Chapter Eight | Quinn & Biff

Quinn got out of the limo and stretched. She’d never been to the Hamptons before, so when Biff had invited her to come along with him, she’d readily accepted. Quinn was glad that she had. She wasn’t with Biff for his money of course, but it must be nice to be filthy rich. She grabbed her bags. She’d only brought two since she’d only be here for a couple of days.

She felt bad for not staying until she met his parents, but like she’d told him earlier, she just wasn’t ready. Their relationship was still fairly new. Sure, Biff had already met her mother, but that hadn’t been planned. If she’d had it her way, he wouldn’t have. Biff had been very understanding when they’d talked of course, but still, she felt bad, especially since she wasn’t going to go back to his apartment in New York City to wait for him afterwards either. She was needed in Connecticut.

“So what are we going to do first?” she asked him, snapping out of her thoughts. “I mean, after we get settled of course.”