❑:// "This is almost annoying, mumbled Noiz as he sat in the center of his room. The only lights around him were that of the many screens of both hard-lined computers and portable, the soft glow from the coding passing quickly in front of him illuminating an almost expressionless face. Almost in the fact that a single blonde eyebrow was furrowed just slightly in his growing irritation. 

"It's only a minor error! I told you it isn't even affecting me!"

         High pitched and more than making up for Noiz’s lack of expression, his allmate bounced around trying to get its programmers attention. It was a wasted effort though, as the boy was lost in letters and numbers spelling out a map of the AI block.

         "Why can’t I find it? A frustrated grunt leaves him and he sits back, resting his weight on his palms behind him. Shoulders lift in a light shrug and he stretches his back before readying himself to go back in, but before he can sit up, the coil on his wrist sounds out a tune to notify him  of an incoming email.

"It's a client! Should I forward the information?"

         Noiz only nods to this and goes back to his screens, blindly grabbing at the pizza box beside him to stuff a piece in his mouth.

To: rhyme2win
Subject: Utime

Usui is predicted to appear between 14:00 and 16:00 tomorrow afternoon in the Southern District near UpBeatz Clothing. Thank you for your continued business and good luck! 

babysitter? Seriously? What did Koujaku
take him for, a child? It sure seemed like it,
every begrudging step closer to Aoba’s home
grew heavier and more reluctant, trailing behind
Koujaku a great amount. It may have something
to do with the black eye Beni received in a fight
just around five days ago that Koujaku was
reluctant to trust him on his own. He didn’t
see what the big deal was, though. The swelling
already was down and all that was left was a
purpling bruise around his eye. 

Soon, the house came into view, and Koujaku 
lifted a hand to knock. Once the door was answered,
Koujaku stepped away to make room for Beni. 
      >> “…Yo.”

A quick ‘make sure he stays out of trouble’, and 
Koujaku was off to work. Beni looked up from the
ground, hands tucked away in his pockets.

      >> “…Hey, Sei."