I’m not dead! This is a long overdue commission for WhiteMantis on Flight Rising, of Aroc the ridgeback dragon. I worked on this in between fall semester classes, and finally wrapped it up this Thanksgiving break.

The most challenging, yet rewarding, part of this commission to paint by far was the gold wing silks. Will definitely paint more reflective/transparent surfaces in the future!

Some Uchuupoids fun facts
  • They don’t have nails
  • They don’t have belly buttons
  • They don’t have “noses” 
  • They don’t have eyebrows
  • They dont have distinct pupils either
  • They are lab engineered Grey-Alien/Human hybrids
  • They have boobs but don’t produce milk
  • Instead they secrete a syrup-like pink substance
  • Their ears are like, just big holes.. multi-functional holes
  • Their “smelling organs” are situated in the previously mentioned holes, as well as their primary respiratory system. (aka they breath, smell and ear from the same holes in a way)
  • Their eyes are brightly colored compared to classic greys

I might make more idk.

If you’re curious about their genitals just look on my porn blog lmao

Finishing up commissions in my Flight Rising art backlog, starting with a fullbody commission of WhiteMantis’s ridgeback Aroc. Being a fullbody this is just a preview of the completed painting that I hope to finish within a week while diving into fall semester classes, also he’s wearing a skin! Hence the black eyeliner, eyebrows and golden spines.

ooh nae♥ sweet and beautiful character owned by whitemantis​ I wanted to draw a little fanart for  

and to be honest, I could draw her all day. But best not to do that. 

I made a few mistakes here and there OTL but noticed it first when I was almost done which is typical me. 

  • Character Nae belongs to whitemantis
  • Do NOT Reupload on different websites, Modify/copy/edit, Use for RPG/Designs such as Avatars/banners, Redistribute anything without my permission!
  • Colors could be slightly different depending on your monitor/PC settings.
  • Pencils on 160gram paper + paint tool sai
  • Texture from : bgfons