whites do the most

top 5 most iconic things that whites with anxiety do

5. make it about their individual mental illness when people of colour mention white anxiety surrounding issues of race as a fundamental aspect of white psychology, as if we’re talking about individual pathologies (which they assume to be innate) rather than how the structures of whiteness work as a whole

4. “yes this makes me so anxious bc I worry that I do this” handwringing whenever people of colour try to express how racist behaviour harms them, again making it about themselves and acting like mental illness has anything to do with it

3. assume that all people of colour (especially those who are talking about racism at the moment) are neurotypical, ignoring the potential of people of colour to be complex human beings as well as the adverse effects of white supremacy on our mental health

2. “i dinfd’t mean to be racisits and nwo eveyrons’s mad at me adn i’m so anxoisu [insert threat of self-harm]”

1. “I have anxiety so I have the right to be afraid of brown and Black people and if you tell me otherwise then you’re ableist”

white celebrities are out there doing the most vulgar, rude and gross shit without getting backlash, but when John Boyega posts a video of him dancing at a carnival, suddenly it’s unacceptable. but whatever, people would criticize him for breathing if they could. and btw, he’s not his character. what’s the point of bringing up star wars characters to criticize a video of him having fun.

one of my favorite things about malec is that they’re an adult, interracial lgbt couple. i know for many people in the lgbt community, coming out and coming into themselves didn’t happen until adulthood, especially poc. this includes me.

it means so much to me to see magnus, a man of color, and his recently-out boyfriend alec, living openly while cultivating their careers, managing familial relationships and making a home together. 


Sormik week day 6! Woohoo! I’m back.
No baby Sormiks this time, but have all the more fluff. This one is for @amarietie/ @tmariea for Storms in Our Blood. Today’s theme is “Lastonbell—Promises/Acceptance”, and although this scene indeed takes place in Elysia and has nothing to do with the Lastonbell promise, I figured the prompt was as good as any to do a marriage proposal.
I… I went over the top with the cheesiness, didn’t I? *hides*
The layers have fancy names to distract from the ridiculous romance going on here. Like “background panels”, background background”, “fucking rain”, “fucking lightning”, “rainy bits” and “rainy muchs”.

Anyway, I’m sorry this is so rushed, but I hope it gets the idea across just fine! I really really hope you like it, Mari! :,)
This is my little thanks for your kind words and deeds for me, and for your Earth Armatus Rose occasionally saving my ass in ToLink, hoho. HAPPY SEVERAL MONTHS LATE BIRTHDAY OR SOMETHING

For everyone else: go read the story, it includes more artistic use of seraphic artes, and more kisses in the rain, if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what to tell you


Okay seriously…how fucking gorgeous are Olara and Varl? X_X

Little Deuce Coupe

I have driving headcanons.

-Yuuri is an incredibly conscientious and also frustrated driver. That twenty minutes of traffic? He could’ve done attempts #3027-#3030 of his quadruple salchow in that time. Why is the man in the car next to him looking directly at Yuuri and honking his horn while winking? Why is the woman in the car to his right applying makeup and occasionally fluttering her eyelashes at him? Yuuri will never know. Americans are strange. Cars are far more enjoyable, he thinks, when you’re in the backseat of one with your fiance.

-When he gets the chance to drive, Guang-Hong likes to reenact The Fast and the Furious, to the horror of his coach– he has a whole soundtrack to go along with it, thanks to a certain American. Leo’s tinkered with the speaker system in his refurbished, classic car until the bassline can vibrate the entire metal frame.

-Viktor is a fairly laid back driver, who whips around corners with a delighted smile and never obeys the speed limit, at least when he’s in Russia. Living Legends don’t get tickets. But when he has road rage– oh, Viktor has road rage. A month or two before their wedding they take a road trip (Viktor’s going to be in a small space!!! With Yuuri!!! For several hours straight!!!) and a red sportscar cuts Viktor off, weaving dangerously close to Yuuri’s door, before flipping both of them off. “Take a picture of their license plate,” Viktor says calmly, and steps on the gas. Twenty minutes and several wrong turns later, they are not at their destination. They are in a mall parking lot. “Do you know,” Viktor hums cheerfully, “how a man like that is going to park?” The red sportscar sits at the far edge, across two spaces that aren’t supposed to be spaces. Viktor legally parks opposite him, and boxes the red car in. For evidence, he takes five pictures on his phone, writes a note he won’t let Yuuri read before dropping it on the windshield. “Do you want to see a movie? Oh, this one is only three and a half hours long. You get the tickets while I make a phone call?” After making out for 3.5 hours like two teenagers on a first date, they come back to the red sportscar being towed. “Oops,” says Viktor. Yuuri wishes he was surprised.

-Yurio hates driving. Like hell is he going to trust a bunch of strangers in metal death machines. A system that gives Viktor Nikiforov a license is not a system Yuri believes in. “Get on my motorcycle,” says Otabek, and despite himself Yuri does. When they rev up to 45mph (the Kazakh obeys road laws), Yurio could be flying. “This is awesome!” He yells in Otabek’s ear, but it’s lost to the wind.

-Phichit drives an red Volkswagon Beetle, which he has nicknamed Tata. Every time he has a passenger, he forces them to play Carpool Karaoke or his own version of Cash Cab. “Oh no,” Phichit chirps when he sees the congested highway. Yuuri sighs. The car is at a standstill, which means it’s perfectly safe for Phichit to check his phone. “I hate traffic!” He says, or more accurately, tweets. Phichit, Yuuri thinks, is the sole person that enjoys traffic. 

TRC ask game
  • Gansey: Do you have a fav historical figure?
  • Blue: Favorite constellation?
  • Ronan: Favorite animal?
  • Adam: Your proudest achievement to date?
  • Noah: Do you believe in ghosts?
  • Henry: Do you prefer writing, speaking, or some other form of communication?
  • Orla: Do you paint your nails? What's your fav color?
  • Declan Lynch: What's your dream job?
  • Aurora Lynch: What do you look for in a romantic partner?
  • Niall Lynch: Do you have any recurring dreams?
  • Ashley: Do you have knowledge about any topics people wouldn't expect you to?
  • Neeve: Would you ever want to be famous?
  • Matthew Lynch: What's your favorite season?
  • Helen Gansey: Do you have any siblings?
  • Aglionby Academy: What's your favorite subject in school?
  • Mountain View: What's your attitude toward school?
  • Nino's Pizza: What's your fav pizza order?
  • Litchfield House: Do you prefer having lots of friends or only a small few?
  • 300 Fox Way: What's the most magical place you've ever been?
  • Monmouth Manufacturing: Is your room messy or neat? Do you make your bed regularly?
  • Cabeswater: What's your dream vacation destination?
  • Henrietta: Describe your hometown.
  • St. Agnes: When's the last time you saw your whole family?
  • The Barns: Describe a memory of yours from childhood.
  • The Grey Man: Describe your ideal date.
  • Maura Sargent: If you were lost somewhere, who would you want to find you?
  • Persephone Poldma: Have you had any important mentors or teachers?
  • Calla Johnson: What's your favorite thing to drink?
  • Mallory: Coffee or Tea?
  • Colin Greenmantle: What languages do you speak?
  • Piper Greenmantle: Chapstick, Lipstick, or Lipgloss?
  • Jesse Dittley: What's your favorite flower?
  • Whelk: What's your biggest regret?
  • Kavinsky: Are you easily distracted?
  • Opal Lynch: Describe your best friend.
  • The Pig: What's your dream car?
  • The BMW: Do you consider yourself a good driver?
  • White Mitsubishi: What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done?
  • The Hondayota: Do you have any goals you are working towards?
  • The Dream Pig: If you were going a road trip, what would be your top 3 must-see destinations?
  • Gwenllian: What's your fav song/album/artist to listen to right now?
  • Glendower: What time period in the past would you want to live in?
  • Chainsaw: Do you have any pets?
  • Boat shoes: What quirks do you have that make you unique?
11 Reasons You Should Binge Pitch This Summer, Even Though It's Been Cancelled
Pitch had a very short 10 episode run which makes it perfect for a quick binge plus it is excellent. It may have been prematurely canceled but it is the best show that came out of 2016. Here are 11 re
By Sabrina23

stop sleepin on Pitch

Spoiled Princess Cordelia - Toddler bed

Up for your toddlers is the Spoiled Princess Cordelia Toddler bed. It is perfect for every little prince or princess and comes in 57 colors!

Included colors/styles:

The original 10 EA colors
12 solid soft colors with white wood
15 swirl patterned recolors
20 Gothic print recolors

I will most likely do another recolor option later on with different patterns and colors. 

Download link:

This creation was made with Sims 4 Studio!

Zoe Kravitz is literally the world’s most uninteresting human, and whites do that thing were they force themselves to like her because they think black people worship her for being all afrocentric and quirky

  • white person: does something heinously hateful against minorities
  • white neurotypicals: [frantically fumbling through the DSM] quick, which mental illness can we group him under so we can avoid this responsibility and pin it against mentally ill people

A made up world to live in.
🌳: draw a character napping under a tree

@anxiousgod​ here is the gross weirdo! Unluckily for him something like napping under a real tree wouldn’t be possible ;P