Shout out to Emerald City for not being afraid to put their couple together early on in the season for fear it would become “stale” or “boring”, and for not saying that “audiences like the chase, they like having a couple pine after each other for 10 seasons, they stop caring when the couple becomes official”. 

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on the overused and unwanted trope of love triangles. 

Shout out to Emerald City for finding a way to make a couple fall in love early on and have it believable, and to use the opportunity to actually explore the relationship throughout the season as they experience and overcome trials and tribulations together, united and in love.

Shout out to Emerald City for not relying on love triangles or slow burn to make a couple interesting, and actually use their brains and adequate writing skills to keep them fresh and exciting by simply… writing a good narrative.

I am so sick of television being afraid to write a story with an established couple who remain united and in love throughout the series, so thank you Emerald City for taking the leap of faith.

anonymous asked:

what would utena be like, if it had been told from Akio's warped perspective? Well, your opinion on it, at least.

It already is, dude.  All the pomp and circumstance lavished on the dueling game by the camera/score/pacing - that’s all him.  All the artsy camera shit that obfuscates the rape/incest is him.  The priorities of the plot are his.  The mythology that underpins it is his.  That’s why people can and do watch the whole thing and not get that he’s the bad guy.  That’s why the win condition is escaping the story itself.  That’s why nobody can remember anyone who has.