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The Oldest Makeup Tips I Know

1. Use a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover ( or sometimes like, let’s be real, spit) to fix a cat eye 

2. Stick your pointer finger in your mouth and pull it out after you apply lipstick to get that shit all off your teeth

3. Stick your eyeliner pencil in a lighter for one brief millisecond and let it dry for a kohl eyeliner, major creamy effect

4. Don’t pump the mascara. It’ll get air in the tube and you’ll be throwing that out way sooner than you have to

5. If you don’t like a mascara at first, leave it alone for a couple of weeks. It’ll dry out in the tube a bit and then will become a little bit different.

6. The expiration date of any makeup is usually on the bottom of every tube. It looks like this and the number is how many months you can keep it around after date of open:

7. Smile when you apply blush, make a fishy face when you apply bronzer, and pray to the goddesses when you apply cat eyeliner

8. Speaking of which, cat eyeliner looks great on every human in the world and it takes patience and practice and will but it is worth. It.

9. If you put too much face makeup on, dilute that shit by wiping it off with a tissue.

10. The less time you have, the more likely you will smear mascara all over your face.

11. Match your foundation on your jawline and not your hand. If you’re at the drugstore, put the bottle right up to your face.

12. Red-orange lipstick makes your teeth look yellower, while classic blue-red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.

13. “You look better with less makeup” should be met with “Yeah, but I like it this way.”

14. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck.

15. Put a little matte powder on your nose and T-Zone to keep your skin looking oil-free.

16. If it’s a new product, for goodness sake, test it out before New Year’s Eve so you don’t have a gosh darn rash on your face.

17. If you get a pimple a day before an event, don’t pick it! A scab or dry skin is harder to cover up then a bump.

18. If you’re doing makeup for an event, take a photo of it beforehand to make sure nothing shows up odd or something.

19. Put perfume on your pressure points, and spray some in the air and walk right through it.

20. Makeup. Always. Comes. Off. So have fun with it.

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