Just finished reading a book on my favorite architect, Horace Trumbauer… It devoted a good bit to Whitemarsh Hall, his masterpiece. Over 100,000 square feet of floor space (the third largest house ever built in America) on a 300-acre estate; interiors designed by the decorator to the King of England and the finest French formal gardens ever attempted on this side of the globe. Look it up - it’s just about the pinnacle of American domestic architecture, and, in my opinion, the most beautiful residence ever erected in the US. I should have been an architect.

I was up near where whitemarsh hall used to be today and had trouble finding the columns and stuff that are still there (the neighborhood around it is like unable to be navigated because of the snow and people kept giving me weird looks because I drove by like 12 times…..) But anyway I accidentally stumbled upon this just in the middle of one of the streets these people are living in the middle of the grounds of this old place SO cool