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do you have any ship-forever, even-if-i-fall-from-this-fandom-i-will-still-cry-when-i-see-a-picture-of-them type ships? and if so, what are they?


who I have been shipping for a good decade-and-a-bit, followed, at various distances, by: 


and, unfortunately, 


I’m not sure how a ship from a fledgling TV show that was only slightly good for two seasons before taking a complete and utter nosedive has managed to end up on my FOREVER OTP list, but here we are. they clawed themselves right into my heart with their red riding hood imagery and their brilliant soundtrack. I was there AT THE START when we had EVERYTHING AHEAD OF US. I remember when there was <250 fics for them on AO3. I remember when we were convinced Stiles was gonna go Canon Bi. we thought it was SO REAL! they could have had my LIFE-LONG DEVOTION! but NO. Jeff “no homophobia in this universe!” Davis COULDN’T EVEN GIVE US THIS ONE THING!!! IT’S NOT LIKE THE SHOW WAS THAT GOOD, JEFF!!!!! YOU DIDN’T HAVE ANY INTEGRITY TO LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway I’m Sterek trash forever amen, thanks for asking. 

ETA: ZUTARA, Eric/Godric, ~*~Sugarless Gum~*~, ARTHUR/EAMES, BOYD and RAYLAN – these additions that I am making two days after the fact are perfect examples of why I never answer OTP questions!!! I have a huge heart and it is FULL!!!!!!!

*I do not want to talk about this. >:(


Whittemore Remembers: that springy time two years ago, when we were still somewhat new to the block, just getting to know our Whittemore-selves, and happy in our knowledge that Allure magazine fancied us.  Still happy, actually.  Oh, memories:

Directory: Ones To Watch

The rising stars at hair salons from Manhattan to Melrose Avenue.

Coby Alcantar
Whittemore House
45 Grove St.
Some Stylists Make us feel as if we speak another language-we ask for low maintenance and end up with unmanageable layers. But Alcantar understood our request, slicing long layers into our blunt ends to remove bulk, then staggering a few shorter pieces around the front. We left with a cut that flatters our wavy texture-and the comfort of knowing we were truly heard.