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about malec making out like isak & even, I mean like steamy kisses whith tongue and face graping and all lol! a girl can dream...

honestly it may happen. We know that they are going to hug and kiss outside (somewhere, i dont know where) but it’s happening, so whatever kiss we get if it’s anything like 1x12 it’ll be magical af* also harry and matthew know what they are doing, they got the kissing covered :D

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but is making a poc's skin a bit less dark (while playing whith the lightening) considered as whitewashing? I think it's fine as long as the normal skin color isn't erased but some people don't seem to think so.

it’s hard to describe it just using text, which is why i made the posts i did:

  • POC coloring tutorial which also discusses how to recognize whitewashing vs. high contrast lighting. i specifically put this part in because i did notice some overenthusiastic people saying certain gifsets were whitewashed when it was just lighting – though, I might make better one because I think the differences in my examples may be too subtle for some people to recognize?
  • Skin tone reference chart for Magnus (this I did answering an ask so it’s not as comprehensive as I’d like and doesn’t cover all possible ranges but it gives you a good sense I hope)

It should be noted that it isn’t just about brightness but also skin tone. The problem is often a combination of making things bright + introducing too much cyan/blue/pink/magenta.

And mostly, my issue is not with people who do it because their eye for color is unrefined or maybe they just had their monitor at a slightly crooked angle and didn’t realize their whole screen was appearing darker than it really is. It happens to everyone and actually, I’ll use myself because recently I did the aesthetics set and for Magnus, I had made him too pale and I had to go back and fix it. So it happens, it’s not a big deal. Color recognition is hard, it takes practice, and not everyone is at that level yet.

But when someone lets the original poster know and their response is, “this is just the aesthetic”/”i just like to color this way”/”this is my style”, that’s not okay. Your style shouldn’t be washing out POC skin tones, full stop.