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[The phone clicked on again and screams were heard especially Serenity’s. A curse word popped up followed by a jiggle of some keys against the phone. The noise of a heavy door being pushed than sounds of feet going down the stairs then another door opening and closing. The phone picked up a voice than there was some painful sounds than a thud. Finally a scream ringed out sounded female]

[She hears him] W-where are you?!

“At, home of course. What is going on? Where are you?”

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How is Anna? And how old did you think the sisters were when their parents died?

The screenplay actually clarifies all their ages throughout the movie, so I’m going to list them all for anyone who wants this as a reference:

At the very beginning of the movie:

  • Elsa: 8
  • Anna: 5
  • Kristoff: 8

In the middle of ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’:

  • Elsa: 12
  • Anna: 9

At the end of 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman’:

  • Elsa: 18
  • Anna: 15

For the rest of the movie:

  • Elsa: 21
  • Anna: 18
  • Kristoff: 21
  • Hans: 23
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There was a time where both stood closer, where they came to know each other. But then it was the time where both said goodbye. First the God was careless but there was something building up into his cold heart. Maybe the feeling of missing somebody? It weren’t the Espada’s nor the soul society. He moved out of Las Noches to find and explain the feeling.

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Anyone who lives in Louisvile, KY to stay inside! There's a bu ch of thugs reacting the movie "The Purge." DO NOT GO OUTSIDE if you haven't heard. THIS IS NOT A HOAX!!!!

Now it’s Detroit, MI and Jacksonville, FL. STAY THE FUCK INSIDE!

I really don’t mean to be horrible (that’s a lie, yes I do), but if these people are honestly so stupid that they’re reenacting the fucking PURGE, maybe they’ll do everyone a favor and remove themselves from the gene pool.

Like, maybe not death, but maybe they’ll just wreck their genitals and can’t have any kids so that, God willing, we won’t ever see a repeat of anything this stupid again. 

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He was at his desk overlooking a case, when someone walked up to him, tapping him on the shoulder. Mako looked up and was met with some girl who looked troubled. “Hey there, are you all right? What can I do for you?”

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“Woah, lots of strange new people coming out of the woodwork! You guys all look pretty lost here. Need a hand?”

…Wait, was one of those people actually a chipmunk? Woah… now that was weird. One of them was wearing strange fur coats that seemed far more appropriate for a place that was frozen over than for a burning-hot desert, and the other was a woman at about his height that appeared to be albino. On this planet? Oh… the poor girl… this was no place for people who burned easily. 

So I stopped by the pet store to see the kitties and someone was cleaning one of the cages. The person who was there started talking about cat food and don’t feed them “Blue Buffalo.” Because its been known to crystallizes their urine and its a $80 vet bill along with other things. I just wanted to let the public know this.


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Noa was at the Memorial Island, admiring Avatar Aang’s statue. She never got tired to look at it.
It was a beautiful sunny day but there weren’t a lot of people in the Island. Noa sat on a bench and started remembering the stories of the Avatar and his friends, and how they had saved the world. And with those thoughts in mind, she fell asleep.

The Divine Bride and the Mortal Groom (Goddess verse)

Yujil and Mizuko walked side in the red wedding robes. They were holding the end of a large red ribbon that had been tied in the center. Yujil looked to his bride, ever confident that this was right. No more lovers, no more uncertainty; he and Mizuko were to be husband and wife, and the realm was to witness their beloved Union.

Once they reached the altar, Yujil turned to face Mizuko whilst still holding the marital ribbon. Their looks were going, but still dignified. Their hairs were starting to gray and their skin showing their age. Their children and subjects were watching with Niamei as the Master of Ceremonies. The children were now adults, some with children, and were will aware who their father was, however many times their mother refused to answer. Still, the fire of their hearts had not died, despite their age.

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