whitney dead

Alberto Del Rio investigated by police over suspected domestic violence:

It is no secret that Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s relationship is a volatile one and now reports have emerged claiming that Alberto is being investigated by Florida cops for suspected domestic violence after an alleged incident at an airport, in which an altercation was involved. The Orlando Police Department were contacted around 3pm and a witness confirmed: “There was an altercation.’’ but Paige was quick to downplay the incident on Twitter, posting:

She later went onto explain what exactly happened, posting:

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  • Elvis Presley, King of Rock: Dead
  • James Brown, Godfather of Soul: Dead
  • Bob Marley, King of Reggae: Dead
  • Michael Jackson, King of Pop: Dead
  • Whitney Houston, Queen of Pop: Dead
  • Donna Summer, Queen of Disco: Dead
  • Tupac, King of Rap: Dead
  • Reblog to pay respects to the Kings and Queens of Music. We thank you all.

Bobbi Kristina Brown has died

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the little-girl-lost daughter of the late, legendary Whitney Houston, died Sunday in an Atlanta-area hospice, nearly six months after she was found unconscious in her Georgia home. She was 22. She never regained consciousness to … [Read More]

Some people’s expectations of Ikon was too damn high. Yall really thought they would debut with a newly invented genre of music. Debut as the Jackson 5. Debut like the vocal version of 2005 Mariah Carey mixed with Whitney Houston. Yall dead ass thought they would debut with Big Bang’s current success. Like their music is GOOD, blame yourself for your disappointment because no one told you to have such high ass expectations. 

I’ve just imagined this in my head (about Peggysous first kiss in the season finale)

(Everyone’s relieved cause the threat is gone, Whitney Frost dead, etc.)
Daniel: Well now I guess we should have that talk right?
Peggy kisses him. Long and tender kiss. They pull apart still holding each other, staring into their eyes.
Peggy: I don’t think we need it anymore. *smiles*
Daniel smiles. Kisses her.