Can you believe I stopped in the middle of a serious thing just to draw this bullshit because honestly I can’t

Okay, so I’m about 99% sure that this was not intended by the creators but…

You know how we call Yuri on Ice “yoi” for short?

Well, yoi in Japanese (written as either 酔い or 酔) means drunkenness or the state of being drunk.

I want to say that the creators didn’t plan this but, Hell this show has meaning hidden everywhere so I can’t even tell you that it’s an overinterpretation because it might just not be.


The more I work, the less I’m around people who look like me. The more you kinda move up the ladder, the more you get removed from that world. The hotels you’re staying at, who you travel with, who you work with… it’s just the reality of the world we live in. The more success you have, in any business, you kinda get more distanced from people of color.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2016 was revealed to be someone millions didn’t particularly care for, myself included. So I made my own version. I’ve made a photo manip before of Peter as Person of the Year in 2014. Much like this year, that was also a rough time, and he saved me with his wonderful sense of humor. After doing so much for me as well as for everyone else that’s followed his career path, it was only fitting to choose him again. :)

If you’re going to share this elsewhere, please credit me. Thank you! :)

If Yuuri and Victor are 4 years apart then people shouldn't be complaining about Yurio and Otabek since they're only 2.5 years apart and their relationship would be perfectly okay if you gave it another 2-3 years before they get together.

Somehow managed to fit everything I’ve accumulated in London in two boxes, one suitcase, and one carry-on bag… I’d like to take this moment to thank my father, who turned every family road trip into a mind-boggling game of Trunk Tetris and taught me how to fit improbable amounts of shit in very small spaces