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“This is more a personal quibble of mine, but why do you hate freedom?” I still start snickering every time I think about that letter. So very good.

I dunno…“lustful cockmonster” is what I’ll always take away from that beautiful letter.  By the way did you know you can get that on a t-shirt?  I wish I had the balls to wear one of these.

whitneymcn replied to your post: I need to find someone that can explain tax write-offs to me on a first-grade comprehension level.

Totally worth doing, but please get an accountant (and a conservative one) to help you with it. If you do freelance work you’ve got options, but doing it wrong, or just not as the IRS requires, can end up being expensive and time consuming.

We had a professional do our taxes this year for the first time, which was totally necessary.  I just don’t know how to even go about finding an accountant.  How much should I expect to pay him/her, what am I looking for, etc?

I mean, Kel and I have yet to find a reliable babysitter.