Random Things That Make Me Love DAIR

She hates Brooklyn, yet she goes there to see him anyway.

The names they call each other.

“Impolite to interrupt, Humphrey!”

Waldorf! Where’s the new Epperly?”

“Apparently you can, Cabbage Patch!”

“Except Humphrey’s a donut.”

“…has been replaced by a stapler stealer.”

She’s counting the number of times they’ve seen movies together.

“Going to movies is a one or four time thing.”

“Just because we went to go see a movie or five…”

They both have Cabbage Patch Kids.

The denial.

“We’re not even friends! I swear!”

“It’s been nice not being friends with you.”

“The last person I need is Dan Humphrey, who shouldn’t flatter himself by thinking he’s my friend!”

She disapproves of his fashion sense and the faces he makes after.

“…but you can’t wear those shoes.. or that hair.”

“…just like your scarf suggests you’d like to sell used cars!”

“Just like my suggestion that you take off that tie and shove it in your pocket right now.”

They do each other favors.

“I gave your article to a junior editor at Vanity Fair…”

“Your friends as fashion metaphor was well-executed..”

She took his scheming virginity.

“Don’t worry,virginI’ll talk you through it.”

He gives her relationship advice.

“Drive him crazy, wear him down.. you should be good at that.”

“…or taking a risk and maybe, maybe having everything.”

“What’s going on, did..did Chuck do something?”

“…but then you think what if these signs are there for a reason?”

The fact that they spend so much time planning exit strategies just so they can spend more time together.

“Do you want to explain to someone why we went somewhere together?”