I haven’t given you guys a skincare update in a while, so here you go! As you all know, I travel so often I probably should get my pilots license. Since winning Miss Massachusetts USA, my life has been even more “on the go” than ever before. Which means I am more prone to stress and breakouts! I finally have it under control again, (thanks to my fab dermatologist).

I started using the Vital C line from Image Skincare three months ago honestly because it smells so fresh and amazing, but I really have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. I use Cleanser and Serum every morning and the citrus smell wakes me up!

The Clinique Clarifying lotion removes any dead skin cells and it’s gentle enough to use morning and night. Basically meaning it makes your beautiful face super smooth.

The Biore Charcoal Cleanser I have talked about before because it really is my favorite drugstore product. For my skin, I found that it was too drying for every day use after a while, so I switch it every other night with my Vital C Cleanser.

The Differin (Prescription Only!!! See your dermatologist), is strong as well so I switch that every other night with my Vital C Serum. I always remember that on the nights I use this product, I also use the Charcoal Cleanser.

This won’t work for everyone obviously! I have dry/combination skin. But you wonderful subscribers are always asking what my routine is. Best Advice: Don’t skip out on skin care! Always here to answer your questions.