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The Five Elements of a Good Novel Pitch

If you guys haven’t heard about the Book Doctors, then what have you been doing with your writing life allow me to educate you.
David Henry Sterry and Arielle Ekstut are a husband and wife couple who work closely with NaNoWriMo and are the authors of a fantastic book titled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.” (get it and read it, it’s fabulous) These two wonderful people just did a YouTube livestream (it’s two hours long, watch it here) and at the tail end of it, David Sterry mentions the five elements of a really solid pitch…

  1. Research: Make sure that any facts you use in your pitch (as a hook or that are relevant to your novel) are accurate. It sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised how so many details can get overlooked. Unfortunately, pitches are all about detail. Suffice it to say, if you’re writing a medical thriller, then you’ll want to have intimate knowledge of medical procedures.
  2. Connection / Networking: One of the things that surprised me about pitching a novel is the “resume” part of a pitch. I thought that pitching was all about selling your book, but you have to sell yourself, too. If a well-known author has praised your book, mention that! If you’re writing a book for middle schoolers titled “How to Be A Loser 101″ then throw in a mention of how you were a loser for years and years (humor and connection. Double whammy). If you’re like me and you don’t have any credentials relevant to your story, then this humorous route may be the way to go.
  3. Writing: A pitch should be under 250 words. Every word needs to count, needs to be chosen, needs to be the best word to sell your book and yourself. You need to take time, slow down, and really think. 250 is a lot less than it sounds, so try not to get discouraged and keep at it until you feel that you’ve really summarized the essence of your book.
    *Note: pitches for sci-fi and fantasy novels can be a little bit longer because they tend to need more buildup and explanation, but don’t go over 300. Just don’t.
  4. Perseverance: Writing the right pitch can take a long time. Heck, it took the Book Doctors months to come up with theirs, but now they can recite it in sync, with hand motions (skip to 2:01:38 to see it!). Condensing an entire novel down to 250 words is hard, even without considering that those 250 are supposed to convey why your book needs to be published. But take it one step at a time, and most importantly…
  5. Have fun with it! We all know that joy and passion should permeate our work, and that should be no different when it comes to your pitch. Let your pitch have style and humor and voice and cliffhangers, just like your book does.

Keeping all these elements in mind when you’re writing your novel pitch can be really helpful. And if you hit a wall? Step back, take a breath. Use your resources (like the Book Doctor’s video here or their book “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published”). 
And if you want to, send me your pitches! I’m not professional, but I’d love to hear about your guys’s books. Tag me in a post or send them to me in a message and I’ll help if I can! 

The True Meaning of Shipping.....

As the weekend comes to a close, I must admit that after a week from hell with work projects, I am feeling quite rested, and a little emotional this evening.

After seeing the videos of Sam and Cait at ECCC….I am once again reminded why I became a fan of these two glorious people. They have an aura, a goodness, and all around love that makes you see and feel all that is right in the world. And because they were so giving of their time and space, I have decided to allow them their own. Everyone knows where I stand regarding these two beautiful people, and I hope their lives continue to be filled with love, and each other. I will follow them until the very end!

But, I have also learned this weekend that my “love of the ship ” really now centers around something else, and that is each of you. To all the ladies who shared their stories, pictures, squees, embarrassments and overall fabulous experience…..THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt like I was actually attending this con with you, and it has made me smile and laugh to no end. And, I am convinced that if they attend another one , we should figure out how to go as a whole group!! The fact that several of you got to meet, have dinner and just enjoy your experience together is what “shipping” is all about, and all of the Shipsters did us proud.

Who knows what the future holds for our dreamy duo, but I do know one thing. At the end of the day, it’s not about who is right, who is first, who has the biggest mouth ( we already know that one!😉), or who thinks they know the most…. It’s about finding a place to share, laugh, cry and even snark from time to time about something, or someone who is deserving of that kind of love and acceptance. We came together because of OL, and Sam and Cait. We are now together because of our support of each other, and that is the most beautiful ship of all.

Much love to all my fellow shipsters. I cannot imagine this place without each and every one of you, and we are the true captains of our own ship! And to those on the other side who cannot understand this level of love and friendship, well they can row right on by on their shaky lifeboats because they simply don’t get it, and never will.

Happy Sunday to you all, and thanks for a glorious weekend of memories and fun!💜❤💚💙💛

Eldritch Diabolism

“ Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal; that all things appear as they do only by virtue of the delicate individual physical and mental media through which we are made conscious of them; but the prosaic materialism of the majority condemns as madness the flashes of super-sight which penetrate the common veil of obvious empiricism. “ -H.P.Lovecraft 

A Brief Synopsis 

 The term “Eldritch Diabolism” literally means “Strange Devil-Worship”. It is defined by classical Diabolism (the worship of demonized gods through the understanding that they were among the first.) coupled with the belief that the gods described in the works, letters and personal notes of H.P Lovecraft were visions and revelations of such demonized gods - making him as a prophet unto us. 

 One may ask: “Is it not foolish to believe in the writings of a horror-fiction writer?” to which it must be rebutted that some 229,157,250 Americans hold a faith based on a book - written by mortal men, and often choose to congregate in large buildings on a particular day to speak and read about the stories contained within said text. Should a scarce few then not be allowed such a privilege, should they hold it in a private and serious manner with those texts they themselves choose, with those texts which at least tell a good story?

It becomes fact to those who choose to work under this system that to be sane is to be ignorant to the world around you. We understand it may be considered outlandish to believe that mankind was formed from mud and the blood of a god, and we revel in the outlandish-ness of such concepts through the acceptance that these stories of old and new, of pious scribes and a horror author, fabulous or not, contain and reveal mysteries of the universe, to be found through the terror or glamour they cast upon us. This universe is to be understood to be but a dream, a series of stories. Make sure your part entertains the ones that dream, and the ones that watch from just beyond the gates of the void.

The revelations of Howard Philips Lovecraft

 From a young age, Lovecraft was prone to vivid dreams, nightmares, visions and bouts of inspired writing. In one 1921 letter to Reinhardt Kleiner, he wrote this:

[…] Amidst this gloom came the nightmare of nightmares - the most realistic and horrible i have experienced since the age of ten […] As i was drawn into the abyss i emitted a resounding shriek … and the picture ceased. I was in great pain - forehead pounding and ears ringing - but i had only one automatic impulse - To write…”

It is then the belief of the Eldritch Diabolist that Lovecraft was receiving the secret names and images of what he titled “The Ancient ones” and “The elder gods” -That is the primordial gods, such as Achlys, Erebus and Tiamat; and the terrestrial gods like Olokun, Thoth, Aries and Dagon.

Many scholars and Diabolists have compiled their revelations over the years since Lovecraft’s death, here are a few interesting selections:

Dread Cthulhu - Olokun, the chained god. Leviathan, serpent of the seas.

Shub-Niggurath - Lilith, haunter in the night. Ishtar, The risen Goddess. Tiamat, Mother of Demons, creator of the world.

Dagon - Dagon, god of the seas and fish.

Azathoth - Primal Chaos, Infinite empty nothingness, yet the potential for all creation.

Yog-Sothoth - Enki, god of seed, magic and knowledge. Apollo, God of knowledge, music, healing, plague and prophecy. 

This list is in no means complete, for the interest of time and the attention of the reader it will be left relatively short - but such connections are not difficult to be drawn up by even the novice researcher, and should prove an act of pious devotion. 

I trust that this posting will help people understand and perhaps even delve into this wonderful and misunderstood path. 

Sources: Cults of Cthulhu; Fra .Tenerous. The Satanic Rituals; Anton S. LaVey Cthulhu Cult; Venger Satanis. The Myths of Greece and Rome; H. A. Guerber. More annotated H.P Lovecraft; S. T Joshi and Peter Cannon. Tales of H.P Lovecraft; Joyce Carol Gates. Olokun; Ifadoyin Sangomuyiwa. Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses; Michael Jordan. The Tree of death and Qliphoth; Jon Gee. Devoted; V.A. 

Discourse: Why everyone should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- Amy and Rosa aren’t presented as the stereotypes of what a “Latina” woman is supposed to be like and they aren’t sexualized by their male co-workers.

- All three of the women in the main cast are allowed to unapologetically be themselves:

  • Amy is presented as being a nerd because she’s very meticulous about her work and being organized. Her co-workers might sometimes give her a hard time about how nerdy she can be, but it’s never done in a malicious way and it’s always traced with affection.
  • Rosa Diaz is one of the only female characters that I can think of who is allowed to have a rough exterior without having some tragic backstory. She doesn’t like people and she doesn’t always express her feelings easily. Her co-workers never demonize her for it and they get that it takes a while to get Rosa to open up.
  • Gina. Freaking. Linetti. Never have I seen a female character that is allowed to be as cocky and self-absorbed as her. She’s confident in who she is and she knows she’s fabulous. You love her for it. You aspire to have her level of confidence.

- Charles Boyle is such an innocent and kind-hearted person who is a great friend. They easily could’ve presented him as the weird guy who thinks he’s Jake’s best friend and just can’t take a hint. But, Jake embraces his quirkiness and they truly are best friends who would do anything for each other.

- Terry Jeffords and Ray Holt are two black men who run the precinct as sergeant and captain. They are respected by the detectives who work below them and they are shown to be very caring of the people they work with.

- There’s also the fact that Holt is gay and it’s never presented as a huge plot point. It’s just a normal thing that everyone at the precinct is cool with. Also, his relationship with his husband Kevin is adorable. <3

- Jake. Motherfucking. Peralta. The man who has ruined my standards that I look for in a future boyfriend/husband. He is so far from being the typical White GuyTM and he has such a big heart made of gold. He has nothing but the upmost respect for his female co-workers and he always treats them as equals, even praising them for the times when they are better than him at solving a case. At the start of the show he was a bit selfish, but his development over the seasons has been amazing.

- Female friendships between Rosa, Gina, and Amy!!!!!! Women helping and supporting each other!!!!!!

- Friendships between male and female co-workers!!!!!! That don’t turn romantic!!!!!

- The fact that the show addresses the corruption in the law enforcement system. They show cops that are bad and don’t deserve to wear the uniform or hold a badge, and show that the main characters hate them and think they’re the worst. The show also addresses serious issues such as racial profiling.

- The show relies heavily on the comedic aspect and it’s so funny, and the writers never use crude or offensive humor.

- Jake and Amy’s relationship is one of the best that I’ve seen on television. It’s slow burn, but it’s totally worth the wait. This is one of the best examples of a healthy relationship presented in fiction and they are so pure and sweet.

Just please watch this show. It’s available for streaming on Hulu, and I know of a Tumblr blog (@hd-source) that has all of the episodes available.


I can talk for weeks about this episode! Another thought:

The results of the Olitz break-up in S5 lead many Olitzers to rest on misconceptions about it’s demise. Olivia was blamed for everything, and if she’d only given them a chance, she would have been very happy in wedded bliss with Fitz. They greatly believed that Jake and her father’s presence in her life pulled her out of the light to help create the Olitz problems and prevented her return to Fitz. As we know, Shonda has been shedding a hard light on the core of people’s nature and the nature of their relationships. It seems to me that part of the motivation for this is to finally address misconceptions, and this 100th episode did just that. Shonda gave Olitzers all that they have been begging for and complaining about, WHILE staying true to her own intentions for the story.

Shonda presented our Scandal characters at their core being the exact same people shed of Defiance; drastic, external lifestyles didn’t alter that. However, the one important person missing in Olivia’s what if imagination was Jake. Yes, he had a moment with Fitz, BUT, for Olivia’s ride-or-die partner in real life, who has been by her side the entire time, a man she shanked for and boldly faced her father as COMMAND for, for the very first time in her entire life, it was interesting that he was seemingly a blip in his own partners thoughts, nearly nonexistent. In a promo released the day of the episode, where tons of scenes were flashed, it ended with Jake and Olivia talking about standing in the sun, together. We also saw the island scene of them with Olivia wearing her natural hair proud and free! Now, the episode opened up with Olivia caught between idealism - Fitz, and Jake - realism. Fitz says, it’s my way or the highway in choosing Cyrus, but Jake doesn’t give her a rigid ultimatum, he simply provides his OPINION to his partner, which motivates Olivia to think on her own and eventually come to her OWN decision/opinion in choosing Cyrus. Even though we are witnessing the struggle between the men on the decision of Mellie or Cyrus in the WH or how to remove the power players, the underlying decision of Olitz and Olake is THERE! Shonda put this there purposely. She is always speaking on this struggle since it’s a great metaphor in highlighting the struggle between Olivia’s own two sides of idealism and realism, power and normal. Olitz and Olake reflect Olivia’s own personal journey. And, here we are at the decision episode.

So, how does this underlying decision transfer into Olivia’s thoughts after both men leave the office, when Jake is seemingly a blip in it? So little a blip, that you might as well say he was not there at all, not even interacting for a Nano second with Olivia in some random but telling path cross or something. WELL, I believe Shonda DID have Jake all up and through there in hidden, most subtle ways, functioning under the radar of Olitzers who would find a way to blame Jake for any negativity expressed between Olitz, missing Shonda’s point in wanting us to focus on Olivia and Fitz’s OWN problems. Not problems caused by outsiders or other external factors, but their OWN internal problems. But, if we can watch closely with an open and unbiased eye, we can see Jake is subtly there. Shonda has to find a way to isolate Olitz in allowing people to see the truth of the fantasy allowed to run its course, but also stay true to her desire to speak on Olivia’s internal struggle, mirrored through Olitz and Olake. You can’t have anyone else who is questionable around the uber fantasy play out, giving viewers the opportunity to attach blame when they see things don’t work out as expected between the love birds. Scandal media history has faithfully shown, it will happen since Olitz is simply too much soul-mates in love not to be fabulous, lol!!! At least, not to experience a very happy marriage filled with being IN LOVE. 

So, how does Shonda accomplish all this?  1. Give the uber fantasy, bells, whistles and all in a wedding mirroring Fitz’s uber romantic proposal. 2. Put Olivia in a beautiful, traditional, princess wedding gown, the likes of which many have witnessed in photo shopped images of Oliva in wedding gowns on social media. 3. DON’T bring in any nay sayers to the union, and DON’T delay the dream! They rushed to the dream: Fitz is married, looses presidency, divorced, BAM, at Olivia’s door in no time ready to marry her, they have sex, wedding bells are ringing. Give it to them, and give it to them now! 4. Briefly, and realistically, show her father by being at the wedding, unhappy, to eventually slither out the door, never to be in Olivia’s presence again. Eli is not an issue. 5. Mellie has nothing to say until the wedding is already underway. She’s miserable, kicked to the side, can’t believe he did it, it’s over. 6. Jake is NOWHERE in plain sight. That’s it. It’s smooth Olitz sailing from her on. As one Olitzer tweeted, it was so wonderful, everything they always wanted, in the beginning. 

So, where is Jake’s hidden presence? In 3 major places: 1. Olivia’s natural hair (which many of you talked about). 2. Marcus 3. The fact that Olivia did not want to travel like a rock star and live in some “huge and expensive” (as she put it) Vermont like home somewhere on Mt. Olympus, depending on Fitz’s money. Fitz wanted to blow off work and play in the upper crust sandbox, but Olivia wanted to go to work! Money is no object, Fitz informed her, but Olivia wanted normal living, working, earning, and making things happen for herself. She did not want to be a kept wife riding her husband’s riches. Jake left Olivia’s apartment to establish his own base in S4 since he told Liv he will not be a kept man. She liked her own, modest apartment. Olivia wanted NORMAL; what is considered mediocre to Fitz’s way of life. The scene when Abby shows up to Olivia’s cheap looking office area; you can tell Abby looks down on it a bit, but Olivia didn’t mind it at all. 4. The OLAKE SEXY/TANGO scene slightly adjusted for Olitz! It was flipped for Fitz to show up in finding Olivia at her door when it was Jake at the door, Olivia displays the same brush off attitude she gave to Jake - playing hard to get. She acts as if she doesn’t care, and you think that Jake is going to leave on the elevator the way Olivia let the elevator doors close on her, but at the VERY last surprising minute, Olivia flips in rushing to both men! Fitz even lifted Olivia up with her legs wrapped around Fitz’s waste, just like with Jake, ending with the door pound of Olivia’s back against it! It was a nod to JAKE and Olake! Another nod to Jake was Olivia wearing a leather jacket, just like Jake! I remember looking like, wow… Olivia in a leather Jacket. It felt odd but I liked it! But, I now realize it was a nod to Jake.

Elaborating just a bit on #1, the natural hair. We all know Olivia only wore that with Jake. There was one time she was in the shower with Fitz when her hair naturally wet and hanging due to the water, but I noticed that, when Cyrus burst into the room to find her and Fitz the next day still in bed, it was all straightened out. She put that flatiron to it before going to bed with Fitz since I don’t believe she felt comfortable with her hair dry, a bit puffier, and not hanging with Fitz. How many women has been with their boyfriend overnight, and you make sure your face and hair are on point while in the bed with him! I can see her doing her hair in private while Fitz is in bed waiting or watching television, whatever. But, with Jake, she has no problem wearing it natural and free. The natural has always been associated with Olake.  Lastly, to elaborate a bit on #2, Marcus. Marcus represented Jake in being a partner next to her that she seems most equal to, compatible with. They even had Marcus dance with Olivia! They seemed so compatible and happy around one another that Fitz accused her with sleeping with Marcus. Fitz felt threatened by Marcus just like he felt threatened by Jake in real time. Abby even looks at them questionably when she finds them dancing together; she came to discuss Olivia being a better wife to Fitz. Abby admitted that Fitz was a disaster, but because he is her husband, she believes Liv should try. I felt the Jake qualities within him so much. Liv even did that giddy jumping up and down like when she saw that Jake was about to dance with her. I remember thinking before likening him to Jake that, if Liv weren’t married, I can see her and Marcus getting together. Jake was by her side the whole time in the AT, quietly, as usual. Had Jake played in Marcus’s position, he’d have just been allocated some of the blame for the poor marriage. With Marcus put in the equal partnership-like role, people won’t associate them as harboring romantic feelings, since Marcus and Liv have none of that vibe in real time. He loves Mellie.


Guys.  Stop what you’re doing and look at these unbelievable charts made by asthebelltolls, who allowed me to share them with all of you.  Send love their way, because this is gorgeous and fabulous!  Thank you SO MUCH!

(And if you’re not sure about where your voice sits, check out this post for some help!)

You may not fit perfectly into one of these categories, or your range may span over many! That’s alright–each voice is unique. This just gives a very general look at various ranges!
Imagine being best friends with Meg....

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-you always made fun of her and her unicorn. 

              -“So was that your sweet little unicorn in a trench coat on the phone.”                 -“Meg I think you would look really cute in nothing but a trench coat, sure your little feather ass would find it sexy too.”                                                             - “So when you two get married will it be in heaven, or hell?                               -"I ordered Pizza, hope the Pizza Boy doesn’t shove his tongue down your throat like Cas did." 

 -Girl Night is every Friday, you both dress up real sexy and then tell off the people who hit on you both. 

 -She always makes fun of you too for your boyfriend (one of the Winchesters, you pick) 


                 - "Tell me [Y/N], does he hit on you as much as he hits on his car?”                    -“Does he eat you like he does a burger?”                                                          -“So if we go on a double date, how awkward would it be, seeing how your squirrel and my unicorn share a profound bond?”                                                - “I swear you two are going to make me puke a combination of glitter and disgust if I have to sit through another phone call." 


                  - "Does he make you dress like a Canadian huntress when he wears his moose costume in bed?”                                                                                      - “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more nerdy [Y/N], you start dating the living dictionary, and look he even looks like he could be a librarian.”                                                                                                                              - “When you wake up in the morning do you ever mistake that mess of hair for a girl?”                                                                                                               - “You gotta tell me what kind of shampoo that boy uses, that mane look fabulous right now.”

-When she goes missing thanks to Crowley’s men you are the only one who goes looking for her, and doesn’t give up.

-You both have code names for the boys                                                                          Bobby- Drunk Grump                                                                                            Crowley- Flaming Bag of Dicks                                                                            Sam- Fabio                                                                                                          Dean- Archie Andrews                                                                                          Casitel- Longbottom

- You both would sing the songs on the radio badly whenever you both went driving in your car, if it was the summer time too the windows would be rolled all the way down, allowing your hair to whip around while you both wore sunglasses. Meg would also stick her feet out the passenger window on road trips. 

-The Winchesters were really weirded out when you ran up to her and hugged her when they first met her. But slowly they accepted the fact that Meg wasn’t leaving.

-You both would causally bring up Destiel all the time.

-She threatened all three boys….

                  - “I swear to the three of you asshats right now, if she ever calls me at three in the morning because one of you hurt her feelings, or her body in any way I will personally come over here and show you what hell really feels like. Do I make myself clear?” The whole time too see was causally playing with a knife in her hand and pointing it at each of them.

-Whenever she was hurt you were the only one she trusted to patch her up, even when Cas tried to after finding her, she screamed until you came in with the first aid kit.

-You both lived off of pizza and liquor one weekend a month, the guys would laugh when they would walk by your motel room and hear you and her quoting movies or screaming chug as one of you shotgunned a beer. You both would also dance around the room like it was your own concert, and wake up Sunday, after not sleeping all weekend, exhausted and hungover.

-The other weekends you guys would just go to a karaoke bar with the boys and sing duets. Any guy who tried to make a move on either of you got an earful about how basic bar flirting could be viewed as unwanted sexual harassment, since you both were there with your boyfriends. A couple times you would also tell them you were pregaming before the massive orgy you were going to have with everyone in your party, just to grantee that the super clingy ones would leave you be.

-You both went to Coachella every year, Meg knew you loved art, and thought it would be perfect for you to experience.One year the boys even tagged along, and enjoyed themselves. 

-Every year for your birthday she always got you the most badass weapons                           - “Meg where the hell did you find a Winchester  1873 and ammo?!?”                                                                                                                                   “I know a guy.” She replied with a smile.

-Every year for her birthday (You both just picked a random day) you took her to shopping, and then you both would go to the drive ins.

-After she died the Winchesters tried taking you to the drive ins on her birthday, but you cried the whole time, after that they just started renting movies and got drunk with you in the motels/bunkers.

-She taught you how to be a sassy bitch. 

-You both had your own version of Bitch Jerk…..                                                                              [Y/N]: “Bitch”                                                                                                          Meg: “Bitchachi”

- Before she died she told Sam to take care of Cas and You, telling him to not let you give in to the demons.

-You tried to bring her back, but no demon would make a deal with you for her.

-For days afterwards you just watched silly videos of the two of you, and looked at the photos on your phone. It was finally Cas who got you out the room, for pizza and liquor.                 

-When you and whichever Winchester you chose finally had your first child, you named her after Meg.

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The Importance of Just Showing Up

So, I’ve been in this business for a couple of years, and it boggles my mind that some girls can’t find a good SD.  From my experience, the main complaint I hear form men is this:

Women are flakes.

That’s it.  That’s all you have to do!

The statistic I’ve heard most often from men is 1 in 4.  1 in 4 potential sugar babies will show up to an actual meet.  Whether its coffee or dinner or whatever you have planned, most SBs will just flake, not show up and won’t tell their POTs, leaving the poor guy sitting at a restaurant alone.  That’s really shitty.

So, with this in mind, my advice to you all is: just go with it.  I know meeting someone for the first time is scary but just do it.  Regardless of how nervous you are, as long as you show up to make an impression, I can tell you, it’s significantly better of an impression than the girl who didn’t show up at all.  

All these men want (essentially) is someone to be there for them, someone to listen to them, pay attention to them, and be nice to them.  So if you come and bring that lovely smile on your face, you are that much closer to your SB goals, whatever they may be.  

You might not get any money from a POT date (and you should NEVER have sex on a POT date unless he’s given you a per-meet allowance first - no money, no honey I always say), but you could end up with a fabulous arrangement as long as you let your wonderful personality shine through. 

For every serious SB out there, ladies, there are 3 more who aren’t serious.  So take advantage.  Be the girl who actually shows up.   He’ll be impressed if you do.

Until next time.


Summery: Benny and Jenny Weir are the dynamic duo or as their cousin Stiles Stilinski calls them the terrible twosome.

Both having inherited special powers from their parents they are always in trouble, so when they get kicked out of Whitechapel after irritating the resident vampires and are shipped off to Beacon hills Stiles begins to see just how much trouble his baby cousins can be.

Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

“Come on up guys you’re gonna make me late I gotta pick up Scott.” Stiles yelled as he thumped on Benny’s bedroom door before heading down the hall to do the same to Jenny’s, he was surprised to see the pair emerge down stairs moments later without a fuss.

Stiles smiled kindly at Jenny who was a spitting image of his mother she had on a pair of white washed skinny jeans and one of her brothers hockey jerseys, she was in the hallway shoving on her scruffy white trainers when her brother jumped down the stairs grinning at his sister. He had on a white and red striped shirt, jeans and his old shoulder bag that used to be Stiles’ when he was in kindergarten.

“Ok let’s go in the Jeep, bye Dad.” Stiles yelled grabbing Jenny’s backpack from the kitchen counter, he handed it to her as he unlocked the car and felt a stirring sadness settle deep in his stomach. 

He remembered what it had felt like to lose his mom and he was glad he had Scott to help him through it but to be forced to move in with strangers just ten years after losing both parents and their Grandfather was a pain Stiles couldn’t and didn’t want to comprehend.

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WLS Rant

Because if you can’t rant on your Tumblr, where can you rant at?

My friend had weight loss surgery a year ago and has lost 100 pounds, which is fabulous and I am so so so proud of her. However, out of nowhere she messaged me saying I should think about having the same surgery. She said she’s worried about me and that this surgery will allow me to stop taking “all” of my medications. 

This is the same friend who tried to sell me Plexus products a few months ago, again saying she was worried about me and that these pills/pink drinks would help me get off my medications (I spoke to my doctor about Plexus and she told me it was beyond unnecessary for my weight loss).

The reality is:
1) The only medications I take are birth control and Prozac for anxiety and depression (which I have been taking since I was a sophomore in high school, so going on seven years now). Besides that, I take iron (for pernicious anemia), as well as B12 and D. I have been extremely deficient in all three of these vitamins and have struggled to keep these levels up since I was in the sixth grade. Not sure how a pink drink or weight loss surgery will help with this, but ok. 

2) I work closely with my doctor regarding my weight. I don’t have any weight-related health issues. Not one. I am the healthiest I have been in, honestly, my entire life. I have never worked out more or had more vegetables or felt better than I do right now.

This is the only person I’ve ever had use the “I’m worried about you” or “I just want you to be healthy” or “I don’t want you to die” lines on me. It just feels so weird and insincere? I just can’t wrap my head around where she’s coming from? If anyone has any insight, please let me know lol! 

(In case there’s any confusion: I am 100% pro WLS, it’s just not something I have the desire to pursue at this time). 

You guys have been SO PATIENT waiting for this announcement, and we want to thank you so much for that. We really didn’t want to say until we were absolutely sure we’d be able to get the doors opened for you guys when we said we would.

So–without further ado–we are thrilled to announce we will be opening on Monday 01 May around 8pm GMT-5!!! 

Okay, we know–not the ideal time for anyone GMT+, and not at the beginning of a weekend–but who cares?! We’re opening! Since we understand that weekdays can be busier for people than weekends, we’ll be extending all Tumblr reserves for a full seven days. That means you have until Monday 08 May at midnight. Extensions are allowed; you can read our full set of rules on those once you’re on site. 

In addition to this fabulous news, we’d also like to announce that, from now until Monday afternoon, we’ll be allowing all our followers a second face reserve! That’s right–for all of you hungrily eyeing that second character already, you can now have their face in hand as well, for the full seven days. 

Send in your reserves via our askbox in the format provided below. Backups are recommended but not required.

facefirst facelast for alias (backupfirst backuplast)

We’ll be busy working away at all the final details for the next 48 hours; we can’t wait to see you on the site!


How To 

Collect 3 coins (typically Chinese coins but your local currency will work, make sure they are the same type of coin) Think about your question while holding the coins in your dominant hand. Toss the coins onto the table. Each coin that lands heads up is a 3 each coin that lands tail up is a 2 (eg. heads, heads, tails = 3,3,2) Add up the sum of the coins. an even number will make a broken line ____ ____ an odd number will make an unbroken line ________  pick up the coins and throw them 5 more times until you six lines.  Find the pattern in the table above 


1. Force
Progress is certain for success. Try not to be arrogant or you will lose sight of the success that id due to you.
2. Field
Success will come, but only if you persevere. Be careful who you listen to and who you take advice from.
3. Sprouting
there may be difficulties ahead, but you are prepare for them and deal with them as small challenges, you will be the winner
4. Enveloping
You should listen to the advice you’ve been given now, but be a bit cautious that someone doesn’t have a game plan
5. Attending
This is a time for waiting and patience. Don’t do anything in a rush. Wait and see what happens next before you rush in
6. Arguing
There could be conflict ahead. Try not to get involved in others’ arguments. If you need advice, go to an expert
7. Leading
This is a time to stand up for yourself. You may have to show your leadership skills. Be careful because someone could be jealous of you
8. Grouping
This is a peaceful and happy time. Don’t doubt yourself that things will not work out, they will and with great results
9. Small Accumulating
Take a step back and just watch and wait for a while. Patience is required now for you to get ahead
10. Treading
Remain cautious for now. Good fortune is ahead for you, but only if you check the details. don’t sign any contracts without legal advice  
11. Pervading
Good fortune is forecast as is a peaceful and happy time ahead. Extra money should come to you soon
12. Obstruction
A time of waiting patiently for thing to progress. If a relationship had become stagnant, it’s time to move on and start afresh 
13. Concording People 
You will soon have some news to share. Marirage and babies are highlighted. you may be invited to join a new group 
14. Great Possessing 
Wealth is on the way. Your hard work is about to pay off. this could be a promotion, a new job. Don’t become complacent though
15. Humility 
If you need help from someone, don’t be to proud to ask for it. A partnership will benefit you now
16. Humbling 
Now is the time to market or promote yourself. Opportunities will present themselves, so don’t ignore them. Everything will go as you planned it 
17. Following
Go with the flow and appreciate the good fortune around you. Use this time to prepare for your future
18. Corrupting 
Now is not the time to make drastic decisions. Act carefully before you commit yourself to anyone. Are they trustworthy? you need to ask yourself
19. Nearing
Troubles will soon disappear if you act with kindness. You catch more flies with honey. Success and recognition is highlighted for you.
20. Viewing
Now is the time to sit back and contemplate what has been happening lately. you could do with the support of others right now
21. Gnawing Bite
Act professionally and you will soon see how quickly you will progress with something that you have been wishing for. 
22. Adorning 
If you look and act like you’re successful, you will attract success into your life. This is a successful time for you
23. Stripping
Let go of things that no longer serve you. The cycle of difficulties will then end. Patience is required, but soon you will see light at the end of the tunnel
24. Returning 
The change of the seasons brings renewal for you now. Any troubles or worries will soon melt away. Positive change is ahead of you
25. Without Embroiling 
Now’s the time to look inside for the guidance you need. Prepare for the unexpected. avoid being greedy or asking for more than you need 
26. Great Accumulating 
Hard work will bring you success very soon. Keep your head down and get on with it. The time will pass quickly and you will soon be able to say ‘I did it’
27. Swallowing 
It’s time to look after and nurture yourself. Think of number one for a change. It’s your time to shine
28. Great Exceeding
Your situation will improve soon, but only if you can be patient for a little while longer. Evaluate your own strength and weaknesses 
29. Gorge
Now is the time to wait and see what happens next. Only fools rush in. Let things happen in their own good time
30. Radiance
Business ventures will bring success if you use your intelligence. Cooperate with someone who can help you attain your goals now.
31. Conjoining
Envy and jealousy do nothing but eat you up. Do not envy others. Be open to new commitments and help an protect those who are weaker 
32. Persevering 
Allow things to happen in their own time. A difficult situation will soon end. Marriage or partnerships will become stronger
33. Retiring 
Stand back and withdraw for a while. Watch what is going on behind the scenes. others may try to take advantage of you. Avoid confrontation if you can
34. Great Invigorating 
Others will be influenced by you, so act wisely. A period of peace and good fortune is ahead of you now and success is on the way
35. Prospering
This is a good time for business ideas. Look for someone who might be able to help you out. Your dreams will come true soon
36. Brightness Hiding
Try not to become too downhearted. Be careful of who you trust right now and be patient. Things take time to come together
37. Dwelling People
Your family and home life will be important to you right now. ask them for support if you’re not getting it, but remember to respect those you live with
38. Polarising
If you can remain flexible now you will avoid fights and conflict. Look for ways to bring peace into your world. If someone is determined to upset you, walk away.
39. Limping
If there are obstacles in your way, go around them. Learn from your past mistakes and you’ll be just fine if you don’t repeat them.
40. Taking Apart
New opportunities are on the way for you, but you may have to deal with some difficulties first. Learn lessons, but life is too short for regrets 
41. Diminishing
Avoid overdoing it. try to restrain yourself. if you feel you have to go out every night, perhaps there is something missing in your home life. don’t urn the candle at both ends
42. Augmenting
A time of good fortune is ahead of you. You may have to travel, but you will soon be sharing good fortune  
43. Parting
Legal action may be necessary. Face any problems head on and get a professional involved to help you. Act with truth and your outcome will be good 
44. Coupling
Try not to be too influenced by other people. Remain honest and truthful and let your own personality shine through. You don’t need to copy anyone else 
45. Clustering
This is a time when you are going to have to dedicate yourself to a project if you are going to see results. be prepared for a testing time . Join a like-minded group for inspiration 
46. Ascending
Move steadily onward and upward. Be prepared to work hard to get where you want to be and you will do so, Success and reward will come soon 
47. Confining
There could be hard times ahead for you, but if you prepare yourself for a battle, you will be in a good position to tackle anything right now. Be wary of someone lying to you 
48. Welling
This is time to listen to that little voice inside your head
49. Skinning
Change is for you bringing with it good opportunities. Try not to resist change because you’re frightened. You will see we need to change to grow
50. Holding
Material and spiritual success surround you now. Keep this in mind when you are starting new projects because they will be successful 
51. Shake
Prepare for stormy weather. There could be a sudden shock and upset, but this will be temporary and success will soon take its place. Be wary of a gossipy person
52. Bound
This isn’t a time to take risks. sit back and take notice of the thing going on around you. Partners could be feeling a bit left out
53. Infiltrating
Slowly but surely yo will move towards your goals, if you take your time over your plans 
54. Converting the Maiden
think about joining a club or organisation that interests you and your talents will shine shine through  
55. Abounding
Good fortune, abundance and prosperity surround you. Enjoy them but also prepare for less exciting times
56. Sojourning
Travel is highlighted. This could be literally travelling to somewhere new, or it could be more in your mind
57. Ground
Don’t be too pushy with someone who is only trying to help. Have patience and take baby steps to what you want to achieve
58. Open
A fabulous time ahead full of joy and happy times. Get sociable and get out there and show everyone how great you really are.
59. Dispersing
Pay attention to the needs of others - it’s not all about you, you know! Allow someone else to be in the spotlight 
60. Articulating
If you learn that you can’t possibly know everything and that we all have limitation, you will be better able to ask questions ans learn more
61. Centre Conforming
A time for looking deep inside yourself, and you will soon come up with the answers
62. Small Exceeding
Now is a time to study. Knowledge is power and this will lead to success  
63. Already Fording
Changes are ahead. Make sure you prepare yourself for what might just happen because then you will be in charge of any changes
64. Not Yet Fording  
You may have some difficulties to overcome, but if you persevere and have a clear goal of where you want to be next you will succeed

I like to think that there’s no such thing as a stupid question in Lush (apart from the obvious “are your products edible?” because… just no), since there’s SO much to take in, it’s not like we expect every single person to know what a shower jelly is, or the difference between various types of face masks, or the difference between bath bombs/bubble bars/bath melts, especially if they’re new to the store.

However, there’s one question I am asked at least once a day, which is “Do you have anything that men can use?”, usually asked by men gruffly clearing their throats and drawing themselves up to their fullest height. Don’t worry guys; a lavender-scented bath bomb won’t rob you of your penis. You’re still just as much of a man once you’ve used the Dream Cream hand & body lotion. I mean, opt exclusively for the shaving products if you REALLY feel that’s all you’re allowed to use, but our female customers use those too.

I really wish these men did not respond with a sceptical eyebrow-raise when I reassure them that every single product in the store is gender-neutral.

Guys. This is important. Nobody, repeat, NOBODY will judge you if you are seen buying the pink Magic Wand bubble bar or a Snow Fairy shower gel. Nobody cares that you’re buying something pink and sparkly because we know these things smell great and make you feel fabulous.

On a similar note, kudos to the father who let his son have a fresh face mask demo the other day. I get very frustrated with the parents who come in with their young sons and adamantly tell them they have to go for ’little boy stuff’. People, let your sons have what they like the look/smell of! Jesus!

anonymous asked:

Oh! Oh! I really liked those best friend headcanons for the Mediterranean 5, can we have best friend headcanons for the Allies, too?


  • He’s the kind of best friend that just being around him makes you feel ten times better when you’re down.
  • He’s always down for weird creepy adventures into dark places. He’ll probably cry while in the weird places, but at least he tries.
  • He’ll prank the soul out of you, but out of friendship. He means well.


  • He is always down for an all night bitchfest where y’all just get together and talk about all the other nations.
  • He’s the kind of best friend who you’ll randomly receive huge gifts from out of the blue, purely out of thankfulness. He just really appreciates his friends.
  • Being a little bit of an emotional hermit, you’ll likely be one of the few people he truly wouldn’t mind expressing his emotions to, so you’d probably get many, many late night emotional rants.


  • You can 100% count on him to make you look fabulous on any occasion. He’s the fashion friend.
  • He likes it when y’all get together and just have random heart-to-hearts. He likes to talk about himself and his feelings, and other people and their feelings.
  • You will likely be one of the very few people who he will willingly allow to see him looking like a mess.


  • He’s the cuddly bestfriend. He’s just full of caring-ness and affection.
  • He’s the best at listening to problems and giving emotional support, Somehow, he just always knows how to make a shit situation, in an odd way, funny.
  • If someone starts shit with you, he can have them gone and done in about a day. No one fucks with his friends.


  • He’s kind of like a second mother. He’s super protective of his friends, so if you ever get in trouble, he will be there to help you deal with that shit.
  • He will literally show up in your house at 2am just to let you try his “awesome new recipe”.
  • Whenever he gets drunk, you’ll be the first person he calls to talk about weird shit.

Not sure why I thought about this, but I did: killjoys with superpowers. A lot of things BLI would see as weaknesses in the killjoys aren’t weaknesses at all, but are really amazing strengths.
For example, if you have to wear a hearing aid, you’d not only hear better but it would also be some high-tech gear that allows you to hear hidden radio waves and transmissions.
Contact lenses or glasses? Surprise, they can zoom in and out, be used as decoders, even have night vision. Who knows, maybe you can even see a larger color spectrum.
You afraid that being hypersensitive makes you weak? Think again, you have enhanced senses and can tell if someone is sneaking up on you a mile away.
Amputee? Congratulations, you now have a bionic limb like the Winter Soldier, go kick some ass.

anonymous asked:

Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers <33333 !!!!

Five things I love like about myself….

  1. I’m fucking fabulous (I thank God every day that I woke up feeling this way)
  2. My super Asian genes that allow me to look like I’m still in college when I’m actually older than Victor.  I’m planning on aging like Minako thank you very much.
  3. My awesome Asian hair that’s super healthy even though it’s down the my lower back.
  4. The way my legs and ass looks in heels, thank you HS me who decided that 16 flights of stairs three times a day for a whole summer was the way to go.  15 years later my calves are still killer.
kiss me on the mouth & set me free (but please don't bite)
Five times John got drunk and slept with Sherlock, and the one time Sherlock got drunk and couldn't do the same.
By Organization for Transformative Works

merry christmas, everyone! this has been my baby for the last month or so, so whenever i got a burst of inspiration today i figured, why not FINALLY write the last chapter and finish the damn thing. so now i’m happy ;>

kind of angsty, but it gets pretty fluffy at the end and i personally think it resolves pretty well. it’s a 5+1; five times john gets drunk and he and sherlock have sex, and the one time sherlock gets drunk and can’t do it and basically they’re both idiots in love. as per canon allows. so yeah, it’s dudes banging explicitly if that’s not your thing!

thought i’d tag a few people who might be interested! i hope y’all have an absolutely FABULOUS christmas because it’s the last reprise we have before s4 kicks us all collectively in the ass. lmk if you want to be tagged in future stuff :^)

tags beneath the cut~

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When I first discovered your art, I was in love. It immediately appealed to me especially because your art style isn't the standard digital type. It's in a league of its own, there's almost no noticeable "emptiness" to it. Usually, artists who do B&W don't convey that feeling that allows the viewers to see colors and details. YET YOU DON'T MISS ANYTHING! You're B&W comics make each piece feel whole regardless of whether there's color or not. You are a fabulous artist. Keep it up! 💕💕


Gif cause why not?
I love Killjoy writing, so much creative liberty within a set plot. Plus the Killjoy universe is just amazing
Thanks -(Party Poison/Gerard Way)
y/k/n=your killjoy name
As you cruised down the infinite highway Party Poison was intently listening to Dr. D’s radio report, you’d tuned out when he’d mention the days casualties, a list of names you’d long since stopped wanting to hear.

“y/k/n, Y/K/N.” Party repeated getting louder until he had your attention.

“Oh, sorry..” You apologized and he just nodded.

“It’s fine, but you should know there’s dracs in this zone, we’re almost to the diner but that doesn’t mean much out here. Can you hand me my gun?”

You nodded and handed him his gun after loading it with carbons, it left yours pretty empty but he was a far better shot anyways.

“Thanks.” He drove along turning the radio down as he was reporting about activity in another zone.

“And luck is against us..” He mumbled as you noticed dracs in the mirrors.

Party turned around and shot, clipping the car but not deterring the Dracs who took no hesitation to shoot back.

“Shit.. Hold on y/k/n.” He slammed on the breaks flying out and shooting at the car; taking out one Drac but starting a battle of return shots.

You noticed there were four Dracs standing leaving you two a piece.
You snuck out of the Trans-Am figuring it was best to stay hidden as long as possible and prevent your self from being targeted until you had to.

‘Two down, three to go..’ You mumbled to yourself shooting at your next target, by this point the Dracs had noticed you drawing you out of hiding and fighting right along Party Poison who seemed to be handling things fine on his own, allowing you to spread out and take on one on one and two on one.

You’d taken out your Drac when you saw the Drac fighting Party hold him back so the other could shoot him. Without thinking you shot the one about to shoot Party allowing the time to turn around and shoot the Drac holding him captive.

You couldn’t help but grin having saved the ass of the cockiest of the Fabulous Killjoys.

“What would you have done without me?” You smirked walking towards him.

He met you halfway and before you knew it his lips were on yours.

While making out with Party Poison was definitely on your bucket list. Doing so in a see of dead Dracs in the middle of the dessert however was not exactly how you imagined it.

“Doesn’t matter, cause they’re all dead and we’re both alive.” He smirked not wanting to admit to almost being defeated.

“You could at least thank me you know.” You grinned calling him out on avoiding an apology.

“I did thank you.” He winked walking back to the Trans-Am.

“Ass..” You mumbled following him back and hopping in where he connected your lips yet again.