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Have you ever thought about how in the Fellowship of the Ring...

In the film’s prologue, Galadriel narrates the forging of the Great Rings. But there’s a really cool hidden message in how the shots are set up…

The shots of the elves only show them looking at their rings, nothing else…

The shots of the dwarves only show them looking at their rings, nothing else…

But when we get to the nine rings given to men “who above all else desire power”….the men don’t look at their rings. They look straight into the camera.


And while other shots are composed to make you look at the magic rings,  everything in this shot is designed to make sure you look back into the eyes of the man in the center. 


Because these men are looking at you, the audience: because you are one of them.

It’s a reminder that you are also a member of the race of men, and before you call The Nine weak-willed and evil you must remember that you are just as fallible and could be corrupted by power just as they were…that their flaws are only a dark reflection of your own flaws, and the flaws common to all of mankind

To all the girls waiting for the right guy

Girl, I know it’s hard to wait. I know it’s so hard to face rejection after rejection, the fear of never finding the right guy. But the right guy is worth waiting for. Stop settling for guys who don’t wholeheartedly follow Jesus. Stop dating guys who are “good” but do not follow Jesus, who do not bring you closer to Him.

If a guy doesn’t follow Jesus, he cannot love you right.

He can treat you great but if he has no desire to grow closer to Jesus, he won’t be good to you in the long run. If he doesn’t believe in Jesus, you should not be dating him at all. Yes, he might be okay with you being a believer but if he is not, he will not be able to encourage you or challenge your or call you out when you sin. He might be okay with your faith now but he will also be okay with your sin. You don’t want that. You want someone who challenges you to correct your ways. Someone who reads the Bible with you, grows closer to Jesus with you and prays with and for you.

If you find yourself saying “I know he’s not (perfect/patient/humble/faithful/growing closer to Jesus) right now but it will get better” – please, don’t believe yourself. You are worth more than that. You are worthy of a guy who honors you and respects you above all else. You are worthy of a guy who will challenge himself to become better so that he can love you right right now, not in the future.

Because you will do just the same for the right guy. You will see your flaws and you will want to grow, become better so that you will love him rightly. You will give him your heart, your time, your everything – just to be with him and to make him happy.

You were not created to be married, you were created to honor Jesus and to fellowship with Him. Girl, singleness is not a curse. You are not single because God doesn’t love your or because He is punishing you. So it might be that it will take weeks, months or years before the right guy comes along – because God wants to use you as you are right now for His glory. Don’t rush the process. See what God has for you in this season of singleness and make the most of serving Him, as you have freedom with your life right now. You can do amazing things, and you do not need a guy to do all that.

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Read somewhere that the Germans lack of national pride? How do you see it, this national pride thing?

Well, I guess one of our “German facts” summarizes the whole thing: 


Why would you be proud of a country? You didn’t do anything, you just happened to be born there. You can be happy to live there (and we are, it’s quite nice here) but pride? No. When Germany does something good it’s basically like “yay, that was nice” and then we go about our day. There is no “Germany is the best!!! Germany above all else!!” and the people who say that are usually Nazis. Or you know… the World Cup is on. Sports is the only occasion when we wave our flag. 

There is no need for national pride. All other nations are fine as well. Your nation is just one of many. 

✨Stay afraid but do it anyway.✨

And perhaps I’m a little touchy on the subject and maybe I hold Carrie a little too dear to my heart, but the reason I do is because Carrie Fisher helped me realize I was mentally ill.

Oh I knew I was crazy, in the same vague way you worry that you’ve left the stove on at home, despite not having cooked yourself a meal in weeks because you’re too depressed to eat a proper meal. (Except you don’t call it that, you call it “laziness” and maybe try and convince yourself it’s a new diet called “whatever requires the least amount of effort to put calories into my face”.)

Something was “off” inside my head, but no one seemed to care about it too much. Even when they threw me into eating rehab for a perceived eating disorder—despite lacking several of the vital criteria on the checklist to have typical eating disordered behavior—no one gave too much of a shit. I was just a girl who was “too nervous”, “too in touch with my emotions”, “too fragile”, I was “attention seeking”. And their remedy to this was ignore me and wonder why I crashed and burned at regular intervals, blame me for being selfish, then go back to not giving a fuck until it inconvenienced their life again.

I was crazy. But maybe I wasn’t. Maybe if I just tried harder…so I learned to cope. I became the one who Coped. I was There For Everyone. I became Reliable and above all else, I learned to be Funny and make It funny.

My mother still hates that. She thinks it’s crass for women to be funny. Personally I think I’m fucking hysterical, but then what do I know, I’m fucking nuts.

Later, now with hindsight and being able to look at my life from a safe(-r) mindset surrounded by people who care and want to help, I realize that what I was going through was (and is) untreated PTSD. Whether or not the PTSD caused the other issues, like the depression, the anxiety, the compulsive behaviors or the ADHD I think I might have, I don’t know. I likely will never know, because the Thing happened and shot my still developing child brain into a million tiny fragmented pieces of unparalleled terror and poor coping mechanisms. It doesn’t really matter at this point, all that matters is dealing with all of it as best as I can, however I can. But there’s a very real chance I might never have gotten to this stage if I hadn’t found out that Princess Leia, my childhood icon who helped me feel brave and strong while my world was ending, had written a book about living with mental health issues.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from it to be honest. I knew vaguely, that Carrie Fisher had issues. The word “junkie” had been used by my father—while unironically taking a drink from his self-medicating poison of choice and my mother tutted and tisked about how some people just ought to pull themselves together

Ten, maybe twelve minutes into the book locked away in my room, I can’t even tell you anymore whether I was crying because I was laughing so hard or if I was laughing because I was crying my heart out, but I was having a fucking revelation.

This was me, holy shit this was me, this was me, this was me, an unboken mantra in my head pounding to the beat of my heart, this was me, this is me—I do exist.

That’s a weird thought to have, right? I do exist. 

It wasn’t, “I’m normal”, because normal is not this. It’s not feeling like your mind is running a million miles a second in circles while simultaneously wading uphill through treacle and juggling chainsaws while trying to keep all your Life Plates spinning and oh gods someone just handed you a kitten to look after. What it is however, is fairly common, and suffered with varying degrees of severity by a rather sizable chunk of the world’s population. I mean, who knew? I sure as shit didn’t. I thought it was all in my head.

You know what I mean.

I’m told some people get up in the mornings and go through their entire day without once having an intrusive thought or struggling to do basic shit like take a shower and manage to remember to feed themselves. I know, seems fake right? It certainly does to me.

And here was Carrie, my Princess Leia, laying out her issues past, present and probable future, in what remains one of the funniest, most brutal attempts at self-lobotomy on paper I have ever had the privilege to read. I consumed that book in mere hours, I devoured her words and breathed them in like inhaling steam in a sauna and breathing out fire in their wake and moved onto her next book, then her next, then her next, and by then there was this blessed thing called Twitter and it should be impossible to be hilarious and poignant through 140 emojis or less, but that was the kind of brilliant she was. And this was me, this was someone like me. And she was witty and brilliant and funny and yes, things were difficult for her and yes, some parts of her life were an absolute clusterfuck of mistakes, addiction and general all round fuckery leading up to that point…but she was still there, y’know? She was still there.

And it breaks my heart a little every day, knowing that I’ll never be able to tell her how important that was to me. And to thank her for it.

So instead I try to pay it forward. Every day, from one day to the next, I try to be a little kinder, a little brighter—a little more like Our Lady Carrie—and throw two loving sparkly middle fingers up at the world that tries to stamp out and demonize the notion that mentally ill people like me, like you, exist. 

And we deserve to exist, and more than that, we deserve to be treated with human fucking decency.

And if you are of a mind that the latest news surrounding Carrie’s death means that she was any lesser of a vital energy force in this world, that she mattered less, that her words were less important or that she “deserved” to die because they found drugs in her autopsy report, it is with my profound and heartfelt best wishes, that I invite you to cordially:

✨🖕✨🖕✨🖕✨ Go Fuck Yourself ✨🖕✨🖕✨🖕✨

Don’t bother to RSVP.


He made a lot of mistakes, some of which, are probably my fault. But Regulus was true. He was always real. Always honest. And yes, he did fall onto a wrong path. He made all the wrong choices. But in the end, he made the right one. A choice that wasn’t easy. A choice, which cost him his life. History may have forgotten him. People might have made him out to be someone, who he had never been. But I knew him. I knew the boy, who loved his brother above all else. A boy, who was scared to lose his family. A boy, who was kind, and was willing to give up everything to do the right thing. Regulus was a hero. And I will always remember that. I will always carry his name in my heart. And I suppose, the ones that touch you the most in your life… never really leave you.

[excerpt from the Trace of Mischiefs: The Story of the Marauders – coming back soon]


It all began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Dwarf Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire power. For within these rings was bound the strength and the will to govern over each race. But they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged, in secret, a master ring, to control all others. And into this ring he poured all his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One ring to rule them all.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)


The Lord of the Rings II The Fellowship of the Ring
“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost. For none now live, who remember it. It began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Dwarf lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else, desire power. For within these Rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race. But they were all of them, deceived. For another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the dark lord Sauron forged in scret a master ring to control all others. And into this ring, he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One Ring to rule them all…“

I truly believe that two people...

who really do love each other can last,

no matter how many fights they may go through

they will find ways to overcome them together

because fighting for each other and staying together

comes above all else, the person who they’re with

is simply too important to them to lose.

I also believe that real love isn’t perfect,

it’s supposed to be hard but when it all comes together

I promise you it’s going to be worth it.

So, when you do find that one special person

don’t be so quick to walk away when things go wrong,

don’t give up when you know you still love them,

stay and fight for them,

show them that you’re trying

and prove to them you’re here for them through better or worst.


dh_jung_bap:몇달간을 고생하며 하나부터 열까지 알려주시고 도와주시고 응원해주시고 정말 많은 사랑을받았던것같습니다. 처음이라 많이 부족했고 실수도많았던저에게 따뜻하게 재미있게 동생처럼 챙겨주시고 아낌없는조언과배려, 정말 행복한순간이였습니다. 무엇보다도 항상 함께해준 열심히할수있게 응원해준 baby분들께 진심으로감사합니다. 뮤지컬"나폴레옹" 저에겐 최고였습니다. 많이 사랑해주시고 기억해주시고 남은공연도 많은관람부탁드립니다. 수고하셨습니다 ! #뮤지컬 #나폴레옹 #baby

I feel like I have received a lot of love by people teaching(,) helping and encouraging me while working hard as well over a few months. It was my first time so I was very lacking and made a lot of mistakes but they treated me warmly and enjoyably like a dongsaeng(,) generously giving advices and were considerate, it really was a very happy moment. Above all else I’m very thankful to the BABYs who were always there and supporting me(,) making it possible for me to work hard. Musical “Napoleon” was the best for me. Please love and remember it(,) and I hope many will go watch the remaining shows as well. You’ve worked hard ! #Musical #Napoleon #baby

trans by transforbap ; take out with full credit

Damian Wayne is a kid who loves art. Not only does he love it, but he’s frickin good at it, and has been compared to “the greats”. He uses it as a way of coping with his emotions, preferring to create something than destroy it. 

Damian Wayne is a kid who loves animals. He doesn’t show it at first, because he’s been taught showing weakness is bad. But he lights up whenever he sees one of his animals he just loves them so much. He refuses to see them treated with needless cruelty. 

Damian Wayne is a kid who values family more than anything. He puts his family above all else. It is shown that he would never lift a finger to save himself, but he would literally kill to protect his family. He’d sacrifice his own life if it meant saving someone he loved. 

Damian Wayne is a kid who loves his friends. He’s not good at showing it or letting people in because of how often he’s been hurt in the past, but he is always proud of their accomplishments, and always tries to build them up, even if it is in his own way. If something goes wrong he internalizes it, thinking that if something was wrong with his friends, he must have initiated it. 

Yes, he is arrogant and standoffish. Yeah, he’s a brat sometimes. But he’s not “evil”. He’s not “bad”. He is a child who is learning how to express the deep love he has in his heart. 

Character Update: Yellow Diamond

Quite a while back, I wrote about Yellow Diamond, and my intent was to present the character I saw in totality. Even now, when I talk about the Diamonds and how they read strongly as characters with motives and feelings beyond just hurting others because they can, I feel like for the most part, I’m addressing questions about Yellow Diamond in particular.

Yellow Diamond is a character easy to picture as an irredeemable antagonist. Like Jasper and Aquamarine, she walks with an air of authority and certainty about her. A lot of people take her character as one who hasn’t shown any explicit self-doubt or weakness. It wasn’t long ago that The Answer aired and there was a lot of positive feedback because we got to see a “vulnerable” Garnet.

When I hear this sort of characterisation, I think back to these characters. While it is a very humanising experience to see a character previously presented as a bastion of unshakable strength question themselves and show a “fatal flaw” or weakness, it’s not the only way to present a relatable, dynamic character. To situate this in our world, it’s very rare that people choose to show their inadequacies in the first place. In fact, it is far more common for people to do everything in their power not to reveal vulnerability.

Yellow Diamond is a very complex character precisely because she shows indication of presenting herself as much more put together than she lets on. And, as usually happens in real-life as well, it’s not only for others’ sake but also for her own. In her, we see a character brutally honest, suffering neither formality nor trivialities for the sake of it. To view her consistently would be taking her actions into that context, and using that to understand where she stands on PD’s shattering. That’s something I want to talk about in this post.

So let’s get started.

1. Yellow’s relationship with feelings is complicated

I’d like to begin by talking about YD as a chest gem. Like Blue Diamond and other chest gems, she tends to interact with the world in terms of feelings. Remarkable moments in her life are likely best remembered by what she was feeling at the time they happened, and her first impressions are probably marked by how she felt about certain individuals, places, or things.

I think this is most evident in how she feels about Earth. In the past I’d talked about how Peridot was presenting a solution to Homeworld’s resource shortage in Message Received. What we’d learned at that point was that Homeworld was running out of resources, so much so that Gems couldn’t be made as physically strong or with the same abilities as they were supposed to be.

Upon closer inspection, it’s because the very means Homeworld uses in order to advance its species is inherently parasitic. They drain planets and have no means to replenish these resources. What Peridot claimed to find, after † a deeper appreciation for organic life, was a way to make use of Earth without damaging said life. And that’s a game-changing discovery, because the only way for that to happen would be a renewable or sustainable means of using a planet.

Peridot had expected Yellow Diamond to see the reason and logic of her plan, to be just as excited about saving Earth as she was because it meant helping all Gems. That was YD’s reputation. Recall that at this point, it was not that Peridot turned her back on Homeworld because she realised Earth was a better place to live. She realised that Earth was worth protecting, but she thought the Crystal Gems were unable to meet their own goals. That’s why she reached out to the most powerful, rational, objective being she could think of, Yellow Diamond, to help her reach that goal.

Peridot was sorely disappointed by that encounter. She realised her hero wasn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t say she wished for the destruction of Homeworld. I doubt that her take-away from that was that all Homeworld gems were evil. There was a time she’d worked with them, lived with them, learned from them. On her way to destroy the Cluster, the weapon of mass destruction about to shatter the planet she was currently living on, put there by Homeworld, she said it was difficult not to have feelings about Homeworld.

And I think that’s something to understand about the Homeworld defectors we’ve seen so far. Earth was a better option for them, but Homeworld would always be home. For the most part, those who chose to leave still imagine a better life for their fellow-Gems back home, but found no way to give them that life without leaving Homeworld altogether.

What this leads up to is the idea that all these Gems have strong feelings associated with Homeworld, and now Earth. But on different occasions, they put aside these feelings because they felt something better could be realised. Rose put aside her sentimental feelings of never being able to go “home” because she wanted to give the Crystal Gems the freedom they currently experience on Earth, and she wanted to protect the life that was already thriving there. Steven, more than once, has sacrificed the fear he felt and let himself be placed in dangerous situations for the sake of protecting others.

The other thing that I want to point out here is how we were led to believe Peridot was going to sell out Earth to Homeworld. We don’t get a lengthy monologue about how she feels or her plan. She just goes through with it and we feel a sense of betrayal, like the gems did. That she was thinking up a solution and pitched it to her Diamond shows that she didn’t just realise Earth’s life had value halfway through the conversation. It was her objective assessment from earlier on. Unlike most short-format shows though, these changes in characters aren’t exaggerated, and more closely reflect the interiority we experience in life.

On the one hand, we have someone like Blue Diamond, who has let the feelings of both sadness and regret take over her ability to act. BD is angry and upset with Earth. She cannot fathom how such a weak and fragile planet was able to shatter a Diamond. The wounds are raw enough that when Steven was unable to give the detail about the sword in The Trial, she uncontrollably used her gem ability on the court.

On the other, we have someone like Yellow Diamond, who has had to run everything in her stead as well as maintain her own duties, and those of Pink Diamond, and deny those feelings day in and day out. Peridot called her the paragon of objectivity and reason. Peridot, who prides sound logic above all else when making a decision, put her faith in YD.

And YD couldn’t put aside her feelings about Earth, and the anger she and BD both felt about a planet that destroyed their friend and comrade, to listen to a plan with the potential to save Gem-kind.

That’s something I need to stress because it speaks of the depth of the wound inflicted by the war. More than that, it paints a more realistic image of YD. YD is someone trying to be the perfectly objective and emotionless leader, and most of the time she succeeds. She is the person she wants to be often enough that it’s become her reputation. That doesn’t mean the feelings go away. The irony of her being a feeling-gem is not lost here.

2. To YD, Leading is a “job” not a privilege

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Is there a way (from reading a chart) to determine what someone's ideal mate may be like or how they would like them to be?

Aha sweet heart there’s sooo many intervals that go into that. I feel like as complex of humans as we are it’s so intricate knowing what it is that people desire or want a lot of the time some of the people we do fall for or desire are something entirely reminiscent of the shadow side of ourselves that we don’t even resonate with.

But astrology wise?

Your moon sign alone is the type of lover you crave on an emotional level. It’s the lover and or people you may cling too out of being reminded of the feeling of home and instinctual pleasure they bring. This is your raw and more heart felt needs and desires and you may prefer a lover with this qualities in the long term.

Moon signs aspects: go a little deeper on the little small nuances they’d prefer from their lover and qualities they might be naturally drawn to and accustomed too because they express these same emotional values.

House the moon is falling in-this shows the unconsciously desired mate. This is the mate you unknowingly cling or attach to. For example a moon in Aries wants a masculine and or direct and honest partner but if it falls in the 10th house they also find them selves unknowingly drawn and in need of more cautious and aloof/mature partners who may be dynamic and intense but have a level of reliability and a protective and ambitious aspect about them.

Venus sign alone: what brings out the romance in you-how you are in romance and also how you go about expressing your desires. The sign it’s in really explains your style and desires when an intimate relationship and the relationships you may crave.

Aspects further light up how you act in love and some nuances of how your behavioral patterns are aligned with the venus sign itself.

House that venus is in: says a lot. Like a WHOLE lot about what someone wants out of a lover. This is because venus is more of a receptive and u and I planet which means it’s not so much so focused on the “what I want” aspect than it is on the “how I’d like for us to be” the House venus is in projects venus need for the u and I in a more “what I desire and where I desire it” sort of energy. So for houses here’s what I’ll say they’ll give you a lot of insight into what they crave affection and relationship wise. A Venus in Scorpio in the 6th would crave intensity but also more than anything wants stability and consistency-someone serious about the relationship in a palpable way.

Mars: misconception. This is how we go about initiating and or expressing a desire for sex-as well as in a minor way how and what arouses us.

Aspects give future insight on how sex is expressed and how it goes about

The house it falls in goes into the way a person may crave to be sexually desired and what they desire sexually from a partner. A mars in Virgo in the 5th May be shy and nervous when it comes to it but will crave a partner who covers them with affection and makes their desires for them known. And despite their nervous energy sex with them might be intense if mars is square Pluto and so on.

8th house is about intimacy after the relationship has been defined or trust/time has passed and they take you seriously. The sign on someone’s 8th house can show what they desire for true intimacy and on a deep passionate level the type of partner they crave to bare it all too.

Aspects to this show deeper into the sex style after this point.

House placement of the ruler here gives further insight into the projection of this energy and the requirements of earning this trust and what might be a given test before they open up to you in this way.

A sag 8th house with Jupiter in the 11th will probably have to feel like you have their back and are easy to talk to in a supportive and loving way first before they show you that side of themselves. They have to know you want them but more importantly they want to feel at ease and In a way like you’re they’re friend and they’re lover.

5th house and 2nd house deal more with physical desires. So the sign on the cusp is exactly what is sounds like, someone who exudes those qualities we tend to find sexually and sensually alluring. Libra 5th house cups might find the buttocks on someone fascinating. Someone with manners and who is kind and lets them speak and treats them gently might be erotic sexually to them while someone with these qualities might turn on someone with libra on the 2nd in a physical and sensual way.

The houses the house ruler falls in for these two houses is so important because this is the 2nd layer and shows what they desire to take you “seriously” this can change a lot and if someone 2nd house or 5th house ruler touches a lot of your planets they find you deeply physically and sensually arousing in a big way.

Common aspects used constantly in the “desired mate” conversation.

In truth the house they fall in is a lot more important than the sign they fall in mainly because the sign is layer one and the house is layer two and talks more about what they may seek out in a lover rather than what turns them on individually. A sag in psyche wants to be incontrol when in love but if it falls in the 7th house they desire a compassionate and understating partner who doesn’t mind compromises.

Juno is long term love and it’s important to see what house it falls in as this will be what makes people seek out their lover. It’s the qualities we need them to have rather than want them to have. Someone with Juno in the 4th but in libra wants a charming and good looking lover but needs a lover with emotional backing and one who is tender and soft above all else and will often forgo a cutie pie if said cutie doesn’t understand them emotionally-this is soooo important to understand his difference.

Amor and Eros are gratification and adoration so the sign and house relationship here are mainly for knowing what someone craves to be truly adored and loved. The house it falls in can tell you what they crave from a lover in terms of this adoration.

Lilith and Pluto the true sex planets and sexual compatibility.
Where Pluto and Lilith fall and their houses is what someone might seek in a partner on a deeper more “I’m scared but I’m drawn to you” type of way. Something intense and unconscious. Where these planets fall can say a lot.

Someone with Pluto in the 7th crave a deep and intimate sexual union and may look for someone who is gorgeous physically as well as someone who is charming and a tad mysterious someone who isn’t overbearing but someone who has a perceptive and warm nature about them. (They’ll still be Plutonian but a more libra meets Scorpio taint)

While someone with Pluto in the 9th or Lilith in the 9th want someone who’s passionate and mischievous and a bit daring. Someone with a free yet dark edge about them.(they’ll have a sagittarian meets Scorpio flare)

Jupiter and it’s house-what mate inspires you and what qualities you look for in someone you want to admire

Neptune-what qualities you look for in someone to let your guard down with and be deeply sensitive with. Someone with the qualities of the house your Neptune falls in will be extremely magnetic and irresistible to you.

Saturn-someone you can build with and see a future with. The house your Saturn falls in will give you insight of what qualities you need this person to have.

Saturn in the 11th-someone whoes realistic yet honest and a bit of a loner. Someone who has a way of separating themselves from a crowd and being naturally confident and self assured. Someone who’s strong alone with out others. May be who you want to see a future with.

While Saturn in the 12th would crave a elusive and deeply sensitive partner. Someone who is mysterious yet complex and deep. Someone who sees through your facade and someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves to you.

Lastly 12th house/4th house cusp and rulers give insight into the qualities unconsciously sought after In others and the houses of the house ruler give insight into the types of qualities you crave expressed in a partner.

This is all I can think of for now!!! I would say sun and mercury but I would think the more feminine and generational planets play a deeper role in that unless mercury or sun are your dominate planets.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Director - Peter Jackson, Cinematography - Andrew Lesnie

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. It began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves, immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven to the Dwarf lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who, above all else, desire power. But they were, all of them, deceived, for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret a Master Ring, to control all others. And into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One Ring to rule them all!”

The Lord of the Wedding Rings: The Return of the King - iguana’s 2017 HELLsinki Worlds recap

This is it guys, the last big competition before the Olympics. So much potential for great skates, great disasters and great distress; this competition did not fail to deliver. Nor did the announcers, who were screaming out names and scores as if it were a wrestling match. And it was, in one way or another. Albeit a sparklier one. For a brief couple of days, we thought Javier Fernandez was gonna win his 3rd consecutive World title and I almost had those memes ready but at the same time I knew coming from behind like a wrecking ball was Yuzuru Hanyu’s specialty. To nobody’s surprise Evgenia Medvedeva broke a record; to everyone’s surprise, she only broke it in the long program. Meanwhile, Wenjing Sui and Cong Han’s blues for koolk brought the pairs crown back to China and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir purple rained on Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron’s parade. Let’s start the recap!

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i’m so bothered by this though like…….either the rules are being bent by taylor nation or fans are lying to meet her again and both are equally bad. either the rules are enforced for everyone with absolutely no exception made or there aren’t rules at all. while i don’t like the latter half of that as much, i don’t think fans who’ve met her should be entirely barred from meeting taylor again. it’s just not fair, but i want fans who’ve never met her to prioritized above all else. i just don’t like how fans who’ve met her last era were given the opportunity to meet her again and taking the spots of people who’ve never met her that could be the ones there. i’m not saying they don’t deserve to meet her again but as i said above, people who haven’t met her before should have priority.

I think it’s quite telling how each superhero franchises choose to portray their supporting characters. The Howling Commandos in CA1 and the Warriors Three in Thor1 are all characterized as soldiers with talents for battle, be it bombs and sniper’s bullets or swords and axes.

DCEU chooses the complete opposite approach for the supporting cast of WW. with Sammy who loves acting and never wanted to be a soldier, with Charlie who sings and could not shoot, and with Chief who cherishes freedom above all else. It is in line with DCEU’s consistent theme to NOT GLORIFY battle and violence. This is one of the many reasons why I would always prefer DCEU.

ricebunny13  asked:

I wonder if sasuke's family were still alive, would they accept Sakura? Sasuke, coming from a prestigious clan and Sakura as a civilian. What do you think? Wouldn't there be controversy over their relationship from the Uchihas?

Lol, of course they’d accept Sakura. I really never understood where people got this idea that every Uchiha was some stuck up, haughty asshole who’d look down on people from lesser known clans.

Itachi didn’t give that impression, neither did Mikoto, neither did Kagami, neither did Obito etc. And what about Uruchi and her husband Teyaki, who were just a couple of very civilian small bakery owners living in the Uchiha compound, but they were just as much Uchiha as everyone else - did they give that impression?

Even for someone like Fugaku, the same applies. Like I’ve said before, Fugaku was strict, but he never forced either of his sons to do anything they felt strongly against. He had his opinions and let them be known, but he never forced anything upon either of them.

When they had an important mission coming up, Fugaku made it clear how significant it was for the clan:

However, when Itachi chose to accompany Sasuke to his entrance ceremony into the academy instead:

Fugaku relented after realising how important it must have been for both of his sons, to make Itachi prioritise that over their mission, because Fugaku knows that Itachi is aware of his important place within the clan. But despite this, he yielded and allowed them to go to the ceremony because he prioritised Sasuke’s happiness above his own agenda, as he’d always do:

Also, when Sasuke showed that he hadn’t yet mastered the Fireball jutsu, Fugaku didn’t force him to learn it or call him a failure because of it. If he was this pompous, condescending person that so many people seem to think he is, he would have surely looked down on Sasuke for not being able to do such a simple jutsu, but he did nothing of the sort. Fugaku was a little disappointed sure, but he didn’t force the issue; and instead let Sasuke develop at his own pace, to which Sasuke would greatly impress him a week later.

And when he did, he’d ask Sasuke not to follow in Itachi’s footsteps:

This is really significant because if Fugaku really only accepted nothing but the best of the best, that would be Itachi in a nutshell because he was hailed as a prodigy like no other. So why wouldn’t Fugaku want Sasuke to be like his brother when Itachi was near perfect at everything? It wasn’t because their relationship had recently suffered, as Sasuke highlights here:

It was simply because Fugaku wanted Sasuke to follow his own dreams, make his own decisions, and make the clan proud in his own way. This is much more in tune with Fugaku’s character and the Uchiha overall than those who paint them as these high class shinobi who wouldn’t associate themselves with lesser clans. They’re a clan who value love above all else, and therefore would never force Sasuke into a loveless relationship. If Sasuke made it clear that his heart belonged to Sakura, they’d advocate the relationship. Even if Fugaku didn’t agree with it, he’d still be proud of Sasuke for following his heart, just as he was of Itachi right before he killed both him and his wife; they didn’t see eye to eye, but they were both so proud of him regardless, because Itachi made his own choice and followed it. Fugaku would do the same for Sasuke and Sakura.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #94 - The Book of Life

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes.

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #325.

Format: Blu-ray.

1) I watched this about a week ago - on the actual Day of the Dead - but didn’t have time to write it because I live in Chicago and the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. So my priorities were a little different than usual.

2) Anyone here a fan of “El Tigre”?

Originally posted by fire-miracle

Well the creator of that show - Jorge R. Gutierrez - was the writer/director of this film! Some El Tigre characters even cameo in the film’s opening, but you have to REALLY look for them.

Originally posted by oescafandronasociedade

3) The framing device of this film (a bunch of kids at a museum being told a story) is a classic fairytale/magical realism device that can be found in films such as Big Fish. It also gives the film a plot driven reason for it’s unique animation style (the characters looking like wooden figures).

Originally posted by -bawsten

4) This film has some really great humor.

Vendor Boy: “Churros! Churros! (A bird poops on the churros.) Frosted churros!”

5) I will talk about La Muerte and Xibalba as individual characters in just a second, but for now I want to focus on their relationship.

Originally posted by gifsbyrosie

I’m not overly familiar with Day of the Dead lore outside of this film, but I think the idea of having the ruler of The Land of the Remembered (La Muerte, everything good and wonderful in the world) and the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten (Xibalba, everything that is negative in the world) be lovers is a great idea. Their relationship is tense, volatile, and can be filled with conflict, but never is it abusive. Never is it hateful. You always get a great sense of love between these two and that’s what makes it work.

6) Ron Perlman as Xibalba.

Originally posted by clusterstruck

These two wouldn’t work so well together if they couldn’t stand on their own as characters. And the work so well in that field because of equal parts writing, character design, and voice over work. Ron Perlman is a regular collaborator of Guillermo Del Toro’s, the executive producer on this film, and has worked in a number of animated project before (including VP Lancer in “Danny Phantom” and Clayface in “Batman: The Animated Series”). Perlman brings a roguish charm to all his characters, even when it’s just his voice. He’s interesting, rough, and just likable! And he makes Xibalba all those things. You’re never particularly rooting against him, even though he’s technically the villain. You’re just entranced whenever he’s on screen.

7) Kate del Castillo as La Muerte.

Originally posted by beanarie

American audiences are not as familiar with Kate del Castillo as they are with Ron Perlman, although she is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed popular actresses. As Perlman does with Xibalba, Castillo brings genuine charm, likability, and charisma to La Muerte. As well as an added fierceness that lets you know this undead ruler can keep her own when head-to-head with her darker lover. You definitely get the vibe that La Muerte is the more dangerous of these two but also the kinder, and so much of that relies on Castillo’s performance.

8) Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin.

Originally posted by br0ken-5tring5

We first meet these characters and get a sense of their relationship as children, and it’s great. Yes Manolo and Joaquin both love Maria, but they’re friends first. ALL of them are friends! Later in the film Joaquin and Manolo remain friends even when vying for Maria’s affections, and they are friends with Maria before they are lovers. And I think it’s driven home by this statement from Maria as a child:

Maria [after Manolo and Joaquin fight over who’s she is]: “I belong to no one!”

They don’t belong to each other, they chose to be friends. They chose to be with together because they genuinely like each other. I love that.

9) A huge theme of this film is also seen in Maria’s, “I belong to no one!” line and that is the theme of being true to yourself.

Both Joaquin and Manolo have huge shadows they live in (a line which is actually uttered by Joaquin later): Joaquin’s dead father was a great war hero and Manolo’s father pushes him to be a bullfighter like all the men in their family have been. It makes for a unique conflict and a great message to kids of all ages: be yourself.

10) Maria as a character.

Originally posted by maria-magnolia2

You get a real sense of Maria as a character when we first meet her. Not only does she have the wonderful line, “I belong to no one!” but she also shows her placement of morality over societal values by freeing animals slated for slaughter. Her father sends her off to a convent to become, “a proper lady,” but…it doesn’t really work. At least, she doesn’t become his definition of proper. She is loving, kind, sweet, but fiercely independent and someone who follows her heart above all else. Zoe Saldana voices Maria, and breathes such wonderful life into the character you forget she’s acting. Everything about Maria just feel so real it’s amazing.

Originally posted by zoeesaldanaa

11) The decision to compose the film’s soundtrack from popular music recorded specifically for the movie (the mariachi version of “I Will Wait For You” being the earliest example) as well as original songs composed by Paul Williams is a great one. The copyrighted songs never feel out of place and don’t distract from the plot, instead playing perfectly into the emotion of the scene. And the original songs are made for the moments which are purely story and pure character, so they could not possibly be represented by something which was already written because this story hasn’t existed before.

12) Manolo!

Originally posted by annika-renina

All the characters in this film are written with such life and depth that lead character Manolo couldn’t POSSIBLY be an exception. He has skills as a bullfighter, but is deeply conflicted by his duty to his family and his duty to his heart. But it’s all guided by love, something with is illustrated by the inscription on his guitar (a gift from Maria, nonetheless): “Always play from the heart.” It is Manolo’s defining characteristic and defining struggle: that he wants to be himself, not his father or anyone else.

Diego Luna just…ugh! So I’ve seen Luna in small roles before (The Terminal, Elysium) but this film makes me a HUGE fan of his! I’m really looking forward to his role in Rogue One BECAUSE I loved his performance in this film so much. Manolo sings more than any other character in the film, and Luna infuses each song with such sincerity and warmth it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with his performance as Manolo. And he treats each line of dialogue the same. Like Saldana as Maria, you don’t feel like you’re listening to an actor. You’re listening to Manolo.

Originally posted by luna-diego

13) Grandma is hysterical.

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo refuses to kill a bull]: “Kids today, with their long hair and no killing stuff.”

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo’s father says everyone in their family was a great bullfighter]:

Originally posted by grumblepie


She doesn’t have many lines but very nicely embodies the film’s wonderful characters and humor.

14) Manolo’s Father, Carlos.

I have seriously MIXED feelings about Carlos, and I think you’re supposed to. He shows a genuine desire to do the best for his son, he just doesn’t actually KNOW what’s best for his son. He pressures him into being a bull fighter because it’s the Sanchez way, and when Manolo expresses dissatisfaction with this his father shames him into doing it.

Carlos [to convince Manolo to be a bullfighter]: “Don’t you LOVE your family?”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

(PS, I find this line to be the sign of an abusive relationship but maybe that’s just me.)

BUT Carlos has genuine moments of love with his son. He encourages him to tell Maria how he feels, he comforts him when he’s missing his dead mother, he actually LOVES Manolo. Hector Elizondo’s performance and the writing gets this across in a great way, and I think the film is better for it.

15) Channing Tatum as Joaquin.

Originally posted by fwankcastles

I do have to say of the trio of friends, Channing Tatum’s Joaquin is probably the weakest link. BUT that’s like calling one of The Lord of the Rings movies the worst in the trilogy: it was still nominated for best picture! I think it’s definitely because you know Joaquin is the third wheel, you know that Maria loves Manolo, and so it’s hard to get behind it. And you just can see that although they’re great as friends they wouldn’t make a good couple (despite Joaquin’s hopes to the contrary).

It would’ve been easy to write Joaquin as a jerk. And although he can be a bit pig headed here and there, you understand that he’s a genuinely good friend who truly cares for Maria (even though they’re not a great fit). Tatum brings a lot of this to the role, and even though I believe he’s the only non-Hispanic actor playing a decidedly Hispanic character (Ron Perlman gets a pass because Xibalba is an otherworldly creature) he has the same warmth and sincerity as Luna and Saldana have. It’s a nice way to round out the trio of friends.

Originally posted by jumpstmovies

16) I can’t tell if this joke is stupid or hysterical.

Pepe [when he and his brothers are in danger]: “I’m allergic to dying!”

Pancho: “Especially in the face!”

Originally posted by idiot-eden

17) Joaquin’s biggest failing is probably that he buys too much into societal values, and his society’s values are…sexist. He is surprised that Maria reads, expects her to be a doting housewife (as all the high up men do), and that’s not what his heart wants it’s what he thinks should be.

18) “I Love You Too Much”.

Originally posted by odazais

This is the song Manolo sings to express his feelings for Maria, and it’s beautiful. Paul Williams has crafted a quiet, loving melody which pulls at your heartstrings and is sung beautifully by Diego Luna. I think it’s my favorite song in the film and one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard.

19) Maria is awesome, if that hasn’t been made clear already.

Maria [stopping a kiss after Manolo’s song]: “Did you think it was going to be that easy?”

She’s not the girl who falls head over heels for someone just because they sang to hear. It’s appreciated, but there needs to be more than that. I love it!

20) This film never subscribes to storied cliches. It’s not like Manolo can’t be an idiot too, as noted when he and Joaquin start to fight over Maria (which she has shown to never truly appreciate).

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Maria: “You two are acting like fools.”

Manolo: “Wait, me too?”

You mean me, the nice guy romantic lead, is actually making a mistake? What kind of movie is this? (Hint: a great one.)

21) How long must it have taken to put out all those candles?

Originally posted by mariaymanolo

It shows devotion on Manolo’s part. As will the rest of the film, honestly.

22) One of the conflicts in this movie that gets me going the most is how unfair everyone is to Manolo. When they were children he stopped a wild boar from hurting people, but Joaquin got credit because he saved the mayor. As adults he’s ready to fight off bandits without a magic medal, but Joaquin gets credit because he does fight them off WITH a magic medal which protects him from harm. And when Maria dies from a snake bite everyone blames him. He’s not the snake! He didn’t bite her! So bug off!

23) My brother and I laughed so hard after we heard this line:

Student [after Manolo dies]: “What is it with Mexicans and death!?”

The only reason that line isn’t racist is because it was written by a Mexican in a film directed by a Mexican which is produced by a Mexican. So it’s okay to laugh.

24) The Land of the Remembered!

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

The Land of the Remembered is when this film’s visual style really takes off. Gutierrez’s imagination and the animation department’s skill bleeds through every scene in this wonderful place and it really pulls you into it’s world magnificently.

25) I mentioned in my Nightmare Before Christmas recap that Burton and company did a good job of establishing minor character with small introductions, and The Book of Life (although not Burton) follows in that tradition when we meet Manolo’s family.

Each family member - from the brutish Carmelo (voiced by the film’s director) to grandpa Luis (voiced by Danny Trejo) - is given a unique character with just a few seconds of screen time and dialogue which carries through until the end of the film. It works wonderfully.

Originally posted by lamuertes

26) This freaking line, after Jorge is established as wanting to have been a singer.

Originally posted by dukespook

Manolo [after the two laugh about it]: “They crushed our dreams. Hilarious!”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

27) Manolo’s Mother.

(GIF originally posted by @lamuertes)

Immediately there is a difference in what is expected from Carmen Sanchez (his mom) and what there is.

Manolo: “And I became a bullfighter, just like you wanted.”

Carmen: “Me? Are you crazy?”

It turns out Manolo’s father saying his mother wanted that was…uh…wrong, to put it mildly. It’s a nice juxtaposition which establishes her as a character and not just a plot device.

28) Dude, I love this dialogue.

Xibalba [after Luis says La Muerte would never hand over her kingdom]: “She lost a bet.”

Luis: “Oh. She would do that.”

29) You get a lot of Manolo’s tender side and playing from the heart, but it’s easy to forget that he’s still a headstrong Sanchez boy. He still has the fierceness of a bull fighter, even if that’s not what he wants to do. And we see this particularly when Manolo threatens to expose Xibalba. That may not be the smartest move, but it is fierce.

30) Did I mention this dialogue and humor is awesome?

Luis [after his body is knocked away from his head]: “Hey, my arthritis is gone!”

31) The Candlemaker

Originally posted by thenugu

The Candlemaker rounds out the trio of immortals here, and falls in the middle. He is not about the Land of the Remembered or the Land of the Forgotten, he creates the candles (each candle representing a life). He is this big ball of happy childlike energy which is just fun to watch. And who’d they get to place this super upbeat and positive guy with hope and optimism dripping from him?

Originally posted by hiphop-community

It’s a nice change of pace from Ice Cube’s more hardboiled characters to see him play such a wonder filled creature, and to do it so well too! His voice work stands up there with the rest of the cast in that you never think you’re listening to Ice Cube, you’re just watching the Candlemaker. It’s great.


  • Maria’s fierceness has been established above.
  • La Muerte getting pissed when she finds out Xibalba cheated on the beat is fierce!

Originally posted by jeunetrentenaire

It’s a lot of fun to watch.

33) The final fight before Manolo can return to the land of the living is born from a wager he makes with Xibalba (he’ll face whatever challenge is thrown his way and win).

Xibalba: “What, do tell, is your worst fear?”

And then we get this:

Originally posted by littlechinesedoll

But it turns out his greatest fear isn’t killing the bull, it’s being true to himself. This ties into what I mentioned earlier: Manolo’s defining characteristic and his struggle are the same in that he wants to be himself. And we get a wonderful song to tie it up, of the same quality as “I Love You Too Much” and it is simply called “The Apology Song”. (Manolo’s father, who’s dead at this point, said that a Sanchez never apologies but after the fight is incredibly proud of his son.) It’s a nice character climax for Manolo before we get the final fight of the film.

34) When you have no idea this is coming, it’s the funniest line in the film.

Originally posted by museelo

(GIFs originally posted by @museelo)

35) I give massive credit to the filmmakers for the way they handled Joaquin. He and Maria are set to be married now that Manolo is dead, and he knows Maria doesn’t want it so he’s about to talk to her about it before the town is attacked by bandits. Joaquin could have easily been some Gaston type but instead we got a sincere, honest character who deepens the conflict of the film.

36) This freaking movie…

Originally posted by stevenscrivello

(GIF originally posted by @stevenscrivello)

37) The entire final fight of the film is wildly fun to watch.

Originally posted by kathon

It’s well paced, well choreographed, brings in all the characters we’ve met so far (living and dead), gives us a nice “dance” with Manolo and Maria, is filled with nice character moments, good humor, and has Joaquin decide he’s going to be his own man and try to sacrifice himself for his friends (it doesn’t work, he survives). It’s a great climax to the film.

38) “No Matter Where You Are”, the final song in the film, is a great ball of energy and love. But more than that, it let me know something I didn’t before…

Zoe Saldana can REALLY sing!

Originally posted by lghtmgnt

Just thought I’d share.

39) The final reveal, that Christina Applegate’s tour guide and the security guard are really La Muerte and Xibalba, is in classic tradition of magical realism and fairytale stories. It’s a nice ending to the film.

Originally posted by good-goodbye

The Book of Life is great, and truly under appreciated. It’s representation of Mexican culture is unique in the animated film landscape, and gives the film a unique visual and musical style. The acting is topnotch, and you can feel through the writing/directing/character animation that it is truly a labor of love for all those involved. A great film which everyone should see.

Up next: Alice in Wonderland (1951)


It all began with the forging of the Great Rings. Three were given to the Elves; immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven, to the Dwarf Lords, great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire power. For within these rings was bound the strength and the will to govern over each race. But they were all of them deceived, for another ring was made. In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, the Dark Lord Sauron forged in secret, a master ring, to control all others. And into this ring he poured all his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life. One ring to rule them all.