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I found your blog today by accident and it looks like you take shadowhunters prompts so i was wondering if you could write a jimon marriage proposal possibly

jimon + marriage proposal, as requested!

“Wanna get married?” Jace calls out, rolling to avoid a shax demon’s pincers. Simon frowns. 

“What?” he calls back, his attention on the circling monstrosity in front of him. No matter how many times he goes out on Shadowhunter missions, he never gets used to fighting demons. Putting down rouge Shadowhunters, sure. He always gets a kick out of that. But demons are still difficult for him to get used to. It doesn’t help that if he goes on missions with his boyfriend he’s expected to hold conversations while fighting for his life. Jace is delusional. A special kind of death-defying delusional. 

“Do you want to marry me!” Jace yells, louder this time as he narrowly jumps out of the way of an attack and crashes into the wall of the warehouse they’re in. It makes a deafening echo, and the demons begin to leave Simon and swarm to Jace. Simon swears, swallowing convulsively as he considers Jace’s predicament and Jace’s words.  

“You said this would be an easy security check!” Simon grits out, gripping his dagger tighter and clenching his jaw. The world narrows in and out of focus as he slashes the demons, preternaturally swift. “This is not what most people consider a security check.” 

Jace laughs, a beautiful, throaty sound that always has Simon smiling. He loves Jace, it’s - easier than breathing. Of course, it’s also idiotic beyond belief that he hears this laugh during a demon fight where they’re clearly outnumbered, but. It’s Jace, with his stupid hero complex the size of a goddamn Ferris Wheel. Jace, who would throw himself in front of any blade, for anyone; who eats his cereal dry because he has a strange vendetta against all types of milk; who takes a glorious sort of joy in constantly being a smart-ass; who loves Simon so fiercely, with everything he has. 

“Answer my question.” Jace counters, catching Simon’s eye for a second before thrusting his blade into the space over Simon’s shoulder. Simon doesn’t flinch, but it’s close enough that he glares as the demon explodes into dust behind them. 

“Show-off.” Simon mutters, taking a moment to wipe a drop of blood off of Jace’s cheek with his thumb. “And honestly, is this the place to ask me that?” They both turn again, moving to finish off the last of the demons. Simon can already hear the next wave skittering through the warehouse, their pincers making disgusting clacking noises. 

“Is that a no?” Jace asks, his voice even. Simon eyes the lone demon that’s managed to survive, stepping out of the way as it leaps towards him. He pivots and watches as Jace impales it on his blade, and they stare at each other over the shower of sparks it explodes into. “Only, I thought - “

“I would never say no,” Simon blurts out, faint terror and disbelief creeping in as Jace regards him, his eyes serious and his gaze intent. “I - Jace, why now? I can hear another wave coming, we have to  - “ he glances behind him, and hears the clacking getting louder. Jace holds his hand out, palm up, and Simon grabs it as they start running, bursting out into the open and making a beeline for a nearby building, skidding into the alley near it.  

“Because I love you.” Jace pants. “And I - “ He stops, pushing a hand through his hair. Simon watches him, still holding hands and pressed close together. The sound of car horns and the murmur of the city at night surround them, along with the hum of crickets. Jace smells like shax demon blood and his cologne, something that, somewhere in Simon’s life, has become one of the smells of home. 

Change is overwhelming, and terrifying, but Simon is pretty sure he knows, deep down, exactly what his answer to Jace’s question is. 

“Don’t stop now.” Simon says softly, and Jace opens his mouth, his eyes hopeful - 

“Jace!” Alec’s voice echoes, and Jace groans, rolling his eyes. Simon’s mood plummets. Fuck. Backup is here. Which, honestly, is probably a good thing so they can clear out the demons, but - Jace’s face is slipping back into business mode, and Simon feels bereft and hollow. 

“Duty calls.” Jace says lightly, disentangling from Simon and stepping back. He tucks a stray curl behind Simon’s ear, and Simon swallows. “You’re right, I’ll…finish this somewhere else.” 

Simon trails behind Jace as they meet with Alec and Clary, his hands in his pockets as he considers what to do. He’s - pretty sure he knows exactly what he wants to do, at least. 

Three hours later, freshly showered and dressed in a Izzy and Magnus approved outfit, clutching a box that Raphael helped him get, he peers into Jace’s room. 

“Hey.” Jace says, smiling when he looks up at Simon. He puts his stele aside, a fresh iratze healing on his leg. “Come to fawn over the best Shadowhunter?”

“Already talked to Alec, but thanks.” Simon says cheerfully, and Jace pouts. He jerks his head outside. “Take a walk with me?” 

Jace follows him outside, humming a tune that sounds suspiciously like it’s from Mulan. Simon snorts to himself, because Jace is humming Let’s Get Down To Business. “China’s lucky to have you save them from the Huns, babe.” 

“You know it.” Jace says, smirking, as he catches Simon’s hand and holds it in his own. Simon rolls his eyes, leading them to the steps of the Institute. “Hey, the stars look pretty tonight.” 

“Not as pretty as - “


“ - you.” 

Lewis.” Jace says, chastising. “What have we said about cheesy pick-up lines? We do not embarrass ourselves like this.”

“In that case,” Simon says, a bundle of nerves in his stomach as he slowly sinks to one knee, still holding Jace’s hand, “you’re really not going to like what’s coming next.” 

Jace is silent, his breathing shallow as he stares down at Simon, shock written across his face. Simon waits, a faint smile on his face. 

“Are you - really.” Jace finally says, his voice thick and his eyes suspiciously bright. “Simon. Simon.” 

“I can’t believe you can effortlessly ask me this in the middle of a life-or-death situation, but if I do this in the spot we first kissed, you suddenly can’t believe it.” Simon laughs, and Jace bites his lip, his eyes crinkling as he grins. 

“Simon.” Jace repeats helplessly, and Simon takes a deep, unnecessary breath. 

“To answer your question,” he says first. “Yes. I will.” 

Jace laughs then, a giddy noise, as he squeezes Simon’s hands tight enough to hurt. “The ring is in my room, I can’t - “

“I’m not done, Jesus.” Simon says, and they’re both grinning at each other like love struck fools. “I wanted to say, your proposal was perfect. I should have said yes right there, but I didn’t get a chance to. So. I have a question for you, as well. Will you marry me?” 

“Yes.” Jace says, before yanking Simon up and kissing him, hard. Simon lets out a low groan before he presses back, giving as good as he gets. He tries to put everything he wants to say into the kiss, that Jace means everything to him, and he tries to kiss his - his fiance even harder, dipping Jace back a little as he leans forward. Jace makes an appreciative noise, and - 

“Stop making out on the front steps!”

“Did he say yes?”

“Don’t forget to give him the ring - “

“Did Jace leave the ring inside? I don’t see one on Simon’s hand - “

“How can you see that - “

“Rune, honestly, Clary, you have to start making better use of your runes - “

Jace and Simon break apart to look at the front door, where all their friends are peering out. They’ve evidently been there the whole time - even Raphael is leaning against the entrance, looking vaguely interested. Alec is smirking as Magnus hands him money. 

“Of course.” Jace hollers. “Why should my proposal get any privacy - “

“It’s not yours, it’s Simon’s.” Alec says, unrepentant.  

“You interrupted mine too, back at the warehouse.” Jace says hotly, and Alec rolls his eyes. They’re all laughing though, and Simon tugs Jace’s grinning face back towards him and kisses him sweetly, cheers echoing around them. 

“Love you.” Jace murmurs, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to murmur back love you too, forever and always.

Flaws (Dean)

Anonymous asked: How about a dean series where both the reader and him are idols but she is different like she is thick and maybe a little on the darker side since koreans love pale skin, then they both face adversity (self-hate, perseverance) maybe 

A/N: We all have flaws, but they stand out to us way more than to anyone else, and we are much harder on ourselves than any decent person would ever be to us. We have to learn how to silence the voices that tell us we aren’t pretty or handsome enough. We are enough. You know when you like someone, whether romantically or platonically and they keep looking better and better to you? That’s how the people that love you feel about you too. No matter how you look, in the eyes of those who love you, you are beautiful. 

P.S. Thank you to the person who sent in this request and I hope you don’t mind me writing it as a oneshot instead of a series. It was a great request!! <3 <3 

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    You closed and locked the bathroom door, stripping off the tight top and shorts. You were the only one in your group that had been told to wear high-waisted shorts for today’s performance and you knew why. You also knew that your several stretch marks were probably the reason you’d all had to wear tights. You tensed your abs and poked your stomach, cringing at how your finger sunk slightly before hitting muscle. The other girls in your group weren’t like that… No wonder your manager was always pressuring you to eat less and work out more.

    Next was your thighs. You sat down on the edge of the toilet and tensed them, feeling the softness inside, noticing how your muscles didn’t stand out as much as they should have, at least in comparison to some of the other girls. You had so much work to do. And that was only the things you could fix. Your manager had straight-up told you he was especially hard on you because your skin was darker and he wanted to do what he could to “make up for that.” You kept questioning why you had chosen this lifestyle.

    You put your clothes back on, grateful not to have to look at your insecurities anymore, and left to join the rest of your group at the table, where they were eating. “Want some ramen?” Yumi, the youngest of your group, asked. “There’s another packet somewhere.”

    “Nah, I’m good- I already ate,” you lied. You’d been about to sit down but now you didn’t want to eat and you left, saying, “Don’t over-eat!” and disappeared into the room you shared with two other members. Great, now you weren’t only hard on yourself, you were just as hard on them.

    You climbed up to your bunk and collapsed, sliding your phone out of your pocket and pressing your boyfriend’s name. Your relationship with him was secret from the public, but it wasn’t hard for the two of you to meet up since you were both under the same company. “Hey babe,” Hyuk said as he picked up.

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Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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• to be honest you first saw him on show me the money but when you saw him in real life you didn’t judge him based on that, he seemed really cool and chill and swag and not to mention cuTIE
• when he saw you he dragged all the hyungs out one by one and told them to keep cool and not to embarrass him bc tHEYVE DONE IT BEFORE AND YOU LOOK REALLY SWEET AND NICE AND HE DIDNT WANT TO BLOW ANYTHING
• and the hyungs kinda laughed a little bc is he sure that it’s them that’s doing stuff, when he’s the one who froze and started to sweat hardcore when you walked up to say hi to him lol
• obviously wrote a rap for u when it came to ask you out but got so nervous and stressed about it bc it had to be perfect that he locked himself in his room. he eventually gave up and decided to wing it and used the sea of crumpled paper to make paper cranes bc he needed all the luck he could get. i mean u were perfect to him, if you said no he didn’t know what to do.
• when the morning of the special day finally came, rap lyrics just started flooding out of his mouth and at first he was like whATS GOING ON W ME then he realised u were his muse aw
• it was a really REALLy great and meaningful rap and you were like woah Hansol that was amazing but why did u write that?
• “because I wanted to ask… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “I’m sorry.., what?”
• “I said… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “i can’t hear what you’re-”
• “oh you should’ve spoken louder and- wait what?”
• tbh at first you thought he was messing with you but you realised he was serious and said yes ;;-;;;
• and he just stood there for awhile, taking the moment in in silence and having a little part inside himself bc yoU JUST SAID YES TIME TO TELL THE HYUNGS NSIDNSKDNKSNC
• took you to an amusement park for your first date and kept bragging about goin on all the rides w u even the scary ones and buying EVERYTHJNG u wanted and eating all the food there was for sale and TBH u were pretty hyped for it but u didn’t think he could pay for EVERYTHING
• but when u got there you immediately requested to go on the scariest ride there was and hansol didn’t want to seem weak so he was like “let’s start with the smaller rides” and from there he proceeded to make excuses to get away from the scary rides.
• “the lines too long.”
• “I need to go bathroom.”
• “are you sure u can handle that ride, y/n? seems pretty uh, scary… for you, that is.”
• “u see, I’m really just looking out for ur safety here, maybe it’s not such a good idea if ur scar-”
• and he really wanted to cry bc >=< why were u so brave
• but after the ride he gained a lot more confidence and went w u in all the scary rides YAYAYAYAYYY
• kept his promise of buying you everything you wanted (more like everything u looked at) food, shirts, toys, anything. but eventually he ran out of money and ofc it ran out when it was the worst time and it was raining. he wanted to buy an umbrella but u ended up buying it and he was so sorry about it and ur like NONO ITS OK OK?
• you guys sat on a bench, with an umbrella over ur heads, waiting for the rain to subside bc people weren’t allowed on the rides and talking about your life story’s.like how he moved from America to Korea at the age of 5, his journey to become an idol and things like that, you guys got much closer after the chat.
• + he fed u cotton candy and other stuff bc u couldn’t eat w one hand since the other was holding the umbrella aw
• then once the rain had gone the two of u proceeded for another round on all the rides yay
• once night fell it got really really cold so Hansol gave u his jacket all cool like and u were blushing so hard u were glad it was dark bc u were pretty much a tomato
• calls you babe and baby bc that’s the things that rappers say and it sounds cool and swag when he says it so
• you guys are the kind of couple that’s so buddy buddy w each other it’s like ur best friends u kno like sometime throwing shade at each other and stuff
• you two were actually too shy to initiate anything for your first kiss and it had been quite a while and the members were getting kind of fed up at how awkward it would get when you two were about to kiss but decide against it. so they pretty much secretly made a plan to ‘accidentally’ push the two of u together, therefore making u two kiss. so when they did do that to the both of u, u guys just stared at each other whilst ur lips were touching and then Hansol eventually snapped out of it and properly kissed u and u TWO WERE SO CUTE
• likes to wrap his arm around ur shoulder
• but he’s still shy about public skinship aw
• has a habit of going straight to you for help with lyrics for his rap, even if your in two different time zones he’s all like MY WONDERFUL JAGIYA WILL HELP then he reaches for his phone and calls u and it’s like two in the morning for u and ur like WHAT DO U WANT AT THIS HOUR and he’s like HELP, SEND ME A POCTURE OF UR FACE I NEED INSPIRATION and ur like MY FACE ISNT PRESENTABLE and he’s all like O PLS IVE SEEN U IN UR UGLIEST BABE JUST SEND ME PLS
• and the members are just watching u two bicker back and forth
• but u eventually send a photo and immediately he got waves of lyrics to use
• and u smile and is like “yeah yeah ily too, night, get some rest ok?”
• likes to give you shy little pecks anywhere on the face cutie
• fave hug is where he gets to bury his face in ur neck bc u find it ticklish and it’s cute when u laugh bUt onlY WHEN UR ALONE BC THE MEMBERS WOMT STOP TEASING HIM IF THEY SEE
• when he wants attention he’ll just give you like this serious face and send u a silent message from across the room that goes along the lines of come love me, I want u to love me but I don’t want to admit it… But come love me anyway
• likes (more like loves) his little sister sofia, he speaks so highly of her and the second you met her you two clicked immediately and it made hansol happy bc two of his favourite girls getting along is the best thing in the world
• + she also said that he wouldn’t stop talking about you to her and how you were the most amazing person ever awwww
• but u don’t really mind they’re best friends so u understand yay
• Seungkwan secretly had a word with you and is all like “please don’t break my best friends heart. I’d hate for that to happen to him and he’s genuinely happy with you.”
• likes to watch movies too, u guys always stay in for movie marathons and everyone’s just like dO U EVER GO ON PROPER DATES??? and the two of u just stare at them like ?? we got popcorn, chocolate, 5,000 movies, a tv and each other, what more could we possibly need for a date?
• likes dogs too, if he’s like giving u a piggy back outside or smthn and he sees a dog he’ll literally drop u and start loving the dog and he completely forgets ur there until the dog trots away and then he’s like oH DID I DO IT AGAIN and ur like mHM YA THINK
• dislikes it when people bring up or tease him about show me the money, it’s obviously something he wasn’t entirely proud of and it upsets him whenever someone brings it up
• and ur anger pretty much cheers him up most of the time bc omg ur too adorable u dork
• had secretly been going to seungkwan for voice lessons everyday for hours and ur like whERE DO U GO ALL THE TIME and he just winks at u and says “you’ll find out soon, babe.” ;)))
• and ur like “:((((”
• and he’s like “;;;))))”
• “::::((((”
• “;;;;;;;;))))”
• has an addiction showing everyone his adlibs even if they’ve seen it many times before, they gotta see it again. everyone sorta just plays along bc it makes hansol happy.
• “so jagi, you hAVE to listen to my new take on seungkwan’s adlib, it’s REALLY good!”
• “//internally sighs// okay babe, can’t wait to hear it (!)”
• couple related stuff is a big no no, it’s hard enough to get him to go shopping with you but he’ll draw the line once he sees you milling around the couple items.
• when you resort to tugging at his sleeves like a child and pleading and whining like a baby, he still doesn’t want to and just stays there vigorously shaking his head in silence bc hES TOO COOL FOR THESE THINGS OK ???!1!1!1!!
• when hansol gets jealous he’s pretty chill about it, he just goes up to the person and is all like are you serious dude, do u have to do that? and then the person eventually stops and he’s still chill.
• but when the two of you are alone he begins to bombard you with questions
• “you love me the most, right jagiya?”
• “you’ll never leave me for someone like him, right?”
• “oh okay, yeah that’s what I thought.”
• his phone background is a photo of you the one time you dressed up in his 'hip hop’ clothes and u bought some fake bling and sunglasses and started rapping to lotto and he had to take a photo bc you looked hilarious and cute
• but then u swore and he was like NOPE THATS ENOUGH DONT SWEAR
• your phone background is a photo of him dressed head to toe in couple items bc you got mad at him and he was like ILL DO ANYTHING and yeah that’s how he ended up like that
• so pretty much he would do anything to see you smile <3333
• tickle fights for days, it would start off as an accidental brush on the neck and then it would lead to screams that could break windows and kicking each other’s faces off aw
• often rolls up to ur apartment at 1 in the morning to go on night walks with you, it’s the only time he can see you due to his practicing and he really misses u all the time. you don’t do much during those walks just talking about life. he sometimes walks u back home at 4 in the morning and by then ur ready to pass out so he gives u a piggyback and plops u on ur couch aw
• then he gathers tons of blankets and pillows and makes u as comfy as possible and just sits on the floor staring at u for a while bc he’s so lucky to have u in his life ;;___;;
• one time the two of you sat down for your usual movie dates and it was ur turn to pick what to watch and u made him sit through excruciating pain whilst u guys watched his videos as a child
• “it was gonna happen one time or another, babe.”
• “whatever.’
• "u love me.”
• “//sigh// yeah, unfortunately.”
• you guys ALWAYS do rap battles and it’s so freaking adorable
• he sends you to sleep by laying you down and just cuddling w u and staring at u w ur eyes closed and moving ur hair out of ur eyes and just admiring u
• u wake him up tbh and his excuse for not waking up early is bC HES A GROWING BOY AND NEEDS HIS SLEEP OKKKK
• it’s hard enough for hansol to be a rapper, but to be one of the main rappers in the group is even harder, it means more parts, which means more lyrics to write, which means more stress, which means less sleep, which means worse health, which means more worry from you.
• he’s always insecure and upset about the fact that people always view him as the American boy from seventeen, when really he’s more Korean in his heart. he’s also really anxious that his rap lyrics may not portray the message he’s trying to get across, it’s always what the fans and viewers would think.
• but ur always there to support him which is why he’s utterly in love with you.
• ur first fight would probably be something big, considering how you two usually take shade from each other pretty well. you walked out and since hansol is slow at reacting to things, he let you and only when u were gone did he realise what had just happened.
• he was immediately sorry once reality hit him but didn’t go straight to you, scared he’d say or do the wrong thing, so he went to look for his hyungs for help. they gave him advice and he ended up apologising by throwing rocks at ur window and proclaiming how sorry he was kinda of like Romeo and Juliet (the one where his look alike Leonardo DiCaprio acted in)
• you were like “what’s that noise at my window?”, when you came to see outside you saw hansol with a basket of small pebbles and a trillion bouquets of flowers.
• and you ran down outside bc a) it was the middle of the night and he was screaming and b) to give him the biggest hug in the world bc nobody had ever done that for you aw
• you and hansol are the kind of couple that everyone would consider goals. your always there for each other, as best friends and lovers, you know exactly what the other needs at the right time and are honest with each other, you’ve forever got each other’s backs and although you two are only growing, what you have isn’t some teenage love. it’s eternal love. it’s adult love, elder love and anything older than that. there’s nobody else fit for hansol than you, because you’re always there to keep him focused, to make sure he’s keeping himself healthy, to inspire him and to love him. and there’s nobody else for you than hansol because he makes a smile stay on your face, he’s there when you need someone, whether you need to laugh or cry and he’s there to make you feel like your important to someone.. Important to him.
• “Your gestures hit right at my heart
You make me say mansae a hundred times~” -HanSOl

Christmas Cookies

Request:  Can you do a fluffy Barry story right before the holidays where you compete to see who is the best cookie decorator and it’s just fluff? Already established relationship please? Thanks 😁

Word Count: 2068

Characters/Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader, Iris West, Cisco Ramon (mentioned), Caitlin Snow (mentioned), Joe West (mentioned)

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Hello everyone! I know you’re expecting Heartlines part IV, but I had to give you a Christmas Present since it is not just ready (just working throught the final scenes, sorry) and this request from @angel34jolly-blog​ was the perfect treat! Also, bear with me, I wrote this before going to sleep so, any typos are on me and… also some lame lines… just hope you like it. 

Anyway, I hope all of you got a happy Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones!

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

“I’m done, Allen. This is so done, we are so done.” My voice was dead serious while I glared at Barry, spoon on my hand. “How dare you say such a thing?”

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strangers in the night

Summary: Riley & Maya attend their friend’s wedding && one of them falls for the best man.

A/N: Honestly this drabble was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the Night’ && I was obsessed.


Riley and Maya met Zay when they were studying abroad at NYU and ever since, they hit it off and became best friends. Though he went to school in New York, he was originally from Texas. So, after he graduated, it was only right for him to return back home to his family and the rest of his friends. It was only a few months after graduation, when he called the girls to reveal that he was getting married to his high-school sweetheart, Vanessa. 

Of course, the girls were ecstatic to hear such amazing news from him and had already promised they’d make it to his wedding. It was to be in November, as the leaves had shifted from their greens to fifty hues of orange and red. It was also Vanessa’s favorite season of the year.

The girls had already booked their seats for a week before the wedding so they wouldn’t miss out on any festivities and because Zay had practically threatened to make it early so he could introduce them to his family and Texan childhood friends.

It was finally the day of the wedding and the two had bonded and gotten along with almost everyone– however, they were yet to meet his childhood best friend and best man. Apparently he’d been interning at an animal hospital and he’d been on-call for majority of the time.

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Birthday Dinner

Author’s Note: holy shit, this one was a handful to write. But I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out, I tried my best to write out the action scenes. Hope you like it! Big thanks to the anon who requested this.

Summary:  Celebrating your birthday dinner with the Avengers was supposed to be fun, until a fellow HYDRA agent decides to ruin everything for you by attempting to poison your drink.

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“C'mon doll, don’t want to be late for your birthday dinner right?” Bucky, your boyfriend of 3 years told you from outside of the door to your room.

You grinned. “I know, I know. I’m done already.” You said as you finished putting on your earrings and made your way out of your room to meet Bucky.

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Young! Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine - Intellectual Rivals

(Part 1 Here)
(Part 2 Here)
(Part 3 Here)
(Part 4)

Words: 2,283.

You exhaled. Deeply.

Tonight was the night, and you weren’t as excited as you had hoped. Whilst Lily repeatedly extended her allowed bathroom time, you fiddled with the choker around your neck.

Admittedly, this wasn’t your style; your body had most recently moulded into the warmth of cotton hoodies and adapted to the shy strut of vintage sneakers. Which is why Lily and Marlene had forcibly dragged you to Hogsmeade for a last-minute shopping spree as to paint your closet with a little more class. Thus merely ending up with a further stretch of black in your cupboard, only in smaller, more elegant proportions. Not to mention that your face, adequately coated in Dorcas’ substantial collection of makeup, inevitably creating a slight tickle lingering beneath the mask.

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Chris&Eva #2(Skam)

“You couldn’t have picked anyone else?”

“Seriously Chris, why am I even here?” Eva says and gives out an annoyed sigh. “You couldn’t have picked anyone else? I mean, I’m not really an expert in men tuxedos.”

“But you are a girl. And girls love guys in tuxedos. You don’t have to be an expert to tell me, which tuxedo I look the best in. You just have to be yourself, darling.” He says and gives her one of his classic I-know-I-am-handsome-don’t-deny-it smiles.

Eva decided that his ego deserved a little setback and gave let out a dismissive laugh.

“Honestly, Chris. That tuxedo would have to be made out of pure gold to make you look even the slightest bit handsome. Don’t flatter yourself.”  She said and immediately regretted  the last sentence. There was a thin line between teasing and offending someone,and she might have done just that had it not have been Chris Schistad she was talking to. Chris ,who was the  most self-sufficient person she knew. (Besides Sana, of course. )

Chris just gave out a soft chuckle and shook his head. Then he turned away from the mirror he had been standing in front of and turned to face her. And in this second she couldn’t been more glad that he had asked her to come with him to pick out a tuxedo. He looked…wow. One of the most annoying and at the same things kind of fascinating things about Chris was his ability to look like he just stepped out of a Men’s fashion catalogue. It wasn’t a secret that Chris was one of the most handsome guys to ever go to Nissen, but it wasn’t just his too-handsome -for-his-own-good face, but also it was also his ability look amazing wearing just a plain dark gray V-neck, navy blue slim fit jeans and pair of  Converse. He had confidence oozing out of him and, honestly, it was both intimidating and hot at the same time.

“I can’t figure out if your staring is because I look good and you are contemplating  if it’s a good idea to take me into dressing room to hook up, which I think it  is , or you are imagining what’s underneath the tuxedo.” He says and raises an eyebrow. “I can show you ,of course ,because I am a very generous guy, but I think we should go back to my place for that.”

Thank God, Eva wasn’t prone to blushing because if she was there wouldn’t be shade red enough to match her flaming cheeks. Eva gathered all of her remaining dignity, flipped a strand of hair over her shoulder and leaned back into the chair.

“Wow, Chris. I feel like we are going to be here for  a while.” She says in fake sadness. ”When did you let yourself go?”

 “Your attempts to cover your attraction to me with mockery are hilarious.” Chris says with an impish grin on his face. “Don’t worry, babe. It’s mutual.” Chris says and gives her one of his cheeky winks. Did he get taught to do it in some Penetrator class, or something?

“And here I was thinking that you only needed me for my  impeccable taste in tuxedos. If you wanted to confess your  crush for me, you should have just said so. There was no need to drag me out tuxedo shopping.”  Eva says with a laugh, whilst gathering her belongings. It has been fun hanging out with Chris. It always was, but their conversations were starting to steer into direction she wasn’t ready for them to steer into. That’s when she knew she needed to flee.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asks turning around to face her. In his eyes she can read the question he really wants to ask. Instead he says “We haven’t even picked out anything.”

“Well, I am sure any girl here would gladly take my spot as your fashion consultant. Few guys as well. But I have places to go, things to do and people to see. Bye, Chris.” She says the last part almost halfway through the door.

“Bye, pretty girl.” She hears him call behind, his voice lacking his usual buoyancy. It almost sounded disappointed. But that would imply that Chris cared for Eva being there, which he didn’t. Chris didn’t seem to care for many people other than his family and William. And he certainly had no reason to care about Eva. And she didn’t have any reason to care about him.



Hello to everyone who is reading this right now! Thank you for reading and liking my previous work. It honestly means a lot to me. And to the lovely person who commented on it - your feedback honestly inspired me to write this. It really does take one good comment to make someones day. Yours really made mine.

Hope you will like this one as well! And if you want to request that I write something specific, don’t be shy to ask!

- B

I’m so lucky (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: I deeply apologize if this isn’t what you wanted and for the fact that it’s pretty late, lol. Also, this is my first Cameron imagine, so I hope you enjoy! 

Requested by kidrauhvato​​: I don’t know if you are taking request if no that’s okay but if yes can i have imagine where you and cameron are on your first walk with your newborn baby and it’s first time when fans see you and baby? (can it be y/n version?)

Word Count: 1,400+ words

Pairing: Reader + Cameron Dallas (Reader’s POV)


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dillard’s tips!

so i paid a visit to dillards and while i was there i got some great tips to use from the SA who was very talkative and running the spanx/lingerie counter.

  • they have the cameras running one after another on one screen EXCEPT they have the spanx, calvin klein,  michael kors, and main jewelry cameras on screen all of the time.
  • departments without an active SA will have locked fitting rooms but ones with a SA in them will be unlocked. best to go in when they are busy helping someone else or are distracted. the SAs also aren’t supposed to let the merchandise selected from that section out of the specific section without you purchasing it first. 
  • they automatically watch any group of 2 or more teenager-looking people together.
  • they definatly profile and watch your activity based on appearance, best to dress like you have money to spend.
  • they notice a lot of sloppy behavior but let it slide, they hang photos and will try and notice when you come back in and what you take. they will keep building your bill higher and higher until they have you up to a felony charge. depending on your state can be anywhere from $500-$1000.  
  • they do have store security. 

moral of the story babes it to always be safe and gather as much info as you can about any store you’re going into. i’ve always assumed dillard’s to be pretty easy but got pretty freaked out after having this SA tell me all of this stuff.

if you’re interested, i posted on how i got the info/what i took that day/methods/more about the SA if you click the “keep reading” button :) 

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Up’s and Down’s

Originally posted by callmeloco0

Gray X Ness

I hope the anon likes it, and request are open

To say you were feeling lonely was an understatement, you were beyond that, having to go to bed alone and then wake up alone too, having lunch alone wasn’t pleasant either, doing everything alone wasn’t what you signed up for in this relationship with Gray.

His work was important to him and you understood that, but a relationship was supposed to feel like having a partner, how come it felt solo to you.

Today marks your 2 year anniversary with Gray, but how come it doesn’t feel like it, you barely see him anymore, he’s so busy with making music for the show that you’re almost sure he forgot what today was, but you weren’t one to give up that easily on him, you loved him so much, and you hoped he loved you too just as much.

You got dressed up with a nice summery dress, light makeup and a wedge sandal, you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought you looked decent. It was a thirty minute drive from your shared apartment, so it gave you enough time to cool off and sort your thoughts of how you wanna bring up the subject without getting into an argument with him. When you got to label you were greeted with smiley face Jay, you wondered how he was always in a good mood, you mirrored his smile and gave him a hug as a greeting, you were pretty close with Jay.

“you look so pretty, anything special” he asked,

You smiled at him and said “something like that”,

you then asked “Is Gray in his studio”,

“yeah, maybe you could get him out of here for fresh air too” Jay told you,

“yeah, hopefully” you said in a fake joking way.

You were mentally drained and just hoping your relationship would get fixed. You headed to Gray’s studio with a heavy heart, you haven’t seen him in such a long time, you knocked on the door few times and then just went in, when you went in Gray was facing the door to see who it was when he saw you all he said “heyy”

just hey, not hey babe, i missed you or anything you thought, but you’re here to make things better so put aside your pride for a little while.

‘hey babe, how are you’

‘good’ he didn’t even ask you the question back and turned his back to you and went to his work.

‘woow’ you though again not trying to make a fight, but you were running out of patience here, so you tried again hoping not to get a one word answer.

‘hows work, I haven’t seen you for so long’

‘stressing, and i’ve been busy sorry’

you knew that was not a sincere ‘sorry’,

‘what you doing here anyways, I’m kind of busy’ wow his question threw you off,

‘I thought maybe we could have lunch together’

‘I can’t, I told you I’m busy’ he raised his voice at you,

‘I know but I haven’t seen you in so long, and you need a little fresh air too’ you insisted  

‘I don’t have time for that’ he said in an annoyed voice,

‘ what you mean you don’t have time, we haven’t had a date in so long, and you can’t even give me an hour of your time, I came all the way here’

‘I can’t waste my time now Ness’

‘wow, so now having lunch with me is a waste of time’ you said in a sarcastic voice that provokes him and you knew it, but he was being an asshole too, Gray’s temper was getting high and his short fuse was coming and you knew it, but you had so much things to say to him, ‘leave me alone and leave your being really annoying right now’ he said in an even louder voice, you were getting scared of this side of his,

‘oh, so now I’m annoying’ you tried getting on his voice level,

‘stop being a bitch’ he said while getting up so fast from his chair that it fell back and that really scared you, Gray then noticed how scared and shaky you were, and regret was eating him up ‘Ness..’

‘no I’m sorry for being a bitch, but i thought maybe we could celebrate our anniversary, and I wanted to make sure I was still in a relationship, but I guess I’m wrong’ you said while tears were running down your face, you threw the gift that you had been holding on the couch

‘happy anniversary asshole’, you then turned around and left his studio,

Jay was standing outside the door, since he heard your guys loud voices, he saw your teary face and immediately took you in his arm, you just started crying your eyes out.

Jay took you to his office so you could cool down and drink some water, you were like Jay’s little sister and he cared so much for you. But he also knew how much you and Gray loved each other, and he couldn’t see you guys breaking up, so he tried his best to think of something to try and help fix it for you guys.

He left you for a while alone in his office while he went to Gray to see what’s going on, when he opened the door to grays studio, he had his head low and resting on his hands that were rest on his knees, he looked up thinking its you, but when he saw it was jay when looked down again.

‘Disappointed’ Jay said in a sarcastic voice,

‘Jay I messed up’ he told Jay,

‘I know, you have to make it up to her, she loves, but she can’t be treated like that’ Jay told him in a stern voice,

‘what should I do’ he said while he sighed, because he knew he messed up big time this time

‘Well first go apologize and take her out for lunch, she came all the way for you’

‘Where is she’

‘She’s in my office’

‘Thank you’

Gray knocked on the door, and the went in, you were laying down on the couch in Jay’s office, you got so tired and drained from the argument, when you saw him you got up and sat up straight, he saw how red your eyes were and he hated he was the cause behind that

What you want’ you told him in an annoyed voice because he deserved it,

‘I came to apologize, i’m really sorry, for everything’

‘i’m sorry for calling you a bitch, I didn’t mean, I don’t even know why it came out’ i’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary, but work has been so stressful, I even had your gift ready for so long, I just lost track of the date’

It made you relieved a little to know he didn’t totally forget about you, but you were still hurt

‘But I thought were partners in this relationship, how come it felt like im solo, since when you avoid me when you’re stressed, isn’t this why i’m here, to help you through your hard times and support you’

‘I know, i’m sorry, i wasn’t thinking, I felt like a burden’ he told you in a defeated voice

‘You know you’re not a burden to me, I always want to help you sunghwa’ you said in a quite comforting voice,

You really saw how this stress took over your boyfriend and you tried being as understanding as you could

‘Im sorry, I’ll make it up to you’

‘You better’

When he saw you smiling at him, he got closer to you and just took you in his embrace, he hugged you so tight and you were glad you got your boyfriend back

‘Common, lets go have lunch and celebrate’

‘Mm, ok’

Happy anniversary baby, I love you so so much’ he said and kissed you

‘I love you too’ you tip toed and pecked his lip couple times

Ugh you missed him so much,

‘let me give you your gift too’

Mm, let’s go’

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you really cared about the person you would do anything to make it work no matter what!

Never Too Late

Characters: Daddy!Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean, OFC (Phoebe)
Words: 1830
Requested by Anonymous ( Daddy!Sam oneshot where the reader is his young daughter that he never knew about until him and Dean are on a hunt and run into the reader and her mother and Sam figures out she’s his because of things like her being afraid of clowns)

         Sam and Dean found the hunt and immediately Sam realized where they were going. They had been there before. He had been there a few more times than Dean. To see Phoebe. They had had an amazing connection. He hated that they couldn’t have a normal relationship, but he wanted to keep her safe. It had been fourteen years since he had seen her. Way too long. She probably wouldn’t remember him.

           “Hey, isn’t this where your old girlfriend lived?” Dean asked as he drove into the small town.

           Sam sighed, “Yeah.”

           “It’s been a while,” Dean said.

           “Yeah. I know,” Sam nodded, “I don’t even know if she still lives here. She’s probably married by now.”

           “It’s worth a shot to look.”

           “I don’t think so,” Sam shook his head, “I couldn’t give her the life she deserved. It wasn’t right.”

           “You’re being too hard on yourself.”

           “I don’t think so.”

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we’re young hearts, look at us go | young justice

g, wally/artemis & the team, ~5k. | ao3

notes: i’ve been working on this for way longer than i should ever have worked on a fic of this length. but, man! this was going to be for young justice appreciation month way back when, and then it just never got finished, but now here it is. thanks, anon, for giving me the nudge i needed to wrap it up. now i am free.

i can’t believe it is the year of our lord 2016 and i posted yj fic but enjoy, everybody. sorry if this is clunky; i’m a little rusty. but it felt nice to revisit my dumb, alive, okay kiddos. 

Wally would like to start off this story by saying two words: Shut up. All of his ideas are great ideas.

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Louis loves his job. Loves the adrenaline rush before going on stage, loves meeting their fans and hearing their stories and showing them at least some part of the love he has for them, not nearly enough to give back for everything they’ve done for them over the last five years. He’ll be forever grateful for the chance he’s been given, for all the opportunities it allowed him to have. And he loves his boys, loves spending time with them, misses them like crazy when they’re apart for too long, even though they live in each other’s pockets for most of the year. But sometimes, just sometimes, it all gets a bit too much. 

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Requested by@empress-skywalker 

Prompt: Hey can i request a sebstan imagine where the reader is also an actress and she got offered to play harley quinn in suicide squad and thorough filming jared leto is constantly flirting with her, then at the premiere of suicide squad she went with sebastian as her date and a paparazzi said that she and jared leto will make a cute couple so seb got jealous and maybe say something like “no way she’s my girl not leto’s” and yeah just a lot of fluff and jealous sebastian thanks!

A/N: i hope you liked it tbh some jealous seb (this makes me VERY happy and so, there may be more jealous seb). I’m listening to the GoT theme song and all the covers whilst writing this haha


It was hard for you being new to the DC world because all of the characters were established and loved. It was so much more difficult considering that you were playing Harley Quinn. She had a lot of fans and you didn’t want to ruin their image of her character. You wanted to do her justice, but sadly, that meant that you had to go to the gym and learn some of the fight sequences. As much as you wanted to do HQ justice, you weren’t down with the thought of going to the gym.

On set, you were unsure if you had any chemistry with the rest of the cast. Seeing as this was your first big film, it was stressful knowing if you were doing anything right or not. It played at you and you didn’t like it but Jared helped you with a lot of the scenes. “Hey, Y/N, cheer up, filming will be done soon.” Jared nudged you playfully and you sighed with a small smile. “That pretty smile of yours is being hidden and I don’t like that.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m just scared that I’m not going to play Harley right and I loved the comics so I want to do it well.” You fiddled with your fingers and Jared pulled you for a hug. “With the end of filming, I know that there really isn’t much that I can do to fix it.” You apologised for rambling about your problems. Despite the fact that you had gotten very close to Jared, you didn’t feel comfortable talking about your feelings to anyone but Sebastian.

The thing is, Sebastian understood how you felt about being in a comic book film considering that he played Bucky in the MCU. You hadn’t seen him in a while because the both of you were on opposite sides of the world filming your respective films. You planned to call him once you got to your hotel.

“You’re a good actress, the fans are going to love you. You’re a great Harley Quinn.” Jared gave you a side hug and you started to feel better. “Plus, we have great chemistry.” A smirk played at his lips and he playfully pulled you to him. He then stood up and winked as he walked away from you and back to his own trailer.

“Thanks, Jared.” You called out to him and he shrugged his shoulders as he continued to walk away from you. You still wanted to call Sebastian and talk to him about how he was and also vocalise your worries.

You hopped into a cab to your hotel and once you fell onto your bed, you took out your phone and called your boyfriend. He picked up and his voice was hoarse. “Hey, babe.” Sebastian sounded so tired and you wanted him to hold you.

“Seb.” Your voice was breathy and you were close to crying from how much you missed him. “It’s been such a long day. I miss you much.” You curled up in your hotel bed and listened to Sebastian’s smooth voice.

“I’ve missed you too, babe.” You watched your screen and Sebastian’s face was scrunched with worry. “What’s wrong?” You wanted to be with him so badly but you had to wait for another month when the both of you wrapped up filming.

You let out a small sigh but Sebastian didn’t miss it. “I just want to accurately play Harley but I’m scared that I won’t do well.” A sad smile played on your face and you could see that it upset Sebastian.

“You are an amazing actress, baby, and I’m not just saying it because I love you.” You twisted a piece of hair between your fingers and you stayed on the phone with Sebastian until he told you to get some sleep. You did so with ease as Sebastian stayed on the line until you fell asleep. He spoke until you lulled to sleep with his loving words.


You smoothed your dress and held Sebastian’s arm as you both walked the red carpet of the premier. Lights flashed in every direction and reporters called your name. One called you for an interview and you dragged Sebastian with you because you were far too inexperienced. 

“Hello, Y/N and Sebastian. Both of you play comic characters but who would beat who in a fight?” You tried to hold back a sigh as many people have already asked you the question.

“As our characters or as ourselves?” Sebastian filled in the silence. “Either way, Y/N would win. There is no doubt about it.” You shook your head in disagreement.

“Shut up, Sebastian. Bucky has a metal arm!” You laughed and felt a little more relaxed. “Plus. Your face is distracting. I can’t win.” You giggled a little and Sebastian kissed the top of your head.

“We can’t lie, Y/N, a lot of people ship you with your co-star and on-screen partner, Jared Leto.” The reporter had a sly smile on his face and Sebastian held you tighter against him. 

“I’m sorry, but I am very happy and very much in love with Sebastian.” You knew that the comments bugged him and you spent a lot of time telling him that he was the only person that you loved. You looked up at him and his face relaxed a little. “Sorry, but I have to go now.”

Unluckily for you, it was not a good time as Jared spotted you and he made his way towards you and Sebastian. He pulled you and kissed your cheek. You pulled away from him a little and screams echoed from the barriers. You sighed and went back to Sebastian’s side. “Y/N, you look great today.” Jared looked you over and you felt a little uncomfortable. “You really are stunning.”

“Thank you.” You held Sebastian’s hand very tightly and he tensed up. You told Jared that you had to leave. This was to prevent Sebastian from attacking the other man.

You dragged Seb to a little space away from everyone and kissed him passionately. You didn’t care about your hair or makeup at that moment. You just had to show Sebastian that you didn’t care what other people said. “Sebastian Stan. Were you jealous?” A smirk rose on your lips and your eyes were lit with amusement.

“Yes. Because I don’t deserve someone as amazing as you.” He left butterfly kisses on all of your exposed skin. Goosebumps rose on your skin and you curled into his warmth. “You and me are in it for the long run.” 

“That I agree with.” You kissed Sebastian on the lips again and when you broke apart, your head rested against his chest and his heartbeat was quick.

“You’re my girl, not Leto’s.”

Love & Misadventures: Chapter 12

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


HELLO! All my lovely readers! How have you all been? I’m so excited for you guys to read this chapter! Please be sure to let me know what you think of it!!! I hope you enjoy it :]

Chapter 12: Killing Me Softly

*edit thanks to sreccius​ :] i love how you brought the photo to life!

March 10th 2015

Your POV

I was panicking. Harry was pissed and had stormed out of the room, leaving me alone, when we were suppose to meet my parents in an hour.

I knew that telling him about Derek was going to set him off. I already called it, but it didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt any less that he left like that.

I refused to cry so I fought back tears as I finished getting ready. If Harry doesn’t show up to dinner, I was going to be completely crushed.

I put on some music to sooth me as I finished fixing my hair and applying make-up. I pulled out the pair of YSL booties that Harry had bought for me and slipped them on.

I looked down at my watch, it was 8:15pm. I bit my lips, scared that Harry was really going to ditch me because he was so upset.

I looked in the full length body mirror that was in front of the bed one more time before I grabbed the purple YSL tote, that Harry had also bought me, and headed towards the door.

Right as I was reaching for the handle, I saw it jiggling; the door opened to reveal a very apologetic Harry.

“Y/N… you look amazing.” He said as his eyes slowly moved up and down.

“Thank you…” I blinked rapidly fighting back the tears yet again. I was so happy that he came back.

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have just left like that, I just really needed some air and to think… I know it’s not your fault that he likes you.” Harry wrapped his arms around me as the door closed behind him.

“It doesn’t matter anymore, I’m just so glad that you came back and that you’re here with me.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t let you down like that…” He pulled away and lifted my face up towards his and placed a kiss on my lips.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight,” He winked as he pulled open the door.

I giggled as I walked out, I looked up to see that Niall and Madeline were also in the hall, a few feet in front of us.

“Oy, oy!” Niall holler at us.

“Oh my god! I love your boots Y/N and when did you get your purse?!” Madeline gasped as she picked up the tote that was dangling from my arm.

“Harry bought it for me last month when he was in New York visiting.”

“Dannnnngggggggggg pulling out the big bucks Styles?” She teased him.

“There’s no price tag when it comes to making Y/N happy.” Harry grinned as we all continued walking towards the elevator.

“Ew get out of here with that mate!” Niall shoved Harry playfully.

At 8:30 sharp, our parents arrived and we briefly said hellos and introduced the guys. Niall was freaking out while the three of us were just a little nervous. 

The hostess sat the 8 of us down at a large rectangular table, handing us each a menu and laying our napkins in our laps.

Let me paint you a brief picture: We were sitting in the middle of a very nice modern style restaurant, which was dimly lit and the ceilings were at least 50 feet above us. My dad and Aaron both sat at the ends of the table. Lisa, Niall and Madeline were on one side of the table while my mom, Harry and I were sitting across from them.

“So Niall, Harry, we are so excited to see you young men perform tomorrow night!” Lisa squealed.

“Oh thank you, I really hope you enjoy it.” Harry nodded and smiled at Lisa.

“I requested four VIP tickets for you, if that’s okay, Madeline and Y/N are going to be standing in the front and I didn’t think you would want to stand with thousands of screaming girls.” Harry put down his menu when he spoke.

“Oh yeah I definitely don’t want that!” My mom laughed.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert…” Aaron began, “The last time I went was to see The Rolling Stones and even that was a few years ago…”

“That was a great concert!” My dad pointed at Aaron as he nodded in agreement.

“Oh! Niall and Harry performed with Ronnie Wood last year!” Madeline said excitedly.

All of our parents eyes widen for a second as they were surprised, they looked each other and nodded their heads.

“Did you now? I’ve got to see a video of that performance!” Aaron seemed impressed as he looked at Niall, who looked like he was sweating bullets from where I was sitting, but I saw Madeline lace her hand in his to calm him down. “What did that feel like?”

“Ye-yes sir. It was probably my favorite performance yet. Unforgettable. He’s a legend.” Niall managed to say.

Harry and I looked at each other trying not to laugh; we knew exactly how he felt. I looked over at my dad to see that he was also impressed.

The waitress came to introduce herself, bringing us complimentary wine bottles as the chef at the restaurant was actually a fan of Lisa, himself. He had came and introduced himself and felt honored that such a ‘great’ group of guests were at his restaurant tonight.

As predicted, both of our mothers asked our boyfriends non-stop questions all through dinner as our dad’s made comments and remarks. It was actually going quite well, Harry even cracked a joke that made them all laugh. Niall just shook his head in disbelief that they were actually amused.

“So I heard you boys play a bit of golf or did I hear wrong?” My dad finally asked them a question.

“Yes, we love it!” Harry nodded.

“We actually brought our clubs along, how about we play some golf the day after your concert? Y/N told us you aren’t going to head to Bangkok until Friday.”

“I would love too!” Niall said excitedly, “I haven’t played in a while, so excuse me if I’m terrible!”

“We actually played with Oliver back in December and he beat our asses!” Aaron shook his head as he chuckled.

“Oliver? Oliver plays?” Harry cocked his eyebrow.

“Oh yeah! He was a junior champion in high school and turned down going pro for school but he’s starting to practice again because he said he missed competing.” Madeline hummed.

“That’s excellent! Good for him!” My dad dipped his head for another bite.

I immediately placed my hand on Harry’s thigh to remind him not to overthink.

He knew what was going through my mind and smiled at me, as he reached for my hand and squeezed it, assuring me he was fine.

After we finished dinner, my dad decided to make a toast, “To our lovely daughters, this vacation, and to the men that seem to have stole their hearts…”

Harry, Niall, Madeline and I all exchanged looks.

I was shocked that my dad was actually, happy for… us.

“And who I look forward to handing their asses to them on Thursday.”

We all laughed as my dad finished his toast and took a sip of our wine.

“I look forward to it too! Thank you so much for having dinner with us tonight,” Niall said after he set his wine glass down.

Did I mention those cheeky bastards paid for our entire meal without us even knowing?! Apparently they already told the owner in advance that they were going to pay and not to accept payment from my parents.

After dinner, our parents had plans to go to a bar in the city that was having some kind of show, while we decided to meet up the rest of the guys at a club for an hour or so.

Our dad’s were pretty impressed with our boyfriends, which warmed my heart to see my dad actually give Harry a hug before we parted ways, maybe it was the red wine. Whatever it was, I wasn’t going to complain. I was delighted that my dad was finally beginning to accept Harry.

- - - - -

Derek’s POV

“You’re going to where?” I couldn’t believe what Elsa was saying over the phone, it was a little past 8am and I had just got to work.

“I’m going to Singapore… with Nadine… we’re packing… right now.” I heard her say breathlessly.

“Elsa… I don’t get it… that’s a 22 hour flight.” I scratched the side of my head as I was going over some paperwork at my office as I listened to her.

“Well she wants to visit Harry, she promised him she would see one of his concerts.”

“Harry… as in Harry Styles?” I was so confused, her best friend is flying half way across the world for that kid? 

But that’s Y/N’s boyfriend, why the hell is she going there to visit him?

I opened safari on my Mac PC and typed in ‘Harry Styles Singapore’ and articles of him being spotted with Y/N were the top results of today.

“Yeah.” She mumbled as I heard her moving around, I assumed she was packing.

“Why doesn’t she just wait until he’s here in the U.S.?” I scrolled through pictures to see that they were recently at breakfast together at the hotel they were staying at.

“Because we don’t know if we will have time off when he’s here, we have a week off so why not?” She shot me a little attitude but I ignored it, too early to argue.

I really wanted to see Y/N since I still couldn’t remember for the life of me everything I said to her that night that I blacked out.

I looked up at the world clocks that were hanging on the wall in my office and I quickly looked over to see that it was about 9pm in Singapore. If we left by noon, then we would get to Singapore at night of the 11th with my jet.

“Did you get tickets yet? Why don’t we just go on my jet?” I said as I looked over at my stack of papers on my desk.

“We?” Elsa voice cracked.

“Yeah, I just have a lot of paper work to do this week, so I’ll just bring it along, if you girls don’t want to deal with the hassle of the airport, baggage claim, etc. Why don’t we just take my jet? Plus it’s faster.”

Elsa was quiet for a minute. 

I looked down at my phone, “Hello?”

She had probably put me on hold. I continued scrolling through the pictures that fans had tweeted of Harry and Y/N, she looked absolutely beautiful in that dress. 

What the hell is wrong with me?

I shook my head as I closed out the window.

“Derek?” I finally heard her voice after about 30 seconds.

“Still here, babe.”

Yeah, Nadine said she really appreciates it and so do I… Thank you.”

“Of course, why don’t you girls finish packing and meet me at my studio in a few hours? If you get there before me, can you start packing for me babe?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“See you soon, baby.”

- - - - -

“I’m so tired…” I yawned as I climbed in bed next to Harry, who was shirtless.

He held out his arms as I nestled myself in them. Harry was streaming FRIENDS from the iPad I bought him to the TV in our room. It was one of my favorite episodes, The One with the Proposal, Part 2.

As Monica was beginning to propose to Chandler, Harry and I heard really loud moaning and grunting on the other side of our wall.

“Are you kidding me?” I looked up at Harry.

“Oh my god.” Harry covered his face

We heard the bed bang against the wall rhythmically a few times.

“OH MY GOD THAT’S MADELINE-” I covered my face this time.

“AND NIALL!” Harry and I bursted into laughter. Harry grabbed the T.V. remote and turned up the volume.

But we could still hear the moans! We swore they got louder as well, because then we heard a faint scream.

After a few minutes, Harry flipped his body over on top of mine and looked into my eyes as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Oh dear god Harry, are you turned on?” I giggled as I looked up at him.

“Maybe… or maybe I just want to see if I can make you scream louder.” He said right before dipped his head between my neck and shoulder and started leaving a trail of wet kisses from one side of the other.

“Of course you can,” I placed my hand on his cheek and pulled his lips down to mine.

Harry and I went for two back to back, crazy, rough and passionate rounds before we both passed out in each other’s arms.

March 11th 2015

Your POV

The next morning, Madeline and I joined the guys for breakfast before they had to go and prepare for their concert tonight, while we spend time with our parents.

“So the funniest thing… I had the hardest time sleeping last night…” Louis began after we were served, putting pepper on his eggs. 

Zayn let out a little laugh as he took a bite of his french toast.

I immediately stiffen and so did Madeline, who was sitting next to me, shaking salt into her omelette.

“I hardly got any sleep.” Niall yawned as he stretched his hands over his head, being completely oblivious to the conversation that was about to happen.

“Oh trust me, we know.” Liam chuckled.

I looked over at Harry who was blushing, trying not to laugh, as he stuffed his mouth with cereal.

“I’m just curious,” Louis’ words made me look up, “Were you four having a screaming match?”

“LOUIS!” Harry took a biscuit and threw it at him, he dodged it and it landed in Liam’s lap.

“Oh god. Oh… god…” Madeline was muttering to herself, turning bright red.

Zayn brushed his hair back with his fingers, “I got so… frustrated, hearing all that noise that I had to call Perrie,” Zayn raised his eyebrows, “If you catch my drift,” and winked at me.

“Oh god Zayn please,” I begged.

“I don’t know which one of you it was but it sounded like someone was being murdered for a few minutes.”  Liam said nonchalantly.

A light bulb finally click in Niall’s head, “OH FUCK YOU GUYS HEARD US?!”

Then all seven of us erupted into laughter as the boys all threw something at Niall.

- - - - -

After a fun day of exploring Singapore with our parents, Harry and Niall had left our six VIP tickets and backstage passes for us when I went back to the hotel to shower and change for the concert. At 6pm we were all escorted to the stadium by One Direction’s security team, Harry insisted for this.

When we arrived, our parents were impressed that the entire stadium was completely full.

“WOW. One Direction must be good, look at this crowd!” Aaron scanned the stadium from the VIP section as we watched 5 Seconds of Summer performed.

My dad handed Aaron a glass of scotch as he joined him in scanning the crowd, “Well that’s why I had told our UK branch to reach out to them and record their music videos under Sony.”

“They are a sensation!” My mom said as she and Lisa shared a set of earphones, while watching their ‘Night Changes’ music video.

“The dark haired one is so handsome!” Lisa squealed.

Madeline and I just shook our heads, I kissed my mom and dad on the cheek, “You guys enjoy yourselves here in this air condition, we’ll come back in the middle of the concert! We’re going to go backstage!” 

Madeline and I were escorted by security backstage, as we walked around the stadium a lot of people recognized us and snapped pictures. Madeline and I just laughed, we knew that the 1D fandom was about to lose it over twitter.

When we finally got backstage, we saw that Lou was working on Niall’s hair.

“Hi Lou! Niall!” I waved then went to find Harry.

“Lou! You haven’t met my lady, this is Madeline. Madeline this is Lou, the best stylist ever.” He introduced them.

“Nice to meet you! I love your hair and make up!” Madeline said as she shook her hand.

“I LOVE your dress! Who’s it by?”

“Madeline! It’s by Madeline, she made it herself!” Niall proudly said as he kissed the top of her hand.

“Hey Louis! Hey Zayn!” I gave them both a hug. I smiled when I looked behind them I saw the back of Harry’s head. He was talking to someone but I couldn’t see who it was.

“Y/N!” I heard my name being called. I furrowed my eyebrows. I recognize that voice.

I whipped my head around to see Derek and Elsa, holding hands as they walked towards me.

“What the fuc-” I muttered under my breath.

“What are you guys doing here?” I forced a smile as I waved at them.

“Oh! Nadine promised Harry she would come to a show so we decided to surprise him.” Elsa threw me a fake smile, I could see right through her.

What did she just say?

“Nadine?” I turned back around to see Harry standing directly behind me.

“Sorry, no, I’m Harry.” He grinned down at me and lightly kissed my lips.

“Hi there!” Nadine peeked out from behind Harry.

What the fuck is she surprising Harry for? 

I shot Madeline a look from across the room and she shrugged as her eyebrows raised.

Madeline and Niall exchanged looks of confusion before they joined us.

Just then 5 Seconds of Summer bursted through the room, breaking the tension.

“HOLY SHIT! I LOVED THIS CROWD!” Michael jumped around.

“I thought Tokyo’s crowd was awesome! This was even more awesome!” Ashton said as he ran through the room holding up his drum sticks.

“Oy! You’re gonna poke somebody’s eye out mate!” Louis shouted at him.

“IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!” Calum shouted as he ran through the the room going straight for Niall, tackling him.

“I know the feeling!” Niall finally held Calum away at arms length, laughing.

Luke walked in last with a huge grin and sweat dripping down his face. His manager handed him a towel and he wiped his forehead and face as he walked over to us.

Liam finally came into the room, probably from changing clothes.

“Whoa! Where did all these people come from?” His eyes scanned the room at all of us.

I quickly skipped over and gave him a hug, “Good luck tonight!”

“Thanks,” He smiled back at me then whispered, “What’s Derek, Nadine and Elsa doing here?”

“Honestly, I was wondering the same thing,” I pursed my lips.

“Guys!” Harry waved me over to him, “This is my girlfriend Y/N.”

“Oh yeah! This is my girlfriend Madeline!” Niall also introduce her.

“Girls this is Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke.” Harry pointed at each of them.

“Nice to meet you girls!” Ashton smiled as he pulled off his bandana. 

Luke shook both of our hands, “Great to meet the ladies that stole our boys’ hearts.’

“WOW! So the rumors are true! All of One Direction is officially off the market!!!” Michael teased.

“Yeah… I guess they are true!” Niall blushed as he held Madeline’s hand.

“Dang, your girlfriends are really pretty…” Calum began, “What are you two doing with these ugly guys?!” He pointed at Niall and Harry with both his fingers.

“HEY!!!” Harry’s face immediately dropped from a smile to a frown. 

Madeline and I laughed as we watched Harry’s reaction.

I heard Elsa cough, I looked over to see her and Nadine standing awkwardly next to each other while Derek was no where to be seen.

“Oh guys, this is Nadine, one of my good friends and her friend Elsa.” Harry kindly introduced the girls to guys.

Calum and Ashton both blushed as they shook hands with the pair of models.

Michael and Luke however, didn’t seem phased and just smiled at them.

“ONE DIRECTION, GET READY TO GET ON STAGE, IT’S 8:20! YOU’RE LATE!” The stage manager yelled.

“They’re always late.” Madeline and I said at the same time and of course, fist bumped, as we both giggled.

Harry gave me a kiss, “I have to change, enjoy the show okay!”

Niall did the same with Madeline then went to grab a guitar.

“You girls all enjoy the show, have fun!” Liam waved at us.

Zayn and Louis gave us both hugs and then waved at Nadine and Elsa before they headed under the stage.

“Are you girls watching from the front stage or VIP?” Derek finally emerged from no where.

“Where did you disappear too?” Madeline asked.

“Oh had to take a phone call for work,” Derek smiled as he placed his arm around Elsa’s shoulder.

“We are going to stand in the front for a little bit then join our parents in VIP towards the middle of the concert.” I smiled at Derek, I shouldn’t be rude.

“Your parents are here? Really? Holy crap! Babe, I’ve got to go say hi, that would be so rude of me if I don’t!” Derek looked down at Elsa.

“Okay, go ahead, Nadine and I will join you later.” Elsa gave him kiss on the cheek.

“See you girls, later.” He waved at us then headed off as Madeline and I headed out as well.

“We wanted to watch the beginning of the concert down here too!” Elsa said as she followed us out of the backstage area and to the front.

I looked at Madeline, not wanting to ask the obvious question, but I knew she would.

“So why did you girls decide to come here all of a sudden?” She turned her head over her shoulder.

“Oh I just wanted to come show my support.” Nadine said from behind me.

“Actually, Harry called Nadine yesterday all upset about something so she came here to see if he was okay,” Elsa said oh-so-matter-of-factly.

My jaw dropped as I looked at Madeline, we shot each other the same ‘what-the-fuck’ look.

The entire concert, I was just racking my brain through everything that happened the day before. I was pissed to the point where I couldn’t even enjoy it.

So he left me alone to fucking call Nadine?

He called NADINE instead of talking to ME about it?

Are you fucking serious?


He called her to fucking vent about ME and he couldn’t even stay and TALK to me?!

Madeline knew I was really upset and asked if I wanted to go to the VIP instead of stay front stage.

“Yeah let’s go, I don’t want to be around Nadine right now,” I whispered into her ear.

We left in the middle of ‘Ready to Run’ and by the time we reached VIP, ‘Better Than Words’ was already halfway through.

Our parents and Derek were actually standing, watching and listening when walked up to them.

“Hey girls! Wow they are really great! I love all of them!” My mom hugged me excitedly, she was holding her phone which had the lyrics to ‘Better Than Words’ loaded. I was pretending to be fine so that my parents wouldn’t worry.

“I just love that boy Zayn!” Lisa was actually recording the concert.

Madeline and I laughed, proud that we had turn our moms into fans.

“I gotta hand it to you Madeline, that boyfriend of yours can play the guitar pretty well.” Aaron threw his arm around her shoulder as we all watched them.

“Duh Dad…” She kissed him on the cheek.

During ‘Don’t Forget Where You Belong,’ the entire audience had apparently, decide to do something for the boys, they held up plastic flags just like they did during the ‘Where We Are’ Tour. I couldn’t make out everything that was said until one of the camera’s had blown up on the big screen and was slowly showing us what the boys’ were seeing.

‘WE ‘heart’ 1D’ was the top section of the stadium with the top half of British flag in the background.

‘THANK YOU’ was what was spelled out at the bottom section with the bottom half of the British flag in the background.

While the floor seats held up a ton of Ireland’s flags. It was absolutely breathtaking. We could see on each of the boys’ faces that they were blown away and in awe of the crowd.

Madeline and I teared up a little, we were so proud of our boyfriends. Even though I was super pissed at Harry, my heart still swelled up knowing how many lives their music has touched and perhaps even saved. Even our parents were speechless.

My dad, Aaron and Derek started talking during ‘Little Things’ so I shooed them to the other side of the room.

My mother leaned her head against my shoulder during Harry’s solo, “I can tell how much he loves you, baby.”

“Really?” I pressed my lips together. 

“Are you kidding me?” My mother picked up her head and looked at me, “That boy never takes his eyes off of you. It’s like he’s drawn to you.“ 

Yeah well he sure knows how to piss me off.

During ‘Night Changes,’ Madeline’s mom went a little crazy, she absolutely loved the song, probably because it was the only one she knew. She and my mother hooked arms and sang along like a pair of teenagers.

“Shit, is that going to be us in 15 or 20 years?!” Madeline came next to me.

“Probably.” I smiled back at her.

She pulled out her phone and forced me to take a few selfies with her, and then our moms

In the middle of Alive, Derek tapped me on the shoulder, “Hey can we talk Y/N?”

My dad and Aaron came back and joined their wives and swayed along to the music.

“Sure.” I nodded and followed him out of VIP and to the middle of the hall.

“I feel like I should apologize for the other night,” Derek faced me.

“Do you even remember everything you said?” I looked up at him.

“No, not really…” He shook his head and sucked his lips into his mouth.

“Well if you don’t remember then I can’t really be upset.” I shrugged and turned to head back inside.

He held out his arm to stop me, “Wait but that’s the thing… I want to know what I said to upset you.” 

“Derek, I don’t really want to repeat it because it’s going to just make things really awkward and I don’t want our friendship to be ruined.”

“I told you didn’t I?” Derek tiled his head back and rubbed his face with both hands.

I didn’t say anything because I saw Nadine and Elsa walking towards us.

“Derek, shut up, it’s fine.” I quietly said.

But of course, Derek being the way that he is, wouldn’t stop and rose his voice in frustration, “No it’s not fine! I should have never told you that I was in love with you.”

Elsa stopped completely in her tracks as Nadine just stared at us wide-eyed.

I just brought my hand to my face and then turned around and walked back into the VIP room.

“Oh shit,” I heard Derek say right before I got out of ear shot.

- - - - -

Derek’s POV

“Elsa! Elsa! Wait!” I ran past Nadine as I chased after my girlfriend.

I followed her out the back door of the stadium as she ran out to our car that was parked in a private lot.


She finally stopped and tried to pull the car door open but it was locked.

“OPEN IT DEREK! I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!” Tears were streaming down her face as she shouted.

“Elsa, please! Let me explain!” I tried to put my hands on her arms.


“Okay! Okay!” Pulled out the keys from my pocket and unlocked it and she immediately crawled in the back seat and I followed her in.

Elsa dropped her face in her hands as she sobbed.

“I can’t believe it’s true!“ 

“Elsa… I’m sorry. I love you-”

“No! Don’t you dare tell me you love me when I just heard you admit that you love someone else! Fuck you Derek!”

“Elsa, I do love you, it’s just- I…”

“You’re a fucking jerk! I tried my best to make this work, I did everything I can to make you happy, I never hovered, I never clung on to you, I let you fly back and forth between New York and L.A. without complaining for a whole year,” She wiped the tears from her face as more kept falling, “WE JUST CELEBRATED OUR ONE YEAR TOGETHER for FUCK’S SAKE and then- then you go and fall in love with your childhood best friend the minute she walks back into your life after 8 years!”

“Elsa I’m sorry! I do love you okay, that’s why I tried… you can’t tell me I didn’t try!” I reached for her.

“Oh please!” She shoved me away from her when I tried to hug her.


“NO! Do NOT baby me!” She held a finger up to my face as she sobbed into her other hand.

“Elsa, what do you want me to say? What can I say to make you feel better?”

“Tell me you’re never going to see her again! Tell me you’re going to stop being friends with her and focus on US.”

I froze. I lost Y/N for 8 years and stayed away from her… was I ready to give her up for Elsa…?

- - - - -

Harry’s POV

I was pretty damn annoyed that Derek had the fucking audacity to show up to my concert. I tried to play it cool and not make a big deal because I already blew up so many times, plus Y/N’s parents were here; I didn’t want to give them a bad impression of me.

The concert was a blast, like always, I was actually more nervous than ever knowing that Y/N’s parents were watching me perform. She’s an amazing musician and has a great voice, so I wanted to impress them.

After the concert all of us, including the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer, went up to VIP section to greet some fans and to meet Y/N’s parents.

“Harry! You were wonderful tonight! I absolutely loved it!” Y/M’s/F/N had hugged me as soon as she saw me.

“Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!” I chuckled as I put my arm around Y/N’s shoulder.

“Harry, I love your voice, it was-Oh my god, oh my god… There he is…” Lisa started freaking out when Zayn walked in the room.

Madeline and Y/N shook their heads as we watched Madeline’s mom blush.

“Really Lisa…? Really?” Aaron shook his head as he watched his wife fangirl over a boy half his age.

“What?! Did you not hear him tonight?!” She hissed.

I let out a deep laugh, “Zayn! Louis! Liam!”

The three guys said their goodbyes to some fans and walked over.

Y/N spoke first, “Zayn, Louis, Liam, these are my parents Y/F’s/F/N and Y/M’s/F/N.”

“And these are my parents, Aaron and Lisa.” Madeline gestured at her parents.

“Thank you so much for coming to see us!” Zayn smiled as he shook hands with their parents.

Which made both their mothers squeal and their fathers shake their heads in embarrassment. 

“What did you honestly think about the show?” Liam asked them.

“It was very impressive. I can see why you guys have so many fans.” Y/F’s/F/N held up his glass for approval.

“It was amazing!!!” Lisa and Y/M’s/F/N said at the same time.

“I swear they are the older version of Y/N and Madeline…” Louis whispered to us.

“I was very impressed with Niall.” Aaron said.

“You were?!” Niall popped out of no where and scared all of us.

“Yeah, I am, you did a great job, although, I could’ve done without all the rump shaking.” Aaron teased.

Niall Horan officially turned into a cherry and hid his face behind Madeline’s back.

- - - - -

We finally got back to the hotel around midnight, I could tell that something was wrong with Y/N after the concert but I didn’t want to ask or cause a scene so I waited until we were finally in the privacy of our rooms.

I turned on the T.V. after I stripped off my clothes and waited for her to finish her nightly routine.

“Are you okay? Is something bothering you love?” I asked her when she came out of the bathroom, dressed her a tank top and shorts.

“Yeah. I’m actually pissed off at you so I think I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight.“ 

“Wait, what?” I turned my head in her direction to see her grabbing a pillow and I immediately reached over and grabbed her arm.

“Why are you mad? I don’t know what I’ve done wrong…” I looked in her eyes.

“Well why don’t you just go talk to Nadine about it?” She huffed as she walked out into the living room.

I groaned, what the hell is she talking about?

I swung my feet off the bed and walked into the living room in my briefs and a tank top. I saw her scrolling through her phone as she laid across the couch.

“Y/N. Talk to me, I don’t like it when you’re upset at me.” I pleaded as I sat down on the table in front of her.

“Now you want to talk to me? You didn’t fucking want to talk to me yesterday when I told you about Derek. Instead you called Nadine and told her all about it instead? What the fuck ever.” She scoffed as she put down her phone and sat up.

I was completely caught off guard. 

“Wait, what?” I scratched the side of my head.

“You. Called. Nadine. Last. Night.” She articulated every word with a low voice.

“How did you- did she tell you?” I furrowed my eyebrows, I thought I could trust Nadine.

“No, Elsa did. Which by the way she’s completely rude and conniving. I know she told me on purpose to set me off.”

Wait. What?

“Elsa told you…? So Elsa knows about Derek liking you?”

Where WAS Derek and Elsa? I didn’t see them after the concert, I just realized that.

“Yeah! But who cares about them?” She held her arms out, palms facing upward.

“I’m more concerned about why the hell you couldn’t come talk to ME, YOUR GIRLFRIEND… about the situation, but you can go easily run to another woman and talk to her about how you feel? Instead of telling me yourself? You can vent and rant to her all about me? How the hell do you think that makes me feel?”

“I didn’t want to argue with you! We’ve argued so many times about it already, I wanted to avoid another one so I went to Nadine for some comfort.” I tried to explain, I felt like complete shit seeing her crying and hurt.

“Comfort?” She immediately stood up and went into the bedroom.

Poor choice of words, that was the wrong word to use.

I stood up and followed her into the room to see her go in the bathroom.

“Not comfort, but just to vent…” I began but trailed off as I saw her throw all her stuff into her trunk.

What is she doing? I felt my heart race.

“Comfort, vent, talk, hang out, do whatever you want with her Harry.”

She sniffled as she started gathering all of her stuff around the room and throwing it in her trunk, completely unorganized.

“Are you- are you packing?” I felt my stomach drop.

My eyes followed her every move from one side of the room to the other as she grabbed everything that was hers.

She didn’t say anything.

“Are you leaving?” I was getting scared, I felt my heart racing.

I gently grabbed her arm and made her look at me, tears were falling down her cheek as she looked up into my eyes. I could tell she was really hurt.

“I’m not doing this anymore Harry.” She softly spoke as she tried to pull away from my grip.

“Not doing what…?” I searched her eyes, not expecting the next words to come out of her mouth.

She looked down and whispered, “Let’s just break up, okay?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Please let me know what you think! Let me know how you feel!

Give me some input! I love hearing from my readers because you are all the best and loveliest!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Rejection Sucks

Characters: This fic has Reader, Dean, Sam, and Gabriel. I’m not telling you the pairing.
Words: 1654
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader admits her feelings for one of the guys, but is rejected. Another guy swoops in and wins her heart. 

Originally posted by aobasbox

Originally posted by exbloodjunkie

Originally posted by angelic-psychopaths

You walked through the bunker before going to bed, hoping to find Dean by himself somewhere. But when you got to the library, both Dean and Sam were there, “Hey, Y/N,” they smiled at you.

           “Hey, guys.”

           “What’s up?” Sam asked.

           “Nothing. Just seeing what you two are up to,” you said, sitting down in one of the chairs. Sam was normally the first to go to bed out of the two, so you were just going to have to wait until he left the room.

           “I thought you’d be in bed by now,” Dean said.

           You shook your head, “Not quite yet.”

           “Well, I’m going to bed,” Sam said, “I gotta get up early in the morning. It’s my turn to do the shopping.”

           “Night, Sam,” you and Dean both said as Sam made his way out of the room and headed to his bedroom.

           “What’s up, kiddo?” Dean asked when you heard Sam’s door close.

           “Can I ask for some advice?” you asked, deciding this was the best way to go about your plan.

Keep reading

Got7 Stories - Chpt 20 : Untangling the Ties

You reached the end of day and find out that Mark has been waiting excitedly for you in the car. Seeing him fiddling around with his phone and checking up occasionally if you were there, wasn’t a new sight.

But it was just a little different today.

As you swung the basement doors open and stepped into the underground carpark, Mark’s face lit up in smiles and he waved at you through the windscreen. There was no way you could say no to a sweetheart like that.

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