A Pearl of Earth Day Wisdom!

Five of IceStone’s loveliest shades contain a special ingredient in addition to 100% recycled glass, concrete and non-toxic pigment: mother of pearl pieces. The aggregate contained in our surface products are humanely harvested from aquatic pearls on the shores of Australia, where the pearl harvest has been a protected and regulated industry reserved for the Aboriginal tribes populating the Northern Territories since the early 1970s. The life cycle for a shell to come to a full grown stage is approximately five years, and each year, an equal amount of shells are “seeded” from the quantity that is harvested. After having been used to grow pearls and no longer usable for that purpose, the shell byproduct is collected and crushed to sizes appropriate for use in our poured countertop slabs! No live shells are used to produce our aggregate material, aligning with our position as a recycled and environmentally responsible brand. 

I’m especially proud of this one…soo proud that I had to come in town to see her become my frat bruh. I could not miss this moment at all. It felt great to be able to pin her. We have a great friendship and now we are apart of the same awesome brotherhood. I’m soo glad that you stuck through it love and I know you will love this frat and everything that comes with it!!! Congrats again😉 #MyAdoptedLil #MyHubHub #WhitePearl 💙💛 #Spr15 #ΑΦΩ


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White Pearl v. Gotham Grey

1920s Beaded Clutch French Womens Handbag by Coblentz Pastel Blue-Grey White Beads Elegant 1920s French beaded clutch in pastel blue-grey satin with white and pearl beads in an elaborate floral pattern on the front and beaded all over on the back. Inside are two pockets with beading accross the top of the center divider. Snap closure. Signed Made in France by Coblentz. Fabulous for evening and prom! Perfect for the Vintage Bride! Size: 8" x 4 ½" Condition: Excellent. No missing beads. (Note: there is one very faint stain about 1" x ¼" on the back but it is nearly invisible.) FOR MORE VINTAGE TREASURES ~ Please visit my shop: www.etsy.com/shop/retrogroovie