Whitney just posted this on instagram and it makes me so happy! THAT BLACK BOOK IS SOMETHING I MADE FOR THEM AND I GAVE IT TO JOEY AND WHITNEY! I’m so glad they like it! (i actually didn’t give it to them personally, because i walked out of the theater after meeting them and realized i hadn’t given them the book… then i went back inside and discreetly left it on the piano with all the other stuff they got… *facepalms*

I hope they did like it because I almost set all of the grass in my backyard on fire while trying to get the book to have a “singed” look to it haha

I also spend about 4 hours hollowing the paper out of that book with a box cutter because IT WAS AN ACTUAL BOOK. 


My god this is literally the best. Joey Richter and Whitney Milam. I love this so much. Yes.