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The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys, and girls who kiss girls. 💓

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What’s this all about?
Through an unexpected turn of events, we’re making a TsukkiYama calendar! As the months progress, the calendar would show the development of Tsukishima’s and Yamaguchi’s relationship, such that when the calendar art is viewed in order, it kind of flows like a story.

Contributing artists
@ci-bear​ ★ @tinollart​ ★ @nymphicus​ ★ @arururin​ ★ @baccadraw​ ★ @emuyh​ ★ @reraimu​ ★ @tsukki–daisuki​ ★ @goodbirb​ ★ @mochiibunbab​ ★ @smrth​ ★ @yankasmiles

Plans so far
At the moment, we’re planning to draw twelve (12) digital wallpaper calendars, one for each month from February 2016 to January 2017. Considering how much time we have, we’re still deciding on whether to push through with a physical copy for the calendar or to compile the illustrations (and a couple more!) into a fan book that we would release at a later time.

Please answer this short survey if you’re interested in this calendar!

Knowing how many people are interested would help give us an idea on how to best distribute the calendar later on, and we’d love to hear your suggestions too! ^_^

I will keep you guys updated about the project here on my blog, and alternatively you can track the tag #Tsukkiyama 2016 Calendar! BIG BIG THANKS TO DAVE for helping me out on this project, and I am SUPER GRATEFUL to all the cool friends who have joined us as well! 💖

me on here: reblogs aesthetic pictures , pics of dm & only puts commentary in the tags like every other pic or so , keeps to self , sometimes makes personal posts but deletes immediately

me on twitter: overshares entire fucking life , screams & makes pointless memes about dm & dd 25/8 , absolutely never shuts up (someone stop her pls)

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i'm honestly shocked at the negative responses you're getting in your inbox??? like this episode was so good??? like yeah i found there was a lot of dialogue but that deffo wasn't on d&p that was just the game but like i laughed out loud so many times during the vid??? like genuine laughter? which doesn't always happen for me?? and they were so softly happy to play the game together??? like i loved the crash bandicoot game too it's def one of my favs but today's episode was also soo amazing

to be fair i think anons sometimes skew negative esp after ive expressed a solid viewpoint on something? understandably, the ppl who agree w that viewpoint would probs be less inclined to write me an ask that just says ‘youre right! good point!’ instead, the ppl who disagree are the ones who take the time to tell me that they do, and why! so i wouldnt take the asks i answered today as like a v representative sample of ppl’s opinions. as i said before i think probably the wide majority of people really did enjoy this video or, if they didnt, found a bunch of things to appreciate in it even if it was overall not the most entertaining. at least i hope so!!!! i totally agree with all of your thoughts, for what it’s worth :) <3 

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she’s a desperate hoe who seeks attention & i h8 her

jokes but srs she’s like the sweetest thing ever like?!?!?! i remember like the v first time she msged me after a post i made and then bAM we became frds + starting talking (low key kinda nervous b/c im afraid she wont like me lOL) but now we’re like super close even tho we just met like recently & she’s super adorable & cute & friendly to like everyone ?!1 her edits + sims are my aesthetic af & i hope we can continue being friends for a v long time?!?!?! i love her so much she’s an angel tbH i bet u any1 who knows her can agree w/ me asdf

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Guys you're all overreacting. People are allowed to be straight. I'm uncomfortable about how people are making the lgbt community look. We're not hateful :/

literally. n just so all the lgbt pls who agree w me know, these rude anons aren’t making me think any less of the lgbt community. i know that you don’t all have the same opinions n views

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Idk where else to ask this, but: I've recently agreed to meet up w/the man who raped me. He wants to have lunch and apologize for what he did. He's willing to meet in public. The rape and emotional abuse occurred 4 years ago when I was 15 and he was in his 20s. It took him 3 years just to admit that his initial attraction to me was "problematic". All of my friends say I shouldn't meet him because he will try to victim blame me again but I really just want closure with him. should I call it off?


Wow, this is tough. I would agree with your friends tbh, imo it’s best to cut off ALL communication with former abusers (when possible of course), to not let them get back in your head and twist your thoughts. Personally, I only began healing from my emotionally abusive relationship after cutting off all contact.

I wonder what other women have to say about this?

Do you ever just get stabbed in the gut when you think about Hopper not only openly stating “I’m not saying that you’re crazy” (and Joyce’s heartbreaking response “no but you are” how many times did Lonnie make her feel this way) but actually proving she was not crazy, that she was right all along and then going to tell that to her face right away while everyone else turned their back on Joyce “over the edge” Byers?

Because I do


Lumber-Harold from the stream!

I was very inspired

ok just like ..i’m putting this under a cut bc i honestly don’t WANT to get into some huge fight over this but the questions maggie has been answering about kavinsky tonight [1] [2] have just made me so angry and idk i have to type it all up and get it out somewhere

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I thought I was gonna get hate for making a post critical of straight edge but that post has over 5k notes in one day, all from ppl agreeing w me and sharing their stories, many of them ex-straight edge ppl or even people who are currently sober but agreeing w me about how toxic edge is as an identity and how negative and often violent that whole scene is like… THIS is what I’m talking about! and then like 5 ppl got offended and they were literally all straight white men w anime blogs so I? honestly don’t care