What is White  Supremacy?

White Supremacy: The belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, esp. the black race, and should therefore dominate society.

That is the root definition. However it would take a entire 30 textbook series to fully explain to one that is WILLING  hat White Supremacy is.

Part of White Supremacy are it’s two big branches:

Racism and White Privilege.

Well I’m sure that you are well aware that it is 2013 and America is a very diverse nation now, right? Well is it really? That could be true if we were speaking about population in numbers only. As far as ownership, politics, and control over resources this country is overwhelming white. Meaning White America makes the laws, set the laws, and continue to make sure White America always comes out on top.

Small example?

This picture shows the statistics of children’s books published in 2012.
Can we agree that books help in the process of helping children develop mentally? As you can see the white child’s book selection skyrockets! She’ll never have a problem seeing herself and finding herself as important. Very helpful to her self-esteem. As for everyone else (people of color) you have to search high and dry to find a book that is beneficially to your people. Children of color see this that is why they want to get the white book or the white doll or the white superhero its because they don’t see themselves therefore that must mean they are not important. White culture is and white kids are. If you don’t teach some self-love into your child to resist this type of shit they are going to grow up with some serious identity issues.

Now do you think  white people are not aware of this? or Is it that they don’t really care if your child gets the best books? White America has some of the most intelligent scholars in the world but they never seem to be able to see solutions for racial disparities. AGAIN I ask is it that they cannot see or is it that they don’t care because it does not affect them negatively? You be the judge.

They try to use the excuse “There is not a demand for it so” how can there ever be a demand when it’s never promoted? How can their be a demand when they ignore the voices of people of color especially blacks? I guess if they give us all 3% and they take 90% we should shut the fuck up , right?
That is white supremacist logic.
  Anyway we don’t need white people to make books for us we need to create our OWN. Because as you can see the publishers are not in your best interest. If we create our own and boycott their systems we will never have to complain about discrimination. That is why blacks being independent is key. That is why anyway leader talking about economics is seen as a threat. They want you to shut the fuck up and not talk about racism when White people globally continue to be racist. They can kiss my ass(black ass). Just like rapists never want the person they’re raping to talk about it either. Totally understandable Bro, who would want to be called on their wrongdoings? 

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“The biggest cost of conservative influence on education, argues Thom Hartmann, is that children are not learning the truly radical history of the US.”

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At times it can be extermely hard to liberate most black people. Most people of the African diaspora are programmed. Therefore whether conscious or subconscious as a whole we don’t want to be liberated. You have to look at the make up of society as whole and critical think.
The majority of Black Men are perfectly set up to benefit White Men and White owners. Like I said they will offer you a job as security cause “you niggers” can SECURE some shit for us. They are locking black men up at alarring rates. They don’t mind offering you a job as a Janitor cause you can CLEAN some shit for them and they don’t mind having the most talented of us ENTERTAIN them. But what they do mind is black men getting political for black people and black men owning some shit in favor of black people. I’m trying to show you the large picture this is no conspiracy theory. Now I’m not saying that none of us should partake in these fields because we have to provide for our families but I am saying the collective goal and agenda should be to push our children towards Economic Empowerment and Political Gain.

White Men have this system set up for their benefit and their descendants benefit .


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anonymous asked:

no seriosuly, where in the fuck do you get all these gorgeous ass pictures of black girls from!? not even into them like that but got damn, i get jungle fever everytime you reblog something.

Are you the Tin man  ? Because yo ass don’t have a brain . If you get jungle fever better go take your ass too the fucking jungle then and watch out for the tigers because they’ll view you like a piece of meat like you view black women and eat your ass. Stay off my blog with this shit . 

Why I'm NOT Here For Your Fascination: White Men and Their Fascination With Black Women

I’m not an exotic bird, I’m not a rare flower you’ve always wanted to smell. I’m not something you’ve always wanted to try while you were in college. I'm NOT here for your fascination.

It’s been in my experience that White men have always been fascinated with me. Throughout much of my adult life, they’ve made advances through a variety of avenues to gain my attention. But in order to fully understand the concept of fascination, it must first be thoroughly explained. Merriam-Webster defines fascination as “the state of feeling an intense interest in something.” Some synonyms include allure, captivation, and enchantment.

In order for you to fully understand my plight, you must first know my story. For half of my undergraduate career, I attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. At the time, I was a very outgoing young woman and I befriended the majority of the people who lived in my dorm. Wake Forest is predominately White so naturally the bulk of my friends were White. It just so happened that over 60% of them were male. I grew really close with one of them in particular. For all intensive purposes, we’ll call him Bobby. Bobby was laughter, hugs, kisses, charm, and fun wrapped up in an eighteen year old boy. We were inseparable. We had movie nights every Thursday, we studied together, we ate breakfast in the Pit(the cafeteria) every morning, we were (for lack of a better term) two peas in a pod.

Things started becoming more serious. As human beings, we’re naturally inclined to become attached to someone we spend the majority of our time with. Then came time to DTR (Define The Relationship). I was laying on his chest playing with his shaggy blonde hair when I looked up into his ocean blue eyes and asked him the inevitable. “What are we, Bobby? Where is this going? Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? Are we working towards that?” A minute passed which felt like an eternity. His next words were something I will never forget. “We’re hanging out, Linea. We’re having fun. I’m fascinated with you, you know that. You’re beautiful and exotic, I’ve always wanted to kiss a Black girl. But I could never take you home to meet my parents, you’re Black. And I mean no offense by that.”

His words cut into my soul and ripped my barely beating heart into minuscule shreds. The rest is a blur to me really. I remember leaving the room and never saying another word to him despite his many attempts to talk to me again. At first I was extremely heart broken but as the weeks passed, I was ANGRY. I was essentially something on Bobby’s bucket list. Something he was “fascinated” with-something “exotic.” Nothing he could ever take home to meet his mother.

My experience with Bobby helped me to realize my place in this world. He helped me realize that amongst White men, I will always be the mistress and never the wife. I will always be the “forbidden fruit.”

I’m grateful for my time with Bobby because he helped me to see the value in myself. I am NOT here for your fascination. I’m not some flavor you’ve never tried. I’m a human being with feelings. Keep it moving, White man. I’m not here for you, I’m here for me.


Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Filmmaker to Explain Diversity to Her
Last night was the fourth season premiere of HBO’s Project Greenlight—a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck passion project where they give first time filmmakers the chance to make a movie. It also provided a platform for Matt Damon to deliver a masterclass in whitesplaining—a whitesplaining sermon, if you will.
By Kara Brown

mattsplaining mothafucka.


Let me establish this first I don’t hate white men but I hate White Supremacy. 

Majority of superheros are overwhelmingly White Men. “Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk, etc…" 
That’s typical white supremacy shit, nothing really out the norm, however what’s ironic is that they are always portrayed as the "Saviors” of the earth in the films. Well history tells it different…

Recently this white guy said to me that its not fair that you guys have a “black history month” . I replied to him and said “you don’t need a white history month the whole country and education system is built on glorifying white history and preserving white culture." 

But maybe he was right? Maybe we should have a white history month though to be fair…

We should talk about the genocide of the native Americans, the enslavement and holocaust of Africans, the invasion and colonization of Africa, the exploitation of East Asian countries, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the plagarism of African religions, and the list goes on ya know? Feel me on that? No? Ok cool. 

Anyway anyone watch the Marvel superhero Black Panther? Did you see the episode when he kicked Captain America’s ass! That was Justice! I was like yoooo #BlackPower #BlackPowwa!#Wakanda 

Enjoy your evening!

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