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The FaceApp selfie app had a racist whitewashing problem — so its CEO pulled the feature

  • FaceApp, a new app that uses artificial intelligence to change your expression, age and gender, has a whitewashing problem. 
  • A feature called “Hot,” meant to make you “become more attractive,” per its App Store description, took people of color and lightened their faces.
  • The feature was eventually renamed, then deleted — but not before it received major backlash on Twitter.
  • Creator and CEO of FaceApp Yaroslav Goncharov blamed the whitewashing problem on his algorithm.
  • “We are deeply sorry for this unquestionably serious issue,” Goncharov said, the Guardian reported. “It is an unfortunate side effect of the underlying neural network caused by the training set bias, not intended behavior.” Read more (4/25/17)

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also! while i am on the topic of skin tone, here are some tones i have color picked off pictures of myself in different lighting from my mom’s facebook (lmao). my birthday is coming up, and several people have messaged me about drawing me, so here is how my skin looks in different lighting! i actually get really dark in summer bc it’s so damn sunny.. i usually draw myself as the middle one.

also please don’t draw me white?? i keep having this problem? i am not white.

We don’t know Miley Cyrus and we don’t know how she really feels, but the narrative she’s been creating is not one that suggests respect or a deep understanding of the humanity of black artists. Instead, it’s a narrative in which she uses black culture as a prop when it is convenient to her, and when it’s not, she throws it away. That’s not a narrative she can win.

Wow people really seem to hate it when characters are changed from the source material

Oh wait, that’s only if the character is changed to anything other than a white straight person… cause we desperately need more straight white people represented in media. 

You would think that people so clearly invested in comic characters would have retained some of the messages comics have been telling for years, like equality, respect, fairness, compassion, unity, friendship and standing up for others just to name a few. but instead i’m sure they’ll just continue spouting this utter garbage. 

If it’s about black people, use black actors.

If it’s about Japanese people, use Japanese actors.

If it’s about Latinx people, use Latinx actors from the country they’re supposed to be from.

If it’s about mixed-race people, use mixed-race actors.

Whitewashing a narrative because you want ___ white actor is never okay.

Putting white people in brown/black/yellow face is also not an acceptable solution.

Give us authentic faces. Show us the respect we deserve. Represent us with real people of color.

It is so intriguing to me that some of you are saying “stop making everything about race”, “this show only became interesting when Laura’s story became part of the plot”, and “you’re only hating on Laura because you’re a misogynist who lets male protagonists get away with everything”. It’s interesting because these three statements are all contradictory. 

You’re blatantly ignoring that race is an integral part of the show, just like it was an integral part of the books. Shadow is meant to be a biracial person of color. In the books, he’s frequently asked racialized questions. Neil Gaiman made it explicitly clear that he did not want any of the characters of color to be whitewashed, especially Shadow, which is why Ricky Whittle’s casting was so important. Ricky Whittle is also a biracial black man. To cast a biracial black man who is visibly black brokers no arguments as to what race the character is - it is a deliberate and specific choice. You’re also ignoring that race is part of both the books and the show because this content is about Americana and the American identity. That’s exactly why all the American Gods are immigrants. These Gods are diverse - Eastern European, indigenous (and not just from one monolithic indigenous tribe but from different tribes with different histories), Arab, German, Norse, South Asian, East Asian, Irish, Egyptian, West African, etc. That they rally against the New Gods and their reductionist ways shows you that race absolutely is a very crucial point. Hell, if race wasn’t important to the show, why the hell do you think Mr. Nancy aka Anansi, the African trickster god, predicated his entrance on race and the centuries-long brutalization of black people? If race wasn’t important to the show, why does Shadow (in both the books and the show!) get asked about his racial composition and why is evident that he gets racialized treatment as a result? If race wasn’t important to the show, why do you think Bryan Fuller made it a point to emphasize that there would be no whitewashing on the show? 

Race, immigration, and nation are part of the tapestry that Gaiman (and now Fuller) wove to create his conceptualization of the American identity. Those of you who keep screaming about how “interesting” Laura is or make pseudo-intellectual statements about how “morally complex” all the characters are fail to understand one of the most salient and significant points of the story. 

And while you ignore race, you still use identity politics to shield criticisms of Laura. While you ignore that racism exists, you think every person who hates Laura is a bearded MRA with a fedora. It’s already interesting to lump people of color in with these MRA types, given that these MRA types tend to be the most racist people on the internet (so they aren’t exactly “on our side”, lmao), but what’s worse is that you’re claiming we “make everything about race” (when race is in fact a huge part of the show) while also accusing us of being misogynistic. I don’t see any of you rushing to talk about Bilquis or how significant she is. Clearly this isn’t about “feminism” or about misogyny. Or sure, it’s about a whitewashed, warped, liberal-individualist version of feminism that of course engenders racist hypocrisy and white female entitlement. 

Let’s also talk about this whole “typical male protagonists get away with everything”. You’re right. Typical male protagonists cheat on their wives, mistreat their girlfriends, get glorified by fandoms just for breathing. But I wonder if you ostensibly clever fans can tease out what makes Shadow an atypical protagonist. I’ll give you the answer: he’s black. How many shows are there with a diverse cast in a show about fantasy, mythology, and Americana with black protagonists? Little to zero. So this already makes Shadow an atypical protagonist. But that’s not all. Unlike other male protagonists, he is NOT arrogant, domineering, apathetic, cynical, selfish, abusive, adulterous, overpowered, mediocre, boring, or predictable. This is exactly why so many people gather around him, or try to fight him, or can’t figure him out. He’s just a “regular guy” in many ways, yes, but he’s a genuinely kind person with a big heart, a startlingly clever mind, and the capacity to be loyal and compassionate which has gotten him in trouble time and time again. 

Laura herself knows this. Audrey knows this. Mr. Wednesday knows this. The Zorya sisters know this. Mad Sweeney knows this. Czernobog knows this. The Technical Boy detests him for this reason. Every person who meets Shadow comes to understand that he’s a good person. Some hate him for it, others love him for it, and still others don’t know what to make of him because he’s a third party in this war between old and new gods. He is an important character because he is a black man who breaks stereotypes and refuses to be typecast because he’s a black man. He’s a tall, muscled black man who is nothing but gentle, who hates violence, who just wants to love his wife and friends and go home. He likes reading books, he’s been to prison because he wanted to make his wife happy, he used to be a thief but he redeemed himself, he wants to learn magic tricks, and he’s just trying to navigate a new and dangerous world. He’s been lied to, beaten, cheated on, manipulated, betrayed, and brutalized so many times. But he still remains kind. 

So please don’t use the “if Laura was a man” argument now. None of us are the type to salivate over bland male characters because as it is most of those male characters are WHITE male characters. Nonwhite male characters receive the opposite treatment - they don’t get the benefit of the doubt, and that’s exactly what’s playing out here. You’re randomly accusing Shadow of misogyny and his fans of misogyny when in fact Shadow is one of the very few male protagonists who hasn’t done anything wrong. He wholeheartedly loves his wife. He does not treat women like sex toys. He is nothing like most male protagonists, so stop using that argument because it just won’t work. 


Ghost in the Shell whitewashing continues to fuel online backlash

Hollywood still is not learning its lesson when it comes to whitewashing and yellow face. A new photo released today shows Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi in the upcoming adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, sparking Ming-Na Wen and many others to speak out online. This isn’t even the first example of Hollywood whitewashing this week. Cough cough Marvel.

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Some people are claiming that it's racist and whitewashing that Steven Universe (long story short) made a Filipino character's skin pink, even though none of his culture was erased.

Seriously? I looked up the character and he’s pink-pink. Not peach, not pale and rosy, not anything resembling a human skin tone. He’s actually the color of Pepto Bismol. They didn’t turn him into a white person. What a reach!

can we have a movie where a chinese teenager stumbles into a european medieval fantasy land. the wypipo are awestruck by her bravery and advanced technology and in turn she learns the ways of their people. then a lurking evil threatens the white tribes and she along with her newfound friends have to step in to save them. once she heroically defeats the threat she is showered with praise and gets the guy. it is a story of adventure, friendship, and self-discovery.


Disney is allegedly considering a white actress to play the live version of their upcoming Mulan movie

Sony and Disney have both announced that they’re creating live-action versions of Mulan, as HitFix reports. Sony’s will be shot in China, and its cast will consist mostly of Chinese actors, according to Variety. Disney hasn’t released such details yet, but people are worried for a good reason.

How Emma Stone Became Asian: What It Means When Hollywood Continues To Whitewash

As a person of color, I’ve learned to expect a certain level of whitewashing from Hollywood. Jake Gyllenhaal as The Prince of Persia? Dude, wtf? Random white dude as Goku – wow, WOW, take it easy, buddy!

And yet, Hollywood execs surprised us with yet another bottle of fuckery by casting Emma Stone as Allison Ng, a character described as a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Chinese. Let me lean in closer so I can say that again:

Emma Stone, a blonde haired, blue eyed WHITE WOMAN, was chosen to portray an ASIAN-HAWAIIAN PERSON with an Asian last name. I don’t approve of whitewashing, especially when Asian characters get swapped with white ones (see: Ghost in the Shell), but this is a new level of lazy bullshit. How can you go 80% of the way, write a script ABOUT AN ASIAN PERSON but not cast an Asian actress? That’s like making a movie about the Jackson 5 set in the 1960s but casting Honey Boo Boo as Tito and a ham sandwich as Michael – did you even try, bro?!

Hollywood continues to whitewash because white folks don’t see ethnicity as an IDENTITY. They don’t believe race and ethnicity can effect your opportunities and personality in real life, or in a fictional movie. Instead, race is treated like a COSTUME you steal from one person and give to another. In fact, white culture has ALWAYS taken ethnic labels and slapped them onto white products.

We needed more R&B artists so we slapped a label on Justin Timberlake.
We lacked diversity in the workplace so we made a category called “White Latinos.”

And yet, when they do consider our ethnicity it’s used in a way to exploit us: to paint us as uneducated thugs, awkward math nerds, and illegal immigrants. They never meet us half-way and write a script about normal ass POCs, acting as if we’re either born into our designated stereotype or we’re colorblind.

If you wanna know how white folks feel truly feel about us, take a look at ANY Hollywood movie and observe the POC characters. When white men were at their peak of Black male intimidation, they made ‘Mandingo’ and 'Birth of a Nation.’ When they were afraid of Asians, they filmed 'Fu Manchu’ and 'The Interview.’

If we can accept the writings of Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston as expressions of Black thought, why aren’t we accepting racist Hollywood films as expressions of white ones?

Think about it.


#StarringJohnCho proposes a solution to Hollywood whitewashing: John Cho

It’s no secret that Hollywood has an Asian-American erasure problem. William Yu’s solution? John Cho. Yu created the above posters to show that Hollywood already has viable Asian American stars in its ranks — filmmakers just need to use them. John Cho is far from the only one.

When Swinton And Cho Talk Race, The Point's Lost In Translation
Two celebrities had an email exchange about race that seemed polite but was loaded with subtext. When the exchange became public, the conversation about who was wrong looked frustratingly familiar.

It was a bizarre Hollywood kerfuffle.

Over the weekend, the publicist for actress Tilda Swinton released an email exchange between Swinton and comedian Margaret Cho about race and casting in Hollywood. Swinton was one of the stars of Dr. Strange and played a character, The Ancient One, who had always been Asian in the comic books on which the movie was based. Swinton had reached out to Cho, an outspoken critic of “whitewashing” in the film industry.

After the email exchange, Cho went on a podcast and characterized the brief conversation as a “fight” in which she said Swinton essentially asked her to make the criticism go away.

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