whiz design

i’m not totally sold on my own design choices HOWEVER i decided this grump needed some actual thought put into her. of course, my putting more thought into her has also caused me to second guess her gem. she’s either Demantoid Andradite, or Tsavorite. both rare and valuable stones 

the top right corner is about how she looked before the rebellion 

some thoughts on the gem type and then her backstory below a cut because i get really rambly always

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Many of us have an inclination to express an uninhibited part of our personalities that otherwise is not considered acceptable in certain settings. While some conceal this somewhat natural behavior, there are those of is who have a predilection to not just “turn up”, but break the knob all together! Like a whistle that is pitched to a tune higher than human ears can hear but will send canines into a frenzy, there are certain songs that do the same for humans with a predisposition towards the ratchet. You’ve spent all day at work, tired and now at home hoping to catch up on The Mindy Project and someone sends you an inappropriate but laugh out loud funny video from World Star, that’s soundtracked by something produced by P-LO, then that weekend you & the same friend are at an event and the music is GOING!, intoxicating elixir is flowing (not needed if you are from Oakland), you hear that song and lose ALL restraint… Following up on his past ratchet opuses “2012: Year Of The Swaggin”, “Hoodrat Tendencies Vol. 1” …. now for your convenience @tap10 has once again collected these songs for you in a deftly mixed power packed hour of jams that could easily be called “NOW THATS WHAT I CALL RATCHET 2014”. Here he presents “Hoodrat Tendencies Vol. 2”!!! Listen above as he skillfully breaks down the origins of Drake’s “Who Do You Love” verse by pairing it with its originator, Rappin’ 4-Tay. This is the type mix that advocates nights and activities that later inspire a quiet smile to yourself about something you can’t believe you did. Let this mix take you confidently into your weekend… and may it provoke you to do hoodrat things with your friends. - Whiz

*Cover Design by Paul Escolar

@tap10 | Hoodrat Tendencies Vol. 2
1. Going To Work - P-Lo
2. Nasty Cattin’ (Tap.10 Blend) - Kool John x Notorious BIG
3. Only That Real - IAMSU feat. 2 Chainz & Sage The Gemini
4. Tree In The Load - E-40 feat. Choose Up Cheese & Cousin Fik
5. Who Do You Love vs Playaz Club - YG feat. Drake & Rappin 4-Tay
6. Paranoid - Yummy Bingham
7. Paranoid - Ty Dolla Sign feat. Joe Moses
8. Hookah - Tyga feat. Young Thug
9. Don’t Sleep - Soulja Boy feat. Young Lo
10. Tear It Up - Soulja Boy
11. Up Down (Do This All Day) - T Pain feat. B.O.B.
12. Ride Da D - Niko G4 feat. Jay 305
13. Don’t You - Sage The Gemini
14. Slide Thru - 1-O.A.K. feat. P-Lo
15. Put This Thang On Ya - DJ Mustard feat. Ty Dolla Sign
16. Burn Rubber - Too Short
17. This D - TeeFlii
18. Wait For A Minute - Tyga feat. Justin Bieber
19. F With Me - Salty feat. Kool John, FLIP & Jaray
20. Loyal - Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Too Short
21. 3xKrazy - Netta Brielle
22. Act Right (Remix) - Yo Gotti feat. Keak Da Sneak, Young Jeezy & YG
23. Really Out Here - RJ feat. AD
24. 4 G’s - DJ Mustard feat. TeeCee4800, E-40, Ty Dolla Sign & C. Hood
25. B I T C H - YG feat. D-Lo
26. The Homie - YG feat. Young Jeezy
27. My Hitta - YG feat. Young Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan
28. Down For My - C-Murder feat. Magic & Snoop Dogg
29. Good Day (Instrumental) - Tyga feat. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill
30. Livin’ - 2 Chainz feat. IAMSU
31. I Did That - YP Spoelstra feat. Kool John & Young Bari
32. Still Thuggin’ - P-Lo
33. Work - Ty Dolla Sign feat. Casey Veggies

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A short love story in 1 minute 20 seconds based on a Tennyson poem.

Director / Editor : John X. Carey
Narrator : Tom O'Bedlam – youtube/SpokenVerse

Based On : In Memoriam by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. 
Director of Photography : JUSTIN GURNARI
Production Designer/Wardrobe/Hair & Makeup : BRITNEY HOPPER-ROBLEDO
Colorist : JEREMY SAWYER @ CO3

Winner :: 
2011 OnVidi First Place $10K Prize for Drama and Romance.