10 things I’ve learned in high school:

1. No one cares if you look like shit.

2. There isn’t one “school wide bully” that terrorizes the school and steals lunch money.

3. You’ll fall in love. A lot.

4. You’ll get heartbroken. A lot.

5. Your teachers are there to help you. They care about you, don’t shut them out.

6. No one. And I mean NO ONE. is going to pressure you to do drugs or drink. They don’t care.

7. More people understand what you’re going through than you think.

8. You’ll change your image a lot. By the end, you still won’t have yourself figured out.

9. People come in and out of your life. Don’t try to stop life from happening.

10. People are more focused on whether you will see their flaws, than seeing yours. Be confident.

—  learn to love yourself along the way

I write some words, a turn of phrase
You think I speak of long forgotten days
Or maybe that I speak of now
And the pain I share must be fresh and raw.

Some days I write of my love that’s true
Others I write of things I once knew
Some days the memories drag me into the muck
And I write til my heart’s bleeding is renewed.

But never assume the mercurial feelings
Transcribed to the page
Are all that I am, all that is my current truth.

I am lava flowing through burning veins
A light in the dark
A phoenix rising from a spark.

I am cold in the winter 
When I walk memories of yore
Every day seeking to be so much more. 

I am chaos and thunder
Anxiety bubbling over
And barely held composure.

I am quicksilver laughter
Eyes smiling wide
Wonder and willfulness taken in stride.  

I hold a love in my heart
Warm and bright as fireflies on a summer night
Glowing through the silver lines of scars
I once let tear me apart.

I know who and what I am
I don’t need anyone trying to tell me 
What is and isn’t my truth.

© Courtney Turley 2017