Ebony Magazine Sept. 2013 Issue: We Are All Trayvon

Ebony Magazine teamed up with the Martin family and a few celebrity figures to show their support with 4 powerful covers for their September Issue.

Trayvon Martin’s family sat with their surviving son on one cover while Dwayne Wade, Spike Lee & Boris…

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TeaPartyers Boycotting EBONY...

When I heard about this, it just made me laugh so hard. I want to be upset and stuff but it’s just funny. The fact that a group of white people who probably have no idea what’s in an EBONY magazine have the nerve and the balls to boycott it. First off, you can’t boycott something you don’t even use. Secondly, one of y’all had to have a moment of doubt like, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this. But I guess y’all just weren’t having it today. Thirdly, where do you have the authority to control something that you don’t even participate in?? It’s a BLACK magazine for BLACK people. You don’t have any jurisdiction in this area folks. And I’m not talking about ALL white people, just the ones who are ignorant enough to feel entitled to controlling what black folks do and read.

I’m just sayin…

Are you kidding me? Seriously???
Okay, first thing first, I cannot stress this enough, I don’t care if you’re black, white, yellow, green, purple, WHATEVER, if you don’t know the life of your average African American in America from first hand experience, you don’t have insight enough to speak an accurate opinion. Lives are more complicated than just numbers and statistics.
Ever since this Trayvon case, everybody in the world feels the need to say “blacks kill more blacks than anyone blah blah”, well, no fucking shit. The crimes and violence is environmental and who the fuck do you think we live around??? DUH! You don’t u d’état and what it’s like to be born into an environment in which you literally have to fight for your life every single day, I’m not justifying it, I’m just saying that people adapt for survival. You don’t understand our lives probably no more or less than we understand yours, and that’s fine!
Nothing is wrong with that, until people start to voice their opinion on cultural matters. People find every platform imaginable to voice their ignorance and I’m do tired of it. Yes people are all equal, but we do not come from the same places so of course our realities differ. You have your heritage, we have ours, and unless we know each others from first hand experience, please keep the ignorance on mute.

Boycotting…a magazine….because of a cover

A magazine that does not pertain to you

Sometimes I question where did evolution fuck on some people because of shit like this

This magazine has been around for almost a century, and because a magazine dedicated to black people post a cover of something sensitive to a lot of black people; some white mofo’s wanna shove their panties up their asses.

That’s like blind people protesting glasses.

Ebony Magazine be like