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When Swinton And Cho Talk Race, The Point's Lost In Translation
Two celebrities had an email exchange about race that seemed polite but was loaded with subtext. When the exchange became public, the conversation about who was wrong looked frustratingly familiar.

It was a bizarre Hollywood kerfuffle.

Over the weekend, the publicist for actress Tilda Swinton released an email exchange between Swinton and comedian Margaret Cho about race and casting in Hollywood. Swinton was one of the stars of Dr. Strange and played a character, The Ancient One, who had always been Asian in the comic books on which the movie was based. Swinton had reached out to Cho, an outspoken critic of “whitewashing” in the film industry.

After the email exchange, Cho went on a podcast and characterized the brief conversation as a “fight” in which she said Swinton essentially asked her to make the criticism go away.

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Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 

also! while i am on the topic of skin tone, here are some tones i have color picked off pictures of myself in different lighting from my mom’s facebook (lmao). my birthday is coming up, and several people have messaged me about drawing me, so here is how my skin looks in different lighting! i actually get really dark in summer bc it’s so damn sunny.. i usually draw myself as the middle one.

also please don’t draw me white?? i keep having this problem? i am not white.


Disney is allegedly considering a white actress to play the live version of their upcoming Mulan movie

Sony and Disney have both announced that they’re creating live-action versions of Mulan, as HitFix reports. Sony’s will be shot in China, and its cast will consist mostly of Chinese actors, according to Variety. Disney hasn’t released such details yet, but people are worried for a good reason.

You, a likley white person, who uses racial conflict and pseudo support to generate notes and false sense of popularity: ugh i can’t belive they are doing this, they are totally whitewashing sombra! Blizzard is worse than Hitler!!

Me, an actual Mexican intellectual as pictured above: hey look im finally portrayed in a game without really dark skin, thank you Blizzard Entertainment.

Wonder how long before someone makes me Reyes brown and reblogs #fixed it 😡

i’ll find a better post about this to reblog later, but in the mean time please stop whitewashing mccree and reblogging whitewashed mccree.

like i know sometimes it’s hard to tell with different lighting, but even in the most brightest light i could find in an official picture of him, it’s way darker than a lot of the skin tones i’ve been seeing on my dash and elsewhere. so just try to be careful!

If it’s about black people, use black actors.

If it’s about Japanese people, use Japanese actors.

If it’s about Latinx people, use Latinx actors from the country they’re supposed to be from.

If it’s about mixed-race people, use mixed-race actors.

Whitewashing a narrative because you want ___ white actor is never okay.

Putting white people in brown/black/yellow face is also not an acceptable solution.

Give us authentic faces. Show us the respect we deserve. Represent us with real people of color.

Please be aware that Katniss Everdeen in the films is absolutely a white savior. She might have better development and is better written than most, but still falls into that category. It’s still a white person who is “inspiring” people in the poorer districts, most of which are brown and black, into rioting and rebelling against a predominantly white, oppressive, militarized society. 

Please also be aware that if a woman of color had played Katniss in the movies instead, the themes of racial oppression and revolution would have been stressed and emphasized more than ever. Which is probably why they went with Jennifer Lawrence instead of someone like Devery Jacobs or Q’Orianka Kilcher. 

Please also be aware that, while these movies are pretty damn good, I can’t help but notice how overthrowing your government to save the poor and abused brown people is only okay if the heroes are all white as well (Haymitch, Gale, Peeta, Prim, Johanna, Finnick) and maybe have a few side characters of color that make an appearance from time to time. Because now you don’t have to worry about “white guilt.” Because in this narrative, it doesn’t require Katniss to actually observe her own people and her own privilege and stand against a government that benefited her because what they’re doing is wrong. Instead, Katniss is the one who gets the shit end of the deal and it makes more sense to rebel in self defense rather than actually critically analyze where you stand in situations like this and still choose to do the right thing (like Cinna or even Plutarch, for example). 

Just figured I’d throw that out there in light of a recent post I made about white saviors. 


Ghost in the Shell whitewashing continues to fuel online backlash

Hollywood still is not learning its lesson when it comes to whitewashing and yellow face. A new photo released today shows Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi in the upcoming adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, sparking Ming-Na Wen and many others to speak out online. This isn’t even the first example of Hollywood whitewashing this week. Cough cough Marvel.

Why does everyone flip out on people for using the last name McClain for Lance??? It’s old canon? If they change it, that’s okay, but-

My Abuelo was of Irish descent, and Abuelita was native Puerto Rican. My dad and his siblings are Hispanic, with naturally dark tanned skin (a bit like Lance’s!), and they also have a very Irish last name.

So… why is Lance’s very obviously mixed race family any different? Why is it ‘impossible’ or ‘whitewashing’ for him to have the last name ‘McClain’?

Like, it’s not impossible for mixed race families to exist, guys.

How Emma Stone Became Asian: What It Means When Hollywood Continues To Whitewash

As a person of color, I’ve learned to expect a certain level of whitewashing from Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal as The Prince of Persia? Dude, wtf? Random white dude as Goku – wow, WOW, take it easy, buddy!

And yet, Hollywood execs surprised us with yet another bottle of fuckery by casting Emma Stone as Allison Ng, a character described as a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese. Let me lean in closer so I can say that again:

Emma Stone, a blonde haired, blue eyed WHITE WOMAN, was chosen to portray an ASIAN-HAWAIIAN PERSON with an Asian last name. I don’t approve of whitewashing, especially when Asian characters get swapped with white ones (see: Ghost in the Shell), but this is a new level of lazy bullshit. How can you go 80% of the way, write a script ABOUT AN ASIAN PERSON but not cast an Asian actress? That’s like making a movie about the Jackson 5 set in the 1960s but casting Honey Boo Boo as Tito and a ham sandwich as Michael – did you even try, bro?!

Hollywood continues to whitewash because white folks don’t see ethnicity as an IDENTITY. They don’t believe race and ethnicity can effect your opportunities and personality in real life, or in a fictional movie. Instead, race is treated like a COSTUME you steal from one person and give to another. In fact, white culture has ALWAYS taken ethnic labels and slapped them onto white products.

We needed more R&B artists so we slapped a label on Justin Timberlake.
We lacked diversity in the workplace so we made a category called “White Latinos.”

And yet, when they do consider our ethnicity it’s used in a way to exploit us: to paint us as uneducated thugs, awkward math nerds, and illegal immigrants. They never meet us half-way and write a script about normal ass POCs, acting as if we’re either born into our designated stereotype or we’re colorblind.

If you wanna know how white folks feel truly feel about us, take a look at ANY Hollywood movie and observe the POC characters. When white men were at their peak of Black male intimidation, they made ‘Mandingo’ and 'Birth of a Nation.’ When they were afraid of Asians, they filmed 'Fu Manchu’ and 'The Interview.’

If we can accept the writings of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston as expressions of Black thought, why aren’t we accepting racist Hollywood films as expressions of white ones?

Think about it.


#StarringJohnCho proposes a solution to Hollywood whitewashing: John Cho

It’s no secret that Hollywood has an Asian-American erasure problem. William Yu’s solution? John Cho. Yu created the above posters to show that Hollywood already has viable Asian American stars in its ranks — filmmakers just need to use them. John Cho is far from the only one.


This heartbreaking new video shows the real effects of whitewashing.

On screen representation — or a lack thereof — has consequences. And when people of color can’t see themselves in the media because their stories have been given to white people to tell, it takes its toll in real ways.

It works the same for any marginalized group, like LGBTQ people, people living with disabilities, or people from certain religions.

This phenomenon, known as “whitewashing,” is illustrated perfectly in a new gut-wrenching video by New York-based comedians Chewy May and Jes Tom. In the PSA, viewers see why the decision to cast actor Scarlett Johansson, who is white, as the lead in “Ghost in the Shell” — a film based on Japanese anime — perfectly exemplifies how whitewashing can be so harmful by putting a face to the people it hurts.


No matter how you try to defend why an actor like Johansson should play the lead in a film like “Ghost in the Shell,” you can’t deny the impact it will have on audiences.

I don’t care what anyone says, Reyes is Afro-Latino. His Blackness is rooted in his Latinidad and if you ignore that and the anti blackness in Latinx communities, you shouldn’t be advocating for him in the first place cause you’re just as bad as the people you’re condemning


Gods of Egypt is a critical and box office failure

Awful reviews and criticism of whitewashing seem to have hurt Gods of Egypt in the long run. The $140M film is projected to make as little as $12 million over the weekend. While Hollywood whitewashing is a huge issue, one tweet highlighted the silver lining for people of color here.

Unpopular opinion: idols having pale skin in photos DOES NOT ALWAYS equal whitewashing

Wow I don’t know how many times I have posted about this issue but please read till the end

As I have said before, us Asians value pale skin so much you don’t understand the efforts we make to keep our skin that way. We basically /worship/ pale skin.

And what does being idols mean? It means that they are meant to be IDOLIZED and worshipped, so they have to have certain qualities the company deems fit to be an idol. If their skin is “imperfect” (dark, blemishes, etc. you get the idea) but they have potentials like singing or dancing, the company would take them to dermatologists to get their skin checked and have treatments to make sure their skin is up to standards. This happens more often to girlgroups, idk how it is for male idols though.

HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean that boys can’t have pale skin. I recently read a translated article about male idols EXTREMELY PALE SKIN. There were EXO’s Suho, BTS’ Suga and SHINee’s Key on the list. I still remember there were a gif Suho showing his pale stomach, a picture that shows how much paler Suga is compared to other members, and another picture shows that Key had to have his skin toned down by makeup because he is too pale. (You can find this translated article on peachisoda; if you’re too lazy to Google, I would happily find the article myself and send you the link.)

Also, when idols are stressed, exhausted, overworked or not taking of care of themselves properly, their skin starts to worsen (pimples, dark circles, etc.), which is where make-up artists come in. And boyyyyy, ain’t them makeup artists for idols know how to work ittttt. You can search on YouTube Korean beauty bloggers (I only know Pony but every Asian girl knows her name lmao) and have a general idea how DEVELOPED the cosmetics industry in Korea is. They can make a normal girl with what you would call “a typical Asian’s skin” into a goddess with really pale skin.

If you are calling for people to stop whitewashing idols’ skin, you are basically also coming after: a whole country and its people’s deep-rooted belief, the idol industry, the Korean cosmetics industry; not just the masternims that you are criticising so much on this website.

also note that I 100% support the post that helps you differentiate between whitewashed and un-whitewashed photos but I can’t seem to find it 🤔🤔🤔. Some photos are easy to notice the signs but some others not as much.