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She’s the only person I’ve seen talking about the cultural appropriation/whitewashing in Horizon Zero Dawn. I already had bad vibes about this game but this confirmed all of my hunches about it being trash. 

As much as you guys want to spite pissbaby white boys who are crying over a female protagonist, consider this side of the coin as well.

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The music industry has really tried to whitewash black legends (in reference to the Michael and Whitney anon). From 97' - 04' there was an influx of white people doing black music as the replacements. Justin timerblake = White MJ. Christina.A = White Whitney or Mariah Britney Spears = White Janet Eminem was apart of the influx of whitewashing too.



I promised I’d do this at the start of the year, but it’s February already…oh well. Here it is, a compilation of most of my manga colorings from 2016! I was planning to do one for each month but I realized sometimes I’d do several per month, whilst I didn’t do any for 3 months. These are all raw/unedited, so they look slightly different from the final posts that they’ve appeared on.

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lol can yall stop whitewashing park jimin, an actual angel? his normal skin is so much more fucking beautiful than whitewashed edits. thanks x

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When the director of The Ghost in the Shell calls Scarlett Johansson “the best of her generation” what he actually means is she’s the most popular.

Only white actresses were considered for The Ancient One.

A Chinese actor with 15 years of martial arts experience auditioned for Iron First and was told he had to be the villain to a white hero.

An Indigenous actress was told to her face that she couldn’t audition for Tiger Lily because they didn’t want the character to be Native anymore.

So until Hollywood stops discriminating at casting calls and allows people of color their fair shot in this business I don’t want to see anymore white people being held up as the best in the business in defense of whitewashing.

If Marvel Studios can take the time to painstakingly find an unknown actor like Tom Holland to portray their very specific version of Peter Parker than they could afford to find a Jewish/Roma actress for Scarlet Witch and Asian actors for Dr. Strange and Iron Fist.