Hollywood's Ghost In The Shell Cast Photos Apparently Leaked
We’ve already gotten glimpses of Scarlett Johansson as The Major and Pilou Asbæk as Batou. If these leaked photos are to be believed, here is our first look at the other members of Public Security Section 9.
By Brian Ashcraft

Long time without a post, but this came up at Kotaku and just…ugh. Setting aside the whitewashing just for a second here - because I think we’ve all said about as much on that as needs be said, it’s stupid, it’s bad, it shouldn’t happen - did they get anyone right? The comments setcion is full of people pointing out how they look nothing like their comic book counterparts, especially Togusa, who is about two decades too old, and Batou, who has somehow lost his signature artificial eyes.

All of this screams “we just didnt care,” so I think their claims that they are merely recontextualizing the story and it’s not really whitewashing have been completely debunked at this point. This movie is being created by people who don’t care about the manga or its fans, in Japan and out. They’re not getting my money, I hope this film bombs.

Whitewashing question from asian cosplayer!!

Hi!! I’m cosplayer from Korea :)
Recently, I have concern about whitewashing of asian, I mean, Asian cosplayers doing brown-skined character without painting themselves.
Because now I started to worry about my next plan.
I am supposed to do Ana from Overwatch end of the year, with my team. I was always aware of the brownface & blackface, so I told my team that I’m cosplaying Ana without brown skin painting.
And me and my friend prevented one of our member from cosplaying Lucio because he’s apparently black.
But the biggest concern is: is east asian Ana and Symmetra okay, or is it also sort of whitewashing…:(
Thank you for reading.
P.S. Sorry for bad English

SW: Hello! this wouldn’t be an instance of whitewashing; it would actually be black face, which is a racist act - something that you don’t want to do. 

It’s fine if you want to cosplay a brown-skinned character, but please do not change your skintone! it’s unnecessary. you can still dress up like them and still make it clear that you’re cosplaying that character. 

Have fun but please do not perform blackface 

anonymous asked:

Forget the darkest in the game, Duncan is one of the darkest characters in the entire DA franchise. But he's "white" somehow because ??? Should I expect the "Vivienne is white" anons next, or is the fandom only interested in whitewashing their faves?

…You mean you haven’t seen this legendary bullshit?

Why aren’t more people mad about Artemis???? Like, Arrow keeps taking all these amazing female characters and ruining them. ARTEMIS IS HALF VIETNAMESE!!! She isn’t some stupid white girl who nobody cares about. And this isn’t even the first time, White Canary is supposed to be an Asian villain, I get that people were ok with it because Sara is an awesome character. But she is original to the show, why didn’t they give her an original superhero name?

anonymous asked:

is it me or did final fantasy xv undergo a major white washing session and now every character except for like lol noctis,, is fucking white/has european features??? even noctis in the recent footage looks different. not to mention none of the english voice actors are asian, theyre all white dudes lmao bye

[A lot of this is based on fragmented information I’ve picked up on in other convos, so feel free to correct if you know otherwise.]

I’ve seen some chatter about this, actually. Particularly on NeoGaf and Game FAQs. The primary argument is what your expressing. Several characters in the earlier stages of XV’s development (as Verses XIII) that appeared less “white” and “White European” (as it were) and fit the mold of what we’ve seen in other Final Fantasy games. (Shorthand: Final Fantasy XIII, given its origins as a XIII game): Stylized anime characters rendered in 3D by various engines.

My problem with those arguments, is that they feel like they fall back on the “doesn’t look Japanese” stance. And when people say that, and their not talking about white actors portraying Japanese characters in live action media, I’ve always taken that to mean that the characters don’t look like what they consider to be Japanese.

Their knowledge base is stereotypes of just one particular group that isn’t representative of everyone who resides in Japan or North America’s Japanese-American community. (A similar type issue occurred in the Overwatch community with Hanzo back in May.)

From what I’ve seen, the whitewashing discussion has been centered around the characters in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The argument I keep seeing mentioned is that the production seemingly re-modeled pre-established characters from early on in XV’s development (and I think the only characters from XV that appear in the movie are Prompto, New!Stella (Luna), Gladiolus and Regis???) to look closer to some of their motion capture performers, and/or their voice actors, some of who are white. One of the two, I can’t recollect which, however.

Luna Nox Fleuret is basically a redesign/replacement of Stella Nox Fleuret. The former’s design leans distinctively toward a your average white supermodel (because of her actor) while the latter looks more like a revisit of Parasite Eve’s Aya Brea circa Third Birthday. Even Regis, like everyone else in that poster, looks (and probably is) white, but their intention was likely to just have them reflect their anime-esque designs and it didn’t pan out that way.

The usual counter argument I’ve heard is that Japanese/Asian actors (be they explicitly residents of Japan or North America) typically aren’t always what people perceive as “Asian”, largely on account of their being biracial (Jeannie Bolet, Sandrine HoltKeanu Reeves, Kristin Kreuk, Olivia Munn, Olivia Lufkin) and they’re often assumed white until they make a reference to their heritage in some way (and what usually follows is a decline in [fandom] popularity or a strange fetisihization of their looks).

But, as far as Kingsglaive is concerned, with the exception of maybe, Sonitus Bellum and Pelna Khara, the majority of its named and major characters appear to be white from their conception, and/or modeled after white actors (at least, if my information isn’t wrong).

They lit. have some Colin Morgan looking dude in their cast and another Ben Affleck-type guy. This wouldn’t be the first Final Fantasy game or movie with white characters in it in some capacity. Final Fantasy XII exists, and so does The Spirits WithinKingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV might be like a retread of 2001′s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, so far as its cast of characters are concerned (its closer to traditional FF “[medieval] fantasy” than TSW’s sci-fi in aesthetic terms). 

The exception being that there is no Aki Ross, Japanese-American with Irish ancestry (IIRC), as your lead. I think the only real characters that you could argue have been whitewashed is Luna, formerly Stella, and Regis. Outside of that, there are just a lot of white characters in that movie.

That said, as far as the central cast of Final Fantasy XV is concerned (Notics, Prompto, Gladiolus, Ignis), I’m honestly inclined to disagree about the characters being whitewashed, even when a promo image like this (no idea how old it is in terms of dev time) makes me want to reconsider that stance. They still look like everyone’s favorite descriptor, “A Japanese Boyband”. I don’t think much has changed about them outside of the tech that renders their models.

Noctis and co. character designs have changed somewhat from when the game was originally announced back in 2006 (ten years ago????) with Final Fantasy XIII (but then that whole “franchise” fell off the rails and never was what it wanted to be).

I feel like the only thing that’s changed radically about the characters is that their character designs err more to the side of photo-realism, maybe more in the vein of uncanny realizations of Tetsuya Nomura’s anime character concepts like unlike the very animated Kingdom Hearts or even the other animated efforts of the past like XIII, XII, XI, X, IX, VIII and VII.

With concern to the voice actors, yeah, the English cast is majority white. That’s disappointing and there aren’t any Asian actors beyond one that I know of in the major cast. That person being Toodd Haberkorn (a member of Funimation Studios), who voices Luche Lazarus (pictured above) in Kingsglaive. The other exception to the rule is Robbie Daymon (who is Native American according to Anime News Network), who voices Prompto in XV.

Beyond that, the voice direction for the game (a run-of-the-mill Funimation dub without a strong director, or script) is pretty groan worthy. It doesn’t mesh with the characters at all from what we’ve been allowed to hear thus far and feels like a pretty half-hearted attempt.

If anyone else is interested in discussing this, feel free to jump in.

Stonewall, an upcoming movie on the Stonewall Riots in New York, doesn’t have a single PoC as the lead.

I repeat… Stonewall, an upcoming movie on the Stonewall Riots in New York- a stance against police brutality, WHICH WAS LEAD BY TRANS WOMEN OF COLOUR- doesn’t have a single PoC as the lead.

Not to mention that Marsha P Johnson, THE trans woman who started it all, is a minor character who is being played by a cis man.

First the depoliticization of Pride, then the erasure of trans people, and now the white washing of queer history…amazing.