Only 1 in 5 Republicans held a town hall in April 

  • The fear and loathing sparked by Trump’s time in office has meant that those Republicans who decide to hold town hall meetings often face tough crowds; not infrequently, constituents angrily shout down the members of Congress for siding with Trump’s agenda. 
  • Republicans have taken a simple tack to avoid the awkward encounters: Despite the clamor for more meetings, the vast majority of GOP members simply didn’t hold town halls during the April recess.
  • Skimping out on town halls is not limited to Republicans, but the problem is more severe among GOP members. 
  • Overall, 40.5% of Democratic members of Congress have held a town hall in April, according to data shared with Mic by Town Hall Project, a group that tracks the public meetings. 
  • Meanwhile, Republicans are coming in well short of that average: just 21% of them have held open events with constituents in April. Read more (4/27/17 10:30 AM)

Additional casting for the anime adaption of Ballroom e Youkoso has been revealed!

  • Sumire Morohoshi (Izumi Kyouka from Bungou Stray Dogs, Yachi Hitoka from Haikyuu!!, Fueguchi Hinami from Tokyo Ghoul) will be voicing Akagi Mako
  • Tomita Kentarou (Sasaki Junya from Dream Festival!) will be voicing Akagi Gaju

The anime is set to premiere in July 2017.


Consider Kevin being allergic to cats, and he visits Neil and Andrew and of course Sir and King are all over this tall baby and hes like “pls get these jerks off me, you know I’m allergic” and Neil just going “dont say you’re allergic to my kids Kevin, that’s fucking rude” right before Kevin sneezes directly in his face