The MotoMachina 1961 Lincoln Continental. I had the car up on a rack the other day and noticed how bad the tire treads have gotten. Back in 2007 or so, I made the decision to run Coker BF Goodrich Bias Ply 950-14 with a 2.5" White wall. They didn’t make radials that looked decent at the time and in that sizing. I needed a 235/75/14. 

After doing the research and seeing a few cars, I decided to try the radials. They handle better, brake better, are safer, and don’t roll in turns. Overall they improved the driving characteristics of the car by about 80%. Easily one of the best modifications to any car I’ve owned in years. I am very happy with the looks and it actually sits lower than with the bias plys. It lays frame!

I am so lucky to be the caretaker of this wonderful Continental. It has been in my family my entire life and my father purchased it for $1100. I took over ownership 15 years ago. Tons of money, sweat, tears and blood later it sits how you see it today.

It makes me smile every time I drive it, it is a very friendly car.