musical dreaming

the disbelief and shock that is exhibited by people when they learn that my favourite musician is regina spektor is actually quite annoying.

who are you to tell me that certain types of music should only appeal to certain population groups.i have had enough of people telling me that because i’m black , i should listen to rap and rhythm and blues tracks. that is, in fact , bullshit. you cannot force something onto someone.

musical is a universal language and is meant to unify people . i will not let pop culture dictate what i listen to.

so no, i will not apologise for loving paramore , coldplay , dido and regina. if you have a problem with that, kindly shut the fuck up and exit my life. i do not need that kind of negative energy around me.


ฝากผลงานล่าสุดไว้ด้วยนะครับ “เก็บรัก” จาก Ammy The Bottom blues
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showing people this song is the only way i know how to make friends

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Gotta give them that #WhiteMusic (at Hotel Captain Cook)

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Name: Trashboat McStinkybuns Gender: femaleHeight: 5'8''Orientation: hella gayAge: 20Eye Color: brownHair Color: redJob: professional memeFavorite Color: whiteMusic Preferences?: emo and gayFavorite Videogame?: PortalTattoos?: Favorite Book?: The OutsidersPerfect Date: TAKE ME TO THE AQUARIUM Hobbies: Memeing, weabooing, sinning, artingWhy do you even want to date me?: u r one hot hOTBABY

love of my life

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