whittaker's chocolate

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I got tagged by @princeyandanxiety

One insecurity:

i am not good at anything

Two fears:

1. heights

2. losing family/friends

Three turn ons:

1. i 

2. dont

3. want to

Four life goals:

1. Meet one internet friend


3. be a proper baker

4. get tattoos

Five things I like:

1.  baking

2. musicals

3. thomas sanders

4. friends, having delirious 2am chats with friends 

5. giving friends baking

Six weaknesses:

1. chips

2. bad puns


4. strawberries

5. books

6. nice people

Seven things I love:

1. My friends

2. My cat even tho she a bitch

3. green day

4. baking

5. Thomas Sanders

6. colouring books

7. button up shirts

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anonymous asked:

There's also the new Whittaker's 'Special' All Blacks chocolate like, why? It's just milk chocolate.

You have just bought a bar of Whittakers chocolate. Hm, it feels strangely heavy. You open it. You scream - Sonny Bill Williams grins at you from inside the chocolate bar. He is coming out. He is coming for you. This is what you get for not joining rugby club. The weak are eleminated