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I think the reason I hate 99.9% of fandom characterizations of the DA2 crew is because they get reduced to tropes. Hawke becomes the Class Clown and Fenris is the Grump and it’s tiresome and overdone. Why people wanna take fully-developed characters and reduce them to one-dimension is beyond me.  As much as I love that game I tend to avoid anything to do with it.

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What do you think of people saying Iron Fist is racist? I honestly don't understand where it's coming from, since Danny is white in the comic books, I would call it being faithful to the original. I really just wanted to understand, but I've asked a few other people here on tumblr and everybody has been really aggressive about it.

First, I should state that I am white, so my opinion and perspective on this subject is limited and should be taken with a grain of salt.

I think to describe the show simply as “racist” is unhelpful when explaining the nuance of problematic elements in a show, which there are many.

Is Iron Fist perfect? No. Are there problems and issues with diversity and cultural appropriation? Absolutely. But it takes some parsing to understand just where the problems are in the show.

People saying casting Finn Jones as Danny Rand is “whitewashing” is incorrect. The comic book character is a blond-haired, blue-eyed white man. However. The origins of Iron Fist in the comics is absolutely whitewashing and cultural appropriation. The character took elements of Chinese culture, the popularity of kung fu in the 70′s specifically, and gave them to a white person. To say the Iron Fist character origins were whitewashed in order to make him more alluring to a white audience is absolutely true. To say casting Finn Jones in the role of Danny Rand is whitewashing is not true.

This post explains it better than I can.

Some folks have stated that Claire Temple and Colleen Wing’s character arcs were overshadowed by their roles of “helping the White man on his journey.” That is another criticism that needs to be explored (especially because these criticisms were made by women of color). I personally thought Colleen and Claire were strong characters, but I did notice Colleen’s independence and fierceness seemed to diminish after she was made the love interest. And Claire’s character may have been pushed to the side in ways I can’t see, because again, I’m white.

So if you want to say Iron Fist is “racist” in that most White-led TV shows today lack diversity and fully developed characters of color, you can definitely make that argument because it’s certainly a pervasive problem in today’s media. But I think the statement can and should be explored with more detail, rather than a blanket statement. And to dismiss the show as being completely unwatchable because of it isn’t entirely fair or warranted. But I’m white, so I don’t get to decide what is and isn’t racist in media.

After the bullshit that was casting Scarlett Johansson as Major in Ghost in the Shell, I can see why people are tired of white folks being cast in Asian roles. It’s a problem, and it’s been a problem for decades. And I admit, seeing a white person cast as Danny Rand was a disappointment to me too at first. But considering how much of a dumbass Danny is for most of the show, I’ve come to the realization that it’s probably best he was cast as a white guy. (As @aquahogcodes said in their post here, Asians deserve better characterization.)

Of course, that begs the question, is bad representation worse than no representation at all? I don’t know, and I’m definitely not the person equipped to tackle that question.

I think dismissing the show as racist also hurts the actors involved. Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple’s actor) is an outspoken activist in her personal life, and she’s one of the few celebrities I look to as a role model. Madame Gao is just fucking awesome, and how often do you see an older woman of color in a mainstream show? And Colleen Wing. Her fight scenes would actually get my blood pumping, and I enjoyed them much more than Danny’s. I loved all three of them so much, and can’t wait to see them in Defenders.

In conclusion, I think Iron Fist gets way more hate than it deserves despite it having some legitimate issues and problems. And despite elements of the show being problematic, it doesn’t make you a bad person for watching it. I love Iron Fist. But I can enjoy it while also acknowledging it’s not perfect and it has a lot of problems that I can hope will be addressed in future seasons.

I hope that answered your question, anon!

“You’re worth it, you’re perfect”
You were having a pretty rough month, and Joonie couldn’t stand seeing you so upset. You told him not to fuss over it, knocking it off as just a bad day (although you knew it’s been more constant than one measely day). Yet your heart skipped a few beats as Joonie showed you a pair of tickets to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

“I love you,” he pecked you on the forehead, “you mean so much to me. We’ll get through this together,”

-for @kimdaily

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I don't have enough followers so nobody will see this if I post it but watch out for art by aku-usagi because they whitewash Lance very badly. Allura and Hunk are LEFT OUT of group pictures and when they aren't they get whitewashed too. Red flags everywhere.

heads up guys! i keep seeing them in my radar and i know a lot of folks reblog their art because it’s nice, but anon’s right. lance, hunk, and allura are so much lighter compared to their canon skin tones. i’ve sent them a private message about the issue already, and a lot of people have been commenting on their art about the blatant whitewashing but so far there’s zero response.

Chapter Two: Marcus.

Jamie sends Claire thru the circle of standing stones atop Craigh na Dun.
The Catch? Jamie somehow manages to go with her.
The Double Catch? They’ve gone backwards instead of forwards into time.

You can find Chapter One here.

Jamie and I crouched low amid the underbrush at the base of Craigh na Dun. A cold wind swept thru the valley, the scent of coming rain heavy in its wake. I pulled the woolen arisaid tighter around my shoulders as I peered thru the leaves into the gathering darkness.

Recently thatched and boasting a brilliant coat of whitewash, the croft ahead of us barely resembled the abandoned structure we had spent the previous night in. A puff of welcoming smoke drifted out of its chimney and beckoned us forward. I, however, had vivid memories of my first encounter with the people of the past and had no wish to repeat the ordeal. Jamie seemed to be erring on the side of caution as well.

But, before we could make any sort of plan, the door suddenly opened and a weather-worn old man stepped out of the dim interior. He shuffled towards us, leaning on a large walking stick for support.

I gripped Jamie’s arm tightly. Would he be friend or foe?

“Ye can come oot o’ the bushes, lad,” a feeble voice spoke. “I can see ye both clear as day.”

Jamie rose slowly, ready for whatever challenge the man would lay at his feet. I followed suit once he had settled into position in front of me. Peeking around Jamie, I could see the man’s gap toothed smile.

He was ancient by modern standards, who knew how old he actually was. His hair was white as snow and fastened back in a long plait. His kilt was of a pattern I didn’t recognize, a matching plaid draped over his hunched shoulders. The boots on his feet were worn and roughly hewn.

“Ye havena reason to fear me,” he chuckled. A corner of my mouth tugged upwards as I envisioned the old man using that stick of his to ward us off. “I ken aboot the stones.”

The hint of a smile was gone in an instant at the mention of the standing stones.

He knows about the stones? What did that mean?

They were hardly a secret, visible here at the base of the hill.

Jamie reached a hand behind him and took hold of mine. I squeezed it, telling him I’d follow any plan he went with. He cleared his throat, my own felt as though I had swallowed a rock.

“Ye say ye ken the stones. Have ye gone thru them yerself?”

“Nae me, lad, but I ken the look of someone who has. My name is Marcus…” he trailed off, raising a brow in question.

“James,” my husband answered simply as he guided me to stand along side him, “and Claire.”

I copied the older man’s nod of deference and was rewarded with another grin.

“Aye, an’ a bonnie wife she is too, Jamie lad,” Marcus tittered as he gestured for us to follow him into the croft. “Ye’ll be hungry as the coos, nae doubt, an’ soaked clear thru. Come in, come in. Warm yerselves by the hearth. An’ tend that wound, aye?”

I took a deep breath and let it out again. Was this too good to be true? Could it be some sort of trap?

Jamie’s voice dropped low as we made our way across the clearing towards the croft.

“Dinna speak unless ye have to, Sassenach, at least until we have a plan.”

Oh, right, because he may think I’m an English spy. Here we go again.

I rolled my eyes, but squeezed his hand again in response. He gave me that slow, owl blink that passed for a wink with him and grinned. He knew exactly what I thought of the idea, preposterous and rude is what, but he also knew I trusted his instincts. Even if I wasn’t sure I liked his methods.

Despite his uneven and visibly painful gait, Marcus was deceptively spritely. He remained several paces ahead of us across the open clearing and didn’t stop talking the whole way. His voice, unfortunately, didn’t always keep up with his enthusiasm and I couldn’t make out half of what he said.

“…welcome… long as ye like… village … oddity… auld coot off on his own… fine company,” he broke off with a cackle.

Once inside, he set to work with a clatter of bowls and spoons. He all but shoved the both of us onto a three-legged stools near the fire. I reached over to take a better look at his leg, moving the wool cloth away from his burned flesh.

Jamie tried to downplay his injury, taking my hands away from the burn and holding them tightly in his. “‘Tis nothing, Claire.”

While he was right, the burn wasn’t overly serious, I still wanted to dress it before it had the chance to get infected. I gave him a look, knowing he’d get the message.

“I ken ye must be newlyweds.” Marcus beamed, not turning his gaze away from the steaming cauldron of stew. “Let her dote on ye, Jamie lad, makes a wife feel useful. ‘Tis what they’re for, aye? Tha’ an’ the bairns.”

He was doing his level best to keep a straight face, but the grin was winning. I poked Jamie in the ribs as he replied affirmatively.

Arching an eyebrow, he apparently felt the need to remind me to remain silent.

Heaven knows why, as I’ve always been the meek and obedient type. I reminded him with a swift kick to the shins.

Jamie winced and his grin widened.

“How long have ye been marrit? It canna be more than a year, I warrant, yer both naught but bairns yerself.”

Jamie’s thumb caressed my silver ring, turning around on my finger. His eyes were warm as he spoke. “It will be three come June.”

Three years. How could our wedding day have been three years ago already?

That familiar sinking feeling in my stomach returned as I corrected myself: our wedding hadn’t been three years ago, it would be hundreds of years from now. All people I had known, the people I had grown to love and care for were, for all intents and purposes, dead. And Jamie. His family, his whole life was now forever lost to him.

Quickly realizing that the feeling had more than one cause, I dashed towards the door, barely making it outside in time. Jamie was right on my heels and almost crashed into me as I heaved into the bush beside the door.

Bidh e thairis a dh'aithghearr, mo nighean donn,” he soothed as he held back my hair, gently rubbing my back.”

“What?” I asked as I straightened up, having no idea what he just said.

He wiped my face with the edge of his sark, then gathered me into his arms. “I said it will be over soon.”

I groaned into his chest. “No, it won’t. Not for months.”

“Aye, well, maybe ye won’t be as sick with this bairn,” he tried.

“One can only hope,” I muttered.

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I've noticed a trend of whenever people say something kind of unreasonable to you, you take it seriously and you're very passive and easily say "okay" to it and I get it if it's you're personality and you're young and all but I hope, like, really really hope that one day you'll think of what's good and bad for yourself and base it off of your own beliefs and stand for them rather than let other people say things that might be unreasonable and you agree. (1/4)

(2/4) because I read when people were telling you that because you practiced a different style then you should be ashamed and that was utterly ridiculous but you still kind of lowered yourself to that other person’s bad standard. And then someone said that you should reflect on if someone that’s anti-white washing is after you then think about why and you lowered yourself to the thought again and agreed to reflect even though you didn’t whitewash the characters.

(¾) and it IS important to consider why other people feel the way that they feel but some people are irrational and have bad opinions (especially on this site people can be very rude, over the top, radical and unfair) and I feel like you take them to heart equally and I feel like you might hold yourself back to much by doing that. Of course even my opinion about all of this is just an opinion so don’t even take mine in so deeply.  

(4/4) but I just wanted to say this because you’re a very young and bright artist and even if you’re not going to pursue art, you’re truthfully very talented for your age and have been/will be a very quality part of the community for as long as you choose to stay. And I just don’t want anyone to discourage your young heart from trying new things or drawing however you please. You seem kind of fragile about your art but it’s so lovely and I wish for you to take pride in it.

Hi anon, firstly, thank you so much for writing this sweet message 😄💖💕 I read it several times because this really was nice of you to write

Tumblr is incredibly opinionated and I personally think that trying to fight back will just turn ugly, so I stay passive to end the argument quickly and save my breath. Deep inside, I know I didn’t do much wrong but agree anyway coz  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have no energy to deal with on-going arguments online so I prefer to go “okay!” and bam it’s done, although I know others will disagree with this mindset 

Thank you again!!

I haven’t even met the guy yet but I’m seeing a lot of gross things surrounding Reyes Vidal and his characterisation from fandom.

Whitewashing, gross and racist Latin lover tropes, Gross promiscuous bisexual tropes, propping up his character using character hate of a female POC character (Sloane Kelly who I have also yet to meet) and the inevitable woobifying (which I hear both he and Sloane are sort of morally grey characters)

AHHH Bioware fandom, do not make me hate this character before I even meet him.

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The fact that that artist is a poc reminded of the time I seen this artist also a poc, but not black, dismiss critics of whitewashing dark skinned characters by going "yeah I a nonwhite would so go out of my way to give characters white features". It's either white artist or light skinned artist who are poc pulling this annoying shit and it's frustrating

right lol its evil

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Look, I really don't have a horse in this race you've all got going on here. I was linked to your tumblr from the comments section of an article about something. Anyway, I just gotta say that I find some of the views expressed here to be a bit hateful and malevolent just for the sake of being angry. Like I get that Iron Fist wasn't good, but boycott it? Really? Pointing people in the direction of torrenting or otherwise stealing the show from Netflix is pretty shitty. 1/2

Plus, it’s not as if you can really call what they did whitewashing. Danny Rand has been white since his creation. Sure, an Asian actor probably would have been better, all things considered, I just don’t see any reason to make such a big deal out of a show that is in 4th place on a list of 4 shows. (2/2)

I just love it when people say us being angry and fighting against the continued use of racist tropes is us just being angry for the sake of being angry. Just because your moral compass allows you to ignore racism and allow it to continue doesn’t mean ours does so yes we are going to tell people to boycott it and give it bad ratings and be vocal about why so Marvel can quit doing this racist shit. That’s the real shitty thing. Marvel’s continued use of racist tropes and whitewashing is the real shitty thing here.

You’ve got such a limited understanding of what whitewashing is, but I’m not surprised most people like you do:

Seriously, it surprises me that people still don’t get that “whitewashing” doesn’t just mean “taking a character of color and turning them white,” but also applies to “focusing disproportionately on the stories of white people,” “glossing over or altering parts of a story to make it more palatable or make white people look better,” and “treating ‘white’ as the default race”

credited to @raptorific

Finally even *if* DR wasn’t an example of whitewashing you’ve still got the racist Mighty White Trope and Orientalism so like it’s still bad and it’s still racist.

You do get when this started Iron Fist hadn’t come out yet right? ALSO even now we aren’t letting this go. It is not okay to support racist shows and we’re gonna make sure everyone gets that through their head so the next time Marvel decides to do something like this there’s such a wave of immediate backlash that Marvel thinks better and doesn’t.

mod v

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Can't we all just be friends (impossible I know)? Has it gotten to the point we're people have to apologize when they've done nothing wrong, and the one at fault isn't realizing there mistakes?

nah the whitewashing ppl have at least apologized/taken down their bad shit my beef now is with the nasty people who were DEFENDING their gross actions

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Excuse me, I was um, I dont want to come off as rude but, considering how Lance has been said to be cannonly Cuban, and McClain is a Scottish last name, Scottish last names aren't generally in Cuban culture and such, its a bit offensive to add McClain on as his last name, there's a blog that has details on as to why that is and can a explain it better, again I'm sorry if I seem rude or anything, but the blatant whitewashing last name of McClain on Lance is bothering me. Again sorry if I seemrude

Wait wait wait wait

Its not his official last name ?!?!?