“One has a moral responsibility to #disobey unjust laws.”

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“Watchu need from da bar tonight?,” he asked, slidin’ a hand over da top of da bar. Sabin got ‘imself a job in a place he fuckin’ loved, a bar dat sold only 'is type of drink. It was a job ta bring in a bit more more money leavin’ and findin’ another.

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If you came in my room we would….

[XXX] I would wonder if you have ruined the house and have need of another.

[] have a pillow fight

[] sleep


[] How the….get away from my form!

I would kiss you on…

[] neck

[x] cheek For you are blood kin to my companion.

[] lips

[x] forehead

I would let you sleep on…

[] My bed

[x] floor

[] bathroom

[] Lemme show you to the door.

I rate you….

[] 1-4

[] 5-7

[x] 8-10

[] Beyond Perfect

I would ______ you…

[] Fornicate

[x] Embrace

[] Kiss

[] Date

The fact that the Charleston shooting got such little media attention is sickening. If this were a white church the whole nation would be in a state of high alert. This is white terrorism! Not only did they escort the shooter/terrorist WITHOUT handcuffs, but they gave him a bulletproof vest. Why protect that motherfucker? Whatever news coverage this did receive was like “oh he was a good kid. We are all shocked.” Of course because he’s white they’re going to say he was troubled and that this is a mental issue. This is no doubt pure racism. This has been going on too long! America will let a bunch of white folk FULLY armed protest a mosque peacefully and then slam some black UNARMED kids down at a pool party and point guns at them. I could go on and on about all the recent acts of terror we have been having. If you’re not talking about white terror and its destructive history in America, YOU are part of the problem.

White Terror

Can you imagine if the terrorist occupation in Oregon wasn’t a bunch of white dudes calling themselves a ‘militia’? The National Guard would be bulldozing them by now. Can you imagine if they were muslim? Can you imagine virtually anyone else being able to forcefully occupy a federal building?

And to be very, very clear, a message to American media: a bunch of men waving guns around, spewing inflammatory rhetoric about “willing to kill or be killed”, and holding a mini coups on a US government building is terrorism, not protesting.

A quote we liked from the recent lecture on #science during the #frenchrevolution.
The lecture by Steve Jones is now available on the #greshamcollege website.
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@Regrann from @i_am_oc3 - Don’t let them mind fuck u. They know how to silence the slaves. #knowingishalfthebattle #blacklivesmatter #whiteterrorism #whoaretherealdevils #Regrann #Blacklove♥#ILoveblackpeople#blackisbeautiful#theblackwomanisgod#blackkings#blacklove#theblackfamily#melanin#blackunity#knowledgeofself#unapologeticAfrican#TheBlackManisGod#iloveblackmen#blackmanisking#naturalhair#naturalbeauty#theblackmanisawarrior#ase #theblackwomanispersonification#Jamaica#Caribbean#worldwide#proudtobeAfrican#ase#blackunity by queenbeautifullll

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DoJ Cracks Down on #Ferguson Cops — Police Must Record Everything, No More Policing for Revenue.
Ferguson, MO — As a result of the fallout from Officer Darren Wilson’s killing of unarmed teen Mike Brown in August 2014, the Ferguson Police Department, in coordination with the U.S. Dept. of Justice, rolled out a proposed set of sweeping changes to its policing practices and policies on Wednesday.

Included in the 131-page proposal, all law enforcement must record their action using body cams, officers are prohibited from targeting residents for the sole purpose of revenue generation, and any use of force will now be held to strict guidelines. According to a statement from Principal Deputy Asst. Attorney General Vanita Gupta, the agreement was released to allow for public comment before the city votes whether to accept it on February 9.

While the need for such changes is inarguable, it’s unfortunate such an agreement — which reads like a course in remedial policing — had to be created in the first place. It’s equally unfortunate how many other departments around the country, and the civilians they police, would benefit from such a revamping of guidelines, but who won’t have the opportunity — barring another tragedy’s appearance in national headlines.

A number of new dictates surround the department’s use of force policy, which now includes de-escalation training and requirements, among other stipulations. According to the proposal, officers are prohibited from:

Using force on “restrained individuals”; except to prevent imminent threat of injury to any person, to prevent escape or “significant” property destruction, or if after other means were employed unsuccessfully, an individual is unable to be extracted from a police vehicle — and only if the officer receives permission from their supervisor for the use of force
Using neck holds, “a form of lethal force”
Using force “only because another officer is using force, or against persons who only verbally confront them”
Using “retaliatory force, including force used after a threat has

Horrifying, Enraging & Bizzare as it gets are all initial impressions viewing this photo taken in 1900. The two elderly victims are both 107 years old - Enslaved since BIRTH- a lifelong existance denied basic freedom or humanity. This photo depicts white devil terrorists clasping their hands forcing them to listen to Klan pronouncements on the radio at Christmastime no less..how fukin sick n scarey is that Santa mask?💩 The faces of these Victims appear to be resigned, fear filled and spiritless. Truly reprehensible, soul stirring, and heart breaking to catch a glimpse of the lifetime of hell our Forefathers and Foremothers endured in amerikkka #blackhistory #blacklife #amerikkka #blacklife #blackinamerikkka #blackvoices #blackpride #blackman #blackwoman #blacktwitter #blackpeople #whitepeople #whitesbelike #whitepeoplebelike #domesticterrorism #devilsamongus #americanhistory #murica #teamblack #blackpower #evilasfuck #whiteterrorism #allamerican
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