whitney lynn art


I was once told by Frank Franco that to get better at drawing, you need to draw outside your comfort zone. I told him, I never sketch in Photoshop. I draw, take a picture, and trace. He told me that I need to sketch in Photoshop. To push myself to do things that are awkward and uncomfortable.

I admit, I don’t do it often. But pushing myself to do a doodle a day for the whole month of October made me want to try something. I originally drew and sketched the image in my sketchbook. I then drew it two ways. One was obviously very out of my comfort zone.

On the right, you can see what looks like the rest of my drawing. I use the pen tool with simulated pressure. This doesn’t always work out the way I want it, but it’s comfortable. On the left, you see a more raw version. I drew this with just the brush tool and my graphics table pen. No smooth lines here. It was frustrating. I wanted to give up. I thought, this is so ugly, I shouldn’t post this.

But after a while, I had fun. Because it pushed me to be better. Because BOTH drawings are amazing and adorable. And I hope to continue to push myself. To try different techniques. To try Adobe Illustrator (instead of CS6). To shade differently. To use more textures. To constantly be learning and pushing myself. Never settling and always doing.