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babydontcry-bemine QUESTIONS:

  1. What was your most unique date? HAHAHAH…seeing who could eat the most pizza and I ended up throwing up.
  2. Turn on’s? Sweaty, Asian men moaning Mama. And calf muscles…..I do track ok? If you have nice calf muscles, I will stalk you.
  3. What was the weirdest nickname you’ve ever been given? MaMa? (Cuz my last name is Ma…)
  4. Best vacation? Barcelona, Spain <3
  5. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do? Exo’s makeup artists, hair stylists, sweat wipers, belly shavers, anything.
  6. Genre of favorite music? I like kpop!
  7. Tumblr or Facebook? ;) TUMBLRRRRR
  8. What was the last song you just played? an epic BE MINE remix.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXRLH1QUQzo
  9. Any weird habits? I can’t sleep with a pillow or else my neck gets cramped.
  10. Do you like to try new things? Trying out anything with Nutella, like carrots or pepperoni.


gyubaby-wooby QUESTIONS: 
— First/ultimate bias? L Myungsooooo
— On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love him? 100
— Bias list? I CANNT arghh EVERYONE IN EXO
— Bias list ruiner(s)? EVERYONE IN EXO
— OTP? EVERYONE IN EXO you cannot have just ONE in EXO
— Cute or sexy/hot? cute?
— In bed or else where? If ‘else where’ please be specific. Does Exoplanet have beds?
— Do you like me? Of course I do <3
— How old are you? 16
— How long have you been in kpop? September 5th, 2011. 8:02 AM during XC morning practice.
— Who got you into kpop (either idol or RL person)? BFF Sawahhhh Byun <333

  1. Your first favorite band? Coldplay
  2. Nationality? Bangladesh
  3. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? PARIS
  4. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Not Interested? Both!
  5. Favorite Movie? This is harddd, uh Harry Potter, The blind side, Friends with benefits, and almost any disney movie haha
  6. Favorite Drama/TV Show? Pretty Little Liars
  7. The first Kpop song you heard? Blue?
  8. How has Kpop affected you? It didn’t…haha
  9. What EXO super power do you want? * Water!
  10. Do you like me? Yesshh
  11. Ambitions: Travel the world

*(argh. for my careless mindless heartless buddies that DONT know the EXO powers…smh…they are: KAI -Transportation, D.O. - Earth, BAEKHYUN - Light, SEHUN - Wind, CHANYEOL - Fire, SUHO - Water, LUHAN - Telekinesis, KRIS - Flight, XIU MIN - Frost, TAO - Time Control, CHEN - Lightning, LAY - Healing.)

Gone-in-the-wild ‘s questions :)

1. Current favorite song? I don’t know! Why would you ask such a question?? 

2. Favorite celebrity? Adam Young :)

3. Subject you hate the most? Math! Ugh I suck at it

4. Last person you texted? YOU silly

5. Favorite disney movie/character? Tangled- Eugene Fitzherbert <3

6. Fear of…? Thunderstorms :( I know it’s stupid but they really freak me out

7. Pet peeve? People asking me all the time why I’m so quiet

8. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on? Cats. :B And traveling the world

9. One thing you want to do before you die? Visit Ireland

10. Something you are looking forward to? SUMMER!

hanna-bananapancakes ’s questions:

1. Favorite fandom?

2. Favorite season?

3. Read any good books lately?

4. Nationality?

5. Funniest/ weirdest  dream you’ve had?

6. Biggest dream (no matter how crazy)?

7. Happiest memory?

8. Favorite SpongeBob character and why?

9. Favorite food?

10. Place you want do visit the most?

11. Favorite kind of weather?