, too, plus some very interesting anons who I love for sending me their random thoughts and especially for sending me all those prompts and requests because holy crap they are fun to write and I am always super excited to see them in my inbox.

Anyway, thanks!

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I just saw that you delete your twitter account... and I don't want to sound like a creep but please don't leave me! the only 'hapiness' of my days were to talk to you (even if I am always on anon and that it means that you don't even know who I am or nor my identity, it made me happy to talk to someone else than myself or my cats...). I really appreciated you and I hope you are doing ok and that you are going to come back soon. With Love!

Hi! I wasn’t planning on posting anything here anymore but I just wanna take the time to answer you because your message is really touching and I kinda feel like I’ve let you down for some reason. I still have my twitter but it’s under a new name ( @magicbus_142 ) BUT I don’t post about Dylann anymore (even though I RT some interesting tweets sometimes) and most of them are in French now. I’m not going to post here but if you really wanna talk, anon or not, about Dylann or not, you can contact me on my personal blog (marlasingerscigarettes.tumblr.com). Peace! 

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I feel tired and sad, I feel angry, angry with life I think, and I am telling you this because I need someone who can understand me, because I think I have no one.

hey anon, i’m sorry you’re feeling hopeless :( i’m here for you and i’m pretty sure a lot of people are even if it doesn’t seem like it! i’ve felt sad & tired & angry and honestly the best way of dealing with all this shit is talking and venting and understanding why you are feeling down and then learning how to make yourself happy again… if u’d like to explain your situation better for me or even if u just want some advice or idk, i’m here 💛

Ok guys consider this for a minute.

There is a character who is older and wiser than his years, with power rooted in the earth and nature. He faces his opponents with an even, unshakable stare, stubborn to a fault, unwilling to back down or admit defeat even to his own demise; steadfast with the point of a blade between his eyes, immovable with bombs tearing through his limbs. Deeply loyal, irrationally loyal at times, far too willing to take a hit for someone else.

Who am I talking about? Is it Gon? Or is it Kurama?

There’s a character who hides all of his feelings behind hypermasculine posturing, a delinquent who knows too well what its like to be taken advantage of, to be looked down on, to be ground under someone’s heel. He is rough and unrefined and sometimes makes terrible choices but that abrasive surface covers a deep well of compassion. He loves his friends and loves them fiercely, supports them with all his power, protects them with all his might, breaks quietly and swells in an ocean of fury when they suffer.

Am I talking about Yusuke? Or am I talking about Leorio?

There’s a character who carries the weight of friendship like a cross, like a prize hard won, guarded passionately with an almost religious fervor. He is the best friend, the brother, the rival, the one who loves the main character the most deeply, with the most devotion, sometimes with a painful sense of inadequacy. Regardless, he passes the precious gift of friendship that has been given to him on to others who need a hand to grasp and raise them up, who need someone to believe in them.

Is that person Killua? Or is it Kuwabara?

There’s a character who is defined by rage, by fiery red eyes, by carrying the combined weight of trauma and vengeance and a passion that often borders on desperation that could easily descend into madness. He blindly seeks out ultimate power even at his own expense, even knowing it will kill him if it’s used against the wrong person. He cares deeply but hides his feelings expertly beneath a sharp tongue, keeping those he loves the most at arm’s length.

Did I just describe Kurapika? Or did I describe Hiei?

I’m starting to think Destiel shippers’ post looking for Sam blogs to follow is just a ship recruitment tactic.  In this month alone I introduced ourselves to 3 shippers claiming they’re just looking for nice Sam blogs to follow.  ALL of them have sent series of messages on why they ship Destiel and even AFTER I told them the ship is a trigger and PLEASE STOP TALKING TO ME about that ship, they responded by sending me long ass essays on why they ship Dean and Cas and that Bibros fans are bunch of hateful people who hate Cas and poor Misha,   Fuuuuuuuck it got so bad I had to block one of them and am thisclose to blocking another.

G*ddamn it why are some Destiel shippers hellbent on shoving their damn stupid ship down everybody’s throats?  I know I’m not the only one getting this treatment.

Here’s a free advice: when people say they don’t want to hear anything about a ship or a character, especially since it’s a trigger, that means you. Stop. Talking. About. It.  RIGHT. NOW.   It is not permission for you to defend your ship or your fellow shippers or bash a rival ship.  I don’t fucking care, especially as you invalidate me, which by the way is not a way to win me over to your side.

It’s gotten to the point that if I see Destiel shippers say they’re looking for Sam blogs to follow I plan to keep on walking.

before sleep talk #1: sexuality n stuff

hiya so idk if anyone is even going to see this or want to read the whole thing but i wanted to start something new. and i really want to use tumblr more so i decided to start it on here. 

i’m basically nocturnal and sleep from like 7 am - 2:30 pm ish (blame homeschooling lol) so i decided every morning before i go to bed, i am going to just make a huge tumblr post and write my thoughts down, kind of like an open diary. i just want to be open with the people who follow me. so yeah, let’s a-go!

so today is March 5th and a lot of things have happened to me tonight. nothing physical, like i didn’t grow an extra set of feet, or break an ankle or anything, but mental and emotional things happened tonight. and from those happenings i got the idea for this posting/diary type thing. seriously though, i only get good ideas from the times between midnight and 3 am. i don’t get my brain.

so idk really how to talk about this so i’ll guess i’ll just go in chronological order of when this all happened or whatever. if that even makes any sense.

back a long long time ago, virginia made out with a girl. WHAT OMG????!!!! shocker i know lol. but yes, back in around 4th or 5th grade (idk what that is in other countries i’m sorry i’m uncultured) there was this girl. i’m not going to name her real name because idk if anyone who knows her is going to read this and idk if she’s comfortable with me telling people this. i haven’t talked to her in years. but anyways, me and her got really close and i slept over at her house a lot. we were the best of friends. seriously, we were so close. and then one day we kissed. i don’t even remember how it started or who kissed who first, but it became something we did a lot. we kissed in her backyard behind a tree, we kissed in her bed, we kissed all over. (not like all over on our bodies, all over in geological terms, ya nasties) it was just kissing, don’t get your minds in the gutters, we were like 12. years past, she moved, and i completely brushed off the whole kissing thing. i always just told myself that we were so young, we were just curious, i told myself we were practicing for boys. because that’s what  people would say if they knew. 

but a few years later, i was watching tv or something and there was a lesbian couple in whatever show it was. and for some reason that sparked my attention. i just stared for a while and was like woah, why do i feel like i want that so bad? i had the biggest crush on the one character. she was so beautiful, and her personality sent me over the moon. she was someone i looked at and was like “i could picture myself being your girlfriend. i could picture holding your hand, i could picture kissing you, i could picture it all, with you.” and that confused and scared the hell out of me because of course, she was a girl. 

i was raised in a 100% hetero home. and a christian home. and a “being gay is a sin” home. so when i started having those feelings i got scared. i got so scared i cried for like three night in a row because i was afraid of my own attraction. i was afraid of love, because it was with a girl. i was afraid my family would disown me. i was just so scared.

so of course as most closeted people do, i pushed the feelings away, and made sure to come across as only “heterosexual”. my town isn’t the most “gay-friendly” either so that just made me want to push the feelings even farther away from myself… so i did. 

now don’t get me wrong, i like boys. so dating boys, and having crushes and talking about boys with my friends, was never really a problem. it was so easy to be seen as straight for me. i just had to pretend, and damn did i do a good job.

a tumblr user actually messaged me about how i tweeted on an old fan account about liking a girl, and then how i said i’m straight in a video. although, i actually didn’t really clarify on my sexuality in my videos. i just weaseled my way around it because i’m a sneaky closeted snake. but yeah, as you can see, my not-straightness came out a lot on my fan account, because nobody who i knew irl knew about it. so i was comfortable there.

so yeah, yadayadayada, fast forward to the end of 2015. i was homeschooled, so i was away from the people who i feared would judge me. my family showed a bit more support towards the lgbt community, (a bit meaning they still think it’s a sin but they are just like do whatever makes you happy now) so i was less afraid there. so… the feelings came back. and i had no idea what to do.

i googled things like “i’m confused about my sexuality, help” and “am i gay”, watched just about ever buzzfeed video revolving around lgbtq+ people, and of course, talked to people who are part of that community. 

and now fast forward a little bit to today. today i am still confused. still questioning. still closeted. but tonight, i came to a realization. i am in love with love. regardless of gender, race, or whatever. i don’t care what’s in between your legs. i don’t limit love because of gender. so whatever that makes me, that’s what i am. pansexual is what google says, but idk if i really want to be labeled as anything but human. summing it up, i am attracted to all sorts of humans. female, male, trans, non-binary, etc.

so yeah that is what has happened tonight. and with that came a lot of tears and lots of chills. 

i don’t know when i’m going to tell my family, or friends, or whatever, i just know that i have told myself, and really that is all that matters. and honestly, they’ll probably just figure it out on their own, or someone will show them this post. but regardless, this is who i am. this is not a phase. my attraction is not just “experimenting as a teenager”. this is who. i. am. 

anywhos, this is a lot longer than i thought i was going to be and i’m tired so i’m going to end today’s talk here.

hope you’re all well, and if you made it this far and actually read that all, woah thank you. hope you all have a great day/night/evening/whatever. 

love you bunches.

Virginia :’)

Is it gone? [Angst/Warning]

Everything is shaking. I feel watched, judged. There’s a lot of pressure. There’s a lot of noise. 
But everything is silent.
Nothing is moving.
No one is here, everything is dark.
I’m alone. Again.

What am I supposed to do? Scream? I can’t even breathe. Reach out for help? I’m not even sure where the floor and ceiling are. I barely know my name. I don’t want to know my name. I want to forget. 

Who’s talking?

Who’s crying?

Who’s calling my name?

Is it me? Am I screaming again? No. I just hear my sobs. Someone else is here.

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Seriously, one more post insulting straight people and I am fucking burning this site down.

I won’t say you can’t hate someone who hurts you because this is not true. If someone behaves homophobic towards you, you don’t have to like them or even forgive what they do. If you see a homophobic campain, get mad at people who made it, talk about it, blog about it, it’s okay. But when you write “i wish all straight ppl died” or “i can’t stand straights next to me” remember that here, on tumblr, homophobic politicians won’t read it. Then who will? Other people like you who are here to enjoy things. Mostly young girls and trust me, a lot of them are straight and they don’t feel ok when they see it.

Don’t do it to ppl who did nothing to you.

Sinbad no Bouken 105 + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 105 and a summary! The week we begin to wind down and get a one on one talk between Serendine and Drakon~ <3 

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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HONESTLY thanks to sabertooth-raccoon I have been wanting to draw these two forever. Here’s the kicker though;

I have never read the series.


But I’m also feeling really down in the dumps today, so that’s why I didn’t even bother trying to properly color this. So, my apologies. Just going through one of those “everything is going horribly” phases. So yeah… sorry for half-hearted work here. ;;;;-;;;;

But yeah. Have this. I will probably draw something tomorrow honestly.

Updated Fics from September 6th to September 13th

Hiiiii everyone!!!!!! I hope you are having a great weekend!!! It has been bittersweet one for me, but none the less let’s make it a great Sunday!!! (It finally feels like fall hereeee and the weather has been lovely today!!!!!!)

We have an amazing list of very brave writers who updated even though 1DFF is down (and hopefully will be back soon) Sooooo HERE WE GO AGAIN (am singing this in my head)!!!!!!!

If I missed anyone PLEASEEEE let me knowwww! It’s been really hard to track all the stories this week!!!!!

Flickers by nebulastyles chapter 8

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Lady Love by emstyles94x chapter 15 

The Nice Guy by onismanxiety chapter 24

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Crooked Heart by nebulastyles chapter 21 MIBBA

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Rivers & Roads by harrystyluhs chapter 16 TUMBLR

Lady Love Drabble by emstyles94x TUMBLR

As Per Usual by wokeuptired rebexciting chapter 2 TUMBLR

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For Your Love by nofockingwya chapter 1 TUMBLR

At All Costs (I don’t know who writes this) but it looks sooooo gooddd! HELP

ALSO… For all of you that are always looking for a good book, bioluminescentwriting and littlebird006  I just finished “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  an amazing book that narrates the story of Ifemelu and Obinze, young love separated by a military-ruled Nigeria, Ifemelu heads to the States and Obinze tries to join her, but he is denied entry and heads to London.(I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who is going to read it) Then they reunite 15 years later!!!!!!! But it is so much more than a love story, is the struggle of migrating and it unfolds in three different continents, it talks about race, and identity. It empowers women and It is a wonderful book!!!! Give it a try!!!!! (Sorry am a bit passionate about this book, since I just finished it last night)

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!! READ AND REVIEW!!!! AND THANK YOU to all those wonderful writers that keep giving us some amazing plots and stories!!!!

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Please (Zhang Yixing One Shot)

So, this this short story is based off of these reactions (here and here). I am officially opening scenario requests and taking four more. First come first serve. 

So, I am officially truly Exo trash. I just did my first fan fiction scenario. Someone stop me from treading this dark path. 

And to the anon who’s heart I destroyed, I am so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I hope this helps a bit. :’(

How could he possibly bring up everything he felt when he told her he was happy for her? He had smiled at her and talked about her wedding. She had even asked him to walk her down the aisle because she had no one else to do it and wanted to give the honour to her best friend. Why did he agree? Why was he allowing this to crush his heart for this girl who didn’t even notice he was not okay with how much she had messed up his life since she got off that plane.

“Yixing?” she asked quietly.

He looked up at her in the white dress she was trying on and felt like someone had drove a blunt object through his heart; she was breathtaking beautiful and she was someone else’s. Looking back on it, he would have done anything to keep her even if that meant sacrificing everything he had ever worked for just to go to France with her. He smiled at her, painfully stretching his lips into the required shape.

“You look beautiful,” he uttered as his voice strained. “It’s perfect.”

She smiled happily and he felt his heart flutter upwards. Even after everything he lived to see her happy but he always fell back down when he remembered that her happiness was now at his expense. She spun around for him and he watched sadly as the fabric glittered under the lights like fresh snow.

“I’m so nervous,” she admitted as she looked at him. “If I am honest…I always thought that you’d be the one I’d hide this dress from. To think that life can take you to a completely different place than you expected.”

He looked away from her and nodded, his eyes filling with tears. Why did she have to say that? Was she so stupidly oblivious that she couldn’t see that he desperately wanted to be the man to say ‘I do’ to her? He stood up and ran his hands through his hair. He took his jacket off his seat and refused to look at her as he tried to make some excuse.

“I…I can’t do this,” he said as he shook his head. “I’m so sorry.”

He rushed away from her and out of the bridal shop, sucking the fresh air into his lungs like he had been poisoned. Lay looked back at the shop and saw her looking through the window at him, confusion in her eyes. His instincts told him to go back inside and comfort her, but he shook his head and walked to his car swiftly.

If this was going to get better, he had to get away from her.

“Don’t you have a wedding you’re supposed to be at?” Xiumin asked when he saw Lay enter the practice room.

“I’m not going,” he explained as he crossed his arms. “Let’s just start the practice.”

“Wait,” Luhan said as he shook his head. “That is not how this is going to go down. You can’t just skip her wedding.”

“I’m warning you, back off,” Lay said aggressively. “I am not in the mood.”

“Whoa,” Kris said as he held up his hands, speaking with leader-like authority. “We don’t talk to each other that way.”

Lay looked at them angrily and then picked his bag up off the floor. It was clear they were not going to let him work so that he could forget about the wedding, so he’d go do something else instead. Before he could get out the door, he saw Xiumin rush up to him and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Have you asked if she feels the same way?” he asked him quietly.

“Of course she doesn’t,” he said with a defeated sigh as more tears came into his eyes. He was so sick and tired of crying over her. She had moved on and he needed to as well. “She’s getting married.”

Xiumin and Luhan looked at each other before they looked at Lay again. Luhan cleared his throat and stepped forwards hesitantly. “You’d be surprised.”

Chen looked at his watch and then called to them from where he had been stretching. “She should still be getting ready…go talk to her.”

“It’s wrong,” Lay said quietly.  

“And so is doing nothing,” Tao said as he crossed his arms. “Just go there and stop moping around here. You’re making me sick.”

Lay looked at Kris and he nodded to him. He left the studio and looked at his watch. He didn’t have a tux and he had no intention of walking her down the aisle, but maybe he could tell her how he felt. It might not change a thing, but then he might have the closure to move on.

Lay watched as her bridesmaids left the room she was getting ready in and then slipped inside. He locked the door behind him and then cleared his throat. She turned around, her pretty hair put up in perfectly formed curls and the dress sparkling just like it had in the store. Her eyes widened.

“Yixing,” she uttered.

Suddenly her face grew angry as she picked up something plastic and threw it at him. Powder exploded everywhere onto him when it hit him and the lid popped off. He coughed as he wiped off the bit that had gotten onto his face.

“How dare you?” she scolded as she walked towards him, poking his chest hard with her index finger. “You haven’t called or texted at all this month since I tried on this dress. No confirmation, nothing. I had to ask my fiancé’s brother to walk me down the aisle. And now you show up here in gym clothes with that misty-eyed look twenty minutes before the ceremony!”

“I…” his words failed.

“You what?” she demanded as she threw her hands up. “You’re supposed to be my best friend and you completely abandoned me during the most important moment of my life!”

“I’m not happy for you ,” he started quickly.

“Thanks, you can get the hell out now,” she said as her shaking began to mess up her hair.

“No, listen to me,” he said as he grabbed her arm and looked into her eyes. “I’m not happy for you because you’re supposed to love me.”


“This is not the most important day of your life,” he told her as he stepped closer to her and put his hand on her cheek. “The day we met was…when I accidentally spilled coffee on that pretty purple shirt you were wearing at the bus stop. That was the start of me and you and we weren’t supposed to end like we did. You weren’t supposed to go to France and fall out of love with me and I certainly never forgot about you or your affect on me!”

He had shocked her speechless. Her eyes went wide and he could see that they were tearing up. His heart began to pound in his chest because he didn’t know what else to say to her and she didn’t seem too pleased with his confession.

“Please,” he uttered. “Don’t do this.”

“It’s not fair, Yixing,” she said as she shook her head and turned away from him. “You cannot come in here and do this to me!”

“You wouldn’t be conflicted if you had truly moved on,” he told her as he turned her around again to face him.

“I am getting married in twenty minutes,” she hissed as her makeup began to run with her tears. “I can’t be talking about this with you. It’s wrong, Yixing! I already made a commitment.”

“Why would you make a commitment you’re going to regret?” he asked her softly.

“Because I didn’t want to burden you!” she yelled angrily as she yanked her arm away. His eyes widened as he stepped back, confused. “Your heart belongs to your fans…it’s not fair for me to take that from them. It never was. Why do you think I accepted that job? To distance myself, because I was distracting you from your potential.”

“I’m sure they will understand,” he said as he stepped closer to her and held her face in his hands like he was afraid he wouldn’t see her again, “that I wouldn’t be the same person they love watching perform if you aren’t in my life. You inspired me to be that person. Please…I’m begging you not to do this.”

She bit her lip and looked at the door that she was supposed to go through to enter the ceremony. All of her responsibilities were on the other side; everything she had promised. Her eyes then trailed to the locked door Yixing had come through and then dropped to the floor.