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friends to lovers ❁ hoshi

anon askedHello! I really liked your friends-to-lovers Junhui AU, so would it be okay to request a friends-to-lovers Hoshi AU? Thank you! :)

aw thank u, im glad you liked jun’s version! i’ll do my best to make this one just as good!

  • you both were put in dancing classes when you were young
  • that’s basically how you two met
  • the dance moms were mingling with each other as u all had ur class
  • but i guess soonyoung’s mom and urs just CLICKED
  • they became best friends which meant u both had to be too
  • you both got along with each other well so it wasn’t a forced friendship
  • soonyoung was a very fidgety boy and dancing was something that helped when he was feeling restless
  • whenever he came to ur house or u went to his you would always see him dancing
  • like if he was walking down the path to ur house u just see him moonwalking to the door or he’s doing something crazy like KRUMPING
  • like is this kid okay lol
  • you’d have to try and stop him from dancing so much cause ur scared he’ll hurt himself by DANCING SO MUCH
  • looked exxxxtra cute with braces on
  • he was a bit embarrassed by it, but i mean .. who isn’t u know
  • “it’s okay hoshi i still think ur cute.”
  • “oh thank u pft” (*≧∀≦*)
  • soonyoung hated school
  • he hated waking up so early to get ready for something he thought was useless
  • but he still pulled through with those good grades
  • so he always pined after girls who he wasn’t able 2 get with
  • ok maybe just japanese, chinese, and korean
  • he also wasn’t a very loud person, but whenever u saw him he was blasting his music so in a sense he was p loud
  • he became more of a rat during ur 2nd to last year of high school
  • let u get in trouble w the teacher when it was hIS FAULT
  • but he is super duper good at taekwondo and whenever a boy or creepy dude went up to u he would ‘HYA’ them in the face
  • get rekt
  • also wanted to fight everyone in ur class, he hated all of them
  • probably would’ve fought ur teacher too if the chance of getting expelled was 0
  • hoshi: dude sing it with me
  • hoshi: oh u don’t know that song?
  • hoshi: ok well how abou–  JAJAEONG MAK JINAN SAEBYEOK YO sing it with me–
  • when u sang the next lyrics he was like
  • omg (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
  • OK but that’s when he knew he fell in love with u
  • he knew he wasn’t allowed to date until he graduated but </3 he finally realized that u were the one 4 him
  • perfect, cute, fun
  • u were hi s ideal type
  • bc u smelled nice (and he secretly knew that u liked him too)
  • it was a breath of fresh air once you both graduated high school
  • bc school’s over
  • and ,, maybe he could even ask u out soon . omgg soonyoung get urself together (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
  • ok but when i mean ask u out soon i MEAN RLLY SOON
  • dude he asked u out three days after graduation lol
  • “um .. would u pl s go out with me pls”
  • at first u were like ?? r u bullshitting soonyoung it isnt funny bro
  • 。(*^▽^*)ゞ “i don’t think i was joking?? idk pft”
  • i mean of course you said yes to him what a goofball
  • his mom was very proud
  • gave him a thumbs up when he told her the news
  • “son u picked the right one. i was hoping u would fall for them”
  • “oh thank u mom”
  • is a loving boyfriend. he loves u so much
  • rlly likes apples so he feeds u apple slices from time to time
  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • still dances A LOT
  • can rlly krump
  • but also slow dances with you sometimes when he feels like he should give u some extra love
  • he’s super cuddly with u aw ):
  • sometimes wants to fight u cause ur cute
  • his heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM BOBOBMOBOOM whenever he sees u
  • which is like always
  • “STOP”
  • “what”
  • “my heart ,… it can’t take ur . ,,, perfectness …….”
  • has dance battles with u
  • and helps u with taekwondo so that u can defend urself when he’s not around
  • is proud of u even though u just kicked him in the face
  • “thank u jagiya that was refreshing”
  • “sweetheart ur on the floor are u sure u don’t need ice”
  • “babe ur heart is cold as fuck i don’t need ice”
  • “wtf”
  • minghao encourages u to fight ur boyfriend whenever he does him wrong
  • again, his heart goes DOKI DOKI ODKIDOKDOIDDOKI whenever u do something he finds cute or attractive
  • “omg babe feel my heart it’s beating so fast”
  • “literally all i did was sit on the couch are u sure u don’t need to go to the hospital”
  • “fine if ur not gonna feel my heartbeat ill do it myself”
  • “ok babe”
  • (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु “WHATEVER I DONT NEED U”
  • he loves u
  • so MUCH
  • gets u to sing shinee songs with him every now and then so that he can fall in love with you evenmore
  • u both cry a little whenever u watch that one performance of 낯선자  stranger
  • this one
  • “what a blessing. key looks so good here, jagi”
  • “oh my god they’re so good at dancing”
  • “my sins have been washed away jus t by watching this”
  • ur friends and his hate it whenever ur both stuck to each other’s sides
  • “ur just jealous. bac k OFF”
  • cries when u cry
  • vows to never make u cry
  • unless it’s a good thing like maybe giving you smth you’ve always wanted ( … shinee concert tickets maybe ) or proposing to u
  • which CALM DOWN soonyoung you’ve only been dating for a year give it a little more time
  • ive been rambling for too long im sry
  • soonyoung would be such a sweet and innocent boyfriend honestly he would never let go of u ur the most precious thing to him

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wanna one!kid au


before i start just a big big big big big big big big big huge ass thank you to @exojjanggg and @wendyson for helping me w/ this!!! i wouldnt have been able to write it without them lmao

disclaimer: all of them are like 4-11 years old respectively and u act as their babysitter in this !!!!


  • probably holds their poor pet cat everywhere he goes and the poor lil kitty just lets him 
  • nervously sweats when he has to choose between holding seungwoo’s hand or the cat
  • buddies up with seungwoo whenever he goes anywhere
    • “y/n i need 2 go to the washroom !!!” 
    • “ok- wait why are u taking seungwoo with u?” 
    • “ಥ_ಥ” 
  • the type of kid to search blindly for your hand when he’s nervous
  • also giggles when he’s nervous
  • and giggles when he’s not nervous
  • just giggles all the time
  • probably loves u more than he loves his brothers sdfvhbafsd
  • you thought he was gonna be a kid that was really hard to please but really all u needed to do was smile and he melted into the ground
  • doesnt know what to do when people start crying so he just plops his cat in front of them
  • colours so hard he breaks the crayon
  • the first time you babysat for them, he hugged u when u had to leave and thanked u for taking care of them ಥ_ಥ
  • the smollest bunny, likes being picked up but will never admit it bc he’s a ‘big boy’ now


  • a ball of !!!! SUNSHINE
  • the first time he met you, he jumped on you and wouldn’t let go of you
  • he’s on your back 24/7 unless it’s nap time ??
  • during snack time u just gotta feed him while he’s on your back
  • always hums a cute song from one of those kiddie shows he watches 
  • vvv well behaved !!!!! just wants to make u happy
  • if he’s not hugging you, he’s hugging jihoon or jisung or anyone really
  • every time u leave he always kisses ur cheek and says goodbye a million times im !!!! crying
  • dolphin screams when he’s scared
  • is really bad with names
    • thought your name was brownie for a solid 2 weeks bc u brought all the kids cosmic brownies on ur first day
  • has to hold your hand at all times or else
  • so now u have sidekick daehwi and sidekick daniel + sidesidekick seungwoo 
  • always has money but u never know where he gets it from
  • asks u not to tell anyone
  • you’re too scared to
  • has 0 money sense tho
  • thinks a penny is worth more than paper bills bc they ‘look cooler’
  • slips u a nickel and whispers “4 ur hardwork”
  • crabwalks everywhere


  • helps u parent the kids even tho he’s like 2 ????
  • sometimes woojin will try to fight jaehwan bc he hate his chocolate and jisung will just sit there and watch them
  • he has his juice box ready with cookies being stuffed into his face and crumbs are falling all over the floor but biNCH !!!! THIS IS S P I C Y
    • daehwi’s probably sweeping the crumbs into his lil hands and dumping it into the trash can
  • he’ll break up every fight unless it’s over some spicy drama™️
  • does a head count 4 u every time u guys go outside
  • but you don’t trust his counting so you count again anyways and he gets all pouty
  • will stop pouting for ice cream
  • ok but 99.9% of the time he’s really responsible 
  • but sometimes he snaps and just
  • slides down the stair railings and into miNHYUN’S ARMS
  • cries when things go wrong
  • competitive as fuck, eomma jisung goes down the fuckin drain as soon as a prize is mentioned
  • pretends to know karate, doesnt know karate 
    • still threatens the kids with karate when they misbehave
  • gets salty when daniel, guanlin, seungwoo, or minhyun stand beside him bc he has to be the tallest one or he’ll >:((((( scream
  • has ur number memorized so sometimes when you’re not babysitting, he’ll call u up and ask if u can take them to the park


  • gives half of his snack away to jinyoung always
  • always hands juice boxes out to everyone else before he gives himself one !!! just !!!! LOVE HIM FOREVER
  • makes sure guanlin doesn’t get lost
  • doesn’t really like being the centre of attention but ends up being it anyway so his brothers have 2 protect him ??
  • like bodyguards but with cute glares and puffing of chests even tho it doesn’t do anything but make them uncomfortable and tired 
  • was rlly shy around u the first time u babysat but probably slyly flirts with u now
  • slips u a piece of his chocolate bar when youre not looking and runs away
  • if u confront him he’ll be all innocent and stuff liKE BOI
    • “jihoon are u flirting with me?”
    • “no !!! ,,, but is it working? will u marry me now?”
  • pouts until he gets what he wants and makes those “hmph!” noises dramatically while crossing his arms over his chest
  • asks you for homework help but ends up asking u for all the answers
  • during nap time he’ll fall off his bed bc he’s That™️ deep of a sleeper and doesnt even stir
  • if jisung is your backup then jihoon is your backup backup
  • if any little thing is wrong he’ll know immediately
  • it’s just those Little Kid Instincts™️
  • actually gets dressed in the dark
  • daniel pretends not to know him in public


  • the coolest™️ kid in school
  • too embarrassed to invite any of his lil friends over for a playdate bc the house is so crowded with 11 kids
  • know everything abt everyone 
  • blackmails them
    • “jisung can i have ur cookie?”
    • “what the heck no !!”
    • “i know u broke mom’s vase”
    • “*nervous sweating* take it”
  • if yall dont have that drinkable yogurt shit he aint gon fuck with u
  • really hardworking and is quiet most of the time until daniel bursts into the room with a foam sword and a paper hat challenging him to a ‘duel’
  • if anybody even looks at his brothers or u ? theyre dead give him a pair of kiddy scissors 
  • sips tea from his sippy cup and roasts his brothers with his mom’s big sunglasses
  • can u say tsundere ?
  • pouts when he can’t express his feelings
  • steals food from his brother’s plates
  • refuses to sleep unless daniel is beside him
  • probably eats raw spaghetti noodles 
  • just takes a handful of them and walks around the house eating them
  • likes watching videos w/ u bc that means he can rest his head on your shoulder :’))
  • always slides in front for group pictures and has a permanent ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face with the occasional ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – or even the ( ͡°⊖ ͡°)


  • laughs at anything and everything
  • you could trip on the carpet and he’d collapse on the floor laughing
  • no one knows if he blinks or not
  • stares into your soul
  • u thought he was dead the first time u saw him
  • an actual sunshine when he warms up to u !!!
  • threatens to never stop singing until he gets food
  • his one true love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • challenges daehwi to see who can scream the highest
  • but not before daehwi supplies everyone with earplugs (again, where the actual heck does he get these things ?? no one knows)
  • jaehwan pretends everyone sucks but in reality, loves everyone
  • can u say aNothEr tsundere ??
  • looks like he wants to kill something 24/7
  • squish his cheeks 
  • whenever he’s sad, someone can just pinch his lil cheeks and he’ll start giggling
  • has one heck of a lung capacity 
    • screams so loud people in canada can hear his voice
  • if you ever wanna bake something for everyone don’t ask him for help
  • all he’ll do is throw flour around and place the blame on sungwoon 
  • would trade his brothers over for half a tangerine
  • he doesn’t even like tangerines 
  • sly as hell knows how to get what he wants 
  • listens to all ur gossip
    • “so this girl at school bumped into me and made me drop all my books and she didn’t even apologize!”


  • scared the fuck out of u the first time u heard him speak
  • u asked for his name and in the deepest voice u’ve ever heard a kid possess, he says “hi im woojin!”
  • squishy cheek squad member #2
  • tries to be cool™️ and tough™️ but looks like a baby who has just come out of the womb
  • when u guys watch ‘scary’ movies, he tries to ‘protect’ u by covering your eyes when the movie starts 
    • ends up getting scared himself and having 2 hold back those tears >:(((( so he can be >:(((( A MAN 4 U
  • gets whatever he wants by bustin out those puppy eyes
    • like !!! who allowed his eyes 2 be so cute nd shiny ????? sue him
  • slaps a hand over jaehwan’s mouth when he starts to sing 
  • looks like he’s tired all the time but could jump someone if u asked
  • the definition of extra
  • sprawls across the floor dramatically only to ask “yo have u seen my teddy bear”
  • one time he got scolded by his teacher for scaring a classmate but really it was just because his aura is just like that and u best believe u roasted that teacher the next day 
  • when y’all walk in public and he sees a doggo he starts vibrating and poking u without taking his eyes off the dog 
    • “y/n-”
    • “give me a sec woojin i have to help sungwoon”
    • “y/n-”
    • “woojin just-”
  • eats angrily like the food hurt his family or smth 
  • drinks angrily too 
  • can probably down a caprisun in 0.001 seconds 
  • pretends not to like the kitty but you’ve caught him cuddling it and he begged u not to tell
  • says well known sayings wrong but no one wants to correct him
  • says the most ridiculous things with the straightest face
    • “y/n if i eat this old cracker do u think i’ll get superpowers”
    • “y/n daniel said that if i run really fast into the wall i’ll get superspeed do u think i should try it”


  • instead of holding onto your hand he’ll hold onto your shirt and let u drag him everywhere 
  • bites his nails when he’s nervous
  • so like all the time
  • istg this boi probably thinks aliens are out to get him
  • before nap time u always have to reassure him that no, aliens indeed are not going to abduct him in his sleep
  • if yall run out of banana milk be sure to catch urselves at guanlin’s funeral bc he’ll cry so hard he turns into a prune
  • for school he had an assignment where he had to draw a picture of someone he admired and one day he plopped down in front of u and was like “y/n can i draw u for school !!” and uR HEART JUST COLLAPSED
  • smol laughs that make his brothers go “!!! OH MY GOD HE’S A L I V E”
  • gives u all the spiciest™️ tea
    • “hey y/n,,,, did u hear,,,,,,,,,,,”
    • “hear what?”
    • “jisung broke mom’s vase but :|||| u didnt hear it from me,,,,,,,,”
  • snitches get stitches but not guanlin bc no one ever suspects guanlin
  • has 2 help his bros reach tol shelves for the good™️ candy
  • gets to sit in big bro jinyoung’s lap even tho like,,,,,,, jinyoung cant see anything except guanlin’s back
  • he’s the only kid out of everyone that thinks logically but is so easily persuaded because he’s smol and looks up to his big bros a lot :(((
    • “jihoon, i dont think that’s possible-”
    • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK LET’S DO IT”
  • he probably has a crush on u let’s be real
    • fights jihoon 4 ur love but very subtly 
    • probably picked u a flower for valentine’s day 
  • confused most of the time
    • doesnt know what’s going on but gummy smiles nervously
  • he has a closet full of hats with those plastic propellers on top u know what i’m talking abt


  • asks u to listen to him sing oH MY GOSH
  • when you guys go the park he always asks u to make a flower crown for him out of flowers he’s picked
  • one time he made a paper crown 4 u and was all like: “bc ur such a princess and princesses deserve crowns”
  • fights jisung for the mom position
  • acts like he hates when u hug him but secretly screams inside and explodes
  • complains when sungwoon holds his hand but never lets him go
  • loves helping u in the kitchen when u make them snacks !!!! does anything he can with his tiny lil hands 2 help !!!!!
  • most likely just grabs as many ingredients as he can and brings them to u
  • enforces the ‘buddy system’ more than u do tbh
  • loves pokemon more than he loves his brothers 
    • hisses at u if u disrupt his pokemon catching session 
  • makes signs for his brothers when they have competitions or smth and screams the loudest 4 them
  • gets roasted often 
  • goes into (。・_・。) mode when left alone
  • please don’t leave him alone
  • actually the clingiest being alive, has to hold your hand until he falls asleep or else he’ll die
  • nags his bros to clean up 4 themselves and gets roasted >:(((
  • one time u took the kids to an amusement park (big mistake btw) and minhyun had to get a pic with every mascot and hug the life out of them 
  • just wants 2 have a good day and not be attacked™️ by his family
  • remembers everything u tell him which is a gift and a curse
    • he buys ur favourite snacks when he’s at the grocery store with his parents :’))
    • but he also remembers the time u promised to take them out to eat after u forgot him at the park
    • never forgets never forgives


  • has a biting issue 
    • bites people when he’s nervous 
    • or just for fun
    • one time u caught him biting jihoon and jihoon just looked u dead in the eye and said “this is normal”
  • really shy, pls praise him
  • just tell him he’s a smart boi or that his singing voice is nice and he’ll be happy for the next year
  • unsure abt everything don’t ask him what ice cream flavour he wants, just get him what jihoon gets
  • always trails behind jihoon like a lil puppy
  • almost trips over their cat 28 times a day
  • questions if he really exists and if anything matters and makes u go “woah dude ur like 2”
  • nibbles on his food instead of properly eating it
  • he’s like the kids in horror movies that stare off behind you like something’s about to attack u
    • but really he just stared at the wall behind you for so long his vision blurred and he thought that was cool smh
  • convinces u to give him extra food during snack time just by smiling at u
  • is the referee for daniel vs seungwoo battles, has a whistle and everything 
    • jinyoung: *blows whistle*
    • ogniel: ??? what’s up yo
    • jinyoung: daniel wouldnt share his ice cream with me the other day so seungwoo automatically wins good job hyung (✿◠‿◠)
  • people think he’s really nice but in reality he’s too shy to say no akshakjs
  • classmate: can i have ur milk
    • jinyoung: *nervously sweats* uh,,,,
  • everybody is apart of the protect jinyoung club™


  • easily excited 
  • show him something new and watch him screech
  • gets jealous easily and gets all >:/// 
  • sharing ?? what’s that sorry not in sungwoon’s vocabulary 
  • one time he mumbled “it’s high noon” in his sleep and u highkey considered quitting the job
  • cries the hardest when an animal dies in a movie 
  • has a sad face as his resting face so ur always concerned 
    • “sungwoon are u ok ??”
    • “ya i’m just thinking abt what we’re having for dinner tonight :))”
    • “,,,,,,,,”
  • sings his words 
    • says it’s for ‘vocal practice’
  • eats anything u give to him
  • fell in love with u on your first day when u gave them all brownies
  • demands 2 be carried so now u have to worry abt daehwi AND sungwoon falling off ur back/out of ur arms
  • eats everything with a fork
  • like he probably eats pizza with a fork
  • has a fidget spinner, u can’t look him in the eye when he has it with him
  • can always be found with his face smushed up against someone’s shoulder
  • wears bucket hats 
  • i’m just putting that out there 
  • whenever u babysit you either never see him at all or he’s always in your sight
  • hides in the same exact place every time y'all play hide and seek and he wonders how he’s always caught first 
  • u can always tell when he’s tired when he walks into a wall bc his eyes were half-closed

wanna one (as a whole)

  • their parents told them they were really musically gifted and that they all liked singing and rapping and stuff like that so u expected them to always be doing so
  • but no
  • all they do is scream and do girl group dance moves around the house
  • daehwi and jisung have fights over who does the moves better
    • “hyung they don’t dance like that!”
    • “yes they do!”
    • “no ur ugly!”
    • “UR UGLY”
  • daily dance offs to fight for who gets what 
    • “:OOOOO”
  • guanlin just sits down next to u with banana milk and watches the entire fiesta unfold
  • when yall go to the playground u best believe theyre all gonna ask u to push them on the swings
  • except jihoon and jinyoung who attempt to fucking climb the tallest slide from the side bars
  • u run out of money immediately when the ice cream truck comes
  • they all buy the most expensive things but u cant resist them bc theyre just so cute
  • the younger ones always ask u to read them bedtime stories im :’))
  • all of them try to play with your hair at the same time and i dont know abt u but i dont think having 11 kids trying to braid ur hair is a good idea??
  • when it’s ur birthday they INSIST that they bake smth for u
    • which ends in all the eggs being broken and the cat covered in cake batter 
    • but it’s the effort that counts :’)))
    • in the end they settle for banana milk and a cookie that they had to ask guanlin to get bc it was on the top shelf
  • all these kids are art hoes
    • asks if they can stay at the park a lil longer so they can see the sunset dsfvhsbjh
  • uncalled forehead/wrist flicking that end in battles to the death 
  • constant sibling rivalry BUT in the end, they all love each other to death and will always have each other’s backs ಥ⌣ಥ
NCT DREAM’s reaction to Jisung liking someone two years younger than him.


Mark would already be friendly with you because you are always hanging around with Jisung. You would be like a little sister to him. So when he does find out that Jisung has a crush on you, he would probably tease him. After he finished teasing him about it, he will finally become mature and tell Jisung that you’re only young so he needs to treat you well. Then he’ll go back to teasing.

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He probably already knows. He would have caught on that Jisung liked you because of how shy and awkward Jisung gets around you. When Jisung comes to Renjun to tell him, before Jisung even finishes his confession, Renjun would interrupt and tell him that he already knew. Renjun would give him advice. That wouldn’t work because it’s probably dumb advice.

*Him seeing Jisung using his advice.*

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Probably already knows. He probably speaks to Renjun about Jisung whenever he sees Jisung and you together. Joking about you two and laughing at blushing Jisung. Not in a humiliating way but because it was cute. Cute that even though you are younger than him, he acts like the young one. He’ll definitely tease Jisung when he finally confesses to him. Giving him bad advice like Renjun.

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He’ll be so hyperactive when Jisung tells him. Teasing him about it and probably calling him ‘Jisung-oppa’ in a girls voice. He wouldn’t be serious about it but that’s what Jisung was expecting anyways. Haechan wouldn’t think it’s a bad thing, he’ll be so happy, pinching Jisung’s cheeks.

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I see all of them making fun of him because they’re literally children. Love is new to them all so when their youngest member admits that he likes someone to them, they’re gonna make jokes about it and make him shy. Jaemin would do the most though. A lot like Haechan. Would call him ‘Jisung-oppa’ and squish his cheeks. Jisung just allowing him because it’s what he expected.

*Look at my precious baby, I miss him so much.*

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Once again, makes fun of him. Probably does it behind his back as well with Jaemin. In a playful way though. He would find it cute that Jisung likes someone. He already finds Jisung cute but after seeing him with you, he’ll think he’s even cuter. Would tell all the other nct members who are in different units. Does his cute laugh when Jisung tells him.

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Imagine it tho

Trans siblings Cosette and Enjolras living on the streets together.

Older trans man Javert getting called in to a robbery to find 12 year old Enjolras trying to shoplift a few shirts and some food.

Enjolras getting dragged to the station and being given a change of clothes.

Javert inspecting records for him and his sister and realizing that they are trans.

Javert scolding Enjolras when he realizes he is probably using ace bandages to bind and takes him and Cosette home to ValJean who just goes, ‘Ur now my babies, I luv u, lets be a happy family’

Trans man Javert having to calm Enjolras down when he starts puberty and reassuring him that they will try to get him puberty stallers or something.

ValJean learning how to braid hair so he can do Cosette’s.

Angry parent Javert who isnt allowed to meet teachers anymore because he gets angry when they mention letting a kid bully his son or daughter.

Transgender Enjolras sewing a trans-pride patch onto his favorite red hoodie.

Transgender Cosette sewing cute dresses for herself and gender fluid Eponine.

Enjolras starting a human rights club that draws in a lot of gay and trans kids.

Enjolras and Cosette watching Harry Potter and painting eachothers nails.

Enjolras and Cosette conspiring to set up Eponine and Bigender Combeffere.

Combeffere having a crush on Eponine and seeing her walk in presenting as male and having to lie down for a few minutes because ‘it is impossible to look that good as any gender’

Enjolras storming home one day and complaining about the boy in his group who teases him and calls him Apollo and ‘ITS BEEN TWO MONTHS WHY WONT HE STOP’.

Enjolras walking in two days later and mumbling about having a date with said boy.

Cisgender Grantaire asking Enjolras out and then getting stared down by Javert anytime they go on a date and being told, ‘YOU BETTER NOT KNOCK HIM UP’ whenever they go to Enjolras’s room.

Jehan and Costte becoming braiding buddies and Jehan writing poetry about Cosette and Marius.

Trans Les Mis.

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I just wanted to say that I love your fics and your writing! Plus, you seem super cute. 😙 I'm wondering if you have any fic recs too because I've been running low on jikook and I haven't found any new ones that have caught my eye. Thanks in advance and I hope you have a good day~

omy…goodness… nonnie who.. allowed u to be this cute mY HEART IS ALL FLUTTERY HDHFH I CAN’T ^////^ thank u so much for liking my fics omg!!! 💞💓💞💓💕💓😙

i haven’t really been lurking around the jikook tag lately either, so here are some fics i just… rlly love… and would definitely re-read:

- he loves me, he loves me not (seven days) by jeonify // @shyjimins

[two-shot, complete] small soft jimin and rich playboy jeon, super soft and dreamy, v angsty but totally worth it in the end :)

- blow me like your french horn by ohdizzy // @ohdizzy

[chaptered, complete] french-hornist!jeon, trumpeteer!jimin, rivals to eventual lovers, hands down still the funniest fic i’ve ever read, prepare ur tissues bc u will laugh that hard

- let’s not fall in love by jungkoojk // @jungkoojk

[chaptered, complete] highschool au, bad-boy!jeon (he becomes good tho!!  dw), half angst, half fluff, an emotional rollercoaster wow

- taking back october by mintaehyung

[chaptered, on-going] college/uni au, fluff, a bit of angst, it’s rlly cute i scream every time it updates

- the ocean at the end of the universe by mindheist

[one-shot, complete] space au, aviation academy, enemies to friends to lovers, angst(?), the first bts fic i ever read and i constantly go back to, it’s that great!!

- the petty criminal discount by kingkiwi

[one-shot, complete] criminal!jeon (sort of… a v minor criminal i guess), coffee-shop owner!jimin, fluff, this is hella cute pls read, i re-read it all the time aaahhh

the goon squad is a two-shot by the same author that takes place in the same au after that, i highly recommend it!!

- wonder by wordcouture // @baebsaes

[two-shot, complete] space au, apocalypse au(?), fluffy, v dreamy, aNGST ANGST ANGST, if ur gonna read it till the end pls prepare tissues iT WRECKED ME

- acrobats, artists and animals by flitter

[one-shot, complete] ballet!au, rivals to lovers, angsTY AS HECK but so realistic, the characterisation is amazing, a piece of art pls!! read 

- your little moon face, shining bright at me by cygnus (lucid_wysteria) // @c-cygnus

[chaptered, on-going] coffee-shop au (sorta), soft shy lil musician!jeon, barista!jimin, angsty but also fluffy, the descriptions are magical istg, aLSO sunshine-line are always bickering it’s great, pls read this i’m in love with it

and… that’s… a few… ;;;

here’s a thought

i see so many dramatic people saying “i miss the old taylor” like lmao what y’all really think she reincarnated and became a whole new person?? for me, old taylor meant the taylor who wrote innocent, who was TOO forgiving, the taylor who wrote mean, who was TOO gentle, the taylor who was TOO nice to the media even perez the rat, even if they’re too toxic, the taylor who anyone can just fight and she’d ignore it and shake it off. yeah sure thats cute youre an angel BUT damn right im here for the new taylor, the taylor who anyone can’t just fool, the taylor who chooses to fight and say what she wanna say, the taylor who gets mad, the taylor who’s allowed to give a fuck u to anyone who deserves it basically, THE taylor who’s stronger, smarter and braver. I’m so here for this new lady because i ain’t letting media just shit on her or fake friends just turnin their backs on her after 2 secs of fame. so y’all stop crying and begging for the old taylor because shes still her goofy weird self like cmon y’all think she changed a hundred percent when she’s here on tumblr communicating with our sarcastic asses. I love it and im living for it @taylorswift

Coffee for Two

Prompt: A dinner date gone terribly wrong, told from the perspective of the waiter who is purposefully making it awful because they think one of them is cute and the other is u n w o r t h y.

Bucky loved working in the small coffee shop on the corner. It was relatively peaceful, and the customers were, for the most part, very friendly. He wasn’t the most social guy, so seeing so many different people on a daily basis allowed him to live vicariously through them. He had spent months getting to know the story behind every regular.

Agatha, the little old lady with the ancient pug named Edgar, was a retired English professor and often quoted Shakespeare to her wrinkled companion as they shared their tea and biscuits.

The man with spectacles larger than his protruding nose was Jim, and he was an IT expert at the store down the street. He always came in to order for his whole team; large black coffees with a shot (or two) of espresso for dealing with hysterical customers well into the night.

Bucky’s personal favorite was the blond veteran who came in every morning after his run. Steve. He was always so polite and sweet, making sure to ask everyone how their morning had been. Sometimes his friend Sam came with him and they would chat together about their time serving abroad, or the weather, or what movies they wanted to go see over the weekend. Bucky always found a way to be the one serving their table, and while no one else mentioned it, it was pretty clear he was dealing with a little bit of a crush.

Not that Bucky was prepared to admit that. He was perfectly happy to share a few pleasant exchanges with the charming man every morning and let his heart quietly burn every time their fingertips brushed when he handed him his drink, or whenever Steve remembered something about him or their previous conversations. That was, until Steve brought a date to the coffee shop one afternoon.

Her name was Sharon and never did Bucky dislike someone more on sight. From her styled blonde hair to the sassy yet functional outfit she wore, he simply could not find a single virtue that would excuse how close she was stood to Steve. No. This would not do. Bucky made a silent promise to himself right then: He could not - would not - let this woman ruin his one-sided pining. Not today.

He started subtly by greeting Steve by name. A little display of dominance to let her know that he had known Steve longer, and that they were on regular speaking terms. Steve greeted him back with a warm smile and introduced Sharon to him. The smile Bucky gave to Sharon never reached his eyes, and she seemed just a little disconcerted by him. Good. The first step to success was fear.

Then luck gave him an opportunity; Steve had to run to the bathroom. Sharon was left alone to order after Bucky assured Steve he would get him his regular (another intimidation tactic).

“What can I get you, Charlene?” Bucky asked in his sweetest and most well-meaning customer service voice.

“It’s Sharon,” she corrected him gently.

“Shelley - right! Sorry. So, what can I get you?”

“Sharon,” she repeated again firmly, “and I’ll have a Pumpkin Spice Latte with skim milk.”

“Pumpkin Spice with skim, got it. Sure thing, Cheryl.”

A look of protest crossed her face, but at that moment Steve came back from his speedy bathroom break and whatever she was going to say was momentarily forgotten. As he turned away to get their orders sorted, Bucky smiled to himself. Everything was going according to plan.

He could have messed up her order, but that was overdoing it. Besides, it was a matter of professional pride; he was good at what he did, and he wouldn’t stoop so low as to ruin his reputation. What he would stoop to, however, was giving her the most intense side-eye possible as he waited nearby tables without alerting Steve to what he was doing.

It seemed to be enough. She was sat incredibly stiff in her chair for someone who was meant to be enjoying the relaxed and godly company of Steve Rogers. Half of a good date was the overall setting and experience, and so far (thanks to Bucky) hers had been uncomfortable enough that she might not even want another date with Steve.

Meanwhile, Steve didn’t seem to be enjoying himself that much either. It was hard to have a really engaging conversation with someone so obviously on edge. He wished he knew what was wrong… Maybe it was him? Was he being too forward? Should he even have agreed to a date? Ugh. That’d be the last time he went to Natasha for dating advice.

When Bucky came back with their drinks he had their names printed on their respective cups, as per his usual policy. “Steve” had been scribed with care, while “Shelby” was done in a slightly sloppier fashion.

When Sharon read the cup, her brow wrinkled in frustration. She let out a huff and then glared right at Bucky. This was it. The last straw.

“My name,” she said very pointedly, “is Sharon. S-h-a-r-o-n. Not Shawn, not Charlotte, or any other name that isn’t Sharon!!”

She then launched into a veritable tirade about customer service these days and how no one seemed to value the individual anymore. People like Bucky were a plague on society! See if she would ever come back to a shop that undervalued its customers like that!

It was horrifying, and it was everything Bucky could have hoped for.

He took the full force of her anger like a champ, but he didn’t have to hold out all that long before Steve stepped in. His usually kind blue eyes had turned stern, and he asked her very seriously to please step out. If she couldn’t see or appreciate how hard Bucky and his fellow baristas worked on a daily basis, then maybe she shouldn’t have come in the first place.

Sharon left in a huff and told Steve not to call her. He responded by saying he wouldn’t want to, and Bucky swooned internally. What a man.

“Sorry about that,” Steve said apologetically afterwards. “I really have no idea what set her off like that. It was totally out of line.”

“Don’t worry about it - I’ve definitely heard worse. Part of the job, I guess,” Bucky reassured him.

“But it shouldn’t be,” Steve argued. “At least let me get you a coffee to make up for it.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow at that. “Will I be making it?” he asked, mischief in his eyes.

“No! No,” Steve reassured him, blushing madly. Man, was he cute when he was flustered. “I have an espresso maker at home. Maybe I could make you a cup? To apologize for my crazy date?”

“Sounds wonderful,” Bucky said. And oh, did he mean it. 

He sighed to himself and smiled happily at Steve. Bucky loved working in the small coffee shop on the corner.

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I know you just did one of these, so no pressure to do it right away, but can you write about yukines and yato's relationship ( as friends, brothers, son/father, however you see it) cause personally I think that's one of the most developed things in the story and I'd like to hear your views on it :) keep up the good work!

A/N: Okay, so firstly, I’m so so sorry for not doing this earlier. I hope you’re still around. I actually would have written this faster but my life got in the way and well…yeah. As always, feel free to correct/add stuff because I literally wrote this in one day and I’m pretty sure there are other things that make their relationship special. ALSO: Spoilers for the anime viewers. You have been warned. (I did not really include content from the most recent chapters. Mostly because nothing has been resolved yet.)

Yato and Yukine’s relationship

As you said yourself, their relationship had the most development. It’s very interesting and complex since Yato is a God, and Yukine is basically his divine weapon. They have different dynamics throughout the story line and it’s just so great as a reader to experience how they basically start off at zero and become a well oiled machine.

So, let’s dig into this now, shall we?

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can i get gif reacts for when members hear u swear but u dont use swear words like for me im not allowed to swear so i replace them with food LOL like " oH PINK BLUEBERRY MUFFINS WITH CHERRIES ON TOP" etc :")


Kookie: /hysterically laughs/ … I’m not laughing what… /mumbles/ who am I kidding?…

Tae: Muffins? Where? /looks around/

Jimin: Oh my God; what was that? 

Hobi: Is that what you do instead of swearing? 


… I’m joking… that’s cute though.

Suga: No, no no… this is how you do it~

Jin: You’re so cute, what the fu- /covers his mouth to go along with your lack of swearing

- Devi (人 •͈ᴗ•͈✿ฺ)


BaekChen’s Birthday in TLP Beijing 140921

literally, whose birthday is it anyway? Cute Baek blowing out the candles with Jongdae, ruining his cake, acting like a dutiful MC… I can picture them being each other’s Best Man

24/ reasons why BaekChen are the cutest pair of BFFs

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Fiatc for the band thing and these are so funny

1. lead singer is too short he is so Little i could literally shove him into my purse and no one would know

2. evan nestor ??? too cute to handle he is no longer allowed in the band im sending him to model in new york instead 

3. ^ now the cellabration is missing a guitarist. theyre also on tour. they are unpreprared for tour. who comes unprepared for a tour? ill tell u who, fiatc!!!

4. rob lowe is So Tall. he is a Hazard 2 the group. he could easily step on Frank and then what???? no singer????? were already missing a guitarist now the SINGER/SCREAMER??? what a #trash band


6. songs are too emotional i feel like im looking into Tiny Screaming Man’s soul and that makes me cry a lot

7. Smol Yell Boy always comes out 2 meet his fans and that……who tf does that???? PROBLEMATIC BAND MEMBERS THATS WHO

T O R U G A 
A Rooster Teeth Community Realm.

Hey guys, we’ve been working on this cute little map to start our own realm around the RT community, trying to make friends, and make a group of people who play together!

A little info about Toruga:

We’re mostly working on a trust system here, so we’re looking for mature, friendly people who can follow rules and play nice. 
No griefing allowed, but PVP is fine. 
We have an XP currency, so you can use your levels to buy items and we even have a bank for you to safely store your XP if you’re out wandering in the wild.

The world is pretty much untouched at the moment. Except for the main town, and a few things we’ve added, such as the store, an XP grinding farm to earn XP quickly, and a monument.

You’re free to build your own house, games, and such, and help up make Toruga a bigger and better place! We do plan on having Let’s Play-Esque events, and minigames.

Realms only have 20 spots, and at the moment, three are filled, so we’re accepting 17 other people.

If you’re interested:

Please submit {I have autoplay I’m so sorry don’t hate me} a message to me telling why you want to join, how long you can play each day, your name, maybe a little about you, and your Minecraft username.
I will let you know whether you are invited, or not.

If you want to come with a friend, please ask them to send me a message as well, and to tell me who they’re applying with.

Plus, we’re LGBT friendly. Please consider joining our group! 

All my followers are not allowed to give up on life. It’s an order from me. I wont allow u homies to kill yourselves ok i wont let u do that we still got lots of things to do together like rob a bank and become senators or maybe president of the usa or become the next beyoncé so u will not give up fam ok for those who havent followed my blog.. follow me rn and once u do it ur not allowed to give up on yourself i love you all ok have a nice day i hope you meet a cute puppy or cat today

Shallura getting all flustered and crushing is super cute and i 100% support it! But imagine mature-adults-wit-too-many-manners:

Shallura i made u coffee good morning

Shallura i had to clean my armour so i did urs as well

Shallura ur “performance during today’s battle was exemplary”“oh y thank u”

Shallura getting all the doors, all the chairs, all the condiments for each other regardless of who may b in the way

Shallura “id lv to hear ur professional opinion” ;)

Shallura allow ME to patch u up/ accompany u/ help u in any way possible

Shallura asking everyone have u seen Allura/Shiro??? I haven’t seem her/him for 0.003seconds i need her/his expertise on everything just bc

Shallura secret midnight meetings bc neither of them can sleep here i set up water and an agenda we have v little time before the kids wake up and i need u to finish telling me abt that time u and ur father infiltrated an Galra base for training also I need to finish telling u abt my grandmothers bicycle skills

Shallura gentle sparring that turns into Intense Sparring that ends in a draw so as adults lets get the targets up and have a shooting competition to settle the odds that ends up wit them doing the maze blindfolded while taking abt wat to have for dinner

Shallura going to a ball together to gather intel. Shallura pretending to b married. Shallura space racing in the black lion. Shallura in the day. Shallura in the night. Shallura in my dreams.

My original fandom family is small, disorganized & kind of sad, so I’m re-doing it with a special twist! (the art is by gingerhaze)

                              A B O U T
  • People who join get a spot on my family page with custom icon & character quote
  • Every week I’ll randomly pick a person from my family & promo them, send them cute messages, make them things, ect.
  • The amount of people allowed in my family is unlimited 。◕ ‿ ◕。
                              J O I N

That’s it! I hope this gets some notes unlike my other stuff hah

that post saying the only reason ppl are criticizing the supergirl trailer is sexism is so tiring and ridiculous jesus christ

people are allowed to have a problem w the sexist shit in that preview

like did u guys watch it? Was that whole thing w her boss shutting down her concerns about being infantilize because of her gender (re: “superGIRL”) totally cool w you as if thats not a big real world issue that dc was very purposefully trying to dismiss to cover their own asses so they dont have to change 

yes its cute and up beat and im going to give it a real shot but i stg if ii have to see one more post pretending concerned feminists who didnt 100% love the preview are just big ol meanies who hate women im going to scream