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Choosing Betty, Part 2 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: After your boyfriend, James, ditches your poetry reading, you are heartbroken. Not more heartbroken than when Jughead Jones chose Betty Cooper over you, though. You prepare for your performance and notice a familiar face in the crowd.

You texted James a halfhearted excuse about not feeling well before driving home. After a lot of frustrated screaming into your pillow, and glaring at a picture of you and Jughead you kept on your desk, you began to prepare for your poetry reading that night. You shimmied out of your too-tight cheer uniform, glad to be free of the itchy polyester. You wiped off your gaudy makeup and undid your uncomfortable hairdo.

You re-did your makeup to how you normally preferred to wear it, and got dressed in some of your normal clothing. When filing through your closet, you found an old flannel Jughead had lent you one day when a teacher had gotten on your ass about the dress code. For some reason, you took it off the hanger and put it on over your ensemble. Just because I hate him doesn’t mean I can’t exploit his decent fashion sense, you reasoned. Plus, it smelled like him and it made you feel angry which was a good emotion to feel when reading poetry.

Finally, you rifled through your notebook to do a quick run-through of your poem. You’d originally opted to read a poem about new love and romance, expecting James to be in the audience. With the safety of knowing you’d be reading to completely unfamiliar ears, you decided to go with something a bit more provocative.

“To the boy who doesn’t love me back,” you read in a sarcastic voice to the crowd of young adults sipping cocktails in the audience. “I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind that I’m wearing your shirt right now,” you ad-libbed, waggling your eyebrows suggestively. Some people in the audience gasped and laughed.

You began to perform a poem you had sloppily composed the night Jughead had admitted his feelings for Betty to you. It started off very angry. Full of crude analogies about all the ways you’d like to see him suffer. The creativity of the prose made audience members chuckle and cheer for you.

Then, it got emotional. You reflected on the inner pain you felt, relating it to metaphors demonstrating loneliness and rejection in a way only a metaphor could. You could have heard a pin drop in the silence of the bar.

Finally, it ended how you felt right now–confusion. You still cared about Jughead and wanted him to be happy, but some part of you wanted him to be heartbroken and run back to you, and another part of you didn’t want anything to do with him at all. You left the poem on a question. The audience snapped enthusiastically at your cleverness. You smiled and bowed. Maybe today was a good day, after all.

The house lights went up to help guide the next performer–a cellist toting a heavy instrument case–to the stage.

That was when you saw the faces among the crowd; all cool, hipster-like twenty-somethings, smiling at you in admiration for your performance.

And in the back of the room, leaning against the doorway, a dark-haired teenage boy with a crown-shaped beanie.

Your stomach dropped.

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Cute Little Family

Originally posted by moan-s


imagine: you and scott go out to get a puppy together and things end up getting heatedly. 

warnings: cursing, oral sex (both receiving), fingering, public sex. I guess that’s it. 

word count: 2420

“I still think this is a bad idea, honey.”

“Oh, no, Scott.” I muttered whilst shaking my head in denial, not believing for a second that he would dare to start up with that shit again. “We’re getting a puppy and that’s it. Don’t even try to talk me out of it, you know you suck at arguing with me.”

“Fine. This isn’t over, though.”


Giggling, I left the frowning man behind and started to explore the huge house, watching closely the distinct breeds of dogs scattered in small white fences. This particular place was a farm upstate, meaning that we had to travel for a couple of hours to get there, but I was so excited that I didn’t even mind.

Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed a lot the animal company, choosing every time to be amongst them rather than being with the ordinary humans. However, due to my parents’ work, I kept moving from city to city, which forbid me to have a pet of my own. Of course it saddened me deeply, but I understood the reasons beneath it and I learnt to work things out.

Everything changed when I moved to small town called Beacon Hills. My dad started working at the police station and my mum at the local Hospital, both at firm jobs, therefore allowing us to finally have a spot to call ours. Yet, that wasn’t why I loved it so much. It was there I met the most amazing people in world, my friends, and a super stubborn boyfriend, whom I admired to the bone, despite his apparent hate towards dogs. Might be the competition though, considering the boy is an alpha werewolf.

Oh, yes! My caring partner, besides being that, was also a supernatural creature. The most powerful of them. And I was his mate. It is sort of a complicated story.

“How do you like them so far?” Scott quizzed, gripping my shoulders and pulling me towards his chest, leaning in so he could kiss the crook of my neck, sending chills all the way down my spine. “Huh, babe?”

“Stop that.” I purred back, eyes slightly hooded. “I don’t want to rip your clothes off and ride you in front of all these adorable puppies.”

“If you keep talking like that, I’m the one who’s going to do the ripping.”

I laughed, pulling out of his embrace and tuning around, capturing a gaze filled with sin. The smirk that curled his lips wasn’t exactly pure either. Urgh, I was going to kill him for doing that to me in public spaces, especially when he knew I was right about to enter my heat period.

“You smell so damn good…” His voice sounded extremely soft on my ear, again erupting a series of jitters. I just couldn’t resist the sensations the black haired boy gave to me. “Fuck, babe.”

“Stop with teasing me, Scott…”

Upon hearing those words, McCall swiftly pressed me up against a wall, sucking love bites on every ounce of skin his tongue managed to find. In the light of such actions, the wetness inside my panties started to increase considerably, making me throw my head back, feeling his hands sneak down, finding the hem of my dress and playing with it as he kept savouring me. I couldn’t avoid the strangled moan that left my lips.

“Sh, we don’t want anyone to hear it, do we?”

I nodded weakly and watched while Scott got down on his knees, yanking my hips closer to his face. Afterwards, the boy stuck his head in between my legs without reservations; I could feel his warm breath fanning over my clothed pussy, making me clench instantaneously in anticipation. He placed a single kiss on it, his tongue slowly sliding down, wetting the fabric with his saliva.

“My poor wolfy needs her alpha, doesn’t she?” Another pant crawled out my lips whilst I blurted out an “yes”. He chuckled, strongly gripping the back of my thighs, poking my clit with his nose. I wasn’t going to last long if he kept this game going. “Very well, I must fulfill her wish then.”

My boyfriend pushed my knickers to one side, revealing my throbbing core, and didn’t hesitate to dive into it. While his mouth done wonders, I felt two digits being pushed inside my slit, hitting sweet spots and provoking a couple of low groans. Senseless, I instinctively bucked my hips forwards, trying to deepen the intimate contact. Scott growled, pinning them on the wall, speeding up the pace, thus bringing me insanely close to a damn good orgasm.

“Oh, shit.” I muttered, chewing my bottom lip to avoid the pornographic sounds I so desperately wanted to make. “I love the way your pretty tongue licks my clit, babe. Keep doing just that. Fuck.”

“Does my baby girl want to be fucked by it?”

Although the tall man had made a question, he sure as hell didn’t give me time to answer it. In a blink of an eye, my leg was placed on his shoulder, widening my entrance to him, nearly making it look like I was a buffet and he was going to feast on it. His fingers were drawn out of my aching pussy, they were glistening with my juices still when Scott began circling my bundle of nerves with them. However, the breaking point was the silky touch of his tongue on my core, pounding in and out at a hellish stride.

A couple of more thrusts, along the constant stroking, and I came loudly, yelling for him. His name falling over and over again from my lips. I couldn’t help it. My entire form was shaking. Plus, if Scott wasn’t holding me, I would have fallen to the ground, for my legs were limp. My high had won me over completely.

With a proud smile on his lips, McCall stood up straight, snaking an arm around my waist to keep me in a normal standing position. I was still breathless when an old lady showed up, her eyebrows scrunched together, and asked if we were okay. The glasses lying on the tip of her nose made her look severer than she probably was, which drove me to be nervous, because I was clearly doing something I shouldn’t.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” Scott waved her off, wearing his good boy smile. The woman’s traits softened and she walked to us, offering to show us around. “That would be lovely.”

“Than come along.” She said, after Scott happily accepted her proposition. “We will hopefully found a perfect pet for you.”

“I’m sure we will!”

With the lady explaining each breed’s particularities, I found myself more and more in doubt of which I should take home. Also, I was a bit tipsy from the mind blowing climax from earlier. Although I didn’t want to, my mind kept going back to those scenes, getting my panties soaked up all over again.

Scott cleared his throat, forcing me to look at a small litter of German shepherd puppies which were grunting and clawing the small white fence that held them together. The second I laid my eyes on those little things, I knew it had to be love at first sight.

“Those.” I said, approaching the gorgeous babies. There, I knelt, exposing my knuckles to them, feeling the puppies biting them playfully. Yes, it was damn right choice. “I want one.”

“Oh, they are lovely! I’m sure it will fit you well if you want protection.”

“That’s not my worry. But I’ll take one anyway.”

“Alright.” The woman nodded lightly. “Do you want a male or female?”





“I’m the one who’s choosing.”

“But I don’t want a male dog!”

“Sadly, that is not up to you.” I picked up one, once the lovely lady told me which ones were male, and held him close to my chest. “This is it, thanks.”

“Okay, I’ll fill in the paperwork and then I’ll just need your signature.”


The same way she appeared, the woman left us alone quickly, disappearing within the dark corridors. I glanced at Scott, who had his arms crossed and was frowning angrily, obviously not pleased with my decision.


“You better know you’re paying the big bucks for this.”

“By big bucks you mean fucking me until I’m senseless?”

“You bet I am.”

“Then I’m looking forward to pay the big bucks, darling.”

Grunting, he followed me to the front door, where I signed, rather swiftly, the adoption papers. Afterwards, I matched to the Mercedes parked outside, resting my back against it and watching Scott approach slightly upset. Yet, albeit his traits looked as if he had chewed lemons, I knew Scott wasn’t really that mad. Matter fact, I was sure he was loving the whole situation.

“Come on, Scotty.” The mellow sound that left my lips broke the twenty minute silence he built up once he started driving. “Don’t be so mad. Didn’t I say I was going to make it up to you?”

“I’m not mad, darling.”

“Of course you are!”

“No, I’m not.”

Sighing, slightly frustrated, I slided my hand up and down his right thigh, feeling its warmth against my palm whilst Scott moved uncomfortable in his seat. A smug smirk curved my lips as I kept going up, only stopping when my digits were dangerously close to his crotch; the contact made him gaze at me with eyes narrowed, mouth hanging open.

“Stop with that, please.”

“Stop with what exactly, baby?”

“Provoking me!” He abruptly stopped the car, hitching the tires on the road by doing so. “How am I supposed to go home like this? It’s so fucking uncomfortable!”

My eyes fell to the bulge underneath his trousers, which made me chuckle softly; poor boy was in need of a helping hand. Maintaining the amused traits, also not saying a word, I carefully placed the doggy on the back seats, preventing him to see what was going to happen next. Once the little animal was safe and sound, I went back to my place, guiding my hands to slowly massage his hard on, hearing him grunt while biting his bottom lip.

“Get rid of those for me, baby.” I asked, staring at him with all the desire I had within me. My entire body was lit, craving to be touched, to be pleased. And McCall was painfully aware of it, so he didn’t hesitate to kick off the pieces of clothing he had on, exposing his length to me, causing my mouth to water instantaneously. “Good boy.”

“Now what, babe?”

“Oh, Scotty, don’t worry.” Wetting my lips, I started to position myself so I could reach the place he needed me the most. Scott’s breath hitched on his throat when I got too close to his twitching cock, staring at it with desire. “I’ll help you blow off some steam. What do you think of that?”

“T-That’s great.” He stuttered, sticking his fingers on his hair, anxiously. I couldn’t help but think he looked incredibly cute all nervous for me.

Not being able to hold any longer, I firmly supported my elbows on his seat, clutching his throbbing dick and giving it light pumps, just to set the mood. As I moved up and down with my hand, I could feel my own sex getting slicker, for the whole scene was overwhelmingly hot to me. I just couldn’t help myself.

Scott, noticing my bad shape, reached my backside, slapping it hard and roughly shoving two fingers inside me. I groaned, finally placing a wet kiss on his tip, gaining a raspy moan as a response. Satisfied with the outcome, I started to playfully swivel my tongue around it, sensing him tensing up under my touch.  

“Go all the way, babe.” McCall pleaded, hoarsely. “Please.”

Deciding to grant his wish once and for all, I sank down on him, swallowing his cock until it reached the back of my throat, eliciting a gag mixed with a silky, girlish moan. Saliva started to drip from the corners of my mouth as the movements got slightly tougher. The alpha werewolf growled, soaked in pleasure, and grabbed a fistful of my hair with his left hand whilst the other one slammed into me using two of its digits.

“O-oh, babe.” The boy murmured, tightening the grip on my hair. “You have such a nice mouth!”

I could feel that he was insanely close to his orgasm, which drove me to intensify my tongue work. My nails were sliding down, scraping the bare skin of his thighs, erupting a series of low, raspy pants and causing him to curse under his breath.

Sweat coated my forehead, I could feel the droplets falling as I continued to bob my head and up down on Scott’s length. As for me, the built up tension on my lower stomach only grew worse by the second. I knew I was on the verge of my second peak. However, before I could get there, my boyfriend screamed, cumming in hot spurts inside my mouth without any kind of warning. He squeezed my ass, giving another set of thrusting until his high was over. I gulped it down, raising my gaze to observe his blissful state.

“Feeling better, darling?” I quizzed, turning around and lying on my back, my head on his lap. Scott was trying to even his breath, but he didn’t mind to start circling my bundle of nerves again. “Oh, shit.”

“I said you’re paying the big bucks.” His tepid fingers dipped on my entrance, making me screw my eyes shut and feel the tension all over again. “Count it up.”

“Don’t stop, S-Scott.”

Taking his stride to a whole other level, I wasn’t exactly surprise when I came undone in a short amount of time. Scott’s name slipped through my lips in loud squeals while I arched my back, the climax winning my form over. Feeling completely fulfilled, I just heard our ragged breaths mingle and let out a tired laugh.

“Can you please be nice now?”

“Oh, my darling, if getting mad at you means I get a blow job like that, get ready to be mad all the time.”

“You’re a jerk, Scott.”

“A jerk that loves you.”

“I love you too.”

Pecking my lips, he helped me back up and we went on with our little trip, both completely happy to have one another and to have started our own cute little family.

anonymous asked:

I found your blog today by accident and it looks like you take shadowhunters prompts so i was wondering if you could write a jimon marriage proposal possibly

jimon + marriage proposal, as requested!

“Wanna get married?” Jace calls out, rolling to avoid a shax demon’s pincers. Simon frowns. 

“What?” he calls back, his attention on the circling monstrosity in front of him. No matter how many times he goes out on Shadowhunter missions, he never gets used to fighting demons. Putting down rouge Shadowhunters, sure. He always gets a kick out of that. But demons are still difficult for him to get used to. It doesn’t help that if he goes on missions with his boyfriend he’s expected to hold conversations while fighting for his life. Jace is delusional. A special kind of death-defying delusional. 

“Do you want to marry me!” Jace yells, louder this time as he narrowly jumps out of the way of an attack and crashes into the wall of the warehouse they’re in. It makes a deafening echo, and the demons begin to leave Simon and swarm to Jace. Simon swears, swallowing convulsively as he considers Jace’s predicament and Jace’s words.  

“You said this would be an easy security check!” Simon grits out, gripping his dagger tighter and clenching his jaw. The world narrows in and out of focus as he slashes the demons, preternaturally swift. “This is not what most people consider a security check.” 

Jace laughs, a beautiful, throaty sound that always has Simon smiling. He loves Jace, it’s - easier than breathing. Of course, it’s also idiotic beyond belief that he hears this laugh during a demon fight where they’re clearly outnumbered, but. It’s Jace, with his stupid hero complex the size of a goddamn Ferris Wheel. Jace, who would throw himself in front of any blade, for anyone; who eats his cereal dry because he has a strange vendetta against all types of milk; who takes a glorious sort of joy in constantly being a smart-ass; who loves Simon so fiercely, with everything he has. 

“Answer my question.” Jace counters, catching Simon’s eye for a second before thrusting his blade into the space over Simon’s shoulder. Simon doesn’t flinch, but it’s close enough that he glares as the demon explodes into dust behind them. 

“Show-off.” Simon mutters, taking a moment to wipe a drop of blood off of Jace’s cheek with his thumb. “And honestly, is this the place to ask me that?” They both turn again, moving to finish off the last of the demons. Simon can already hear the next wave skittering through the warehouse, their pincers making disgusting clacking noises. 

“Is that a no?” Jace asks, his voice even. Simon eyes the lone demon that’s managed to survive, stepping out of the way as it leaps towards him. He pivots and watches as Jace impales it on his blade, and they stare at each other over the shower of sparks it explodes into. “Only, I thought - “

“I would never say no,” Simon blurts out, faint terror and disbelief creeping in as Jace regards him, his eyes serious and his gaze intent. “I - Jace, why now? I can hear another wave coming, we have to  - “ he glances behind him, and hears the clacking getting louder. Jace holds his hand out, palm up, and Simon grabs it as they start running, bursting out into the open and making a beeline for a nearby building, skidding into the alley near it.  

“Because I love you.” Jace pants. “And I - “ He stops, pushing a hand through his hair. Simon watches him, still holding hands and pressed close together. The sound of car horns and the murmur of the city at night surround them, along with the hum of crickets. Jace smells like shax demon blood and his cologne, something that, somewhere in Simon’s life, has become one of the smells of home. 

Change is overwhelming, and terrifying, but Simon is pretty sure he knows, deep down, exactly what his answer to Jace’s question is. 

“Don’t stop now.” Simon says softly, and Jace opens his mouth, his eyes hopeful - 

“Jace!” Alec’s voice echoes, and Jace groans, rolling his eyes. Simon’s mood plummets. Fuck. Backup is here. Which, honestly, is probably a good thing so they can clear out the demons, but - Jace’s face is slipping back into business mode, and Simon feels bereft and hollow. 

“Duty calls.” Jace says lightly, disentangling from Simon and stepping back. He tucks a stray curl behind Simon’s ear, and Simon swallows. “You’re right, I’ll…finish this somewhere else.” 

Simon trails behind Jace as they meet with Alec and Clary, his hands in his pockets as he considers what to do. He’s - pretty sure he knows exactly what he wants to do, at least. 

Three hours later, freshly showered and dressed in a Izzy and Magnus approved outfit, clutching a box that Raphael helped him get, he peers into Jace’s room. 

“Hey.” Jace says, smiling when he looks up at Simon. He puts his stele aside, a fresh iratze healing on his leg. “Come to fawn over the best Shadowhunter?”

“Already talked to Alec, but thanks.” Simon says cheerfully, and Jace pouts. He jerks his head outside. “Take a walk with me?” 

Jace follows him outside, humming a tune that sounds suspiciously like it’s from Mulan. Simon snorts to himself, because Jace is humming Let’s Get Down To Business. “China’s lucky to have you save them from the Huns, babe.” 

“You know it.” Jace says, smirking, as he catches Simon’s hand and holds it in his own. Simon rolls his eyes, leading them to the steps of the Institute. “Hey, the stars look pretty tonight.” 

“Not as pretty as - “


“ - you.” 

Lewis.” Jace says, chastising. “What have we said about cheesy pick-up lines? We do not embarrass ourselves like this.”

“In that case,” Simon says, a bundle of nerves in his stomach as he slowly sinks to one knee, still holding Jace’s hand, “you’re really not going to like what’s coming next.” 

Jace is silent, his breathing shallow as he stares down at Simon, shock written across his face. Simon waits, a faint smile on his face. 

“Are you - really.” Jace finally says, his voice thick and his eyes suspiciously bright. “Simon. Simon.” 

“I can’t believe you can effortlessly ask me this in the middle of a life-or-death situation, but if I do this in the spot we first kissed, you suddenly can’t believe it.” Simon laughs, and Jace bites his lip, his eyes crinkling as he grins. 

“Simon.” Jace repeats helplessly, and Simon takes a deep, unnecessary breath. 

“To answer your question,” he says first. “Yes. I will.” 

Jace laughs then, a giddy noise, as he squeezes Simon’s hands tight enough to hurt. “The ring is in my room, I can’t - “

“I’m not done, Jesus.” Simon says, and they’re both grinning at each other like love struck fools. “I wanted to say, your proposal was perfect. I should have said yes right there, but I didn’t get a chance to. So. I have a question for you, as well. Will you marry me?” 

“Yes.” Jace says, before yanking Simon up and kissing him, hard. Simon lets out a low groan before he presses back, giving as good as he gets. He tries to put everything he wants to say into the kiss, that Jace means everything to him, and he tries to kiss his - his fiance even harder, dipping Jace back a little as he leans forward. Jace makes an appreciative noise, and - 

“Stop making out on the front steps!”

“Did he say yes?”

“Don’t forget to give him the ring - “

“Did Jace leave the ring inside? I don’t see one on Simon’s hand - “

“How can you see that - “

“Rune, honestly, Clary, you have to start making better use of your runes - “

Jace and Simon break apart to look at the front door, where all their friends are peering out. They’ve evidently been there the whole time - even Raphael is leaning against the entrance, looking vaguely interested. Alec is smirking as Magnus hands him money. 

“Of course.” Jace hollers. “Why should my proposal get any privacy - “

“It’s not yours, it’s Simon’s.” Alec says, unrepentant.  

“You interrupted mine too, back at the warehouse.” Jace says hotly, and Alec rolls his eyes. They’re all laughing though, and Simon tugs Jace’s grinning face back towards him and kisses him sweetly, cheers echoing around them. 

“Love you.” Jace murmurs, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to murmur back love you too, forever and always.

Flaws (Dean)

Anonymous asked: How about a dean series where both the reader and him are idols but she is different like she is thick and maybe a little on the darker side since koreans love pale skin, then they both face adversity (self-hate, perseverance) maybe 

A/N: We all have flaws, but they stand out to us way more than to anyone else, and we are much harder on ourselves than any decent person would ever be to us. We have to learn how to silence the voices that tell us we aren’t pretty or handsome enough. We are enough. You know when you like someone, whether romantically or platonically and they keep looking better and better to you? That’s how the people that love you feel about you too. No matter how you look, in the eyes of those who love you, you are beautiful. 

P.S. Thank you to the person who sent in this request and I hope you don’t mind me writing it as a oneshot instead of a series. It was a great request!! <3 <3 

Originally posted by benihime99

    You closed and locked the bathroom door, stripping off the tight top and shorts. You were the only one in your group that had been told to wear high-waisted shorts for today’s performance and you knew why. You also knew that your several stretch marks were probably the reason you’d all had to wear tights. You tensed your abs and poked your stomach, cringing at how your finger sunk slightly before hitting muscle. The other girls in your group weren’t like that… No wonder your manager was always pressuring you to eat less and work out more.

    Next was your thighs. You sat down on the edge of the toilet and tensed them, feeling the softness inside, noticing how your muscles didn’t stand out as much as they should have, at least in comparison to some of the other girls. You had so much work to do. And that was only the things you could fix. Your manager had straight-up told you he was especially hard on you because your skin was darker and he wanted to do what he could to “make up for that.” You kept questioning why you had chosen this lifestyle.

    You put your clothes back on, grateful not to have to look at your insecurities anymore, and left to join the rest of your group at the table, where they were eating. “Want some ramen?” Yumi, the youngest of your group, asked. “There’s another packet somewhere.”

    “Nah, I’m good- I already ate,” you lied. You’d been about to sit down but now you didn’t want to eat and you left, saying, “Don’t over-eat!” and disappeared into the room you shared with two other members. Great, now you weren’t only hard on yourself, you were just as hard on them.

    You climbed up to your bunk and collapsed, sliding your phone out of your pocket and pressing your boyfriend’s name. Your relationship with him was secret from the public, but it wasn’t hard for the two of you to meet up since you were both under the same company. “Hey babe,” Hyuk said as he picked up.

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Riverdale Imagine: Music Notes, Pie, and Archie Andrews (Archie x reader)

Anonymous: Hello darling! I was just wondering – turn it down if you wanna – if you could do a Archie and a really shy reader. When it comes to like PDA or she’s just really really shy and she gets nervous/panics when she meets new people or speak in front of the class and he try to help her out of the shell by meeting his friends and encourages her to speak up.

Summary: The reader meets Archie over the summer as she has just moved to Riverdale and happens to be next door to him. He hears her playing guitar and, despite her shyness, insists that she needs to help him with his songs. By the end of the summer they are dating but as school approaches, the reader is nervous to meet his friends.

Approx. 1455 words

It all started over the summer. It was a boiling hot day and Mum had insisted I spent the day outside, even if that just meant in our garden. I’d given up on sunbathing hours before and was now curled up in the shade of the old oak tree with my guitar. Pages of sheet-music fanned out around me like a blanket, weighed down with tiny pebbles to prevent them from fluttering away in the light breeze.  I was completely engrossed in my music, unaware of everyone and everything, pausing at intervals to record music-notes and lyrics, when I heard an unfamiliar voice call from somewhere behind me.

“You’re going to have to help me with my music sometime, your playing is amazing!”

I jumped and spun around in shock, my gaze greeted by the confident smirk of an auburn-haired teenage boy. A teenage boy who was sitting on my garden fence, sweaty and shirtless. I swallowed hard as I felt my blood rush to my face, feeling the rouge of hot embarrassment spread over my cheeks as I desperately struggled to think of a response. This, it would seem, was the attractive young neighbour that my Mum had been trying to make me talk to all summer with little success. I cringed as I remembered how I had hid in my room the day we had moved in when him and his dad had come to introduce themselves. Even as child I had been unusually shy, still clinging onto my parents long after everyone else had stopped and as a result I struggled to make friends. My parents’ divorce and the recent move to Riverdale hadn’t helped matters, and I was secretly hoping to spend my last two years at school largely unnoticed. Unfortunately for me though, a new girl in a small town never goes unnoticed.

“I’m sorry” he laughed, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I was only trying to get a look at the mystery girl from next door.” He winked at me and jumped off the wall and into my garden, his toned stomach flexing at the effort. “It’s Y/N right?” I nodded shyly, “I’m Archie Andrews.”

“Hi…” I mumbled pathetically as I began fumbling with my sheet music, making it into a messy pile in an attempt to hide it from Archie’s amused gaze.

“How long have you been playing guitar?” He asked innocently as he gestured towards where my instrument was lying on the grass. I smiled as I picked it up and stroked the polished wood.

“I think the real question is when am I not playing. Guitar, piano, drums… I’ll play anything. It drives my mum nuts. I guess that’s why I’m an only child.” I joked. After a momentary pause, Archie roared with laughter and I smiled back nervously.

“I like you Y/N, you’re cool.” He beamed at me. “I heard you playing earlier and, I’m being totally honest, you’re pretty fucking good.” I blushed again and tucked my hair behind my ears in an attempt to hide my embarrassment, how long had he been listening? “So…” he continued, “I was wondering if you would come over to mine for a couple of hours and go through my music with me, I could really use your expertise.” He pleaded.

I was about to decline and was in the middle of finding a believable excuse when I glanced up and looked into his hopeful face. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I slung my guitar over my shoulder and gathered up my sheet music.

“What’s in it for me Andrews?” I asked with mock seriousness.

“Well Y/N, you get to stare at my beautiful face for two whole hours!” He laughed at my skeptical expression. He tried again. “We have apple pie?”  

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Born a King (Jon Snow)

word count: 1, 496

request: Hey! Hope everything is going well! I saw you were rewatching GOT and I was wondering if I could request a Jon Snow imagine? One where the reader is a Martell and is there for him when he finds out who his parents are. Like idk if she is like “you’re my king no matter what name or house you are from”. Idk whatever you want obvi coz everything you write is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 anyways thank you for even reading this! Also who is your fave character from GOT? Thanks babes! Have a good day!

requested by: @agent-smoak

a/n: Ahh, nervous! Pretty sure this isn’t as good as my other stuff, but hey, we’re always learning. I am re-watching the show and also reading the book series so I’ll be more informed for later requests. Oh! And I watch a lot of videos about backstories, histories, and theories soo yep! Hopefully, you guys enjoy it. -Young Metro Trusts Me

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Saudade: Ch17

As far as afterparties go, this probably had to be one of your favorites so far. Tyler and Jenna had encouraged Josh to get a little loose, and he had been drinking, getting pretty handsy with you, which you liked. In fact, you loved it. Tipsy Josh meant he didn’t have his anxiety in the way of things, so he was much more confident in dirty talking and touching you, two things you never had to worry about when it came to Brendon. However, now, with Tyler singing karaoke and Jenna sipping on a wine, and you and Josh sitting on a sofa while people danced and laughed and talked and drank, you were having the time of your life. Josh had one arm around you, his hand massaging one of your tits, lazily whispering dirty desires in your ear, making you blush. Halsey was sitting beside him, clearly wasted at this point, hooting and hollering for Tyler singing on the stage. You had decided not to drink, in order for someone to be sober to drive Josh home safely, but with the bright lights, wild atmosphere, and your boyfriend’s hands all over your body, you couldn’t help but feel a bit out of the ordinary.

“There he is!” Josh shouted, obnoxiously laughing and pushing you off the couch. You narrowed your eyes, bothered at his sudden rejection of you, but quickly your mood was changed when you noticed who had walked into the room. “That’s my winner!”

Brendon had taken off his suit jacket, now just in a simple shirt and tie, looking hot as ever. You watched as he greeted Josh with a wide smile, giving him a hug, Josh congratulating him. You lazily got up off the couch to join them, and Brendon must’ve been drinking too, because you could smell the booze on his breath, but you also noticed how he stared a tad too long at your body. “Congratulations Brendon,” you greeted as casually as possible, Josh instantly putting an arm around you, probably to steady himself. “Rock album of the year, right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Pretty crazy, huh?”

“You’re just amazing,” Josh sighed happily. “So successful.”

“I know right?” Brendon laughed. “Looks like I’m stealing everything from you these days, Josh.”

You froze at his words, the bold approach making your insides churn, thinking Brendon’s cockiness finally got the best of you.

“An award isn’t everything,” Josh rolled his eyes, responding without missing a beat. “This looker here.” He tugged you to his side and planted a kiss on your lips, making you forget for a moment about what Brendon had said and blushing. “Y/n is my everything.”

“Ah,” Brendon chuckled. “I don’t believe I stuttered.”

You turned rigid, giving him menacing eyes as if to cut out the act, but he just smirked, amused.

“You take care,” Josh patted him on the shoulder.

A pretty girl walked up to Brendon, kissing him on the cheek, wrapping her arm around his waist, then turning to face both you and Josh. You frowned at her, especially after witnessing the way she touched and kissed Brendon. She was gorgeous, bright eyes, glowing smile, hair done up, and a floral dress and heels. “I’m Sarah,” she extended a hand towards Josh. “Brendon’s girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you!” Josh greeted, too intoxicated at this point to realize how you glared at Brendon, half offended, half hurt. Brendon looked at you, almost unsure of what to say or do. You almost wanted to slap him across the face, first for having such a big ego, but now for not even bothering to bring up the fact he had a goddamn girlfriend.

“How long have you been together?” the question spilled out of your mouth faster than you could control yourself.

“Oh, a while now,” she smiled, bubbly personality only making you despise her more. How could Brendon not have mentioned her before? “I don’t know, probably a couple months.”

“I see,” you sighed. “Well Josh and I have to go back to our designated spots, he’s been drinking and I can’t let him out of my sight, you know.”

“Yeah good idea,” Brendon nodded, probably just as nervous as you were. “Come on, Sarah, let’s get some more drinks.”

As Josh tugged you back to your seat on the sofa, another drink in his hand, you couldn’t help but have questions flood your mind. Why had he never brought up Sarah before? Did he get together with her after he had left you? Is that why he was so hesitant to fuck you the dressing room? Why did he still insist on giving you his number? Did he already have sex with Sarah? Was she better at the whole rough sex thing than you were? Were they in a long term relationship? Had he been cheating on her with you? Where had she been all award show long? It seemed like your mind could barely keep track of all the possibilities and inquiries. “Hey babe,” Josh slurred. “Come on, let’s have a little fun.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed, pushing his hand away from your chest, Brendon obviously being the reason for such a sudden sour mood. You were already grumpy that you were forced to be the sober one, but now, with Brendon barely in distance, chatting up his girlfriend and handing her a drink, you were twice as resentful.

“It’ll be fun,” he insisted, hand sliding up your thigh through the fabric of your dress.

Honestly, any other day, you would kill to have him treat you like this. In fact, you’d probably beg for him to pull this kind of behavior on you. It was what you had been longing for all this time, but now that you finally had it, a boyfriend that was in the mood to have a little naughty fun, you weren’t interested in all. In fact, you just wanted to go home, go to sleep, and forget about everything that had happened. You felt used and stupid and pointless, especially with how pathetic you probably sounded begging Brendon to fuck you in the dressing room, and now here he was, with someone much prettier and much better than you. It was probably pity sex anyways. Your stomach churned, a miserable feeling surfacing, and you wanted more than anything to be quiet and alone. However, you were stuck here, in a place full of people, with your boyfriend unable to keep his hands off you, and now, with Pete Wentz screeching Womanizer on karaoke, which was anything far from quiet.

“I need a breath of fresh air,” you whispered, getting up from the couch, only to have Josh tug you back by your hips, making you crash down onto the cushions.

“Nuh uh, I’ve already heard that excuse before,” he shook his head, pulling you to his side, snuggling up to you. “Doesn’t work on me.”

“For real,” you argued, trying to push him away, but he only clung onto you more. “I’m getting overwhelmed, Josh.”

“Then let me help you relax,” he insisted, placing his lips on your neck, but it only made you feel ten times worse.

“I need to be alone,” you finally stated forcefully, him quickly pulling away, the hurt in his eyes making you feel instantly guilty, but also thankful because when he had finally let go of you, you were able to properly breathe. “Please. I promise I’ll be right back.”

“Promise,” he reminded, eyes locked with yours as you got up from the couch.

“I know,” you reassured. “Just, don’t drink too much when I’m gone. Okay?”

Before you knew it, he was already hitting on Halsey beside him, hugging her waist and nuzzling up to her. You watched as he gave a goofy grin and she laughed, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him closer to her side. Strangely enough, it didn’t bother you. Instead, you wondered if maybe he was better with someone else. Not necessarily Halsey in particular, but somebody. “Hey there,” the voice made you jump, and sure enough, when you turned around, there he was. Brendon.

“Oh fuck you,” you spat.

“Hey,” his voice softened, eyes too. “Come on, I didn’t mean-”

“Sure,” you narrowed your eyes. “You don’t need to explain yourself, I know what’s going on.”

“Look, y/n. Me and Sarah haven’t even been together that long, we’re just a fling, it will most likely come and pass just like every-” he began.

“Every relationship you get into,” you finished for him. “Bullshit. Look, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. Clearly I wasn’t thinking straight, okay? I apologize for that.”

“You don’t have to apologize for anything,” he insisted. “I wanted that, y/n.”

“And I’m sure you want Sarah too,” you glared.

“So what? You’re allowed to date but I’m not?” he challenged. “That sure seems fair.”

“You know what? I’m sorry I ever met you in the first place!” you shouted, frustrated.

“Well I’m sorry I’m just finally trying to have a successful relationship for once in my life!” he yelled back.

“Oh,” you laughed darkly, looking him in the eyes, a bit offended. “So us, we weren’t successful? You didn’t think that worked out? Two months of us? That was a failure?”

“Of course it was a failure!” he screamed. “Look at where we are now! Y/n, we haven’t even talked in months! You think I’d call that successful?”

“You’re crazy,” you muttered. “I’m crazy, this is all-”

“Just forget it,” Brendon tightened his jaw. “Forget about all of this. Forget about us.”

“I was trying to,” you narrowed your eyes. “Until you fucking came along at the awards show.”

“Oh so it’s my fault I’m at an awards show?” he widens his eyes. “No shit! You know I got invited to that actually? And I won that fucking award. And I beat your boyfriend’s sorry little ass.”

“At least he actually loves me,” you argued.

“You think I don’t love you?” Brendon was bellowing at this point, and you didn’t even realize how loud you were being until he unclenched his hands, and you took a deep breath, and came to your senses. There were at least five people around you shouting your names, Jenna tugging on your arm, telling you to knock it off.

“You guys are being loud as fuck,” one of the security guards warned. “You better watch it. Take your scream fest somewhere else and learn to grow up. Got it?”

Both your body and Brendon’s was shaking from how loud you were yelling at each other, the anger pulsating through yourselves, the way there was still so much to say but never enough time or opportunity to say it. “I’m out of here,” you grumbled, shrugging off Jenna’s grip on your arm.

“Y/n wait,” Jenna tried to insist but you shoved her off of you.

“Come on Josh, we’re going,” you stated, approaching the couch, when you found him already asleep on Halsey’s lap. “Oh god.”

“It’s ay-okay,” Halsey slurred. “I’ve got him all under control.”

“I’m sure,” you sighed, running a hand through your hair. “Okay, come on Josh. Let’s go.”

“Mmm?” he grumbled, shifting his position on her lap.

“Ugh, I swear this night just keeps getting better and better,” you muttered sarcastically, tugging him up off of her and shaking him awake.

After you had miraculously found a way to drag Josh all the way to the car and drive him back to the hotel, you were exhausted. He had managed to strip down to his boxers and get in bed, and meanwhile, you were locked in the bathroom, thinking over it all. You got out of your dress, sliding out of the fabric and tossing it onto the counter, closing your eyes before glancing up at yourself in the mirror. You were such a mess. You ran some warm water, splashing it onto your face, wiping it off, trying to get a grip on the entire situation. You glanced at your phone, which now had several missed calls from Brendon. You closed your eyes, unlocking the bathroom door and snatching an oversized shirt, slipping it over your body, and then glancing at Josh who was already in a deep sleep, cozy in bed. Maybe if you stepped out onto the balcony, you could see what all the fuss was about.

Sliding the glass door open, stepping out onto the hotel balcony, then closing it, you glanced at your phone. You wished you didn’t care so much, but you knew you needed to clear things up with Brendon. Another phone call came in, and you bit down on your lower lip at the familiar contact name, then hit the accept button, pressing it up to your ear. “Okay, what do you want?” you sighed.

“I’m sorry about today,” Brendon apologized, words slurred and voice slow, evident he was drunk as well. No surprise there.

“It’s fine, we can talk about it later,” you reassured.

“No, talk about it now,” he insisted. “I know I’m far from sober, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak what’s on my mind y/n. I need to tell you the truth.”

“I’m listening,” you whispered.

“The only reason I’m with Sarah is because I’m trying to have a healthy relationship for once,” he explained. “I’ve spent my entire life with small flings, one night stands, friends with benefits, all that stuff. Ever since the breakup with me and uh… I mean the band, ever since the band broke up, I didn’t know love anymore. I lost that feeling, that connection. All I knew was just sex. And then I met you, and there was something special there, and I thought maybe I had a chance at this whole thing again, you know? That I could love people. But you always seemed to be taken and you were already invested in Josh, I mean after those two months ended, I knew I couldn’t do that. You had known Josh for two years and you knew me for two months, and yet, you had fucked me probably more times you had ever fucked Josh. You knew as well as I did. It wasn’t right.”

“And so you tried to try again,” you stated flatly. “With someone else.”

“It’s not the same, but it’s something,” he decided. “And just like you’re invested in Josh, I’m invested in Sarah. I want to try this for real. An actual relationship.”

“Does um, does that mean we’re-” your voice caught, unable to finish.

“Done? No, I don’t think so,” he replied. “You can’t choose who you’re in love with y/n, and as far as I can tell, I’m still very in love with you. That’s not going to change anytime soon. But I also know Josh loves you, and you love him, so you need to stay true to that.”

“I know,” you sighed, closing your eyes tight. “I’m trying to.”

“Just stay strong for me,” Brendon mumbled. “I know you’ll get through this one way or another.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly, staring out into the dark sky, feeling distant as ever. “I sure hope so.”


Josh Dun X Reader

Request: Could you write in imagine where you and josh recently got married but when he has finally come home from tour he barely spends any time with you and you get upset about it so you try to talk to him about it but he yells at you and a big fight happens but then you guys make up and it’s cute yay? ❤️

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She’s So Lovely - Trent Seven (Epilogue to Not Another Happy Ending and Make The Most Of It)

Originally posted by dumbsmartboy

I wasn’t going to write this but I wasn’t too happy with how part 2 ended. I promised myself that I’d give her and Trent a happy ending, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve written her dad as a complete dick towards Trent (I’m really glad not to have one like this one. Seriously, I’ve written this guy to be pure douchebag asshole). Think of this as my ‘thank you’ gift for reaching 200 followers.

The little playlist of songs that helped me write: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUekYJIt56IfAznzheLI6P_uhtaXBXexV

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The morning after their reunion, Trent woke up early to make her breakfast. She whined when she felt him get up but was hushed, a gentle kiss being pressed to her forehead. She joined him in the kitchen an hour or so later dressed in one of his shirts, the clothing absolutely drowning her with it’s size. His breath caught in his throat because he never thought he would see her like this again. Even with her messy hair, tired eyes and bruised neck (granted, those were his fault but he definitely did not feel guilty about them), she was still the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. His phone had been blowing up all morning with messages from Pete and Tyler who were both letting him know that she had run from the wedding. In response, he gently pulled her to his side and raised their joined hands, taking a photo on his phone with the other hand. Ten minutes after sending the photo, he received a message from Tyler, a video attached. It was of the two younger men yelling at the camera about how it was about time that she sorted him out - they were sick of him asking how you were constantly.

They got back to the way they used to be almost instantly; never losing grip on one another’s hand as they walked down the street, her sitting front and centre at shows (which worked out pretty well in tag matches with Tyler as he would shake hands with fans on one side of the ring, Tyler on the other and they’d meet in the middle where she would high-five the younger man and Trent would pull her into a passionate kiss for good luck) and silly little romantic gestures from both parties. Such gestures included her leaving one of her wristbands in his bag to wear in the ring on the rare occasion that she couldn’t go with him to a show. He nearly took a guy’s head off with a clothesline when the bastard pulled it off of his wrist when he had him in a wristlock. Tyler had to hold Trent back despite secretly wanting to knock the other man’s teeth down his throat, knowing how difficult it could be for his friend not to have his girl with him, that the wristband was his way of having a piece of her close by and this prick had crossed the line by taking it. Trent had his own gestures for her, of course. He liked to bring her a postcard back from every new place he went and write something he loved about her on the back. She had a whole box full of the cards and they were some of her most treasured possessions. Pete would never admit it but he found it adorable that his friend was so persistent, making sure that he had purchased a postcard for his lady.

They were happy. Her father? Not so much. He despised Trent. Both of the couple remembered the day that she introduced him to her parents back in 2015 with a strange fondness.

Trent had shown up at her parent’s home dressed in his best, yet casual, suit, with a bunch of flowers and a bottle of white wine in his hands. She greeted him at the door, her mother not too far behind. Both wore grins. He handed the flowers to her mother who gushed about how he was so charming and handsome. His girlfriend swears to this day that she saw a blush on his face, no matter how much he denies it.

Sitting down for dinner, her father began his interrogation. It started off simple. He told him that he was from Wolverhampton, he was, at the time, 34 years old, the normal stuff. The question of what he did for a living should have been normal too but unfortunately, her father was less than happy. He had seen his daughter watching these wrestling matches when she was home. The last thing he wanted was for his precious angel of a daughter to be anywhere near the ‘scum’ of the wrestling world. The look he gave Trent was one that can only be described as vicious. Trent was just about able to ignore the snide remarks being directed towards him and hell, he knew Pete wouldn’t let the comments made about him get under his skin so neither should Trent. It was when Tyler was brought up that he finally snapped. Tyler was only 18 and like a little brother to him so, like any older brother would if he heard someone chatting shit about his younger sibling, he whacked him in the jaw. Her mother didn’t even try and stop him, knowing full well that her husband deserved it.

She didn’t know that he still had the engagement ring from the bedside table. He knew he wanted to propose properly but he also wanted to make it special. He had thought about maybe doing it after the UK Tournament, possibly in the ring. A ring in the ring? Kind of cute. God, she had been so proud of him when they found out he was going to be in the tournament. It had been a couple of months since they had gotten back together, just before Christmas, all of her stuff had been moved back into their small apartment. She had walked in on him crying after hanging up the phone.

“Babe, are you okay?” She called, walking into their shared bedroom. He was sat on the edge of the bed, shoulders lightly shaking.

“Yeah. These are happy tears, I assure you.” He turned his body to face her as she sat down next him. This was going to be amazing, not just for him but for the both of them.

“Why are you crying? Oh god, did I do something wrong?”

“No! No, love. I um…I just got off of the phone with someone about a really incredible thing that’s happening next month. It was…It was Triple H,” She covered her mouth with her hands, eyes already starting to tear up, “The WWE are holding a tournament to crown the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion. And they want me to be in the tournament.”

He couldn’t help but cry and now they were both in tears, holding one another. The pride rushed through her in waves because her man was finally being recognised by the biggest promotion in the world, all of his hard work had paid off.

“I am so proud of you and everything you have achieved. Tyler and Pete are going to be so happy for you.”

“I think they might get a bit jealous.” Less than a minute later, Trent’s phone buzzed twice, “Well, I don’t have to worry about that now. They both got a call too. British Strong Style is coming to the WWE.“

Obviously, Trent didn’t win the tournament. He didn’t propose either.

When he finally did, he had the help of the Bullet Club. Kenny, Matt and Nick were over in the UK and just so happened to be facing British Strong Style at FIght Club Pro. The Young Bucks were more than happy to help Trent. After all, lady was like their sister.

Following one hell of a show, Trent was able to have the use of the ring for a little while after the crowd had gone from the warehouse. Matt and Nick had to convince Y/N that they and Kenny wanted to go through some of the moves she had been working on. Luckily, she bought it and stuck around after the show.

Technically, they weren’t lying to her as they did start off by helping her with moves and it took about ten minutes before Trent worked up the courage to get in the ring with them. She was running the ropes at the time and definitely wasn’t expecting to turn around and see Trent on one knee, box in hand, both of the Jacksons with smirks on their faces.

“You bastards. You fucking tricked me!”

“Oh, shut up and listen to what the man has to say.”

Everything went quiet, other wrestlers crowding in the doorway to catch a glimpse of what was happening.

“Sorry about the ruse, darling. It’s taken me a little bit of time to figure out how to do this and with The Elite being over here, I thought this would be a good time. The very fact that you let me back into your life after the crap I put you through made me realise just how lucky I am. I get to go out and do what I love, all the while knowing that you’re back here for me to come home to. I would let the boys superkick the living shit out of me rather than do anything to hurt you ever again. And I know that we may never have a normal life because of what I do but I don’t think a ‘normal life’ is very us. So…if you’ll put up with me for the rest of our lives, Y/N Y/L/N…will you marry me?”

“Of course I will! Yes!” The sound of applause and cheering faded as Trent slipped the ring onto her finger and she pulled him into a kiss.


And that’s how they ended up here. They didn’t want to wait to have a big wedding, instead opting for a quiet affair with their family and friends. Her mother had come, refusing to miss her little girl getting married. Y/N had her ‘brothers’ walk her down the aisle, just like she wanted, and Trent had Pete and Tyler as his best men. He knew that looking into her eyes as she stood across from him, both having said their vows, he would go through everything again as long as it led to this.

A short and sweet reception and a taxi ride back to their stupid little flat was all that they wanted. They spent the rest of the night laughing and smiling, dancing around their living room to silly pop music.

“I love you. I always have.”

“I love you too. I always will.”

Preference 17: He dresses you up

Guyssss I finally had the time to write another entry to post here in tumblr. And yeah, I also finally wrote another preference bc I feel bad and all that I write is Brad imagines from requests xD. So here I am with the AC on, me in my Pikachu onesie (YEP) and writing this on my laptop, with a glass of pineapple juice on my side desk. Okay idk why did I just told you all of that…anyways here’s another preference.


“Wheeen will you eeever finish?” Connor exclaimed, plopping himself down on the bed with his arms held out. You laughed quietly. You and Con were invited to a birthday party by one of your friends who lives three hours away. Yes, what a long drive. Better get me some of that setting spray, Jeffree Star.

“I haven’t even got out my clothes yet, babe.” You purposely said, torturing him more. He let out a loud grunt which made you chuckle and followed with a laugh. “Stop laughing oh my god!” he throws his head back on the mattress.

“I mean it’s your fault finishing up so early. It’s like…still—“

“It’s freaking 10:48 AM and we need to get going at eleven and by two we need to be there!” he exclaimed, sitting up and ran his hand on his hair. Lol. “You know what, I’m gonna pick up your outfit myself.” What. “What?!” “You heard me. Since you’re still drawing a, uh, outline…yeah, outline on your lips and you still need to do your hair, I will be picking out clothes for you, mademoiselle.” You sighed. You actually need help right now but you’re not going to show it. “Sure, Connor. But can I trust you though?”

“Oh you better. Because once I’m done clawing through your clothes, you’ll look amazing on what I chose an I’ll be proud of myself when I look at you because, hell, I did that.” You scoffed and smiled at the same time. “Go ahead.” You gestured for him to go inside your closet and pick out the outfit, which he excitedly obliged.

After you’ve completely done your makeup and curled your hair, you checked inside the closet to see what’s going on. “Oh good Lord.” You whispered as you saw a the outfit laid down, across the little circular seat in the middle, with a pair of shoes on the side. “I know, pretty amazing right?” he chuckled to himself. “I must say, this is not bad.” You held out a white, floral Fawn Floyd dress, a pink bomber jacket, with your white flats. “I know, I know, I’m amazing and all with you staring at the outfit I’ve put together and yes I’m the best boyfriend okay but you seriously need to get ready now.” He jokes while putting his hand on his chest. You rolled your eyes playfully and receiving a kiss from him on the cheek. “Thank you baby, seriously.”

“No worries.” He replied while grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you once again for a kiss now on the lips.


“It’s one of those days again, Brad!” you shouted loudly enough so Brad can hear you from the living room. You immediately heard his footsteps getting closer to your shared bedroom and entering with a slightly confused face. “You have your, um, monthly p—“

“No! It’s not that!” You immediately cut him off before he could continue his sentence. “I don’t know what to wear…and that really leads to you picking out clothes for me, right?” You reminded him. This, situation, started when the both of you were going to his parents’ house for dinner and you didn’t know what to wear. You were stuck between keeping it casual but a bit classy and just classy. So he helped you eventually, and that became a thing. Its really been a long time since you’ve let him chose your clothes to wear, but today the both of you are going to Nat’s graduation (a/n let’s pretend guys cmon) and are going to have a little party after, and you need clothes to wear, obviously, so why not let him give you a hand

“I’m in that situation again, babe. Should I wear jeans or not?”

“Nah, I think you should wear a dress of some sort or something…” he slowly says while opening your closet. You see, most boys would be annoyed if their girlfriends ask the question of, “What should I wear?!” while already whining, but thanks to baby Jesus, Brad does not. He even helps you to pick out an outfit; what a good boyfriend he is, isn’t he?

“Well, I’ve got these pair of shoes, and I really like to wear them today. D’you that can help?” I say while holding up a white strappy-heeled sandals for him to see. He looked at it and back at me and smiled. “You really make my job much easier, Y/N.” You squealed and went up to him and kissed his cheek. “Thank you so much baby. You’re the best.” You mumbled against his skin with a smile. He replied with nothing but a kiss on the corner of your lips. He continued to scramble through your closet, having second thoughts about dresses he lifts up then putting it back on the rack.

A few minutes later he comes up to you while closing the closet with his feet, a dress having in hand. “Here—I think this goes well with that…I think.” He hands you this maroon, one-fourth-sleeved dress that ends right above on your knees with a zipper on the back. “Wow, I haven’t worn that in a while..” you whispered as you un-zipped the dress. “I know. I’ve been seeing that just hanging in there without you touching it while your choosing your clothes and just ignoring it.” He shrugs. You laugh while thanking him once again while undressing to your bra and undies, hiding from him but he wasn’t approving so you just basically stripped in front of him. You slipped your dress on with the help of him zipping up the back. “I think it’s my turn to pick out your clothes, huh?” You asked jokingly. “Now’s not the time, babe.” He said, but he clearly wanting to say, never.


“Thanks for coming, baby.” Tristan whispered on your ear while kissing your cheek after. “This thing better be good, Tris. I ditched my cousins’ birthday party.” You chuckled while fixing your hair up in a bun, getting ready to put on your makeup.

“Whatever, I think she doesn’t like you anyway.”

“Well…true.” You agreed.


“Tris, can you please get me my clothes from downstairs? I think I left it laying on the couch or something.” You asked while finishing up your makeup. He stood up from the bed behind you and walking to exit the door, “Thanks babe.”

A minute later he comes up back to the room, holding up the clothes you picked, laying on his hand while a sort of, confused face plastered on him. “What?”

“Are you seriously wearing a red dress and four and a half inched heels on a The Vamps rehearsal?” he asked, letting me see the clothes I have chosen for myself. You were offended at first, but also slapping yourself mentally for actually picking those clothes out. Of course you don’t wear a freaking thigh high dress and high heels to a concert, what the fuck. He puts the clothes back on the closet and walks over to you, putting the both of his hands in front of you, on the table, while towering his figure over you. “I’ll choose.”

“What?! My clothes? -chuckles- No way, Evans.” You snapped, standing up and opening the closet again. But he was fast enough to block you so his back was covering the clothes to choose from. “C’mon, just this time. Please? Trust me.” He begged. “You’re just gonna play games about it again.” You sassed, crossing your arms. “Noooo! I won’t! I promise, I promise.” He pleaded once again, pressing his hands together. You gave in, “Fine. Go ahead.” He let out a soft “Yaay!” while turning around and started to rummage inside your closet. You sighed and made yourself company and putting all of your makeup back in the bag and fixing your hair.

Minutes go by and he already handed me two items of clothing; black skinny jeans and an off the shoulder white top. “Ooooh!” You grabbed the outfit from his hands and looked at him in amusement. “See, I told you.” He said almost proudly. You laughed softly and thanked him. “And oh—“ he pointed to your black ankle boots, “Wear those too.” Was the last thing he said then walked out of the room so you can change. You smirked and shook your head to yourself, “I love how he acts like some kind of professional or something.” You laughed.


“Hmm…baby, I wanna dress you up.” He whispered into your skin, kissing your shoulder very delicately. You sighed into his touch, closing your eyes. “But baby, why d’you wanna do that?” you asked, pulling him away and looking straight at him. “I mean, aren’t we going to the shopping centre later? I want to look at you and remind myself that I dressed you up.” He chuckled at the end. You shake your head jokingly at his foolishness. “Okaaaay…—“

“Yay!” He cheered.

“But can I trust you though?” You pointed a finger at him and he just grinned and then winked in reply. You swear you think you just melted. “Okay then, come on.” You jumped out of bed with him behind you and you led him to your closet. You opened the doors and his eyes grew wide. “Okay I swear you only swear skinny jeans and a shirt on a day to day basis but, hell, I didn’t know you had this much clothes.” He admitted. You shrugged your shoulders and replied, “Well, I mean, I know, but you asked for it.” You heard his huff slightly besides you and forcing yourself not to let out a chuckle. “Come on now, love. We don’t have all day to choose clothes, now do we?” He didn’t reply. “Well, while you do that, I’ll just take a wee and do my makeup slightly.” You said while running to the bathroom, leaving him there to decide what you’re gonna wear. You trusted him, you knew that.

You decided that after you went to wee, you’ll go straight to putting on some makeup and keep the outfit he made a secret to yourself. Plus, he will have more time. You started putting on some primer then a thin layer of foundation, concealer and some powder to add some color on your face. You added some contour, eyebrows then eyeliner, and lastly some mint flavored chapstick. You fixed your hair up into a fishtail braid and then finally, you went outside.

Your lips already parted slightly and your brows were raised up to the sight of James holding up the outfit that he chose, proudly.

A white sundress with red roses prints in them and a denim jacket, with your white Chelsea boots placed just in front of the doorway. “I know we’re just going to do some groceries, but I think we should all dress up like it’s our last day here on earth.” He winked at the end, while dropping the clothes on the bed and walking over to you and giving you a kiss on the forehead. “I swear, McVey, if you don’t stop with all these quotes I’m gonna flip.” You shook your head but then grabbing the dress first to put it on. “Well, uh, I mean,” he brushed his hair with his hands, “Life’s just a whole big quote, isn’t it?” “Oh my God.” You both laughed.

Soon enough later you’ve got changed, and James couldn’t help but to stare at his masterpiece. He fulfilled his promise to himself; to look at Y/N and say that, “I dressed her up, my work of art.”

P.S: not spellchecked so sorry if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes that you may have encountered. 


• to be honest you first saw him on show me the money but when you saw him in real life you didn’t judge him based on that, he seemed really cool and chill and swag and not to mention cuTIE
• when he saw you he dragged all the hyungs out one by one and told them to keep cool and not to embarrass him bc tHEYVE DONE IT BEFORE AND YOU LOOK REALLY SWEET AND NICE AND HE DIDNT WANT TO BLOW ANYTHING
• and the hyungs kinda laughed a little bc is he sure that it’s them that’s doing stuff, when he’s the one who froze and started to sweat hardcore when you walked up to say hi to him lol
• obviously wrote a rap for u when it came to ask you out but got so nervous and stressed about it bc it had to be perfect that he locked himself in his room. he eventually gave up and decided to wing it and used the sea of crumpled paper to make paper cranes bc he needed all the luck he could get. i mean u were perfect to him, if you said no he didn’t know what to do.
• when the morning of the special day finally came, rap lyrics just started flooding out of his mouth and at first he was like whATS GOING ON W ME then he realised u were his muse aw
• it was a really REALLy great and meaningful rap and you were like woah Hansol that was amazing but why did u write that?
• “because I wanted to ask… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “I’m sorry.., what?”
• “I said… doyouwanttogooutwithme?”
• “i can’t hear what you’re-”
• “oh you should’ve spoken louder and- wait what?”
• tbh at first you thought he was messing with you but you realised he was serious and said yes ;;-;;;
• and he just stood there for awhile, taking the moment in in silence and having a little part inside himself bc yoU JUST SAID YES TIME TO TELL THE HYUNGS NSIDNSKDNKSNC
• took you to an amusement park for your first date and kept bragging about goin on all the rides w u even the scary ones and buying EVERYTHJNG u wanted and eating all the food there was for sale and TBH u were pretty hyped for it but u didn’t think he could pay for EVERYTHING
• but when u got there you immediately requested to go on the scariest ride there was and hansol didn’t want to seem weak so he was like “let’s start with the smaller rides” and from there he proceeded to make excuses to get away from the scary rides.
• “the lines too long.”
• “I need to go bathroom.”
• “are you sure u can handle that ride, y/n? seems pretty uh, scary… for you, that is.”
• “u see, I’m really just looking out for ur safety here, maybe it’s not such a good idea if ur scar-”
• and he really wanted to cry bc >=< why were u so brave
• but after the ride he gained a lot more confidence and went w u in all the scary rides YAYAYAYAYYY
• kept his promise of buying you everything you wanted (more like everything u looked at) food, shirts, toys, anything. but eventually he ran out of money and ofc it ran out when it was the worst time and it was raining. he wanted to buy an umbrella but u ended up buying it and he was so sorry about it and ur like NONO ITS OK OK?
• you guys sat on a bench, with an umbrella over ur heads, waiting for the rain to subside bc people weren’t allowed on the rides and talking about your life story’s.like how he moved from America to Korea at the age of 5, his journey to become an idol and things like that, you guys got much closer after the chat.
• + he fed u cotton candy and other stuff bc u couldn’t eat w one hand since the other was holding the umbrella aw
• then once the rain had gone the two of u proceeded for another round on all the rides yay
• once night fell it got really really cold so Hansol gave u his jacket all cool like and u were blushing so hard u were glad it was dark bc u were pretty much a tomato
• calls you babe and baby bc that’s the things that rappers say and it sounds cool and swag when he says it so
• you guys are the kind of couple that’s so buddy buddy w each other it’s like ur best friends u kno like sometime throwing shade at each other and stuff
• you two were actually too shy to initiate anything for your first kiss and it had been quite a while and the members were getting kind of fed up at how awkward it would get when you two were about to kiss but decide against it. so they pretty much secretly made a plan to ‘accidentally’ push the two of u together, therefore making u two kiss. so when they did do that to the both of u, u guys just stared at each other whilst ur lips were touching and then Hansol eventually snapped out of it and properly kissed u and u TWO WERE SO CUTE
• likes to wrap his arm around ur shoulder
• but he’s still shy about public skinship aw
• has a habit of going straight to you for help with lyrics for his rap, even if your in two different time zones he’s all like MY WONDERFUL JAGIYA WILL HELP then he reaches for his phone and calls u and it’s like two in the morning for u and ur like WHAT DO U WANT AT THIS HOUR and he’s like HELP, SEND ME A POCTURE OF UR FACE I NEED INSPIRATION and ur like MY FACE ISNT PRESENTABLE and he’s all like O PLS IVE SEEN U IN UR UGLIEST BABE JUST SEND ME PLS
• and the members are just watching u two bicker back and forth
• but u eventually send a photo and immediately he got waves of lyrics to use
• and u smile and is like “yeah yeah ily too, night, get some rest ok?”
• likes to give you shy little pecks anywhere on the face cutie
• fave hug is where he gets to bury his face in ur neck bc u find it ticklish and it’s cute when u laugh bUt onlY WHEN UR ALONE BC THE MEMBERS WOMT STOP TEASING HIM IF THEY SEE
• when he wants attention he’ll just give you like this serious face and send u a silent message from across the room that goes along the lines of come love me, I want u to love me but I don’t want to admit it… But come love me anyway
• likes (more like loves) his little sister sofia, he speaks so highly of her and the second you met her you two clicked immediately and it made hansol happy bc two of his favourite girls getting along is the best thing in the world
• + she also said that he wouldn’t stop talking about you to her and how you were the most amazing person ever awwww
• but u don’t really mind they’re best friends so u understand yay
• Seungkwan secretly had a word with you and is all like “please don’t break my best friends heart. I’d hate for that to happen to him and he’s genuinely happy with you.”
• likes to watch movies too, u guys always stay in for movie marathons and everyone’s just like dO U EVER GO ON PROPER DATES??? and the two of u just stare at them like ?? we got popcorn, chocolate, 5,000 movies, a tv and each other, what more could we possibly need for a date?
• likes dogs too, if he’s like giving u a piggy back outside or smthn and he sees a dog he’ll literally drop u and start loving the dog and he completely forgets ur there until the dog trots away and then he’s like oH DID I DO IT AGAIN and ur like mHM YA THINK
• dislikes it when people bring up or tease him about show me the money, it’s obviously something he wasn’t entirely proud of and it upsets him whenever someone brings it up
• and ur anger pretty much cheers him up most of the time bc omg ur too adorable u dork
• had secretly been going to seungkwan for voice lessons everyday for hours and ur like whERE DO U GO ALL THE TIME and he just winks at u and says “you’ll find out soon, babe.” ;)))
• and ur like “:((((”
• and he’s like “;;;))))”
• “::::((((”
• “;;;;;;;;))))”
• has an addiction showing everyone his adlibs even if they’ve seen it many times before, they gotta see it again. everyone sorta just plays along bc it makes hansol happy.
• “so jagi, you hAVE to listen to my new take on seungkwan’s adlib, it’s REALLY good!”
• “//internally sighs// okay babe, can’t wait to hear it (!)”
• couple related stuff is a big no no, it’s hard enough to get him to go shopping with you but he’ll draw the line once he sees you milling around the couple items.
• when you resort to tugging at his sleeves like a child and pleading and whining like a baby, he still doesn’t want to and just stays there vigorously shaking his head in silence bc hES TOO COOL FOR THESE THINGS OK ???!1!1!1!!
• when hansol gets jealous he’s pretty chill about it, he just goes up to the person and is all like are you serious dude, do u have to do that? and then the person eventually stops and he’s still chill.
• but when the two of you are alone he begins to bombard you with questions
• “you love me the most, right jagiya?”
• “you’ll never leave me for someone like him, right?”
• “oh okay, yeah that’s what I thought.”
• his phone background is a photo of you the one time you dressed up in his 'hip hop’ clothes and u bought some fake bling and sunglasses and started rapping to lotto and he had to take a photo bc you looked hilarious and cute
• but then u swore and he was like NOPE THATS ENOUGH DONT SWEAR
• your phone background is a photo of him dressed head to toe in couple items bc you got mad at him and he was like ILL DO ANYTHING and yeah that’s how he ended up like that
• so pretty much he would do anything to see you smile <3333
• tickle fights for days, it would start off as an accidental brush on the neck and then it would lead to screams that could break windows and kicking each other’s faces off aw
• often rolls up to ur apartment at 1 in the morning to go on night walks with you, it’s the only time he can see you due to his practicing and he really misses u all the time. you don’t do much during those walks just talking about life. he sometimes walks u back home at 4 in the morning and by then ur ready to pass out so he gives u a piggyback and plops u on ur couch aw
• then he gathers tons of blankets and pillows and makes u as comfy as possible and just sits on the floor staring at u for a while bc he’s so lucky to have u in his life ;;___;;
• one time the two of you sat down for your usual movie dates and it was ur turn to pick what to watch and u made him sit through excruciating pain whilst u guys watched his videos as a child
• “it was gonna happen one time or another, babe.”
• “whatever.’
• "u love me.”
• “//sigh// yeah, unfortunately.”
• you guys ALWAYS do rap battles and it’s so freaking adorable
• he sends you to sleep by laying you down and just cuddling w u and staring at u w ur eyes closed and moving ur hair out of ur eyes and just admiring u
• u wake him up tbh and his excuse for not waking up early is bC HES A GROWING BOY AND NEEDS HIS SLEEP OKKKK
• it’s hard enough for hansol to be a rapper, but to be one of the main rappers in the group is even harder, it means more parts, which means more lyrics to write, which means more stress, which means less sleep, which means worse health, which means more worry from you.
• he’s always insecure and upset about the fact that people always view him as the American boy from seventeen, when really he’s more Korean in his heart. he’s also really anxious that his rap lyrics may not portray the message he’s trying to get across, it’s always what the fans and viewers would think.
• but ur always there to support him which is why he’s utterly in love with you.
• ur first fight would probably be something big, considering how you two usually take shade from each other pretty well. you walked out and since hansol is slow at reacting to things, he let you and only when u were gone did he realise what had just happened.
• he was immediately sorry once reality hit him but didn’t go straight to you, scared he’d say or do the wrong thing, so he went to look for his hyungs for help. they gave him advice and he ended up apologising by throwing rocks at ur window and proclaiming how sorry he was kinda of like Romeo and Juliet (the one where his look alike Leonardo DiCaprio acted in)
• you were like “what’s that noise at my window?”, when you came to see outside you saw hansol with a basket of small pebbles and a trillion bouquets of flowers.
• and you ran down outside bc a) it was the middle of the night and he was screaming and b) to give him the biggest hug in the world bc nobody had ever done that for you aw
• you and hansol are the kind of couple that everyone would consider goals. your always there for each other, as best friends and lovers, you know exactly what the other needs at the right time and are honest with each other, you’ve forever got each other’s backs and although you two are only growing, what you have isn’t some teenage love. it’s eternal love. it’s adult love, elder love and anything older than that. there’s nobody else fit for hansol than you, because you’re always there to keep him focused, to make sure he’s keeping himself healthy, to inspire him and to love him. and there’s nobody else for you than hansol because he makes a smile stay on your face, he’s there when you need someone, whether you need to laugh or cry and he’s there to make you feel like your important to someone.. Important to him.
• “Your gestures hit right at my heart
You make me say mansae a hundred times~” -HanSOl

Christmas Cookies

Request:  Can you do a fluffy Barry story right before the holidays where you compete to see who is the best cookie decorator and it’s just fluff? Already established relationship please? Thanks 😁

Word Count: 2068

Characters/Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader, Iris West, Cisco Ramon (mentioned), Caitlin Snow (mentioned), Joe West (mentioned)

Warnings: Fluff?

A/N: Hello everyone! I know you’re expecting Heartlines part IV, but I had to give you a Christmas Present since it is not just ready (just working throught the final scenes, sorry) and this request from @angel34jolly-blog​ was the perfect treat! Also, bear with me, I wrote this before going to sleep so, any typos are on me and… also some lame lines… just hope you like it. 

Anyway, I hope all of you got a happy Christmas with your families, friends and loved ones!

Originally posted by lolurnotgrantgustin

“I’m done, Allen. This is so done, we are so done.” My voice was dead serious while I glared at Barry, spoon on my hand. “How dare you say such a thing?”

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strangers in the night

Summary: Riley & Maya attend their friend’s wedding && one of them falls for the best man.

A/N: Honestly this drabble was inspired by Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers in the Night’ && I was obsessed.


Riley and Maya met Zay when they were studying abroad at NYU and ever since, they hit it off and became best friends. Though he went to school in New York, he was originally from Texas. So, after he graduated, it was only right for him to return back home to his family and the rest of his friends. It was only a few months after graduation, when he called the girls to reveal that he was getting married to his high-school sweetheart, Vanessa. 

Of course, the girls were ecstatic to hear such amazing news from him and had already promised they’d make it to his wedding. It was to be in November, as the leaves had shifted from their greens to fifty hues of orange and red. It was also Vanessa’s favorite season of the year.

The girls had already booked their seats for a week before the wedding so they wouldn’t miss out on any festivities and because Zay had practically threatened to make it early so he could introduce them to his family and Texan childhood friends.

It was finally the day of the wedding and the two had bonded and gotten along with almost everyone– however, they were yet to meet his childhood best friend and best man. Apparently he’d been interning at an animal hospital and he’d been on-call for majority of the time.

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<< 1.5 The Jersey Devil ——————————- 1.7 The Ghost in the Machine >>

What better therapy for a disappointing week than to put on my hat of judgement and preside over another edition of Rose Reviews TXF! I probably could have thought of something better tbh but I ran out of creativity on Tuesday and I can’t pass go or collect $200 till the 28th so… here we are again. As usual, gifs, sarcasm and swears await under the cut. Lower your expectations sufficiently and you may even have fun!*

*fun is not guaranteed

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Birthday Dinner

Author’s Note: holy shit, this one was a handful to write. But I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out, I tried my best to write out the action scenes. Hope you like it! Big thanks to the anon who requested this.

Summary:  Celebrating your birthday dinner with the Avengers was supposed to be fun, until a fellow HYDRA agent decides to ruin everything for you by attempting to poison your drink.

Originally posted by allthisherostuff

“C'mon doll, don’t want to be late for your birthday dinner right?” Bucky, your boyfriend of 3 years told you from outside of the door to your room.

You grinned. “I know, I know. I’m done already.” You said as you finished putting on your earrings and made your way out of your room to meet Bucky.

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Chris&Eva #2(Skam)

“You couldn’t have picked anyone else?”

“Seriously Chris, why am I even here?” Eva says and gives out an annoyed sigh. “You couldn’t have picked anyone else? I mean, I’m not really an expert in men tuxedos.”

“But you are a girl. And girls love guys in tuxedos. You don’t have to be an expert to tell me, which tuxedo I look the best in. You just have to be yourself, darling.” He says and gives her one of his classic I-know-I-am-handsome-don’t-deny-it smiles.

Eva decided that his ego deserved a little setback and gave let out a dismissive laugh.

“Honestly, Chris. That tuxedo would have to be made out of pure gold to make you look even the slightest bit handsome. Don’t flatter yourself.”  She said and immediately regretted  the last sentence. There was a thin line between teasing and offending someone,and she might have done just that had it not have been Chris Schistad she was talking to. Chris ,who was the  most self-sufficient person she knew. (Besides Sana, of course. )

Chris just gave out a soft chuckle and shook his head. Then he turned away from the mirror he had been standing in front of and turned to face her. And in this second she couldn’t been more glad that he had asked her to come with him to pick out a tuxedo. He looked…wow. One of the most annoying and at the same things kind of fascinating things about Chris was his ability to look like he just stepped out of a Men’s fashion catalogue. It wasn’t a secret that Chris was one of the most handsome guys to ever go to Nissen, but it wasn’t just his too-handsome -for-his-own-good face, but also it was also his ability look amazing wearing just a plain dark gray V-neck, navy blue slim fit jeans and pair of  Converse. He had confidence oozing out of him and, honestly, it was both intimidating and hot at the same time.

“I can’t figure out if your staring is because I look good and you are contemplating  if it’s a good idea to take me into dressing room to hook up, which I think it  is , or you are imagining what’s underneath the tuxedo.” He says and raises an eyebrow. “I can show you ,of course ,because I am a very generous guy, but I think we should go back to my place for that.”

Thank God, Eva wasn’t prone to blushing because if she was there wouldn’t be shade red enough to match her flaming cheeks. Eva gathered all of her remaining dignity, flipped a strand of hair over her shoulder and leaned back into the chair.

“Wow, Chris. I feel like we are going to be here for  a while.” She says in fake sadness. ”When did you let yourself go?”

 “Your attempts to cover your attraction to me with mockery are hilarious.” Chris says with an impish grin on his face. “Don’t worry, babe. It’s mutual.” Chris says and gives her one of his cheeky winks. Did he get taught to do it in some Penetrator class, or something?

“And here I was thinking that you only needed me for my  impeccable taste in tuxedos. If you wanted to confess your  crush for me, you should have just said so. There was no need to drag me out tuxedo shopping.”  Eva says with a laugh, whilst gathering her belongings. It has been fun hanging out with Chris. It always was, but their conversations were starting to steer into direction she wasn’t ready for them to steer into. That’s when she knew she needed to flee.

“Hey, where are you going?” He asks turning around to face her. In his eyes she can read the question he really wants to ask. Instead he says “We haven’t even picked out anything.”

“Well, I am sure any girl here would gladly take my spot as your fashion consultant. Few guys as well. But I have places to go, things to do and people to see. Bye, Chris.” She says the last part almost halfway through the door.

“Bye, pretty girl.” She hears him call behind, his voice lacking his usual buoyancy. It almost sounded disappointed. But that would imply that Chris cared for Eva being there, which he didn’t. Chris didn’t seem to care for many people other than his family and William. And he certainly had no reason to care about Eva. And she didn’t have any reason to care about him.



Hello to everyone who is reading this right now! Thank you for reading and liking my previous work. It honestly means a lot to me. And to the lovely person who commented on it - your feedback honestly inspired me to write this. It really does take one good comment to make someones day. Yours really made mine.

Hope you will like this one as well! And if you want to request that I write something specific, don’t be shy to ask!

- B

I’m so lucky (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

A/N: I deeply apologize if this isn’t what you wanted and for the fact that it’s pretty late, lol. Also, this is my first Cameron imagine, so I hope you enjoy! 

Requested by kidrauhvato​​: I don’t know if you are taking request if no that’s okay but if yes can i have imagine where you and cameron are on your first walk with your newborn baby and it’s first time when fans see you and baby? (can it be y/n version?)

Word Count: 1,400+ words

Pairing: Reader + Cameron Dallas (Reader’s POV)


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dillard’s tips!

so i paid a visit to dillards and while i was there i got some great tips to use from the SA who was very talkative and running the spanx/lingerie counter.

  • they have the cameras running one after another on one screen EXCEPT they have the spanx, calvin klein,  michael kors, and main jewelry cameras on screen all of the time.
  • departments without an active SA will have locked fitting rooms but ones with a SA in them will be unlocked. best to go in when they are busy helping someone else or are distracted. the SAs also aren’t supposed to let the merchandise selected from that section out of the specific section without you purchasing it first. 
  • they automatically watch any group of 2 or more teenager-looking people together.
  • they definatly profile and watch your activity based on appearance, best to dress like you have money to spend.
  • they notice a lot of sloppy behavior but let it slide, they hang photos and will try and notice when you come back in and what you take. they will keep building your bill higher and higher until they have you up to a felony charge. depending on your state can be anywhere from $500-$1000.  
  • they do have store security. 

moral of the story babes it to always be safe and gather as much info as you can about any store you’re going into. i’ve always assumed dillard’s to be pretty easy but got pretty freaked out after having this SA tell me all of this stuff.

if you’re interested, i posted on how i got the info/what i took that day/methods/more about the SA if you click the “keep reading” button :) 

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Jason’s P.O.V

I sighed as I walked into my house. I heard someone humming in the kitchen and I knew it was YN. I slowly walked into the kitchen and I saw YN washing the dishes. I sat down at island and she turned around.

“Hey baby.” She smiled.

“Hey…” I responded.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with a worried expression.

‘I’m going to feel like a complete ass for what I’m about to say and do’ I thought to myself.

“I need to tell you something…” I stated.

“Go on.” She said looking at me whilst washing the dishes.

I took in a deep breath. “I’ve been cheating on you for 3 months with Katie.” I started off

“Oh.” She said, looking away from me.

“But I’m not leaving her. I’m leaving you.” I continued.

I heard her hitch her breath and she dropped the glass that she was currently washing, which then shattered into a million pieces.

I got up from the island and walked towards her. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, tears brimming in her eyes. I sighed and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry.” I murmured against her soft skin.

I pulled away from her and saw the tears streaming down her face. She ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs and I heard a door slam.

I left the house and walked over to my car but before I got in I looked up at my balcony window in my room. I saw YN peeping from behind the curtain and as soon as she saw me she moved away.

I got into my car and drove off to Katie’s.

*1 year later*

Your P.O.V

So it’s been a year since Justin left me and life is pretty good. I’ve changed my appearance. I have 5 tattoos, one on my left shoulder blade saying ‘True Beauty Comes From Within’, one on my waist line saying ‘Love and Trust’, musical notes behind my ear, another saying ‘Peace’ along my index finger and faith on my right wrist. I also have a nose, tongue, belly and ear cartilage piercing. Oh and I’m dating Justin Bieber and I’m also apart of his gang.

I was going through my clothes trying to find an outfit to go to the club with Justin when a cute figure hugging dress caught my eye. I pulled it out of my closet and flung it on my bed. I swiftly put on my black lace bra and matching panties before slipping on the dress which stopped at my mid-thigh.

I straightened my hair and curled the ends before putting on a soft red lipstick and coating my eyelashes with Mascara.

I put on a pair of black suede heels and I heard someone knock on my balcony door. I turned around and saw Justin standing there with a smirk. I unlocked the door and opened it, letting Jason in.

“Damn babe. You look sexy.” Justin bit his lip.

“Thank you babe. You do know I have a front door right?” I asked him sarcastically.

“Yeah but it’s more fun coming through this way.” He said whilst grabbing me by my waist.

I smiled as he kissed me, our lips moving perfectly in sync. I pulled away before we could go any further and Justin groaned.

“When we get back from the club.” I winked.

He smirked and we left the house. I climbed into the passengers seat of his car and he sat in the driver’s seat and revved up the engine, pulling off towards the club.

Once we arrived we went straight to the V.I.P section and got a booth. We sat down for a while and then Gas Pedal by Sage the Gemini came on. I looked at Justin and smirked before dragging him to the dance floor. I started twerking on him and he held my hips.

We danced to a couple more songs before we went back to the booth and chilled for a bit. I heard Justin’s phone go off signalling that he had a text. He read it and sighed.

“Aye babe I have to go on a mission. Can we do this another time?” Justin asked.

“Sure. Call me if you need anything okay?” I answered him.

“I will baby.” He smiled before pecking my lips and leaving.

After about 15 minutes a waitress came up to me with a glass of martini.

“I didn’t order this.” I said confused as to why she gave me it.

“I know. That guy over there ordered it for you.” She said, pointing towards someone who looked really familiar and was 3 booths away from me.

I smirked at them and sipped on my drink. The person got up and started to make their way over to me and as they got closer I noticed who it was. Jason. I smirked and pretended I didn’t notice him.

Jason’s P.O.V

“Aye bro I’m gonna go talk to that hot chick over there.” I said pointing to the girl I got a drink for.

“Ohh Bieber’s getting laid tonight.” Alex smirked.

“Who knows.” I smirked.

I got up and walked over to the girl’s booth, sliding in next to her.

“Hey there gorgeous.” I smirked.

“Hey Jason.” She looked at me with a smirk plastered on her face and I froze. It was YN.

She’s changed so much. Bigger boobs, bigger ass and piercings. I stared at her in shock and she chuckled, turning her head. I noticed a tattoo behind her ear. I then saw one on her wrist and index finger.

“How many tattoos have you got?” I asked her.

“5” She answered.

My eyes widened. “Where are the other 2?” I asked.

“Waist line and shoulder blade. May I ask why you care?” She questioned with her right eyebrow raised.

“Because I still have feelings for you.” I blurted out.

She chuckled lightly.

“Well that’s a pity.” She spoke.

“Why’s that?”

“I have a boyfriend.”

“Well who’s that?”

“Justin Bieber.” She smiled.

I laughed and she looked confused. She’s so cute when she’s like that.

“What’s so funny?” She asked.

“You aren’t dating Justin Bieber. You’re way too sweet.” I laughed.

“Yes I am and I’ve changed.” She answered.

“Prove it.”

She went into her bag and I caught a glimpse of a gun.

“Why the hell do you have a gun?!?” I whisper yelled.

“I’m in Justin’s gang.” She rolled her eyes.

She took her phone out of her bag and showed me all her pictures of her and Justin.

“Believe me now?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I said sadly.

“Can I see your gun?” I asked.

“Sure.” She said handing it to me.

I took it out of her hands and looked at it when something caught my eye. In the handle ‘Thug Angel’ was engraved. My eyes widened and I handed her back the gun.

“You’re Thug Angel?” I asked in surprise.

“Yup.” She smiled.

We sat in silence for a while and I broke it.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because I didn’t wanna be the same girl who once loved you. It stopped my heart ache and now I’ve found someone who actually loves me.” She smiled.

“I loved you and still do.” I mumbled.

“Huh?” She asked.

“Nothing.” I spoke.

“Okay?” She said.

Her phone buzzed and she picked it up. She sighed and texted the person back before finishing her drink. She got up and looked at me.

“Thanks for the drink but I have to go.” She said.

“Call me if you wanna talk.” She spoke, handing me a slip of paper.

She walked away through the sea of bodies and I sat in the booth, feeling lonely. I got up and went back to the booth I was originally sitting in.

“Not tonight?” Johnson and Alex questioned.

“Not tonight.” I answered sipping on my drink.