New KAT-TUN Bangumi!!!

Details of KAT-TUN’s new bangumi (rough trans): January 10 (Friday) Late night 12:35 - 1:35 in TBS 【The kindest country in the world ~ Thanking everyone nationwide~ (temporary)】← KAT-TUN had various long distance travels to continue healing the heart and mind. Destination is Tohoku!

!1月10日(金)深夜0:35~1:35 TBS系【世界で一番やさしい国~全国の皆さんお世話になります~(仮)】←長いw いろいろあったKAT-TUNが旅を通して心を癒していく。行き先は東北!

trans credits: infynitehxs
raw credits: ranko223